My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 200

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Episode 200: A chance in a game turns into reality

46. ​​We’re probably on the same side (4)

“Isn’t there a very good deterrent between China and the Korean Peninsula? “I think it would be good to use them to solidify Korea’s elevated status after the disaster.”

The head of the National Intelligence Service, who was taken aback by the president’s remarks, could not help but agree that it would be useful if unfamiliar intruders were used well.

“Of course, I am not saying that we will unilaterally take advantage of it and take advantage of it. “If the situation requires it, we may be able to continue cooperation at the level of allies.”

Of course, the attitude of the other party will also play a role in how this will be resolved politically, but it was President Kim Min-guk who felt an inexplicable affinity for the mysterious islanders who discouraged China.

“Send smart people and get as much information as possible. And if possible, it would be better to schedule a meeting between representatives.”

“All right. “We will take action like that.”

It would have been nice to just nod his head and leave, but the Director of the National Intelligence Service seemed to have suddenly remembered something and tackled him.

“But how will we respond if North Korea makes an uproar over territorial waters infringement?”

“North Korea? Haha, leave it alone. “There won’t be any time to worry about the outside world right now.”

Currently, the power struggle in North Korea has intensified.

The reason is that North Korea’s top leader was unable to withstand a great disaster at a young age and passed away.

During a great disaster, he abandoned his fellow citizens and crawled into a bunker to survive for himself, but the bunker collapsed due to the earthquake.

But the problem is that the people who crawled into the bunker with the Supreme Leader are high-ranking North Korean officials.

Thanks to this, North Korea’s power system collapsed, and a civil war broke out in the chaos of the disaster.

In some ways, it was an opportunity to achieve the long-awaited unification led by the Republic of Korea, but because of the disaster, they had no time to pay attention to North Korea.

Fortunately, damage control has recently been completed to some extent and interest in North Korea is showing.

However, the problem is a country called ‘Shin Balhae’ beyond North Korea, which is very interested in the Korean Peninsula.

“But wouldn’t it be hard to ignore Balhae above North Korea?”

“What should the Chinese do with Balhae? Just call it East China.”

Balhae is a new country separated from China centered on the three northeastern provinces north of the Korean Peninsula.

It is said that there are quite a few Korean-Chinese people in the three northeastern provinces, but calling themselves Balhae when most of the country’s members are Han Chinese was seen as nothing but a challenge and a distortion of history by the people of the Republic of Korea.

That’s why he said bitter words to the head of the National Intelligence Service in a way that made the President angry just by hearing them.

“S-sorry. “What if East China interferes?”

“What should I do? Just ignore it. “They are the ones who continue to ignore our warnings not to interfere with North Korea. Do we need to pay attention to them?”

The head of the National Intelligence Service laughed bitterly at the president’s consistent response.

President Kim Min-guk was capable, but he had a single-minded temperament that pushed hard for what he thought was right.

The head of the National Intelligence Service had to resign, saying he understood.

“I’m waiting for good news.”

“I will do my best.”

After the head of the National Intelligence Service left, the president, left alone in the office, sighed.

But soon the corners of his mouth turned upward, as if revealing an emotion inversely proportional to a sigh.

“Although all neighboring countries have been weakened, the Republic of Korea has preserved its strength without major damage. In some ways, the great disaster may be a gift from God to Korea… … . “You have to make the most of this opportunity.”

President Kim Min-guk is in his second year in office.

He was more ambitious than is known to the public.

“What kind of personality do my new friends have?”

* * *

In order to have some free time, I moved quickly upon returning to Rondel after staying on Earth for just 2 hours.

This is because I plan to purchase the items needed in the County of Rayers and bring them to them right away.

First, stop by the Magic Tower to collect the vanguard equipment set that was scheduled to be shipped… … .

“Oh, Your Highness! Those are the items that are scheduled to begin delivery now!”

“Say it was dropped into the sea during a storm during transportation.”

“yes? There’s no way that excuse would work… … !?”

“Instead, I will double your performance bonus this month.”

“I will do my best!”

Next, he stopped by the Magic Tower research facility on Ophelia Island and requested the production of four types of artifacts.

