My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 20

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Episode 20: A chance in a game turns into reality

6. Opening War (4)

Headquarters of the 3rd Division under the 2nd Corps of the local army.

Count Otis exclaimed in exclamation upon hearing that he had defeated five Vanguards of the Croesen Empire.

“Huh, all I can say is admiration. “It was great to predict a surprise attack, but to turn a crisis around and turn it into an opportunity.”

This situation was just surprising because the bad rumors about Adrian were so famous that even the Count knew about them.

I heard that Viscount Lawrence’s child prodigy became a motherfucker after overcoming a near-death crisis by taking poison.

But it turns out that I was just acting to survive.

“It was a sleeping dragon.”

After the war began, I thought it was just a coincidence when I noticed the enemy’s suicide attack and reduced the damage to my troops.

But now I couldn’t dismiss it as a coincidence.

Count Otis burst out laughing, feeling goosebumps rise and his fur stand up.

And that was the same for the staff of Count Otis, who frowned at Adrian’s sudden request for support.

“Is Michelle turning 18 this year?”

The staff expressed doubt in response to Count Otis’ unexpected question, but nodded yes.

“If Brigadier General Lawrence is a child from his own family, I would like to bring him back.”

The staff broke out in a cold sweat and tried to stop him.

“I heard that Brigadier General Lawrence already has a woman. “I heard she was affectionate enough to bring her to the battlefield.”

“I have two wives, is that a problem? “She only needs Michelle to be her mistress.”

“He’s so into the game.”

“It’s better than being addicted to drugs, alcohol, and women.”

Count Otis had already eyed Adrian as his son-in-law, so no matter what he said, it had no effect.

In the end, the staff and vassals of the Count Otis family honestly revealed the reason why Adrian was not accepted.

“I think we can wait a little longer and then decide.”

“you’re right. Considering Michelle’s fiery temperament, if we found out about this, we would all… … .”

“Well, he’s kind of shit.”

Count Otis scratched his cheek and quenched his appetite.

As his advisors said, his daughter would marry multiple husbands, and was not one to become one of several wives.

“Okay, now that we’ve talked about Michelle, just submit a performance report to the corps headquarters. “It also includes the fact that Brigadier Lawrence’s contribution was great.”

“all right.”

* * *

I was on my way back to bed with Arcia, spinning the game console in a good mood after a long-awaited big win.

“Brigade Commander, do you have a moment?”

Suddenly Sir William caught me.

Arcia stepped forward as if to protect me, but I put my hand on her shoulder, saying it was okay.

[Relationship: Favor / Conventional]

[Status: Expectation]

The reason is this.

This is because his feelings toward me changed from ‘curiosity and wariness’ to ‘favor and anticipation.’

The reason is obvious.

It may be because I just saved him from a trap in battle.

“If it’s not important, please keep the story short.”

But there was no need to match Sir William’s pace.

Sir William nodded slightly at my words.

“Why are you holding your breath?”

A pretty straightforward question.

And it was a question that prompted a lot of thought.

“What does it mean?”

I shrugged my shoulders with an expression that seemed like I had no idea what he was talking about, and he continued speaking seriously.

“You don’t seem to know, Master Adrian, but surprisingly many vassals are worried about the future of the territory. “If Master Cedric becomes a lord like this, a crisis will come.”

It was an unexpected story.

I expressed my bewilderment and looked at him as if wondering why he was suddenly saying this.

“I don’t think Master Cedric has what it takes to be a lord. “If you want to compete with your brother, I would like to push you with all my might.”

Information about Mangyeong with no change in status.

In other words, he wasn’t lying.

‘Sir William is one of my father’s closest associates. Did he perhaps receive any instructions in advance? Or is it simply because he is a benefactor?

I answered with honest feelings.

“That’s a very nice story.”

A bright smile appeared on William’s lips.

But that smile didn’t last long… … .

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that suggestion.”

It was because of my passive response.

[Relationship: Neutral / Normal]

[Status: Disappointed]

Following my words, his status changed from favorable to neutral, and from excited to disappointed.

‘You’re surprisingly naive.’

To be clear, I did not say that simply because I was scared and cowered.

This is because William’s remarks were too careless.


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No matter how much they limit the information directed to Cedric, it’s not completely news.

This story could spread from person to person like a rumor, or there could be more surveillance systems that I don’t know about.

Because of this, I had no choice but to coldly reject William’s tempting story.

If I accepted his offer here, it would be no different from declaring hostile relations with Anna and Cedric.

That is a completely different story from building my own prestige by taking part in a war.

The reason is right.

‘It’s because my mother remains in the estate.’

While I clicked my tongue at William’s actions, I remembered that there were still people who were purely concerned about Yeongji.

I tapped William on the shoulder and walked away.

William had his own resolute feelings, but unfortunately, I don’t need any clumsy help right now.

‘Anyway, I’m enough on my own.’

Eliminating Anna and Cedric is entirely up to me.

