My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 203

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Chapter 203: The dream in the game turns into reality

47. Rondel’s Sea (2)

Exploring under the sea was truly a hell of a job.

The searchers’ movement became sluggish in the water, and their combat abilities plummeted.

Monsters flock from all directions as if targeting such people.

The smell of blood was strong due to the battle, and not only monsters but also various marine creatures flocked to it, creating a festival of hell.

So, feeling that a solution was needed, I suggested it to the saint and saint.

“Let’s deploy the sky fortress.”

“The sky fortress does not have the ability to dive. It’s highly buoyant so it won’t sink… … .”

A sky fortress is nothing more than a metal ball filled with air.

It means a structure that is difficult to sink in water.

As expected, the Sky Fortress was built for ground attacks, not for underwater exploration.

“If you add weight, it will eventually sink.”


“This means that all you have to do is make a weight increasing device and attach it. And this is a relatively easy device to make.”

“hmm… … .”

Diving depth could be adjusted by simply increasing or decreasing weight.

“If you close the air curtain, water won’t seep inside. Giving it the ability to dive is surprisingly simple.”

The saint and saint seemed to think that there would be no major problem with my suggestion, so they eventually nodded.

“All right. “Let’s do it.”

Now is not the time to discuss this and that.

When you have to try something.

In this way, work began on remodeling the sky fortress in the Duchy of Lawrence and the sky fortress in the Holy Land.

With the engineers of the Lawrence Magic Tower and the Holy Land joining forces, the renovation of the Sky Fortress was completed in just 2 to 3 hours, and the work began one by one.

Exploration became quite easy after deploying the Sky Fortress.

Not only the insignificant monsters, but also the underwater creatures did not dare to attack, and those who did not know whether they were being manipulated or were brave were intercepted by force bombardment.

The range of artillery fire was greatly reduced underwater, so we had to draw in and attack at close range, but since our purpose was exploration, not combat, that was enough.

Thanks to this, the saintess said she should have done this a long time ago and went looking for Ivril, relieved that her search had become easier.

But that lasts only a moment.

“Hey, it’s the Kraken and the Leviathan!”

When a monster capable of destroying the Sky Fortress appeared, the exploration team had no choice but to fall into confusion.

“We are requesting permission to leave exploration ship number 3!”

“Damn it, break away!”

An enemy you cannot defeat even if you fight underwater.

In the end, the saint gritted his teeth and ordered them to leave.

Afterwards, we tried to search by moving around the sea, but due to the high-ranking underwater monsters that appeared frequently, even searching using the Sky Fortress yielded no results.

“It is impossible for the Kraken and Leviathan to attack together.”

“It feels like the entire ocean is rejecting us.”

I don’t see a way.

Like falling into a swamp.

But this frustrating situation actually heightened my anger.

“When strong monsters like the Kraken and Leviathan appear. “Let’s subdue it.”


“No matter how powerful it is, a monster is a monster. “It’s not at the level of a dragon, is it?”

“But won’t our combat power be halved underwater?”

“You just need to form a force with people who can fight well even in the sea. We’re gathering grandmasters. “Their swords are fully usable underwater.”

“Ji, are you trying to gather the grand masters of the continent together to search for Saint Ivril?”

“There is nothing that can’t be done. Queen Lawrence and Prince James of the Reinharts Empire can just view it as participation, and the Elysian Alliance will definitely participate, if only to relieve the stigma. The problem is the rest. I don’t think even the Brigham Empire and the Chase Kingdom can refuse you if you ask for it?”

It may be an ignorant method, but if a saint and a saint were added to the six grandmasters, he would be a member who could try hunting dragons.

I’ll try talking to Blake first, but he probably won’t want to get involved in the events at the shrine.

“her… … .”

I’m the one who suggested it, but I know how unconventional this is.

It was an idea that even those in power across the entire continent, such as saints and saints, would not have dared to think of.

Even in the world’s most powerful country, the Brigham Empire, the Grandmaster is at a point where he wants to catch him no matter what, even if it means giving him the title of Duke.

People who are literally at the peak of power.

Perhaps, if they gathered together in one place, the King of the Kingdom of Walter would not be able to sleep well.

This is because if you hit the castle right away, you have no choice but to go to the goal.

