My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 198

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Episode 198: Dream in the game becomes reality

46. ​​We must be on the same side (2)

What’s really interesting is that parents somehow recognize their children even when their appearance changes.

My parents were like that.

Even though a white man with silver hair suddenly came to see him and claimed to be his dead son, he easily accepted the truth after only talking to him a few times.

Of course, my parents’ reactions during the process were polar opposites.

While my mother was happy and shed tears, my father fainted on the spot.

However, as I watched the two people quickly recognize their children, I thought that parents are truly amazing.

The first meeting was so sudden that we couldn’t even have a proper conversation, but we visited three more times after that.

Thanks to you, you now know a bit about my situation.

I told her that the world I was reincarnated in was a place where magic and miracles existed, and that there I was raising a family with my beautiful wife and living well together.

Although he didn’t mention complex stories such as being a king who runs a country or being a reaper who traveled through various battlefields and took many lives, everyone knows that he is a famous wizard and a rich man who runs a world-class company.

“That’s the stuff from the world you came from?”

“Yes, it is Rondel’s main combat weapon. “It’s called the Sky Fortress.”

My parents thought of the world I lived in as a fantasy space, like something that would appear in a fairy tale.

Therefore, when I saw the majesty of the Sky Fortress that appeared in the video, I was speechless.

The world I imagined and the weapon of destruction before my eyes were not an easy match.

“for a moment. Does that mean that that island is from another world where you live?”

“I think so. “It looks like a noble family has washed up.”

“A noble family?”

“Adrian, there’s a coat of arms over there.”

At that time, Blake, who had been poking his head in from the side, pointed to a corner of the screen while holding the can of Coke his mother gave him.

I immediately looked for a place where the pattern matched through the terminal database.

“It’s the coat of arms of Count Rayers of the Kingdom of Walter.”

The scene where the hologram window unfolds through a bracelet-shaped terminal has an atmosphere of science fiction rather than magic.

Thanks to this, my father, who is in his 40s, continued to be amazed with his eyes shining.

The opposite of my very serious self.

It seems like the situation in the video seems like a story from a far away country.

“It’s not just a fantasy world. “UFO and hologram device, it feels like I’m watching some kind of science fiction movie.”

I smiled awkwardly and thought that next time I come, I should bring a terminal exclusively for my parents.

It didn’t seem difficult to replace the communication function with a telepathy function and change the language to Korean.

“What do you plan to do with that island?”

I couldn’t answer Blake’s question right away.

This is because it was unclear whether it would be okay to attempt contact with the County of Rayers.

The current situation is probably like a disaster for the people of the County of Rayers.

Not only did I suddenly fall into an unknown world, but I also had to fight a battle with China, which is famous for being difficult to communicate with on Earth.

Moreover, there is currently no way for them to return to Rondel.

On the other hand, since we can travel between Earth and Rondel, we can be a great help to them, but the problem is that there will inevitably be situations where our identity will be questioned.

‘No, it doesn’t matter as long as they don’t go back to Rondel?’

I asked Blake.

“Is this also the work of Goddess Sepia, as Master said?”

“I guess so? Because it is absolutely not a natural phenomenon. “If what Manuel said is true, this must be part of an experiment the goddess is conducting.”

I was lost in thought as I took a bite of the apple my mother was serving.

“By the way, who is this girl? “Is this your first time seeing me?”

At that time, mother asked Arsia.

My mother was looking at Celine, a new member from the usual number of visitors.

Celine couldn’t easily open her mouth as she looked at me and Blake, and Arcia explained on her behalf.

“It’s the devil’s henchman.”

“What is that? Ah, ho ho! “It’s a bland joke.”

My mother tilted her head and then quickly took Arsia’s remark as a joke.

As I looked at such a peaceful scene, I finally came up with an answer about Count Rayers.

“I need to meet Count Rayers.”

“Because you can’t just leave it alone?”

“That’s true, but hasn’t Rondel’s base on Earth been created? “I think it will be surprisingly useful.”

“That is certainly true. “If it were a county in the Kingdom of Walther, it would have all the industrial facilities.”

During the conversation between me and Blake, my father and mother’s expressions, who had always maintained a cheerful mood, darkened.

Our conversation was already signaling the end of a short relationship.

Moreover, I couldn’t help but worry that we were heading to a place that seemed dangerous with missiles flying around.

“Are you going there?”

“I guess I’ll have to do that.”

“Wouldn’t it be dangerous?”

“Haha, it’s okay. The current members have the power to win even if 100 sky fortresses attack. Do not worry.”

My parents must have thought that my words were just a bluff, so they laughed and then sighed deeply.

“It seems like my son, mom and dad, are taking on more work than they think. Please be careful.”


