My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 199

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Episode 199: Dream in the game becomes reality

46. ​​We must be on the same side (3)

The successor to Archduke Lucas is ‘me’.

Who wouldn’t be surprised by that?

Count Rayers, his successors, and all of the count’s vassals were speechless.

I would like to wait for the shock and astonishment to subside.

I don’t have long to remain on Earth.

“I will travel to and from Rondel at any time, including through Mana Direct, to provide support to the needs of Count Rayers.”

Count Reyes, who came to his senses belatedly, nodded with a bewildered expression.

“Then there is nothing better. thank you.”

Meanwhile, he expressed doubts.

Unless you have a magnifying glass like me or an observation eye like Blake, the title of Archduke Lucas’s successor is not so light that you can accept it with just a few words.

“By the way, isn’t the actor the son of former President Fairmont, who once caused an uproar in the Prius Republic? “I understand that his son is currently being held captive by the Brigham Empire?”

“You mean Louis Fairmont? “He is a fake actor.”

“Are you a fake talent?”

“It means that I am a clown designed to attract attention and hide my identity from the Brigham Empire.”

“ah… … .”

“Until Louis Fairmont came forward, the most common reaction people had towards me, who became an archmage at the age of 20, was a mixture of ‘half joking and half suspicion’, wondering if I was the successor of Archduke Lucas. But what about now? Everyone knows Louis Fairmont as a talented actor, and they say that I have great natural talent because I caused and solved many cases, so it is understandable that I became an archmage at the age of 20.”

“Well, what do you mean?”

“It’s all a situation I induced.”

This meant that even the Brigham Empire was playing a trick on me.

Count Rayers let out a low laugh, saying he was astounded.

However, the count’s son, who seemed to be around the same age as me, seemed to have a lot of questions and asked various questions while making exclamations of exclamation.

“Why doesn’t the Brigham Empire realize that the Louis Fairmont is a fake?”

“The data held by Louis Fairmont is real. And it attracts attention by providing new data if it arouses suspicion, and providing new data if it arouses suspicion. No matter how big I am, the Brigham Empire is still a burdensome opponent.”

“indeed… … But how did you get hold of Archduke Lucas? “Despite the efforts of numerous countries and numerous intelligence organizations, they were unable to find it. Doesn’t it mean that Prince Lawrence acquired his talent at a very young age?”

No one thought it was a coincidence that they got their chance.

There’s no way it’s so simple that you can just grab it so casually.

I thought about it briefly, but just told the truth.

Given the fact that he is the successor to Archduke Lucas, what can he hide?

“Archduke Lucas hid hints about the story here and there using texts and information from his hometown, Earth. Well, if we had continued our research in general, we would have been able to find it somehow even without knowledge of the Earth, but it would have taken more time.”

“But what about the King?”

“Like Archduke Lucas, I am from here too. “As long as there are people like me, the search for opportunities cannot be fair.”

“her… … .”

I displayed holograms of English signboards posted here and there in nearby China.

The fact that English was the code language commonly used by Archduke Lucas was a fact that could be known to anyone who was even remotely interested in him.


There are many places to doubt.

If you decide to find fault, there are many places to find fault.

But this is the undeniable truth.

“Still, if there is any doubt, we take an additional Mana Oath.”

When I said that, no one could tackle me anymore.

Count Rayers dissuaded me, saying there was no need for that.

“There is quite a bit of material related to Archduke Lucas’s career in this castle. “It’s a fact that can be found out with just a little research from people in this world, so there’s no way you would lie about it.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

“On the contrary, we are grateful. Even though he showed kindness, he persuaded us who were skeptical.”

“You must be distraught in a situation that is no different from a disaster. “In the meantime, I think it’s natural to be suspicious if you suddenly show favor.”

The once chaotic atmosphere of the County of Rayers became warmer for the first time in a while.

But it wasn’t long before a shadow fell over their complexions.

No matter how much help I received, I couldn’t keep smiling when I couldn’t see a way back to my hometown in an unfamiliar land.

