My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 207

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Chapter 207: The dream in the game turns into reality

48. Arrangements just in case (1)

After Celine’s appearance, the 3rd Prince Ieria Nelson’s behavior became noticeably more favorable, perhaps because he thought I understood his situation accurately.

Well, as he was free to make illusions, I decided to let him think whatever he wanted.

“Is the place far away where Earthlings gather?”

“No, it’s not that far.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yes, it means we are in a sea of ​​storms.”

After saying that, Ieria gave me one coordinate.

It was a sea with nothing in it, and when we moved through space at Ieria’s request, we were greeted by a rough sea, although it was not at the same level as the island we had just been on.

“It’s in the sea. “I will take the lead and guide you.”


And Ieria and his men escaped the range of the float magic I had created and threw themselves into the sea.

Even though this place is not the very center of the sea of ​​storms, it is not a sea that you can enter with your bare body.

Watching that, I thought that mermaids are amazing in the water.

I used defensive magic to create a transparent barrier and entered the pitch-black sea with my companions.


The shield wavered due to the irregular mana of the Sea of ​​Storms.

However, the status of an 8th circle wizard is not just decoration.

No matter how bad the environment is, how can you be called a Grand Wizard if you can’t even maintain a shield?

I chased after Ieria through the sea with my friends using flight magic.

How long did it follow?

The violently swirling ocean current calmed down at some point.

Looking around, I saw that the topography of the seafloor had a basin-like shape.

“That one?”

“Oh, are you feeling it?”

And what appeared.

It was a huge cruise ship turned upside down.

‘It’s so big, I heard the largest cruise ship weighs over 200,000 tons… … .’

While the world’s largest warship, America’s latest aircraft carrier ‘Gerald R. Ford class’, has a mass of 100,000 tons, the world’s largest cruise ship weighs 220,000 tons, and the cruise ships outside the top 10 weigh about 150,000 tons. There are many guys who have .

[Displacement: 165,200 tons]

The cruise in front of my eyes was that type of super-large, ultra-luxurious cruise.

Ieria and his men entered the large hole in the side of the cruise ship.

And after a while, we arrived at the inside where there was air.

“Yes, people are flying in the sky.”

“oh my god.”

People of various races were looking up at our group.

Perhaps because the cruise ship had capsized, the interior was a mess.

However, thanks to sufficient space and air, it was spacious enough for people’s living quarters.

“The air is damp and the smell is strange.”

In response to Berg’s words, I asked if it was obvious and pointed with my chin at the people below who were looking at us curiously.

It was a strange sight, and it seemed to indicate that a survival game was in progress.

“I provide drinking water and food. “We also refill the air regularly.”

“If you’re going to help, shouldn’t you at least provide a clean artifact?”

Ieria smiled awkwardly when people criticized her for being suspicious of whether she was washing properly.

“This is a sea of ​​storms. Not only does low-level magic not perform to its full potential, but the artifact also cannot last long.”

“ah… … .”

Certainly, as he said, there are many difficulties in activating magic in the stormy sea.

If an archmage of the 7th circle or higher takes direct control, using magic through a lower level mage or artifact is bound to cause problems.

“At first, I was interested in them and provided them with several items, but instead of performing their proper function, the artifacts were destroyed in half a day, which was a huge loss. Since we can’t even use subspace artifacts here, food is provided by catching seafood on the spot, and drinking water and oxygen are provided using water spirits.”

My group and I continued to receive magical protection, so there was no inconvenience in our activities, but I was able to see how scary the Sea of ​​Storms was to ordinary people.

“Does it seem that the spirits are showing their abilities in the sea of ​​storms?”

“Although the efficiency is lower, it is easier to use than magic.”

I clicked my tongue and snapped my fingers.

Then, the air inside the cruise ship was purified and filled with clean oxygen, and the dirty-looking people became clean.

Among the people who looked up at me without knowing why, there were some who prayed and asked what I was thinking.

“Have you tried communicating with them?”

“Yes, we were able to obtain fragmentary information by blowing away as many as 20 interpretation artifacts.”

These are Americans living in California who lost their homes due to the catastrophe and were temporarily living on a cruise ship.

According to their story, the ship was driven by a major flood and moved to a lake located deep inland, and the owner gave up on moving it to the sea and rented out the cabins as residences to people like them who had nowhere else to go.

One day, that boat suddenly capsized, and when I woke up, I found myself in the ocean like this?

“The windows are cracked here and there, and there seem to be a lot of water leaks, but they’re holding on.

“Everyone in the room was already dead. Only those below deck survived. “On this huge ship, there is less than 10% of the space available for people to move around.”

Actually, a ship of this size would easily accommodate more than 5,000 people.

However, seeing that there were only about 500 people, it was clear that many people had already been sacrificed.

After roughly understanding the situation, I had to ask why they weren’t rescued out of the water.

“Why didn’t you rescue me? This is because we judged that if we let them go to Rondel, the church would try to deal with them or capture them. These are important evidence of the existence of Earth. “We can’t leave it like that.”

I frowned, wondering what he meant, but soon realized that his guess couldn’t be denied.


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Although they maintain friendly relations, the church is an extreme servant of the goddess.

Depending on how they defined Earthlings, they could be neglected or even branded as heretics.

If Ieria was negative toward the church, it was natural for her thoughts to go in a negative direction.

But is that the whole reason?

If it were me, I would have allowed them to live in a better environment even if I didn’t have to show myself, but I think Ieria wanted to monopolize their existence.

“How long have you been like this?”

“About five months.”

“okay. All right. “Then I will take them.”


Ieria was visibly embarrassed by my words.

The feeling of not wanting to give it away was evident on his face.

“If you keep going like this, you won’t live long. “Unlike you who live for hundreds of years, humans have extremely fragile bodies.”

