My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 196

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Episode 196: Dream in the game becomes reality

45. Each person’s position (6)

The president’s feelings are completely understandable.

You want to give back as much as you have suffered.

However, the head of the Central Office, which is a secretarial position, could not help but express concern.

Could it be that the other person is the leader of another country whom we have known from the beginning? Are they not unidentified beings?

There was no guessing as to how the opposition would react if they were to be embarrassed by the existing political style.

‘Should we say he has a big liver as a president who led 1.4 billion people? Should I say it’s reckless?’

After China was split into four, the president somehow became more proud of himself.

The head of the Central Office had no choice but to give orders to his subordinates without the president’s knowledge.

Please do your best to treat the envoys of the County of Rayeth as best you can without offending them.

“Your Excellency, I think it would be better to do a little more research on them while we wait for the envoys.”

“Right. That way, you will have at least some advantage when talking to them.”

And he encouraged the president, if he was going to waste time, to waste it meaningfully.

“Then we will take action.”


Although the core of the investigation was the enemy’s military power, the standard of living of the residents of the land named Rayers County was also included in the investigation.

This is because the standard of living of the common people becomes an indicator of a country’s technological prowess.

“by the way.”


“What do you think about the enemy’s UFO-like weapons?”

“It’s very powerful. Thousands of interceptor missiles were fired, but they were all intercepted. They even fired tank and self-propelled artillery shells at low altitudes, but they were blocked by the shield and could not even make a scratch on the armor. And the offense seemed to be pouring out bunker busters.”

“Can that weapon withstand nuclear weapons?”

A seemingly unexpected but ominous question.

The head of the PRC responded with a puzzled expression.

“If it takes a direct hit, wouldn’t it be unable to withstand no matter how solid the weapon is? The problem is that it seems difficult to penetrate that tight interception net and deliver a direct hit.”

“It means that if it’s at the level of a rain hit, it seems like it’ll be enough to withstand it.”

“I can’t guarantee, but it seems possible.”

I thought while resting my chin on the tin.

And after a while, a greedy word came out of his mouth.

“I want it.”

It was a statement that I could sympathize with.

The Sky Fortress itself was amazing, but the technology used there was also amazing.

Why not launch a huge piece of metal into the sky without propulsion and use a beam cannon as a barrier that only appeared in science fiction?

If only the technology could be obtained, divided China would return to its former glory… No, you may be able to achieve even greater glory than that.

But at the same time, the head of the PRC thought this.

‘If you want to get something from the other person, shouldn’t you start by treating them appropriately?’

However, even though the chairman showed greed, he had no consideration for others.

* * *

The person who visited the Chairman’s Palace in the County of Rayers to apologize and discuss future events was the 25-year-old Lord So.

He looked at the time on his terminal.

Although communication has not yet been restored, not all functions of the smartphone-like terminal have been lost.

“An hour has passed.”

I can fully understand the other person’s feelings.

They attacked first and then came to seek reconciliation.

However, there is a clear reason for the County of Rayers’ response.

In Rondel, flying around the sky fortress that protects the lord’s castle was a challenge to the lord.

The problem is that that is Rondel’s common sense, not the world’s common sense.

In other words, it means a misunderstanding arising from ignorance.

So, in order to resolve that misunderstanding, I was also considering compensation for the damage.

The problem is that there is no one to apologize to.

“Young Master Su, please go back. “You don’t have to deal with these rude guys.”

Of course, just because the other person’s reaction was understandable, it didn’t mean it was acceptable.

In proportion to the time they waited, the expressions on the faces of those who participated in the Shinigami group became increasingly hard.

In particular, the reaction of the knights who followed to escort them was fierce.

It felt like he was going to pull out the Force Sword at any moment.

One of the reasons for their reaction was the attitude of the people here who seemed to laugh at their armor and swords.

“Let’s wait a little longer.”

Lord So decided to accept a certain amount of rudeness as they had made mistakes.

Because they couldn’t make enemies without even understanding the situation that faced them.

