My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 197

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Episode 197: Dream in the game becomes reality

46. ​​We must be on the same side (1)

“First, I should explain the background. “Do you know about the material I wrote called ‘Why Rondel can’t go into space even though it has high technology?’”

“Yeah, I know.”

The data was seen after the goddess herself descended to earth, chose a saint and a saint, and then disappeared.

At that time, the goddess looked at me and said these words before she disappeared.

[As the chaos in the world continues, we must be careful of the fall of the black star.]

Of course, I can’t say that the goddess’s remarks were directed at me, but I felt so uncomfortable at the time that I asked for advice from the pension manager Chester for interpretation.

At the time, he recommended the material, saying he thought it would be helpful to me.

The data contained Rondel’s secret.

It was announced that the night sky seen from the ground was an illusion created by the goddess, that the real universe could not be seen from Rondel, and that Rondel itself was an isolated planet.

Rondel isn’t the only one quarantined.

Both the Elyos’ planet and the Demon’s planet were isolated, unable to physically move between them.

That’s why they put on all kinds of shit shows for the devil to descend.

‘But the core of the book is not Rondel’s cage-like situation.’

The core content can be seen as showing that Earth and Rondel are identical, as if they were copies of not only the structure of the solar system they belong to, but also the constellations.

The constellations of the two worlds are reversed left and right, as if looking in a mirror.

So at the time, I suspected that Rondel was a world behind the Earth.

The reason why Chester, the fund manager, also recommended the book was because he guessed that the ‘black star’ the goddess was talking about was Earth.

“The book will state that Rondel and Earth have identical universes.”

“you’re right.”

“The reason the two universes are similar is simple. “It’s a world created from the same foundation.”

“Is there a world creation program that all creators use in common?”

“That’s fun. But that’s not the case.”

Then he drew two pictures in the air.

The painting depicted a pure white female silhouette and a black male silhouette.

“A half of myself created by Sephia, the creator of Rondel, by dividing her power. “That is Caius, the creator of this world.”

indeed… … .

Is it that kind of story?

Blake and I let out low exclamations of exclamation after learning something we didn’t know before.

Then, I thought it was natural that the Goddess Sepia would be interested in this world where the creator has disappeared.

Because it is a world created by children.

“Do you mean that when the son created his world, he took his mother’s world as a motif?”

“that’s right. However, the personalities of the mother and son were completely different. “It did not limit the possibility of Earth’s advancement into space, but allowed free activity of creatures.”

This means that if Sephia was a strict mother, Caius was a flexible son.

“Furthermore, God Caius did not interfere excessively with the earth and allowed it to follow the course of nature, and even distributed some of his authority to the Elyos and Demons.”

It is said that God Caius entrusted the underworld, which governs the reincarnation of dead souls, to the Elyos, and hell, which punishes sinful souls, to the Demons.

Isn’t this a work assignment that suits your characteristics?

“The god Caius was a god who was very respectful and considerate of his creatures. However, due to the rule of ‘no interference’ that he set for himself, a catastrophe occurred that was forgotten by his creatures… … .”

Maybe Caius God thought that was a natural trend of the times.

Since the role of the creator was over, he naturally stepped down.

If so, it can be seen as meaning that we must overcome future hardships and adversities with the power of creation.

But this is just a guess.

That’s what I felt through his story.

What is clear, though, is that the god Caius is in many ways the opposite of the goddess Sepia.

If Caius had broken his own rules, he would never have disappeared.

Such beliefs were a testament to Caius’s tendencies.

“Unlike Rondel, the Elyos and Demons of this world do not get along so well. Rather than feeling like a hostile force with conflicting attributes like Rondel, it felt like we were all civil servants with different tasks. So the two forces joined forces to try to prevent the disappearance of Caius. But, as you can see, the conclusion is failure. “This world has entered a new era without a creator.”

This means that the moment Earth, which is the center of the world and has an overwhelming population of 7.7 billion, forgets its existence, extinction is inevitable.

But the problem starts after that.

Suddenly Sepia began to interfere with the world, and as a result, the world began to distort.

“The Elyos and Demons began a joint response. We have no intention of becoming the limbs of Goddess Sepia. So the Elyos began to use everything that could help them. That included me, who was waiting for reincarnation. “That is also the reason why I became the Demon King.”

Lord Exceed pointed at his wrist again.

As if taking the pulse.

Knowing that it was to measure the time of advent, I focused on his story without adding any rebuttals or rebuttals.

“But making me a demon lord turned out to be a big mistake. The one who sent me back to Earth was the Goddess Sepia herself. “I don’t know if it was some kind of prank, but immediately after I was reincarnated as a demon lord, the goddess’ interference in this world became stronger.”

I frowned.

The goddess who only listened to Lord Exceed seemed so vicious.

Doesn’t this mean that the actions of the goddess, who were thought to be well-intentioned, were all planned?

“Everyone knows that this can’t really be my fault. But regardless of that, I can’t help but feel responsible. So, I, who knows the most about Rondel, proposed a plan and the Elyos and Demons of Earth accepted it.”

Does that create devil worshipers in Rondel, including Celine?

“The goal is to gain the power to directly interfere with Rondel. “The Demon King’s Descent was one of those means.”

