My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 195

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Episode 195: Dream in the game becomes reality

45. Each person’s position (5)

A full day and a half have passed since the County of Rayers evaporated.

Even if the time ratio between the two worlds was 10:1, half a day in Rondel was 3 hours in Earth time, which was enough time for the County of Rayers to understand their situation.

“Hey, this is a different world?”

“There is no other way to express it that way. After exploring the surroundings with a reconnaissance drone, there is no terrain that matches Rondel, and a civilization different from ours resides in the city where the yellow race is the majority. And above all… … .”

“More than anything?”

“It appears that magical abilities do not exist in this world.”


“I can’t find any trace of magic. Moreover, the only weapons used by the armies of this world are physical weapons such as bullets, bombs, and missiles that were lost in Rondel.”

In Rondel, physical power is a sub-concept of supernatural powers (magic, auror, elemental power, divine power).

It was possible to defend against powerful physical attacks even with a low-level shield.

Therefore, even though Archduke Lucas, who was from Earth, had a huge influence on Rondel, weaponry centered on artifacts rather than cost-effective bullets, high explosives, and missiles became the basis of the battlefield.

“Sepia, why are you putting us through this ordeal… … .”

Count Reyes had to cover his forehead with his palm and lament.

I don’t know how to accept the current situation.

I thought I had escaped the abnormal climate, but to suddenly be thrown into another world… … .

A situation arose where one had to worry about one’s future survival.

“And what worries me is that the laws of physics in this world seem to be a little different from Rondel’s. “Perhaps because the mana in the air is thin, it doesn’t feel right that physical power is a sub-concept of supernatural ability.”

“What does that mean?”

“Although the enemy’s combat capabilities are based on physical power, their destructive power is considerable, and if missile attacks are allowed to continue in a defenseless state, the Sky Fortress may fall.”

It was information that could not help but cause greater concern.

The basic defense shields mounted on the sky fortress include a 6-circle wide shield that covers the entire area and a 7-circle great shield that is partially reinforced.

It was unexpected that such a shield could be penetrated by a mere physical attack.

When Count Rayers’ countenance was not good as he was listening to the report, the knight commander quickly intervened.

“You guys are talking too pessimistically.”


“Isn’t that the story of being attacked continuously while defenseless? In the end, all you have to do is intercept it in the middle.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“And even if the interception fails, the sky fortress will not be destroyed in just a few shots. Firstly, the 6th circle wide shield blocks enemy attacks, and even if it breaks through, the 7th circle great shield covers the weak part of the defense secondarily. Even if both the first and second defense shields are destroyed, there is alloy armor with a thickness of 5 meters underneath.”

Realizing that they had emphasized the seriousness of the situation too much in response to the knight commander’s command, the lieutenants belatedly bowed their heads in apology, saying they were sorry.

“Your Excellency, don’t worry too much. The two Sky Fortresses destroyed the military base they were attacking and returned without a single scratch. Moreover, the Vanguard unit didn’t even show up.”

The lord, Count Rayers, smiled awkwardly at the sight of the knight commander saying that there was no need to worry.

But the smile didn’t last long.

This was because the current situation was too bad to take comfort in military power.

“Is there an alternative for the future?”

In response to the count’s question, the lieutenants offered several opinions.

“After researching, it appears that this world has no restrictions on space exploration.”

“What does that mean?”

“Various man-made structures beyond the atmosphere surround this planet.”

“That’s amazing.”

“Most of these artificial structures are used for terrestrial navigation and communication, but some are also built for military purposes.”

“What does that mean?”

“It seems like it would be a good idea to clear out the man-made structures in the sky and prepare for that emergency.”

“hmm… … .”

“Also, there was a cable connecting the continents under the sea, which is also believed to be for communication purposes. “I think it would be better to get rid of them all together.”

It was a conversation that people on Earth would inevitably be shocked to hear.

These are people from a fantasy world.

However, rather than a fantasy world set in the Middle Ages, it is set in a near-future era based on Earth.

Their abilities and judgment could never be ignored.