I spoke coldly, and Ieria hesitated.

Celine stepped in to support him.

“Follow this person’s instructions.”


Celine didn’t say more than necessary, and I didn’t add any detailed explanations.

Still, did I feel something?

Ieria hesitated for a moment and thought about it, then sighed and said as if she had been generous.

“All right. Instead, please leave only 100 people.”

The attitude was that he couldn’t give everything, as if he were bargaining for something.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter. ‘I knew the location anyway.’

After getting the saint back, all you have to do is dispose of Ieria and take the rest.

I nodded that I understood.

Ieria chose the poor 100 people who would remain, and as a result, I ended up having to deal with most of the troublemakers.

It didn’t really matter since I was planning on rescuing them all anyway.

“What do you plan to do with them?”

“There is an island in the Sea of ​​Silence that is mine. “It’s perfect because you don’t have to worry about what the outside world thinks.”

“Oh, you mean Ophelia Island? A place known to be absolutely impossible to invade… … .”

The fact that I am doing something on Ophelia Island is already a publicly known fact.

He readily agreed, perhaps because he thought it would be safe there.

I approached 400 of the people who were arbitrarily divided by Ieria, whether they knew their fate or not.

And spoke to them through interpretation magic.

“How much do you understand your position now?”

The exclamation that the conversation was working lasted for only a few seconds.

Their complexions darkened at my question, and then a person who appeared to be the representative came forward.

“I heard from the mermaid over there that this is a different world. “Is that true?”

“That’s right.”

It might be hard to believe that right away, but since you’ve seen magic, spirit magic, and even mermaids, a race other than humans, it’s hard to believe it’s just a lie.

The representative swallowed dry saliva.

And he shook his head as if that wasn’t what he wanted to say.

“No, that’s not what’s important right now.”

“Then what’s important?”

“The point is that we won’t be able to survive if we continue to be trapped here.”

That is correct.

Whether you get sick or go crazy, you’re bound to hit your limit one way or another.

I spoke to those who were properly aware of the situation.

“I can lift you to earth through magic.”

“Well, is that really true?”

“But there is something you need to be clear about. “That means that this is a different world than the Earth you live on, and most countries have adopted a feudal system.”

He already knew about that, but his eyes lit up as if he thought that anything would matter as long as he could get up to the ground.

“Protecting you is risky for me as well, so I will always have to be careful with what I say on the ground. This is a warning, not advice. “If you disobey this warning.”

Their eyes were constantly shaking at my actions.


“I’ll blow your head off. I have a status that will not cause much harm even if someone’s life is taken, so I hope I never experience it myself. Do you understand?”

They paused for a moment at my words, but soon accepted the warning and responded solemnly.

“I would give anything to get out of here.”

“I’m glad you heard me out.”

I have no intention of telling them that we are from the same Earth.

It is not easy to manage the mouths of so many people, even if it is just one Benjamin in my lordship.

Just in case, I gathered the 400 selected people in one place to prevent them from joining.

“uh? “What about those people?”

“The only thing that mermaid gave me was you. Just wait a moment. “I will try my best to bring them too.”

Everyone was worried about the 100 people who remained because they had gone through hardships together.

However, without hesitation, I immediately cast a teleportation spell and spoke to Ieria.

“Bring the saint tomorrow as promised. “If you break your promise, I cannot be held responsible for what happens next.”

Ieria, who mistakenly thought she had half-accommodated me, didn’t want to be seen as hateful.

“All right. “I will definitely keep my promise.”

After receiving the final confirmation, I used the teleportation magic.

Soon the scenery before my eyes changed.

“This is it, I only played the role of an extra today.”

The scenery before my eyes changed from a dreary shipwreck to a city of various colors bathed in sunlight.

I laughed at Blake’s displeasure.

“It’s better if nothing happens. And you also gained some Earthling friends, right?”

It was a day where mobilizing Blake just in case was meaningless.

He said as if he didn’t care what happened to the people of Earth, grabbing Celine’s neck.

“We’re going back.”

“I will ask for your help again.”

“Looking at the time.”

Tiktikdae will also listen if you ask for help.

In order to bring out Ieria in the future, Celine’s cooperation is essential, as he is currently in charge of Celine’s surveillance.

They immediately returned to the ruins of Dragonland, and I led the Earthlings, who shed tears of joy in the sunlight.

“Please follow me.”

“Oh, I understand.”

We are currently located at the teleportation gate on the roof of a building built exclusively for the royal family on Ophelia Island.

As a result, the complete cityscape of Ophelia Island was revealed beneath our feet, and everyone looked surprised rather than crying, perhaps because the colorful and futuristic scenery unfolded differently than expected.

“Why are you like that?”

“I thought it would have an archaic background because it is a world where magic, mermaids, and spirits exist, and feudalism is the mainstream national system.”

“I understand. But if it’s a civilization with greatly developed magic, this has to be sorted out.”

I asked people to look up and pointed my finger at the sky.

Then, people belatedly discovered the sky fortress that looked like a UFO, and they were all scared.

“People wear combat suits that shoot beams, and those weapons fire artillery fire from the sky. And the sword he wears on his belt is not an ornament.”

Arcia pulled out the Force Sword at my glance, and instantly shot a beam of light into the air.

A blue light with terrifying force extending in a straight line pierced the clouds in the sky.

“This is what the world called Rondel looks like.”

The people of Earth swallowed their saliva at the short but easily understandable explanation.

“Well, I see. great.”

So, I put them in a facility exclusively for the Gongwang family, provided them with clean clothes and meals, and treated the injured with magic.

Even though my tone was unkind, they couldn’t tell that I cared about them.

“thank you.”

I nodded as I looked at the Earthlings who honestly expressed their gratitude.

Of course I should be thankful.


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