“I’ve never heard of monsters like the Kraken and Leviathan doing party hunting. “It is clear that it is related to the force that kidnapped the would-be saint Everil.”

Saint Avis stroked his rough chin and nodded slightly.

“Do you mean that maybe those guys could be a clue to the investigation?”

“That’s right.”

The saint said he understood and stood up.

The saint asked where he was going, and the saint replied, “What are you wasting your time doing?”

“I will go to the Brigham Empire and persuade them. “You go to the Chase Kingdom.”

It often happens that I accidentally propose a strategy and they implement it.

The good news was that these two people were not authoritarian and intoxicated with power.

As if there was nothing else to do, the saintess immediately used teleportation and headed to the Chase Kingdom.

Perhaps everyone decided that there was no good in dragging out the kidnapping for too long, so they acted quickly.


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In the meantime, I contacted Emperor Michael of the Reinharts Empire and requested that King James participate.

Emperor Michael readily accepted my request.

“I’m here.”

However, the saint who would have headed to the Brigham Empire returned in less than an hour.

I was embarrassed, wondering if I had failed, but then I looked surprised when I saw the two people following him.

This is because the two grandmasters of the Brigham Empire, Duke Raphael and Duke Francis, were together.

“Nice to meet you. “The two dukes.”

“Haha, nice to meet you too.”

“Nice to meet you.”

I had a bad relationship with Duke Francis for a while, but now I don’t really feel anything, and Duke Raphael felt uncomfortable with me, perhaps because of the incident with his student.

However, I was curious and asked how they managed to recruit the two people so easily, regardless of their feelings.

“I was planning to take a position in the Brigham Empire when I retired, but I said I would reconsider if I turned down this request.”

“Well, that’s right.”

This was a passage that showed how much Saint Avis cared about Ivril.

Next, Duke James of our Reinharts Empire entered, and Grandmaster Jeriel High Elven of the Elysian Alliance, who had become entangled with the church once again due to a kidnapping incident, also entered upon request.

Finally, the saint brought Duke Garcia, the Grandmaster of the Chase Kingdom, and all the internationally known Grandmasters of Rondel gathered in one place.

It would have been great if Blake had also joined, but unfortunately, he and other dark elves disliked being involved in the events of the Holy Land.

– Chijijijik.

With as many as six grandmasters gathered in one place, it was seen that they were knowingly or unknowingly trying to keep each other in check and check the level of their opponents.

As if to sort them out, the saint came forward and explained the current situation.

The grandmasters who heard the whole story agreed with our judgment.

“By the way.”

At that time, Duke Francis of the Brigham Empire, who seemed to be quiet for some reason, intervened.

“How do you plan on distributing the materials?”


“Aren’t the corpses of Kraken and Leviathan very valuable? “The bones and leather are the best equipment materials, so we make sure to distribute them.”

The search for a saint was also a search, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of Duke Francis, who said that he couldn’t ignore the beans he got from it.

They did not have their own defeat in mind.

Power is power, so I understand.

* * *

“Did you think I would believe that?”

When the mermaid introduced herself as Ieria Nelson, Ivril glared at him with a venomous expression.

In response, Ieria raised both hands with an expression of ‘Oh, it’s hot!’ and then stood up with a sly smile.

But it wasn’t long before the smile disappeared from his face and he turned serious.

“I’m sure the saint knows, right?”


“Among the devil worshipers we killed this time, there are people imbued with the power of a devil who does not exist in our devil world.”

“… … .”

“Actually, you’ve known this for a long time, haven’t you? I heard that this was the case with the warlock caught by Prince Lawrence in the Kingdom of Roberto.”

The church kills devil worshipers as soon as they find them.

Common sense suggests that it would be better to interrogate and then kill, but the church has a mindset of never communicating with devil worshipers.

Instead, after killing the devil worshipers, their bodies are taken to a sacred place and a follow-up investigation is conducted. It is an unknown fact that the demons involved are identified in this process.

Of course, it is not a secret known only to saints and saints, so there are many holes for it to leak out, but the problem is that the existence of devil worshipers whose background is unknown is one of the secrets that even holy places are reluctant to reveal.

Because of this, Ivril’s eyes were filled with doubt, and Ieria accurately captured her emotions.

