My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 204

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Episode 204: The dream in the game turns into reality

47. Rondel’s Sea (3)

“The operation under consideration involves me acting alone.”


The saint and the saintess expressed doubts about my words.

Soon, with a determined expression on my face, I led the two people to a quiet place.

And after using the mute spell, he got to the point.

“I would like to state that from now on, my actions have nothing to do with the church. “I hope you two will just watch my actions.”

“What are you planning to do?”

They said it was an operation and suddenly the response was, “What is that?”

However, the two people swallowed their confusion at my continued remarks.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. And kidnapping is responded to with kidnapping.”

“What are you saying… … .”

“We will invade Coralheim and take all of Ieria Nelson’s family to the principality.”

“Huh! “Are you sincere?”

Ieria Nelson’s family in Coralheim, the land of mermaids, refers to the royal family, including the king.

A plan that deviates from common sense.

The saint and saint tried to dissuade me, saying that it was unconventional and that I was crazy.

“Wait. “He is still a suspect, but has not been confirmed as the culprit.”

That is correct.

Ieria Nelson is still a suspect.

Kidnapping his family when it is unclear whether he is the culprit cannot help but be considered an act that has crossed the line.

“But it’s very likely.”

A supporter of devil worshipers, a person who fled as soon as the cult’s search began.

Just looking at the circumstances, it can be said to be close to 100%.

“That’s true, but if it’s not him, there’s no turning back.”

I do not think so.

I think this can be easily resolved with an appropriate apology and compensation.

It may be extreme, but Ieria Nelson is a strong suspect, and at this rate, the chances of finding the saint are extremely low.

Moreover, the Elysian Alliance can never be free from the unprecedented situation of this saint’s kidnapping incident.

You can tell just by looking at the fact that the Grand Master of the Elysian Union, famous for his arrogance, came immediately upon calling.

Also, if you have to, stop manipulating public opinion.

As someone with administrator rights in the Hollywood system, it was very easy to create a flow of public opinion online.

But since I couldn’t reveal these thoughts, I resolutely walked out.

“It’s well worth the risk.”

Anyway, all you have to do is get Ieria Nelson out to the sun.

Then Man-kyung will tell you whether this guy is the culprit or not.

“What are you going to do if he never shows up?”

“Then it’s no different from him confessing that he is the criminal. If that happens, the value of the hostages I kidnapped will increase even more.”

“The value is increasing?”

“Because we will be able to secure some part of Ivril’s safety.”

“Ah, it means that for the sake of your own family, you cannot harm Ivril.”

“That’s right.”

The situation of unilaterally putting Ivril’s life in the hands of the other party and being able to make a deal are completely different.

“But he is the one who abandoned his family and ran away alone. “Do you really care about your family’s difficulties?”

“It’s not like that. To avoid harm to his family, he secretly supported devil worshipers and ran away alone. Thanks to that, his family still maintains its reputation as a royal family, doesn’t it?”

“Oh, you could interpret it that way.”

I think this is a sufficient explanation.

However, my plan is unacceptable to the church.

That is why I declared that I would pursue separate activities, emphasizing that I am independent.

The saint and the saintess expressed their concern toward me like this.

“You could end up gaining notoriety.”

“I am already considered a fool by many people, so what is there to be new about?”

“Koralheim, whose king has been kidnapped, will never stay still.”

“The Duchy of Lawrence will not be pushed aside by Coralheim.”

“But behind them is the Elysian Alliance.”

“Behind me is the Reinharts Empire.”

When I smiled, he shook his head, probably feeling that it was no longer possible to persuade him.

The saint held my hand tightly and added one last word.

“Please take care of yourself.”

A person who is willing to risk notoriety in order to rescue the girl he sponsored.

That’s how I will be reflected in their eyes.

But my feelings are a little different.

‘How did they make her a saint, and I will protect her until she is plucked?’

* * *

Coralheim is a beautiful underwater kingdom surrounded by colorful coral.