And what we must not forget is that they are outsiders.

I couldn’t figure out how many people and how many countries there are in this world, but if you don’t care, you could end up in a troublesome situation that gets publicly revealed.

Shouldn’t that be avoided?

“When is the President coming?”

“sorry. “Please wait a little longer.”

“If you set a time, I will come back for a while.”

“sorry. “Please wait a little longer.”

“This is it, did you turn on the recorder?”


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No matter how rational Lord So is, there is a limit to his patience.

When the wait was over an hour, I tried to laugh it off and say that could have been the case.

As the wait exceeded 2 hours, an uncomfortable feeling arose.

As the wait exceeded three hours, my displeasure was revealed without hiding it.

The president finally appeared after about 3 hours and 20 minutes… … .

“Jin Pian, President of the People’s Republic of China.”

Without even a single apology, he briefly introduced himself and sat down on the chair across from him before the other person could say anything.

The chairman’s actions were not only novel but came as a culture shock to the small lord of the County of Rayers.

“… … .”

No matter how different the world we live in and the culture are, there is no way that this lack of manners is normal.

In fact, the people around Chairman Jin were perplexed and watching their reactions.

Thanks to that, Youngju Su asked President Jin with a cool expression.

“Is it polite in this country to make people wait without even giving an agreement on when they will meet?”

Hearing Lord So’s sharp remarks, the knights put their hands on the handles of their swords as if they were going to pull out their force swords if they had the chance.

President Jin’s security team also reached into their suit pockets and grabbed a pistol.

Who would treat the Chinese president so coldly?

Even though he was intentionally late, the president looked slightly embarrassed by the strong reaction.

However, he is the President of the People’s Republic of China.

As if they couldn’t lose, they fought back with strong force.

“How polite should we be to an invader?”

In the past, this behavior may have been tolerated.

But unfortunately, the person in front of him was an opponent to whom President Jin’s rudeness, which he said was natural, was not acceptable.

Count Rayers and his son, Lord Little, are nobles to their core.

They are also the great lord and his successor, who are called the nobles of the nobles.

There is no way for modern commentators to know that nobles sometimes risk their lives for honor.

“Then we can continue the battle like this. “I guess the reason our county of Rayeth fell into this unfamiliar world was to have her honor and faith tested by the goddess.”

“What is that?”

The chairman frowned.

The other person’s response did not match his common sense.

They belatedly realized that they were beings living in a different culture from their own, but the knights who were the guardians of the delegation deployed Force Armor as if they had been waiting for them, fully armed, and revealed the true colors of the Vanguard.



A design reminiscent of robot suits from American hero movies.

An unusual blue light shimmered on the grasped sword, and a translucent barrier surrounded the entire body.

Chairman Jin’s complexion became pale at the other person’s threatening transformation, and the guards quickly pulled out their pistols and aimed them at the other person.

“It’s your last chance. Apologize and ask for forgiveness even now. “Only then will negotiations begin.”

Layers Youngju looked down at Jin Joo coldly, saying it was his last chance.

“her… … .”


It was a word that was truly distant from Chairman Jin.

Asking for an apology in a way that was no different from a threat only aroused opposition.

“Do you think it will be okay even after this?”

Looking at the sight of him wasting his last chance in vain, Layers Soyoung heaved a deep sigh.

“That’s foolish. Is this really the representative of a country? “I ended up making a foolish choice trying to negotiate with these guys.”

Shaking his head, Layers Little Lord took a step back and gave instructions to the Vanguards.

“Kill everyone here except for the person named Chairman.”


The order to kill fell from the mouth of Lord So.

Thinking what they could do with armor and swords, they inadvertently allowed them to be armed, but the damage that resulted was beyond their imagination.


Blue light was emitted from the Vanguard’s sword strike, piercing not only the guards but also all the walls in a straight line.

-bang! bang!

The bullets flew at the Vanguards, but were blocked by the Force Armor’s shield and did not cause any damage.

In an instant, everyone except President Jin died.