Surveillance & attack satellite.

Standalone equipment for establishing communication channels without a Hollywood system.

Radioactive material measuring equipment to distinguish nuclear missiles.

Equipment for intercepting ignition-type missiles.

These are four things.

“yes? “Is something like this useful?”

“If you make it right, I’ll double your bonus this month.”

“I will do my best!”

And I visited the Elysian Alliance to purchase the Spirit Tower, a scaled down version of the Sky Fortress.

Because of the devil worshiper incident, the Allied leadership was overly kind to me.

The spirit tower is made in Elvenheim, the country of elves.

Finally, you can purchase the Spirit Tower if you receive permission from the elf queen, Claudia High Elven.

The problem is that the Spirit Tower has never been sold overseas.

This was a measure to prevent technology leaks.

“Are you really going to buy it under these conditions?”

“Yes, it is.”

So I imposed various restrictions to quickly solve the problem.

“The price will be doubled, we will not use it for research and development purposes, and we will not use it publicly at Rondel? Additionally, if the technology is leaked or the above provisions are violated, it will be considered a violation of the contract and a compensation amounting to 100 times the purchase cost will be paid… … .”

“Wouldn’t there be no noise even if we sell at this level?”

“That’s right, but why do you want to go to such lengths to buy the Spirit Tower? The Spirit Tower is backward compatible equipment with the Sky Fortress, except that it is smaller. Moreover, according to the terms of the contract, it will be for personal collection.”

To be precise, I said I wouldn’t use it on Rondel, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t use it on Earth.


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Of course, the elf queen expressed her doubts, and I smiled vaguely, saying I didn’t want a detailed explanation.

So we had to have a snowball fight for a while.

“Wow, at this rate, there’s no reason not to sell it. All right. “I accept sales requests.”

In the end, the elf queen decided to accept the contract.

With this, I became the first non-member of the Elysian Alliance to obtain the Spirit Tower.

“The desired number is 10. “If it’s in stock, I want to buy it right away.”

“Are you a teenager?”


“Well, I understand. “If we stock up here and there, we’ll have enough for 10 units.”

“It’s good.”

The Spirit Tower is famous for its good cost-effectiveness, but its original price is one-tenth of the Sky Fortress, so even if you buy 10 units at twice the price, it is the price of two Sky Fortresses.

Instead, it is a piece of equipment that is said to be comparable to a sky fortress in terms of its ability to defend a base.

It is an essential item for the current Earth territory of Layers.

The size is about 20 meters in diameter, so it can easily store high-end subspace artifacts.

I paid the price right away and even purchased a generous subspace ring.

“You seem to be in a hurry.”

“I have something to take care of quickly. “I’m going to get some rest after I’m done with that.”

“I see. “Would you please visit again later if you have a chance?”


After finishing work, I greeted the elf queen Claudia High Elven, and she made an unexpected request.

I expressed a question, and the elf queen’s answer was simple.

“It’s because I want to become friends with His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence. “Let’s have a meal together.”

“Oh, if that’s the case, you’re always welcome. All right. “I will visit again as soon as I have time.”

Thanks to the Elf Queen’s consideration, I was able to complete the purchase of the Spirit Tower very quickly.

And lastly, I packed the food and daily necessities that Blue Moon had instructed me to purchase.

“Oh, Your Highness?”

I spoke to Benjamin from Singapore, who had not paid any attention to me so far.

“Please write down all information related to your younger sister.”


I plan to get Benjamin’s information about my sister and have him bring her to Korea.

Then, next time you go to Earth, you can take Benjamin with you.

Although Benjamin was puzzled, he faithfully followed what I told him to do.

And he said as he took his note.

“You will be able to meet your brother soon.”

“Well, is that true?”

“Yes, I’m sorry I’m late.”

I didn’t bother to explain in detail to the person who looked surprised.

You will know everything when you experience it yourself.

“thank you! thank you so much.”

I feel like I’m hearing a lot of thank you notes today.

With this, I briefly finished Rondel’s work and visited Earth alone, leaving Arcia, Blake, and Celine behind.