“No, no. What we need to do is not war. “It’s survival.”

The good news was that Count Rayers was a rational person in his own way.

“First, let’s try talking to the natives of this world.”

The lord’s orders are law.

The vassals bowed their heads to Count Rayers’ instructions.

“What is the name of the country that fought with us?”

And the knight commander answered on behalf of Count Rayers’ question.

“It’s called China.”

“china? Because it’s China… … . Okay, let’s send an apology to that country’s representative first. “Let’s resolve the misunderstanding and reconcile.”

Count Rayers thought that it would be nice if China was a country he could communicate well with.

* * *

When we arrived on Earth and were able to communicate with the Demon King, one thing was proven.

That means that Lord Exceed is truly a demon lord that exists in the Earth Realm.

[What is this situation?]

When asked by Lord Exceed, I introduced myself on behalf of the group.

“hello. Demon King. “My name is Adrian L. Lawrence.”

[Lawrence? You mean Prince Lawrence?]

If you know something about me, the story becomes easier.


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“you’re right.”

[One of Rondel’s leaders asks, “What business do I have?” No, I don’t quite understand how real-time conversation was possible before that.]

Don’t we know that the place where we talk is the Earth?

Are you pretending not to know?

First of all, I faithfully answered his questions.

“Celine said something interesting. So she has visited Khoja district to confirm her facts with her.”

[what… … ?]

What came back to the simple answer was a reaction filled with confusion and surprise.

It seems that just because he is a demon lord doesn’t mean he can completely understand the contractor’s condition.

Conversations are only possible through voice calls, not video calls.

[Huh, this is embarrassing. How is that possible?]

“It’s a secret.”

If I give a vague answer, will I get angry?

[Well, good. It’s natural that you can’t answer the devil who is always targeting your world. By the way, the fact that Celine is being held captive by you means that the plan has failed.]

However, the Demon King called Lord Exceed was very calm.

Just because he’s a demon lord, he’s all like, ‘How dare you challenge a human being!’ This means that they are not hot-tempered people who spit out the same lines or lines.

“I am sorry about that. “At the request of the Holy Land, I helped investigate and destroy the group to which Celine belonged.”

[I didn’t have high expectations in the first place. At best, I think the probability of success is about 10%.]

A very chic reaction.

Thanks to this, we looked surprised.

Of course, the person who was most surprised was Celine.

“I have a question for Lord Exceed Demon Lord.”


“Celine, is it true that Sephia, the goddess of our world, is interfering with Earth?”

[Yes, it is true.]

Afterwards, we asked Celine one by one to confirm the truth about the story she heard about the goddess, and we got the same answer as Celine.

If you look at the nuance, it seems real.

We were not foolish enough to be sure of the truth just through conversation.

Therefore, we did not ask for information related to the Hollywood system that would reveal that he was Archduke Lucas’ successor.

‘If we were to meet face to face, I would be able to easily confirm the truth with my magnifying glass and Blake’s observation eye.’

So I decided to take a bit of a risk.

“Can you come down for a moment?”

[If you help, it will be possible in the short term. But why should I comply with your demands?]

No matter how rational he is, I feel like I don’t really like him because he was the one who ruined his own plan.

I came up with an answer that would get his attention.

“If I really think the Demon King’s choice is right, do you know? “Maybe I can help Celine?”

[hmm… … .]

He made a sound like the wind was falling and was worried, but soon seemed to like it and let out a low laugh.

[good night. If I meet you and you don’t like me, I’ll blow your head off.]

“If you think I’m going to do something strange, I’ll run away right away.”

[Funny guy.]

My group and I prepared just in case.

From now on, the devil will descend.

If you think something is wrong with the situation, you have to jump out, so we raised the tension.

[You know how to draw a teleportation magic circle yourself, right?]


[Infuse magic there while removing the coordinate formula that becomes the central axis.]

“All right.”

Normally, this is a half-baked magic in which nothing would happen.

However, following the Demon King’s instructions, the light spread strangely.

[Okay, confirmed.]

After a while, the ominous black magic became a ray of light and fell down.