The capital of the kingdom is located in the open sea between the Elysian Federation and the Kingdom of Roberto, but it is located on what can be called an underwater island, so the deepest part is less than 50 meters and the shallowest part is less than 20 meters.

Thanks to this, the sunlight swaying on the waves pours in beautifully, and the light is scattered colorfully by the coral, making Coralheim a famous attraction that people must visit before they die.


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However, unlike the beautiful scenery of the country, the mermaids living there were not as beautiful as the fairy tales on Earth.


This is because the mermaid soldiers who shouted sharply and dealt with intruders looked closer to monsters than humans.

The status of mermaids is determined from birth.

Mermaids from more prestigious families have a closer human form, while lower-level mermaids closely resemble the monster Merman.

However, there was a visual presence that made even those low-ranking mermaids feel at ease.



It was Auguste, a spirit magician who invaded Coralheim.

For some reason, the clown makeup became more intense by the day, and the red suit he often wore had gold thread and white frills, making it more than strange.

When Auguste held out his hand, the movements of the rushing mermaid soldiers stopped all at once.

They started attacking their comrades.

[Confirmation of the appearance of a hostile spirit. Intercept the enemy.]

To kill such an intruder, the 20 spirit towers that protect the city reacted in unison.

However, due to the huge mass felt from the air, the Spirit Towers stopped attacking Auguste and turned their heads to attack the Prime Minister.


-Go go go!

And while receiving this attack, the submerged sky fortresses that penetrated the surface tension of the water exchanged firepower with the spirit towers.

– Googoo googung!

– Gugung! Gugung!

A dull noise unique to underwater echoed here and there.

Thanks to this, the sunlight pouring from the sky was obscured by the shadow created by the huge sky fortress and the air bubbles generated by the bombardment, and the capital of Coralheim was immersed in black darkness even in broad daylight.

If you sail above the capital of Coralheim, you will encounter disaster.

The mermaids hated it when ships floated above their heads, blocking the sunlight.

However, it was the first time for the mermaids to face an opponent who attacked them so openly.

Who would dare touch Coralheim?

It is one of the main axis countries of the Elysian Alliance.

“My lord!”

Auguste, who was mobilized to induce and cause confusion among citizens, shouted while surrounded by solid water droplets made for underwater activities.

Then, like a torpedo, the exit of the sky fortress opened and Blue Moon’s special agents, Adrian, and Arcia came out.


They flew fiercely through the ocean currents and pierced through the roof of Coralheim’s castle.

Due to the underwater terrain, Coralheim, which has never been invaded by another country except monsters, has been invaded.

* * *

Einhard Nelson.

As the current king of Koralheim, he was very worried about his third son.

To our dismay, the son was branded by the church as an associate of a devil worshiper and disappeared somewhere.

In addition to his third son, Ieria, he had many brothers, but the king considered each of his children very precious.

“Have you heard from him yet?”


In response to King Einhardt’s question, the queen, the third prince’s biological mother, shook her head.

I could feel the love they had for their son in their pensive faces.

King Einhard walked towards the minibar and poured two glasses of wine.

For reference, the interior of the royal castle was a ground-like space where water had been removed by magic.

“Oh, right.”

After receiving a wine glass from her husband, the queen suddenly remembered a strange incident that had occurred during the day.

“But why did the church conduct another investigation?”

They have already revealed that they are not related to devil worshipers.

Therefore, the church’s repeated thorough investigation was inevitable.

The king hesitated, but then quickly drank the wine in his hand and responded dissatisfied.

“The main suspect in this saint’s kidnapping case is Ieria.”

“yes!? It can’t be! “That good boy!”

Like any other parent, they had complete faith in their child.

To the two of them, the entire current situation seemed like a false accusation.

“Something is wrong in my opinion. How can you determine a suspect based solely on circumstances and without any evidence? “Who knew the Holy Land was such a place?”

“I think I understand why that child was wary of the church. “Once he is caught, he becomes a complete villain of the world.”

“Who doesn’t? Tsk.”