“Why did this happen to us?”

“The only way to express the information I have now is that, as I mentioned earlier, Goddess Sepia created it that way. I think Goddess Sepia is planning to incorporate this world into Rondel.”

“Is the fact that Archduke Lucas and His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence flowed into Rondel part of that plan?”

“Maybe so.”

“Then we can help the goddess achieve her plan?”

From their perspective, they have no choice but to think that way.

For now, it’s the only way to meet people from back home.

But the problem is that it is not that simple.

“We have to look at the situation first. There is speculation that a great disaster will strike the world as the goddess’s plan is implemented. “What would you do if you helped the goddess and there was great casualties in Rondel and Earth?”

“that… … .”

I want to return to my hometown, but if it involves large-scale sacrifice, how can it be any different from the descent of the Demon King?

No matter how selfish the nobles were criticized for being selfish, it was a choice they could not easily choose if they had common sense.

“For now, it would be better to prioritize adapting to this place. Personally, I recommend maintaining a close relationship with the Republic of Korea in the east, even if the relationship between China and the country in the west is not good.”

Just because it’s Korea doesn’t mean it’s clean, but I don’t think there are any better options around here, at least if you’re on the side.

Of course, there is no need to explain that a big part of why I recommended Korea was because it was my home country in a past life.

“Of course, it would be great if you could build good relationships with everyone, but there is no need to be servile.”

“Yeongju Su has already met with the Chinese president.”

“Is that so? How was it?”


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“They made me wait for over 3 hours with no appointment. And since they took a high-handed attitude without even a word of apology, I saved only the comment and threw away everything else.”

“haha… … .”

I laughed with a mix of absurdity and admiration.

I can’t believe things have already gone that way.

However, this is an issue that should never be taken lightly.

Although they are said to be random people, their country has a power that cannot be ignored.

“We had a real battle with China, right? How was it?”

“I was surprised that it was stronger than I expected. But it was at a manageable level. If you deploy a vanguard equipped with a hoverboard to the sky fortress, I think you can win. But the problem is, I heard that there are powerful weapons among the weapons that the enemy has not used.”

“You mean nuclear weapons.”

Physical power is a sub-concept of this ability.

Although this works to some extent on Earth, the problem is that the difference is not as large as on Rondel.

Archduke Lucas judged that even if a nuclear bomb exploded in Rondel, it could be defended with a 7-circle shield as long as the attack was based on physical force.

But on Earth, the story is different.

Goddess Sepia’s laws are not yet in effect, so even an 8-circle shield probably won’t be able to block it.

Of course, there is no magic that interferes with space travel on Earth, so if you can’t stop it, you can just avoid it, but this city and its residents cannot escape to another place.

“You definitely have to be careful about that. “Have you thought of a response?”

“It seems like the only way out right now is to intercept all the missiles.”

As the Count said, it was the most certain method.

But that too has its limits.

“First of all, we should fill the county with equipment.”


“How many knights are there in the county now?”

“There are about 1,200 people in total.”

“How many of them are vanguard equipment?”

“We have 100 units.”

“All right. “I will prepare the remaining 1,100 units and bring them to you.”

Everyone was very surprised by the huge support.

The cost of 1,100 sets of vanguard equipment was not something the county could afford.

“It’s a gift. If possible, I would like to bring you a sky fortress, but it is too bulky to move right now. Ah, if I can find the Spirit Tower, I will get it for you.”

“Isn’t the Spirit Tower a base defense equipment used by the Elysian Alliance as a substitute for a sky fortress?”

“you’re right. If you push it in well, it will go into subspace. “My relationship with the Allied Powers of Elysia is not bad, so if I do my best, I will be able to save it.”

I continued to chatter despite the two people making puzzled expressions.

“And let’s make equipment to effectively respond to missiles and equipment that enables communication.”

“Okay, thank you…” … .”

“Oh, it would be easy to lift an artificial structure into space using magic. Since Earth has an open space beyond the atmosphere, it would be a good idea to introduce surveillance or attack satellites. “If we were to launch a heavy weight from space to Earth, it would be a very good deterrent against nuclear weapons.”

