My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 2

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Episode 2: The dream in the game becomes reality

1. Korea Institute of Technology (2)

That was 10 years ago now.

This is a story from when I was 10 years old and entered the Royal Academy.


As I was researching the man named ‘Manuel Lucas’ who led the golden age of the Magic Age for a class assignment, I discovered something unexpected.

“What is this…?” … .”

What caught my eye was the coat of arms of the Archduchy Lucas.


For some reason, there was English written there.

‘Could it be this person too?’

A short word that feels somewhat meaningful, ‘why’.

Thanks to this, I blinked like an idiot and checked again and again, wondering if I had seen something wrong.

And when I found out that there was nothing wrong with my eyes, I naturally had no choice but to question Archduke Lucas’s origins.

‘No, you can’t conclude with just this. ‘It could be just a coincidence.’

I was very embarrassed, but since I am a cautious person, I did not rush to a conclusion.

“her… … .”

However, it was not long before Archduke Lucas had to admit that he was from Earth.

[His Highness Lucas left these words before his death. ‘I wanted to walk along the California beach with Mary again.’ … . I was not sure of the meaning of the place names and places I had heard of for the first time, but as it was the story of a great saint, I could not ignore it. Therefore, His Majesty’s last message is recorded like this.]

The record of the deacon who was by his side during his final days was proof that cannot be omitted.

I don’t know if he remembered his past life like I did, or if he was transported to another dimension like in comics or novels, but it was clear that the great wizard of Rondel was from Earth.

Most people did not attach much significance to the mysterious will, but to me it was like a secret message.

[Auror condensation device prototype ‘Washington’]

[The first virtual reality system ‘Hollywood’ that combines Ego, InDream, and think-sharing magic]

Afterwards, I devoted myself to researching Archduke Lucas like a person possessed by something, and evidence poured out from various places that he was an Earthling.

In the process, I came to realize one possibility.

‘I may be the only person who can properly understand the great wizard.’

As a result, Manuel Lucas’ remarks that shook the world came to mind.

[Power, knowledge, wealth. I have hidden everything I have somewhere in this world.]

[Aspire. It could be you who takes possession of an ownerless gift.]

Even if you don’t know the achievements of Archduke Lucas, there is no one who doesn’t know the remarks that stimulate people’s greed.

‘He openly used English words as his family crest and left traces here and there that he was an Earthling. Also, when you look at the fact that they revealed the existence of the origin and turned off the aggro on a large scale, it feels like they are looking for someone from the same region.’

Of course, he may have taken such action without much meaning because he could not forget his hometown, just as he missed Mary.

However, looking at the fact that it has not yet been discovered even though the whole world is looking for it with great eyes, I thought that certain conditions might be necessary to acquire it.

‘Maybe Earth’s knowledge will help.’

Common sense tells us that it is impossible to overcome talented people from all over the world who are aiming for the legacy, but if this speculation does not end up being a simple delusion, I will be closer to Archduke Lucas’ legacy than anyone else.

‘I’m already having a hard time making my own arrangements to avoid Anna’s gaze. But what if I get hold of Archduke Lucas’s fortune?’

Of course, this may be an overly hopeful observation.

But since my thoughts went that far, I had no choice but to focus on gathering information.

In addition to the exploration of the character Manuel Lucas, I also checked all the technologies and papers he developed during his lifetime, and during vacation, I personally flew to the Brigham Empire, the country of the Great Wizard.

During the investigation, we went here and there, but no one paid any attention to the 10-year-old.

He was simply dismissed as one of Manuel Lucas’ followers.

In this way, I obtained quite a variety of information despite the indifference of my competitors.

at last… … .

[You have acquired the talent of Manuel Lucas.]

I did it.

* * *

Earth’s knowledge was of great help in finding the origins of Archduke Lucas.

Of course, I tried my best to make it possible for people without Earth’s knowledge to reach the top, but as long as there were irregulars like me in the first place, the competition couldn’t be fair.

[A successor to the great wizard Manuel Lucas.]

Now that you have obtained the above title, there will be no need to cower under threats.

Is it really a problem for Anna, who is only the owner’s mistress?

Archduke Lucas’ power is enough to move a country.

The life ahead is now solid.

After overcoming hardships, all that remains is to walk the flower path… … .



Yes, I thought.

Immediately an unexpected problem arose.

“It hurts! “Damn you!”

It turns out that the real beginning of suffering began after Manuel Lucas’ talent was acquired.


HP 80/100

A short humanoid monster with green skin.

