My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 194

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Episode 194: Dream in the game becomes reality

45. Each person’s position (4)

Rondel and Earth.

Earth and Rondel.

These two worlds seem to have a deeper relationship than we think.

“Now that I think about it, there was a signboard at the entrance to this ruin that said Exchange Bureau, right?”

Arcia and I nodded to Blake’s question.

When I returned from exploring a village submerged under the sea the other day, I saw a plaque with that phrase written at the entrance to the ruins.

“It means that the two worlds recognized each other and interacted a long time ago. Of course, it’s not confirmed, but given the circumstances, it seems very likely.”

“I think the same thing. Thanks to this, I feel like the common sense I built up on Earth is collapsing.”

If anyone other than us had heard Celine’s story, they would have dismissed it as nonsense.

They say this is blasphemy.

However, the people in this world who have the most information about the Earth are none other than us.

So I couldn’t ignore Celine’s story.

“But should we dismiss this as a mere coincidence?”


“I think this whole situation is too much to be a coincidence.”

That’s right… … .

I am from Earth.

Obtain the skills of a great wizard from Earth.

They even obtained ancient ruins that allowed them to stay on Earth for a short time.

They brought a devil worshiper there and interrogated him, and he said that the devil of Earth was behind him.

As this whole situation revolved around me, I couldn’t help but think of it as a mere coincidence.

“It’s definitely excessive.”

“When coincidence coincides, it is called inevitability. “I don’t know if this thing is running on rails that someone laid down.”

Blake also looked at Celine with an expression of displeasure.

“There is no need to judge right away. “There is still a lot of information to be gained.”

That is correct.

I followed him and moved my gaze towards Celine, and a question suddenly came to mind.

“for a moment.”


“Is the name of the Demon King on Earth ‘Lord Exceed’? “You said that the devil gave instructions to attack the Hollywood system’s management terminal, right?”

“That’s right.”

“How is that possible? “This is information that no one even in this world knows, so how can a being from another world find the management terminal and give such instructions?”

As new facts are revealed, new questions arise.

In response to my question, Celine looked dumbfounded, wondering where the steadfastness she had shown during the battle had gone.

“I don’t know that either. “As the Demon King is a great being, they just passed it on and said, ‘I guess that’s just the way it is,’ and didn’t question it.”

For a moment, the thought of Archduke Lucas, who must have been reincarnated on Earth, flashed through my mind, but I shook my head.

If Archduke Lucas is involved, the attacks against me will barely end at this level.

Not getting an answer, I clicked my tongue and asked her.

“Then do you know why the Demon King of Earth is interested in Rondel?”

“I know that!”

As if wondering what she knew, she felt my eyes turn cold and began to explain with a humble smile.

“The creator of the world centered on Rondel is called ‘Sephia,’ and the creator of the world centered on Earth is called ‘Caius.’”

When I asked him to explain the devil, I never thought he would start talking about God.

However, as this was my first time hearing about God on Earth, I listened to her story with half bewilderment and half interest.

“But Caius, the god of Earth, has now lost his power and disappeared.”

“Is God disappearing?”

“Yes, it is said that the existence of God naturally loses its power when it is forgotten from the memories of creatures. It is said that the god Caius was a forgotten god in the memories of creation and eventually disappeared in the flow of time.”

It feels similar to the native pronunciation of Chaos, which means chaos, but this is definitely my first time hearing the name Caius.

“If people forget it, it will disappear? Then, wouldn’t it be enough to reveal your presence periodically so that you won’t be forgotten, like Sepia, the goddess of Rondel?”

“I think so too, but I don’t know why. “I’m just remembering what the Demon King told me.”

I nodded, signaling him to continue talking.

“But it is said that the Goddess Sepia has been interfering, as if she has become interested in the world where the gods have disappeared.”

“Goddess Sepia?”

“Yes, they say that this is causing great chaos in that world. Perhaps the Goddess is planning a unification of the two worlds. If that happens, great chaos will occur not only on Earth but also on Rondel. “Chaos with enormous damage.”

Blake and I tilted our heads.

The front and back of the story are roughly correct.

We also know that great chaos has actually occurred on Earth.

However, her remarks were so unexpected that I did not easily believe them.

“So your goal is to interfere with the goddess, or to keep chaos to a minimum if you fail to do so?”

“That’s right. “You understood right away.”

“If you look at the flow of the story, it’s impossible not to know. “It’s a cliché story, right?”

Man-kyung indicates that her statement is true, but Man-kyung is trying to capture the person’s emotions, not penetrating the essence of the incident.

In other words, although Celine considers what she said to be true, there is no guarantee that what the Demon King said to her is true.

Isn’t that inevitable because the opponent is the devil?

There’s no law that says you shouldn’t deceive people with lies.

“I don’t blindly trust the goddess, but that doesn’t mean I can just believe the words of the devil from another world and treat her like a villain.”


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“The fact that the Demon King is moving to prevent chaos in the first place makes it even more unreliable.”

Me and Blake looked at each other and shrugged.

Celine looked upset for a moment at our remarks, but when I put my hand to the holy water bottle again, she calmed down as if it had never happened before.

“They think too favorably of their position. Each of them wanted something, so they made a contract with the demons… … . I think you just need to listen carefully. But if the goddess really wants to connect the two worlds, it will be a pain in the ass.”