However, as if that wasn’t enough, the Vanguards launched attacks here and there, and the Pearl Palace lost sight of itself in an instant.

It was a catastrophe caused by a complacent response.

“iced coffee.”

President Jin fell flat on his back.

A fear of death that I had never felt even during a great disaster.

The beings in front of me looked like reapers.

“Just wait three more hours. “Our response will vary depending on your decision.”

And then, Lord Layers led the knights who looked cheerful and the secretaries who seemed to have a lot of thoughts, and used the teleportation artifact to return to the lord’s castle.

As the people in front of him disappeared along with the light, the chairman fainted with an expression as if he had seen a ghost.

* * *

At just one word, friend, Blake realized the identity of the Demon King and swallowed his confusion.

“no way. you?”

“that’s right.”

There was no need for a long explanation.

Lord Exceed was the reincarnation of Manuel Lucas.

Arcia and I froze in place, Blake’s face was filled with joy, and Celine felt a little relieved as if she thought it wasn’t a bad situation for her even though she couldn’t understand the conversation.

“haha! You became the devil? “It’s fun, it’s fun!”

Unlike Blake, I could not readily accept the appearance of Archduke Lucas.

Because everything I held was his property.

And Arsia seemed to have the same thoughts as me, even though she saw her creator, she blocked my path and instead appeared wary of the demon lord in front of her.

“Yes, I did. “The Archduke Lawrence was my successor.”

Archduke Lucas, or rather Lord Exceed, belatedly figured out my identity and smiled while shaking his head.

I stopped Arcia from raising her guard and greeted her politely.

“Nice to meet you. “Master.”

He might have felt embarrassed to see me using the word “Master” without hesitation, but he just smiled kindly.

“Thank goodness. Because the treasure I prepared does not fall into the hands of the wicked. “Are you the one who drifted to Rondel like me?”

“no. This is a case where someone dies on Earth and is reincarnated in Rondel. “Like my teacher, I also have memories of my past life.”

“I see, thanks to Mangyeong, there’s no need for a long explanation.”

As he said, there was no need for a complicated explanation.

Lord Exceed said he understood everything and shifted his gaze from me to Arcia.

“No way you… … .”

He extended his hand towards Arcia in admiration, but Arcia took a step back and avoided Lord Exceed’s hand.

Lord Exceed, embarrassed by that, scratched his cheek, and Blake tilted his head.

“what? “Is Arcia also directly related to you?”

However, Lord Exceed shook his head in response to Blake’s question.

“I thought so, but it seems not. “When I see you being rejected like this.”

Blake narrowed his eyes at his vague answer, but quickly brushed it off as if it didn’t matter.

“Master, how many people can come here?”

In response to my question, Lord Exceed made an ‘Ah’ sound, probably realizing his condition belatedly.

“The descent was a bit unreasonable, so three minutes is the limit. And it will be difficult to come back for three or four months.”

“There are a lot of restrictions.”

“I can’t help it. “It’s a rule set by a nobleman who was the god of this world.”

I nodded, tried my best to mask my caution with a smile, and asked what I was curious about.

“It’s random, but may I ask why Master ordered an attack on the Hollywood system’s management terminal?”

Lord Exceed responded with an apologetic expression.

“I was also curious about my successor. So, I decided that if I attacked the Hollywood system, it would be the latter who would respond in some way. And we also provide funds for demonic contractors.”

“Okay… … “I see.”

“I’m sorry if I surprised you. I have plenty of management terminals available anyway, so I figured I could use a few.”

The full story of an incident that was perceived as a serious threat.

It was all to find me.

Maybe I have other business?

“Anyway, it went well. “I had the opportunity to communicate not only with Celine, the contractor, but also with Huin.”

Did it really work out?

I hid my complex emotions and waited for the next words, and Lord Exceed had a serious expression on his face.

“I want to talk about something important now, is that okay?”

“Yes, I will listen.”

Perhaps because there was not much time left until Advent, Lord Exceed put aside the joy of the year and started talking.


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