Goblins exist throughout the Kingdom of Reinharts (reality), but the reason why they are displayed with HP is because this is a virtual reality game called ‘Chronicle Online’.

“I’m so scared of this that I’m going to fight properly.”

No matter how virtual reality it is, a game is still a game.

In general, pain is weakened through a filter.


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But I had to wince, feeling pain that was no different from reality.

Who would believe me if I told you that this malicious error was related to Giyeon?


For a moment, my body stiffened in pain.

I held the beginner’s dagger backwards and glared at the goblin.

The long cut on my left arm was a bit annoying, but I gritted my teeth and prepared for the next attack.


A goblin’s attack that nimbly flings its body and stabs straight ahead.

I dodged it by just one step and slashed the dagger with all my might.

[Critical Hit!]

The goblin whose head was pierced collapsed with the sound of boiling phlegm and its HP reached 0.

Soon the body disappeared, dropping a few coins along with the light, and at the same time, a blue light exploded around me and an alarm came to mind.

[You have reached level 10.]

[You have reached a level where you can change jobs.]

All injuries were healed by leveling up.

However, as the level-up effect, which would soon disappear, continued, a new message emerged.

[You have cleared stage 1 of the Giyeon quest.]

[You will be moved to a secret space by Ariel.]

I blinked once, and it turned into a gray space surrounded on all sides by marble.

Forced teleportation occurred regardless of my thoughts.

-The first floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower.

[The conditions for opening the next area of ​​the Magic Tower have been met. The second floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower is open.]

Isn’t this a pretty unfriendly system?

My opinion was not reflected anywhere in the situation that occurred after the goblin hunt.

‘Well, no matter what my opinion is, it’s something I’m willing to accept as long as I can properly resolve the issue.’

In addition to the intelligence departments of each country, many treasure hunters searched the world in search of Archduke Lucas’ legacy.

However, Archduke Lucas’s talent was hidden in an unexpected place, and that place was ‘online’, that is, in the virtual world.

‘That’s why it’s not easy to find.’

When I first got my hands on Giyeon, I thought I would physically inherit Archduke Lucas’ legacy.

For example, by telling the location of a secret safe or dungeon in reality.

However, Manuel Lucas was a more meticulous person than expected and did not easily leak his legacy to the outside world.

[The character is reset.]

[The character and the real body are synchronized.]

[Chronicle Online’s abilities are reflected in reality.]

[Intellectual and physical assets are acquired in stages according to growth.]

Like this.

Thanks to this, the scout character I had raised to explore talent in this game flew away, and I was able to attack the game once again as a beginner.

‘But where is this?’

The abilities in the game are applied in real life.

Even if you gain the strength of the scout I trained, it will be difficult to find an opponent within the kingdom.

Also, as I had more experience, character development would be easier than the first time, so I thought I should enjoy it.

However, as the game synchronized with my real body, my body did not follow my mind, perhaps reflecting my poor physical strength, so I had a hard time in the beginning.

Moreover, my body was heavy and I felt tremendous pain when I was attacked, so I had no choice but to be careful while hunting, and it took quite a long time to reach level 10, the first stage goal of the Giyeon quest.

[Would you like to go up to the second floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower?]

A door that appeared like a mirage in a gray space where there was nothing.

This space, an object in the game, is the very origin of Archduke Lucas.

Without hesitation, I grabbed the door handle and nodded.


As soon as I answered, I felt like I was being teleported again, and a space with a wide red carpet appeared.

The difference between the second and first floors was not only the carpet on the floor.

Unlike the first floor, where there was nothing, the entire space on the second floor was decorated like a study.

On one wall, there was a bookshelf filled with various books, and in front of it was a large metal box.

[Treasure Box 1]

A message window kindly informs you of the purpose of the box.

My eyes widened, I swallowed dry saliva and slowly approached the box.

[5 billion routes have been obtained. Please enter the account you wish to receive the deposit from.]

[If you wish, you can also receive it as online currency.]

Finally, a worthy reward has appeared.

Since the root currency unit is similar to the Korean won, it is no different from obtaining 5 billion won.

However, even though it was a huge amount of money, I was a little disappointed because it was an amount that I, as the child of a lord, could have raised if I worked hard.

‘In this game where the maximum level is 300, I only got it by reaching level 10, so I can look forward to the future.’

Still, isn’t the true value of IBRE not money in the first place?

[1 circle is created.]

[Depending on the circle creation, the occupation is fixed to wizard.]

[A circle is being created in the synchronized body (reality).]

[Do not quit the game. When forced to quit, the synchronized body will take a huge hit.]


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