I never had any intention of sharing that joy with others.

“I’m already looking forward to it.”

* * *

I am not the type of person who likes to brag.

There is a tendency to always calculate profits and losses and weigh the gains, but I have personally experienced that showing off is returned with antipathy rather than favor.

However, unwanted boasting began to spread throughout the country.

“… … In recognition of his numerous achievements, Jim bestows the Second Class Golden Lion Medal to the Lawrence family’s second son, Adrian. Grady Lloyd Reinharts, the 23rd King of the Kingdom of Reinharts.”

“It is a great honor, and I will cherish it for the rest of my life.”

I, who was kneeling in front of the King’s personal letter, got up immediately after the reading of the letter, which was full of useless rhetoric, was over.

The Minister of the Interior, dispatched from the royal family, placed a golden medal on my chest and offered to shake my hand in congratulations, and I held his hand.


-click! click!

And this was recorded in full by the broadcasting station cameras and the newspaper cameras.

I know that each and every piece of Vanguard equipment is as valuable as a fighter jet, but I never thought this event would be evaluated so highly.

Since the war is slowing down in the country, I think they chose me to be the face madam.

‘If Cedric sees it, he’ll go crazy again.’

He probably thinks I stole the ball from him.

Cedric, who has a single brain, was a person who thought that he would be able to specialize if he appeared on the battlefield.

I waved my hand at the camera with a feeling of half-giving up.

* * *

[About Adrian Lawrence, the genius of Viscount Lawrence]

[Adrian Lawrence, a young hero in war]

Cedric hit his desk irritably as he saw that not only was Adrian a popular search term on the Internet, but many articles were also decorating the news page.


Anna, who was sitting quietly next to him, also did not have a good expression.

Cedric turned his gaze to Anna.

“What about your father?”

“It is like the sky.”

The Cheonchul that Anna was referring to meant Adrian’s mother, Sylvia Lawrence.

Although Sylvia also came from a wealthy merchant family, commoners were insignificant to them.

“It seems like your father is hanging out with that woman more and more these days. Why are you just watching?”

“If I don’t see it, should I at least poison it?”


“Tsk, don’t raise your voice. “The reason your father is hanging around that bitch is because of Adrian.”

Adrian and Cedric, who were called prodigies in their families when they were young, have been compared a lot.

Therefore, for Cedric, the existence of Adrian was a complex that could not be washed away, and he was an object of jealousy.

However, when Adrian was mentioned again by his mother, Cedric’s eyes turned murderous.

“What do you mean?”

“It looks like Dad swore he would protect Adrian while she was on the battlefield. From you and me.”

But when I looked at the situation, it wasn’t something to worry about.

“Is it true that after returning from the war, Adrian cut ties with his family and completely became a monk?”

“Yes, he will be desperate too. After becoming a monk, I have to find my own way to live. In that respect, isn’t war a good opportunity? “If you make a big contribution, you can even receive the title of single winner.”

Anna’s story meant that Adrian was not Cedric’s competitor anyway.

Cedric suppressed his excitement and buried his back deeply in the chair.

It was definitely all as my mother said.

Their maternal grandfather, a margrave, was behind them, and most of Viscount Lawrence’s rights had been encroached upon by Anna.

But is Adrian still annoying because of a simple complex?

Cedric was very worried about Adrian.

* * *

Viscounty Lawrence’s office.


Viscount’s matriarch Rayford Lawrence burst into laughter as he watched the video showing his son’s strong side with Adrian’s biological mother, Sylvia.

Looking at Adrian’s mouth smiling but his eyes not smiling, it was clear that he was bothered to appear on the broadcast.

But the problem is that this, combined with his good looks, makes him look strangely intelligent.

Sylvia was so happy that Adrian appeared on TV that she clapped and smiled brightly even though she was watching the same video over and over again.

“If you receive the Golden Lion, you will at least be given the rank of Baron after the war. “At least my heart feels lighter.”

“Are you sorry that you can’t support your talented son?”

Sylvia narrowed her eyes as if glaring at the lord’s appearance.

The Viscount was silent for a moment, but then nodded obediently, saying yes.

“You know. “This is the best.”

The current Viscount was a mere lord.

Just a representative who rules this land for a while before handing the territory over to Cedric.

I ended up having my ankles bitten off by a choice I made when I was young, drunk with a thirst for power.

“I understand the situation, but I still can’t forgive you.”

“know. But at that time, there was nothing I could do to save Adrian. “If I had dug deeper, Anna would have eliminated him for sure.”

The Viscount explained his position to Sylvia as if making an excuse.

However, even though I knew it with my head, it was a story I could never understand with my heart.

The Viscount looked bitter at Sylvia’s sulking expression and turned his attention back to the video camera.

“Still, I’m glad.”

And when the Viscount saw Adrian doing his part again, he was relieved and relieved.


If Adrian were here, he would have asked his father this question.

‘Is this really fortunate?’


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