And like Santa Claus, he unwrapped the gifts he had brought from Rondel one by one in front of Count Reyes.

Although I wasn’t able to bring new artifacts that are complicated to make, you can feel that my words of help are sincere just by looking at the 10 Spirit Towers and 1,100 sets of vanguard equipment that I have obtained.

Thanks to this, Count Rayers and Lord So burst into tears.

“You really saved the Spirit Tower. How can I buy items that are never sold in the Elysian Alliance… … .”

“Are you bringing this much for us in just half a day?”

Half a day (6 hours) on Earth is about 3 days in Rondel.

I was so touched that I patted the shoulders of the two people who kept saying thank you over and over again.

As a result, the combat capabilities of the County of Rayers increased rapidly.

It was so bad that the average Duke couldn’t even show off his business card.

At this level, there will be no accidental death.

“Has anything special happened in the meantime?”

Count Reyes nodded to my question.

“A person was sent from the country you mentioned, Korea. “It definitely felt like we could communicate, unlike in China.”

“is it so?”

“Yes, the president, the head of the country, has politely requested a meeting, saying he would like to meet us.”

I was surprised that Korea contacted me so quickly.

Thanks to the fact that I moved to Rondel during the time of the former president, I was able to get the feeling that the current president was a very active person, even though I did not know exactly what kind of person he was.

“To what extent have you disclosed information to them?”

“They said we were castaways who came from another world and ended up here due to an unknown accident. I’m looking for a way to return to my hometown, but it’s not easy. “We were all embarrassed by the current situation and said we needed someone we could talk to with an open mind rather than hostility.”

“Well done. Try to maintain a close relationship with them. Of course, you don’t want to get caught.”

“Yes, I will.”

How did Rondel’s life appear to Koreans who visited the County of Reyes?

A skyscraper stretching out into the sky, a holographic billboard with a cyberpunk feel, a flying car running through the air, a human fighter called Vanguard flying on a hoverboard, and even a sky fortress that is unrivaled in grandeur.

It could be seen as a future in science fiction.

However, the sight of ordinary people not being able to enjoy the high level of technology in an outdated political system called feudalism may not have looked good on Korea, a democratic country.

‘Well, you don’t mind?’

I think what is important in diplomatic relations is whether there is something beneficial to both parties rather than the other party’s political system.

If everyone is considerate of each other, Count Rayers and Korea will be able to continue a good cooperative relationship.

“Is there anything else you need?”

“no. If you have shame, how could you ask for more? That’s enough. “I was given a favor that I will never forget.”

I was satisfied with the information about lords and lords written on the Mangyeong.

[Relationship: Awe / Will]

[Status: Admiration / Favor]

At this level, even without a master-slave relationship, it is already the same as being in a master-slave state.

If we continue our relationship just a little longer, I think he will swear loyalty on his own.

I got up from my seat.

“Are you leaving already?”

“There is one thing left to do.”

“That’s too bad. “Then I will look forward to your next visit with joy.”

“cheer up.”


I left them behind and, using invisibility magic, moved to Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

* * *

After a while, I arrived at a hospital in Seoul.

-belt. belt.

I stood in front of a patient in a room at the hospital.

The face looks young, but the equipment attached to the body shows that the body is in the worst condition.

Around me, men in black suits who appear to be the person’s bodyguards are lying with their noses pressed to the floor.

The luxurious-looking VIP hospital room and the presence of bodyguards at first glance showed that the person in front of me had an unusual status.

For reference, the bodyguards simply put him to sleep with sleep magic.

Why did I visit a place like this… … .

This is to find limbs that can move as desired.

A force that operates solely for me, separate from the government of the Republic of Korea.

The patient in front of you will become a key figure in that force.


Just then, the sleeping patient opened his eyes.

With difficulty, his eyelids fluttered up, and his eyes, which had been rolling here and there, soon fixed on me.

“Ah, is it time to die?”

The voice I heard through the ventilator was weak and unclear, but I could understand.

Looks like liberation.

But it would be difficult if he died easily.

According to the information I gathered during my short stay on Earth, there is no better word to use than that.

“Do you want to live?”

I brought my face close to him like a devil and whispered.


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