And when the two of them nodded and told me to go, I smiled and took out a gift I had brought with me from subspace.

“right. “Before you go, I have something to give you.”

What popped out of subspace was a suitcase.


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The suitcase was a kind of oxygen capsule, and when the oxygen capsule was opened, a space expanded to about 20 pyeong was found.

It’s called a mobile shelter.

“It’s a shelter. It is something that unauthorized people cannot enter or move. It’s also sturdy enough to withstand being hit by hundreds of missiles, so if something happens, get in here. “It is fully equipped with daily necessities, food and drinking water, so all you have to do is go in.”

“Wow, that’s fascinating.”

My parents unconsciously approached the suitcase, and since they had already completed user registration, a message window appeared in front of them asking if they wanted to enter the shelter.

I told my nervous father to go in and take a look.

Soon, my father swallowed dry saliva, touched the air, and disappeared into the suitcase as if being sucked in.

And my father came back in no more than 10 seconds.

“It’s really nice inside, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know what might happen these days, so I think it would be a good idea to sleep in it when you usually sleep. “It’s made so you can see and hear what’s going on outside, so there won’t be any inconvenience.”

“Thank you for your consideration in many ways.”

“It is a natural measure for the safety of parents.”

Father and mother continued to exclaim in exclamation, but it was only for a moment.

When my group and I headed to my room, which was being used as a teleportation room, they saw us off with a very awkward expression.

“I’ll go and stop by again. That way you won’t have to worry.”

“I would appreciate it if you did.”

And I used teleportation magic, guessing the approximate coordinates of the County of Rayeth.

* * *

Upon hearing the report of his son returning to the castle after an altercation with the Chinese president, Count Rayers cupped his forehead.

“sorry. “I should have held back.”

However, the count shook his head at the sight of his son asking for forgiveness.

“no. Your actions are natural. “It’s just that the opponent was not good.”

“How will the tin behave?”

“If he is a person with his head and is timid, he will request that negotiations be resumed again. “If he’s just stupid or unnecessarily arrogant, he’ll try to fight for his pride.”

Even if I had to fight, I wasn’t afraid.

Compared to Earth’s combat weapons, Rondel’s weapons had a good compatibility in many ways, and since the people of Earth were ignorant of magic, there were many corners to delve into.

In particular, mental magic seemed useful in many ways.

“But you shouldn’t ignore it. “The country called China, which is fighting with us, is divided into four countries, but it seems to be quite strong in this world.”

“Are you getting the information?”

“Lord Hauren captured some locals earlier. “I am currently finding out information about this world through them.”

“That’s an appropriate decision.”

“But the locals said something quite interesting. “There is a nuclear weapon on Earth, and with just one weapon, a city or a country can be blown up.”

“yes? “Is that true?”

If there were such a weapon, wouldn’t even the Sky Fortress be able to withstand it?

Youngju So, who won the first battle easily and was implicitly ignoring the people of Earth, had to look surprised.

“But it looks like it hasn’t been used in combat in recent decades.”


“There is a reason why everyone is reluctant to use it because its destructive power is so great, but it seems that using that weapon spreads a powerful poison that is not easily neutralized and turns the area into hell.”

“It’s like a double-edged sword.”

“yes. However, if the opponent is an unidentified enemy like us, there is no law preventing you from taking out that weapon.”

Only then did Youngju So know whether her father had reacted violently to the news of the breakdown in negotiations.

“The good news is that nuclear weapons are generally used in the form of missiles.”

“Then we can intercept all incoming missiles.”

“that’s right. And since most missiles are colliding and exploding, we decided to respond by hitting a wall in their path with a 2-circle shield rather than trying to force them to fall.”

“Is this to prevent magical power consumption?”

“Yes, there is very little mana in the atmosphere in this world. “You have to conserve your magic power.”

The mana in the air is the source of all supernatural abilities.

The auror of a knight, the magic power of a wizard, the elemental power of a spiritist, and the sacred power of a priest all converted mana to suit each individual’s circumstances and accumulated it in the body.

However, Earth’s mana is thinner than Rondel’s.

At only 1/10th of the level.

This meant that it took 10 times as much time to recharge the consumed energy.

Therefore, the County of Layers was in sleep mode to minimize magical power consumption.

The space movement obstruction, which was a huge drain on magical energy, was also turned off, and the stealth and magical energy detection functions of the Sky Fortress were turned off.

In this case, in Rondel, it would be allowing the invasion of skilled assassins or wizards, but on Earth, where supernatural abilities do not exist, there was no need to worry.

“It would be good if there was a mana concentration center.”

“It can’t be helped. “Who would have predicted something like this would happen?”

The power to manipulate mana, nature itself, as desired is the power of the 8th circle.