Blake, who was listening to the story, tilted his head as if it was a response that he did not easily understand, and Exceed explained it easily.

“Earth’s Elyos and Demons are planning to join forces to invade Rondel. In addition to the support of the demons of that world.”

In an instant, the atmosphere of the story changes.

Blake and I, of course, had to frown.

If the demons of Rondel, the demons of Earth, and the Elyos of Earth joined forces to attack, no matter how powerful their military power was, there seemed to be no hope of stopping them.

“Are you out of your mind now? “Did you hesitate and talk at length because you thought we would be convinced and understand what you said?”


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As Blake narrowed his brows with an absurd expression, Lord Exceed waved his hand.

“Do not misunderstand. As I am also a person with many fond memories of Rondel, I have no intention of launching an indiscriminate attack. “We will just occupy Rondel.”

“You’re saying that if you’re wrong, you’re going to make a show of force that could destroy Rondel.”

Blake sharply points out the plan.

There is no doubt.

That’s all I could think of, too.

Since becoming a demon lord, has his way of thinking become closer to that of a demon?

Even if just one Demon King descends, it will be chaos, but if Elyos and Demons pour out, Rondel will have no choice but to enter a dark age.

“I’m trying to talk to you guys to stop that.”

“… … .”

“First of all, we decided that there was no other way to communicate with Goddess Sepia. I know the word invasion is bound to sound sensitive. “But it’s like we’re already being invaded in real time.”

After looking through the mirror, I found that there was no lie in his statement.

He was desperate to seek our understanding.

“As each person has their own circumstances, if there is a better plan than this, we will carry out that plan without hesitation. Again, what we want is not destructive activities, but rather satisfying the conditions for the goddess to descend to earth. “Please don’t forget this.”

I think it should be seen as building a kind of deterrent so that the goddess has no choice but to listen to their demands.

“I want you two to help me. Then we will be able to finish the job without major damage.”

Although I understand it, it was a difficult offer to accept.

Of course, Blake and I became dumbfounded.

And then.

“this… … .”

As time ran out, Lord Exceed’s body became blurred.

“Let’s talk again. “I’m sorry, but I hope you understand that we are in no position to choose between means and methods.”

But he blurted out those words before disappearing.

This came to me as a great threat.

Those words, like a warning, felt like they were directed at me.

Thanks to this, I could only stare coldly at the place where Lord Exceed stood after he disappeared.

I can’t make a judgment yet.

I had a feeling that he might be my enemy.

“Isn’t it true that everyone has their own circumstances?”

Blake muttered to herself in despair.

I couldn’t be more happy to meet a friend after a long time, but it was natural because my mind was in a mess.


Is it because the atmosphere felt strangely twisted at the end, unlike the beginning when the atmosphere was good?

Selene shrugged her shoulders when looking at me and Blake.

“Try talking to the devil again.”


Kangrim has been released, but I don’t know if conversation is possible like in the beginning.

In response to my question, Celine quickly prayed and, unfortunately, shook her head as if there was no answer.

‘It looks like Kanglim is going to be impossible.’

Blake and I clicked our tongues at the same time, which was rare.

And he smiled bitterly and asked me.

“Are you planning to go back right away?”

“No, I’m going to see my parents.”

“Are you going to be okay?”

He expressed concern.

The response was whether it would be okay to expose the family here.

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Because many weaknesses have already been taken into account.”

If Archduke Lucas’s reincarnation took hold of my weakness, there were so many things besides my parents that would be effective.

“This has become a pain in the ass.”

“That’s right.”

As a result, it became a sandwich in the fight between the goddess, the Elyos, and the Demons.

You will need to organize your thoughts well.

“Let’s go.”


So I used teleportation towards my hometown.

After a while, we arrived at the room I was using in an old Bupyeong Jungdong apartment.

“uh? “You’re here!?”

My parents opened the door and welcomed our group without much surprise.

You’ve already been there several times, so you’re used to it.

For some reason, my father was with me today, and when I looked at the calendar, it said it was Sunday.

“Do you want to eat?”

“no. are you okay.”

I gave my parents a quick hug and asked them if anything had happened.

“Uri, is it the art you gave me? “I’m doing well because of that.”

Just in case, I gave you an artifact that will protect you from threats.

Among them, there was a ring that increased vitality, and he said that thanks to this, his body felt very light.

In addition to artifacts, I also disposed of a large amount of gold in this world to make cash and bring it back to you.

So there was no way there would be any inconvenience in life.

“ah! right!”

Then, as if something suddenly occurred to me, my father hurriedly ran somewhere.

And when my father returned, he was holding a laptop in his hands.

“A strange island has appeared in the West Sea between China and North Korea.”

“Ah, do you mean abnormal terrain?”

Abnormal terrain is one of the unusual phenomena that has recently occurred on Earth.

This means that terrain or features that did not exist before suddenly appear.

My father nodded.

However, the father’s next comment was unexpected.

“What’s surprising is that not only is this island quite big, but there are also people living there.”


Then, he played a video on a video platform, and I had to swallow my breath after watching it.

The video showed a UFO-like weapon intercepting an incoming missile.

“This is crazy… … .”

“uh? “That’s a sky fortress.”


As Blake said, the UFO in the video was none other than a sky fortress.

“Why on earth is this happening?”


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