And when I blinked once, a handsome man with black hair and red eyes was standing in the center of the magic circle.

His age is similar to mine or he looks a little younger.

But the dark magic he was giving off was so strong that my mind went blank for a moment.

“It seems like there are a lot of restrictions. That’s at the 9th circle level. “I guess it’s worth joining?”

I was a little relieved by Blake’s line.

Next, the Demon King’s gaze turned to us.

“hello. Lord Exceed Demon King. My name is Adrian L. Lawrence. “This is my wife, Arcia L. Lawrence, and this is Blake Russell, our advisor.”

What we do is simple.

We ask him if all of his statements are true and look at the answers through Man-kyung and Blake’s observations.

If there is no lie in his remarks, I will continue to ask key questions, including the Hollywood system, with a much more at ease mind.


But there was something strange about the Demon King’s expression as he looked at us.

Does it look like you’ve seen a ghost?

“Why are you doing that?”

And when he even stumbled, Celine, his faithful servant, ran to help the demon king.

She would have seen her master’s face for the first time today.

However, perhaps because he liked the cheerful look on his face, he forgot his own position and was blushing.

There is no need to worry about those two getting together.

If we turn off the dimensional transmission device, we, including Celine, will go right back to Rondel.

“The Demon King looks pretty poor?”

Blake chuckles.

The Demon King responded with a smile.

“You haven’t changed at all.”

We had to tilt our heads at the devil’s words.

It was as if he knew Blake well.

“What are you talking about?”

Warm eyes.

The corners of the mouth gradually curl up.

Lord Exceed, looking at Blake, had a face that did not belong to a demon lord.

Feeling strange, I checked the other person’s information with a magnifying glass.

[Lord Exceed / 9th Circle Warlock (incomplete summoned state)]

Race: Demon

Age: 3

Affiliation: Ruler of the 2nd Demon World Exceed Area / 7th of the 13 Demon Lords

Talent: Best

Characteristics: Great prophet, reincarnated with memories of past lives

Relationship: Interested/Neutral

Status: Surprise / Embarrassment

And when I saw the characteristic ‘reincarnated person with memories of past life’ in his information, I had to widen my eyes.

“It’s been three years. “No, Blake, it’s been 30 years for you?”


“It’s natural that you don’t recognize me. “It’s been a while, friend.”

* * *

A great disaster occurred on Earth.

If we had to choose the country that suffered the most damage from the disaster, it would be China.

While the United States, which was considered a rival, overcame the crisis well while maintaining its intact form, China was literally devastated, and in the process, power was reorganized around military leaders in each region, splitting the country into four.

Moreover, national division is still ongoing.

Since it was not enough to support each other, they just forced their ideology on the other side, and the main speculation was that if things continued like this, China would be split into 7 or more regions within 5 years.

Currently, among the four Chinas, the one with the greatest power was the Beijing-Tianjin-centered faction.

And it was the place where the Tin faction fought against the County of Rayers.

“What on earth are those guys!? Are you really an alien!?”

“Looking at the situation, it seemed like they didn’t know what was happening to them.”

“This is crazy.”

“What should I do? Black people who called themselves envoys of the County of Reyes apologized and requested that the fighting stop.”

The person who responded to the president’s nervous reaction was the head of the Central Office.

“Do you think we can communicate?”

“They used something like an interpreter, and even though the languages ​​were different, I was able to understand what the other person was saying. “I don’t know what it is, but it has high technical skills.”

The president clicked his tongue briefly, as if he didn’t like it.

His reaction was natural.

It was the Jintang faction’s army that made the preemptive attack.

So, when we responded to the unidentified enemy who had launched a preemptive attack, they went so far as to blow up a military base.

Then he came to me asking for reconciliation, so how could I not be angry?

Although the country is now divided and China’s prosperity is not what it used to be, he is the owner of a huge country.

“So where is the Reaper Corps?”

“I’m waiting in the conference room.”

“Tell them to keep waiting. “I’ll come visit you in about three hours.”

“yes? Ah, I understand.”

So, the president treated the guests in his own way.


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