Even though mana clusters are effective in many areas, including training, the reason they are not readily available is because of the exorbitant installation costs.


But that was then.

“W-what is it?”

A blue magical reaction suddenly occurred in front of Count Reyes and his son.

The two people were frightened and quickly took a step back.

“My lord!”

Soon, the knights guarding the outside of the door sensed abnormal magical power and hurried into the office.


It was a sign of teleportation magic.

It is a type of signal to the opponent to step back as teleportation magic is about to be used.

Everyone became nervous due to the unexpected situation, and soon a group of people appeared along with the light.



The knights who were staring at him, as well as the lords and lords who were swallowing dry saliva, showed the same reaction.

Their reaction seemed to express themselves, ‘Why are you out there?’

“Law, Prince Lawrence?”

A very handsome young man with silver hair and blue eyes.

Prince Adrian L. Laurence, a famous person that no one from Rondel would know, has appeared.

“I will draw the mana concentration cluster you wanted.”

Adrian said that as if he had heard everything, taking a step closer to Count Rayers.

However, Count Rayers and Lord So had a confused look on their faces as they could not easily understand what was going on.

It was full of doubts that Adrian, known as the 7th Circle, would draw an 8th Circle level mana concentration group, and how he, who should have been in Rondel, appeared here.

“Seo, no way. “Does the coming of our territory to this world have something to do with His Majesty the King?”

Therefore, Count Rayers’ question was natural.

However, Adrian placed his right hand on the center of his chest and said, as if he wanted to prevent this misunderstanding at the source.

“I swear before Mana. I, Adrian L. Laurence, have done nothing about this disaster in the County of Rayers, and our meeting was nothing more than a coincidence. “If these words are false, I will accept the curse of Mana.”

It was commonly called the Oath of Mana.

When a wizard places restrictions on his or her actions through a contract.

Depending on how it is used, it can also be used to reveal the truth.

Thanks to this, Count Rayers, who learned of Adrian’s innocence, tilted his head as if the mystery was still not solved.

“Did His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence get involved in an accident and end up in this world?”

“That’s not it.”


Adrian paused for a moment under the gaze of Count Reyes and his subordinates, but then continued speaking as if he had made up his mind.

“Although the time is limited, we can travel back and forth between Rondel and this world of our own accord.”

“What is that? Ah, so that means we can go back too!?”

Count Reyes’ complexion brightened, as if he had discovered an outstretched hand in a swamp of despair.

But it only took one second for his mood to plummet.

“It’s a pity, but no.”

“… … .”

“We came here using relics from the mythical era we discovered in Dragonland. And only those who came to this world through those ruins can return to Rondel.”

A story that happened quickly in a short period of time.

Count Rayers narrowed his eyes and looked at the other person suspiciously, as if he was wondering if this was some kind of nonsense, but Adrian had already proven his innocence through Mana’s oath.

“ha… … . “Please sit down first.”

So, I sighed and offered Adrian a seat in the office, even though I didn’t know the English meaning.

Looking at him like that, Adrian was able to realize that Count Reyes was a rational person who was not caught up in emotions even though he was confused.

“Then, Your Majesty, do you know what happened to us?”

“I know roughly.”

If you know the cause, you can find a solution.

However, Count Rayers’ expression hardened at Adrian’s subsequent remarks.

“This world called Earth is currently in a special situation.”

“What is that?”

“The Creator has expired and disappeared. “It means that Sepia, who took the empty space of the creator, is showing interest.”


“By analogy, you are the search force of the invasion force sent by Goddess Sepia. “We are an exploration unit that also conducts experiments to see what effect Rondel’s interference has on the world.”

Count Rayers was speechless at the name of the goddess that suddenly appeared.

Who would understand this when they suddenly hear that they are the vanguard of the goddess?

“This may sound like nonsense. I’m not sure if my guess is 100% correct either. However, this is the conclusion we have reached based on the information obtained so far.”

“Now, just a moment.”

Count Reyes massaged his temples, looking like he couldn’t keep up.

It was natural.

A goddess, isn’t it a story of a very distant being?

But the biggest question was the presence of Adrian in front of me.

If that is true, it was not a scenario that a human could understand in the middle of the day.

“How does your Majesty know such a thing? No, before that, no matter how much it was because of the ruins, the idea of ​​going back and forth between different worlds was a little… … .”

In response, Adrian revealed information that would convince everyone.

“This world is the home of Archduke Manuel Lucas, the great wizard who led Rondel’s magic age into a golden age. And I am a disciple who inherited his progress… … . In other words, he is a later person who obtained a fortune.”

Adrian reveals his identity to a non-official person for the first time.

After hearing his story, Count Rayers and everyone under his command widened their eyes.


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