The two people continued to sip wine and expressed their dissatisfaction with the current situation.

How much did you drink like that?


Suddenly, a slight vibration in the castle and an underwater explosion were heard in the ears of the two people.


And then.

The leader of Coralheim’s elite Aqua Knights ran into the office.

“your majesty!”

The sight of him barging in without even knocking might have been unpleasant, but since there have been so many accidents these days, I started feeling anxious.

“What’s going on?”

In addition, as if to prove that his anxiety was not for nothing, the king heard an unexpected report.

“It’s a surprise attack. Sky fortresses bearing the emblem of the Duchy of Lawrence have invaded!”


Why the sky fortress?

Why the Duchy of Lawrence?

Many questions came to mind, but the first feeling I felt was fear.

The crazy act of attacking Coralheim, which had never been invaded by a foreign power, was crazy, but the fact that the person who committed such a ridiculous act was Prince Lawrence, who had no idea what he was thinking, made me even more anxious.

“Your Majesty, please evacuate to a safe place first.”


The king decided to leave for now.

My colleagues will not just sit by and watch this abnormal situation.

Behind Koralheim is the Allied Powers of Elysia.

If one crisis is overcome well, it will be the intruders who will be in trouble.

So the king quickly left the office, taking the queen by the hand.

The Aqua Knights were waiting outside the office, and they began running down the hallway protecting the king and queen.


“Where are you going so busy?”

However, their escape did not last long.

Suddenly, the ceiling of the hallway was pierced and a group of intruders appeared.

just as expected… … .

“Prince Lawrence!”

The person at the head of the group of invaders was Prince Lawrence.

A very handsome young man.

However, he is an unconventional person whose every action is unconventional.

There are many qualifiers for him, but if I had to pick the most representative one, this would be it.

‘A being that should absolutely not be made an enemy.’

Thanks to this, King Einhard flinched greatly.

However, he could not back down even if he was scared because there were countless people of Coralheim behind him.

“What on earth is this? What kind of cruelty do they have against us that they did something like this?

Adrian, who was watching the water pouring through the ceiling stop due to the magic of the castle, soon smiled and glared at him with cold eyes.

“Didn’t King Nelson’s son kidnap our precious saint?”

No one knows that Adrian was the patron and mentor of Saint Ivril.

Only then did King Nelson understand why the strange man in front of him had behaved so unexpectedly.

“What is that? “Do you really mean to blame a child’s sins on his parents?”

“That’s right.”

“Nonsense! The suspicions towards Ieria are just suspicions, not confirmation! “What kind of outrage is this!”

That was 100% correct.

But that’s their position.

It was a protest that had nothing to do with Adrian.

“That’s none of my business. “I’m sorry, but you have to come with me.”


“I plan to kidnap you and negotiate with your son. If you want to save her family, free her saint.”

Of course, who would obediently follow such a ridiculous claim?

The pride of Coralheim, the Aqua Knights, stood in front with angry expressions to protect the king and queen.

“If possible, don’t kill them, just subdue them.”

However, in front of the fighting power of Arcia and Blue Moon Special Agents, who came out with Adrian’s brief command, the Aqua Knights did not demonstrate the power as their reputation.


And while the battle between subordinates took place.

Adrian subdued the king and queen.

The King and Queen were capable of handling 7th Circle level water spirits, but they were no match for Adrian.


It is known that he is a battle mage who fights very well among the archmages of the 7th circle, but Adrian’s combat ability was not at that level from first-hand experience.

“No way, 8 Circus… … .”

King Nelson vaguely noticed Adrian’s state, but soon had to lose consciousness due to the drowsiness pouring out of him like crazy.

The surprise attack on Coralheim by Adrian L. Lawrence.

As a result, many royal family members, including King Nelson and the Queen Mother, were kidnapped.

[Prince Lawrence’s runaway due to the kidnapping of the future saint Ivril? Coralheim was devastated in just 10 minutes.]

And that day.

News about the incident spread around the world as if it were propaganda.


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