How could providing help end with just one mana cluster?

It should be at least like this.

When I extended my hand, those who had no one to lean on were so moved that they almost shed tears.

“thank you. thank you.”

Of course, all this support is not free.

What is the reason for me to do this?

“Instead, I hope you will listen to my requests from now on. Sometimes we may ask for combat support, sometimes we may ask for ambush, intelligence gathering, or assassination.”

I will give them breathing room and establish their right to survive.

Instead, they will have to follow my instructions.

Nevertheless, Count Rayers nodded without much hesitation.

“How could I refuse? “The only person we can trust and rely on in this situation is His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence.”

That’s a good response.

If you help them and build relationships with them, it will not be difficult to take them under your command.

“I don’t have anything I can give you right now. “I’ll leave this behind.”

At the same time, I summoned the subspace type sky fortress Aegis beyond the window of the lord castle.

The Aegis, which is like a round metal ball, looks similar to the Spirit Tower of the Elysian Alliance.

However, it was heavier than him and had far superior abilities.

“This is a defense-only sky fortress built by Archduke Lucas himself. “It moves unmanned, so you don’t have to worry about operation.”

“Oh oh!”

Count Reyes and his people, who were initially wary, became one and repeatedly lowered their heads.

* * *

“Hmm, what is that again? “There’s something more strange here.”

“China’s movements are unusual. If we do it well, I think we can use nuclear weapons.”

South Korea’s Blue House.

President Kim Min-guk, who was looking at a photo of the Sky Fortress Aegis, massaged his temples as if he was troubled by the National Intelligence Service director’s report.

When I first heard about the strange landforms of an island in the northern part of the West Sea, I didn’t think it was a big deal.

It was something that happened often.

However, there were people living on the island, and when a battle broke out due to their trouble with China, it shocked everyone.

Extraterrestrial technology, Earth’s military.

The weapons of this strange terrain were so powerful that they had no choice but to express it that way, and greatly damaged China’s pride.

‘No matter how much China is not the China it used to be, it is a force that cannot be overlooked from the perspective of the Republic of Korea… … .’

China and an unidentified partner are on the verge of clashing again.

“When I heard that the main palace was destroyed, I thought the negotiations were broken, but they decided to fight right away like this, and that too with nuclear weapons.”

“We must never allow nuclear weapons to be used. “It will also cause great damage to us.”

“I can’t help it. Give me your statement. That’s a pretty strong tone. And the United States will also be watching this incident. “Please ask them for help too.”

“All right.”

The Republic of Korea could not immediately step forward and send troops.

Although China has been divided into several parts, both Miu and Gou used to be one country, so they can jointly respond to interference from foreign powers.

The president sighed as he pondered… … .


The head of the National Intelligence Service, who had not left his office for a long time, stormed in again.

“An explosion comparable to a small nuclear tactical bomb occurred over Beijing.”


There is no way China would explode a nuclear bomb over their heads.

I checked the video he brought to see what was going on, and it showed a scene of a series of ominous black flames exploding.

Each shot had the power of a large ballistic missile.

When something like that exploded in succession, it created something as majestic as a small-scale nuclear explosion.

“Is it the islanders’ doing?”

“I guess so. “It seems as if they were aware that China was planning to use nuclear weapons, and threatened not to act rashly.”

“So they also have large-scale tactical weapons.”

“The scary thing about that attack is that it does not use a projectile like a missile, so the location of the explosion cannot be specified and interception is impossible.”

“It’s scary.”

In fact, that was Adrian’s use of Hellfire, an 8th circle class magic, fired 10 times in succession using the Memorise magic.

This was a kind of protest to keep China in check and not to make fun of the County of Rayers.

And the protests worked, stopping China’s movement.

President Kim Min-guk of the Republic of Korea, who saw such a series of processes, expressed interest.

“Let’s try to contact them.”


The head of the National Intelligence Service was shocked by the president’s remarks.


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