“That’s enough. That’s all it takes to question that much. I’m not asking you to unconditionally believe what I say. How can you deny the God you have believed in and followed until now? Just be aware that this is evidence from unknown devil worshipers that another world exists.”

“That sounds funny.”

“I think you now understand why we act like this. What I said makes sense, right? “We are just fighting for survival.”

After finishing the story one-sidedly, Ieria stood up and handed her a subspace ring.

“It contains meals and daily necessities. “Take it out and use it however you feel comfortable.”

Unlike the previous monsters, he was quite kind to Ivril.

The moment Ieria turned around and tried to leave this place.



The Named Sea Serpent that bit Ivril’s body appeared.

Ieria was suspicious of his somewhat urgent appearance, but was not overly worried.

This is because they thought that there would be no enemy that would pose a threat to them.

However, Ieria’s expression showed confusion at the monster’s next words.

[Croton and Skia suffered!]

“yes? “What is that?”

[Are you saying a person who throws a sword engulfed in light is a grandmaster? There are a lot of grandmasters like that! Croton and Skia were cleared away in an instant!]

“… … .”

[First of all, I have given instructions to my subordinates not to attack them. I don’t think it will be like before.]

Croton and Skia refer to their main forces, the Kraken and Leviathan.

If those two had been defeated in an instant, his words that the opponent might have been a multiple Grandmaster could have been true.

“Each Grandmaster is like the king of a kingdom, but to think of gathering such beings together.”

Because of this, Ieria’s expression became even more serious, and Ivril, who was sitting still, burst into laughter.

“Who do you think you are dealing with?”

“This kind of excessive method doesn’t fit with the church.”

“That’s right, I’m sure it’s His Majesty Prince Lawrence. “You can never be his match.”

For some reason, he seemed to feel pride in Adrian’s existence.

Nevertheless, Ieria twitched the corner of her mouth and spoke leisurely.

“It looks like you were having too much fun. But if they approach you, run away, and if they approach you, just run away. Because this sea is wide. “If we decide to hide you, you may never be found.”

But she thought.

‘Will everything go as they want?’

“You underestimate His Highness Prince Lawrence.”

The corner of Ieria’s mouth twitched at Ivril’s sentiment.

“If anything goes wrong, I can just kill you. Karat, if this woman resists, kill her.”


Ieria gave those instructions to the Sea Serpent and left.

Even though it was a situation where she could die, for some reason, Ivril’s expression was calm.

This was an attitude that was possible because of infinite faith in one person.

* * *

“Haha, I can’t believe I got Leviathan leather and Kraken leather like this.”

“Look at this. Kraken’s teeth are pretty strong, right? “At this level, it’s stronger than Mithril!”

“Oh oh? Really.”

A slaughter party was taking place inside the flagship Sky Fortress.

Since the by-products of the monsters obtained from the first hunt were very valuable, the old swordsmen who were interested in new weapon materials were laughing and chatting among themselves, sharing ‘what’s mine, what’s yours’.

Where did the initial fight go? Except for Arcia, a woman among the grandmasters, and Jeriel, an elf, the remaining four men have become complete friends.

If this continues, I wonder if your uncle will be seeing me regularly.

Thanks to this, the atmosphere of the search party headquarters changed to a pub.

Saint Sylvester frowned and made a pitiful expression, but Saint Avis, who was the oldest despite his appearance, seemed to secretly want to intervene.

“Hmm. Seniors over there. “It would be difficult if you forgot that our purpose is exploration.”

In the end, I came between them.

However, this is how the grandmasters reacted to my point.

“We’re of no help except in combat.”

“Haha, I will definitely fight when I fight, so don’t worry.”

They were four people who acted without notice, as if they could not see the face of the saint, full of concern and concern for Ivril.

The saint sighed and approached me.

“Sea monsters don’t attack. “I think I decided to flee.”

“I guess so.”

“Is there no way?”

I wondered if the sea monsters would tell me about their headquarters as they ran away, but I didn’t get any clues.

I think they may have set up a fairly complicated reporting system.

“Actually, there is something we were considering to see if it could be realized.”

“What is that?”

The saintess, with her eyes wide open, urged me to tell the story, and I revealed to her a somewhat absurd plan.


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