“Will that happen?”

“I guess it depends on the method. “Is God God for no reason?”

I recalled the appearance of the sepia goddess who descended during the contest between saints and saints.

At that time, I felt that she was colder than the image of an all-embracing mother, but she did not seem so affectionate that she would put creation in danger because of her greed.

‘Of course, we shouldn’t impose human standards on God.’

In any case, wasn’t she the one who accepted the request of Archduke Lucas, a mere human, and sent him to Earth?

So I couldn’t just think negatively about it.

“Then let’s accept the story at a level that only leaves possibilities open.”


After leaving the cage and quietly gathering my thoughts, I tried to ask a new question.

“ah! “How about talking directly with the demon lord behind this woman?”

“yes? “Are you talking about it?”

Blake pointed to the ruins door with his finger.

What was in that direction was a dimensional transmission device.

“If you take this woman to Earth, don’t you think you’ll be able to talk freely with the Demon Lord?”

My eyes widened at Blake’s words.

Certainly, if it is possible to communicate with the Demon King as he said, there will be even more information that can be obtained, including the part that this woman said she did not know.

“Isn’t it too dangerous?”

“Yes, but we are the ones who take the initiative. “If you put your mind to it, you can make the devil’s plan come to naught.”

“But we also give up weaknesses. “It will be known that I am Archduke Lucas’ disciple.”

“Even if the devil knows the truth, the only people who can share that information are his followers. If devil worshipers spread that fact, what would it be like to go around shouting, ‘I am a devil worshiper, and our devil says Prince Lawrence is the successor to Archduke Lucas!’”

“That’s right.”

“If devil worshipers spread such rumors, they will only endanger themselves, and I think they could frame you as an enemy and seek revenge by framing you.”


I had a blue moon and administrator privileges in the Hollywood system, so it wasn’t difficult to disguise the facts as lies.

At this point, I couldn’t help but be persuaded.

“All right. “Then let’s go.”

So, half worried, half curious, and half positive, I decided to visit Earth for a while.

* * *

News of the disappearance of the County of Rayers.

Upon hearing the news, the royal family of the Kingdom of Walter was shocked.

“What the heck! “What happened!?”

“The Royal Magic Tower is investigating, but we can’t figure out the cause. There are no traces of magic or natural disasters… … . “It is said that only the island evaporated as if it had been scooped up with a spoon.”

The County of Rayers was an island territory, so it had a smaller area than other territories of the same class, but as it included two small towns and one large city, it was by no means a size that could be ignored.

If you compare it to the Earth, it would be comparable to the four Jeju Islands combined.

It was not easy to understand that such a territory had disappeared in the blink of an eye and there was not even a trace.

Because of this, the King of the Kingdom of Walter nervously fired shots at his ministers.


“Nonsense! Recently, strange things have been happening in succession, starting with the unusual weather in the County of Rayers, but they haven’t been able to figure anything out and just say the cause is unknown! “Do you guys have any motivation?”

“I am devastated! But believe me! “We are doing our best in the investigation!”

“Then, whatever it is, bring an acceptable result!”

The ministers had to deal with the king’s anger, and in the end, the royal magic tower lord of the Kingdom of Walter, who was caught in the middle and being beaten, made a new proposal.

“Your Majesty, we need the help of a wizard with a higher level to uncover the cause.”

“Let’s ask for help from other countries?”

“That’s right!”

“You idiot! Since we can’t solve the incident that happened at home on our own, we have to turn to foreign countries. “As the leader of the three southern countries, are you going to publicize the incompetence of our Kingdom of Walter?”

“Well, that’s not what I meant.”

However, the king did not accept the magic tower’s proposal.

“We must prevent information leaks in this case as much as possible! Make sure it doesn’t become known to the outside world! “Please focus on the investigation so that you don’t say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I don’t know’ the reason at the interview later!”

What the king wanted was not to save lives.

This incident did not diminish the ‘authority of the king’ or ‘the authority of the country.’

Thanks to this, the evaporation of the County of Reyes in the Kingdom of Walter was not immediately known to the outside world.

It was a day after the incident that Blue Moon, who had not paid much attention to the Kingdom of Walter due to its relatively low importance, felt strange and conducted an independent investigation.

Blue Moon, who began the investigation, quickly identified the cause, but Adrian, the recipient of the information, entered Dragonland and was unable to deliver the information in time.

Adrian was unaware that an entire territory of Rondel had fallen on the Earth he was heading to.

* * *

I arrived on an uninhabited island in Japan without showing up at my hometown in the Middle East, Bucheon.

This was a measure taken to avoid revealing the existence of my parents on Earth to the devil.

In fact, after my first connection, I stayed on Earth three more times for 10 minutes each and talked to my mother.

So there was no such thing as ‘I have to see my parents right away’ or ‘I feel like crying because I miss my parents’.

The ratio of time between Rondel and Earth is 10:1.

10 days on Rondel is 1 day on Earth.

From the mother’s perspective, her dead son was visiting her every two to three days.

“Available time.”

Thanks to my short but consistent connection, I have become accustomed to using the dimensional transmission device.

[You can access for 3 hours, 1 minute and 20 seconds.]

[The device is currently 96% charged.]

As I muttered to myself, a hologram window appeared in front of me and gave me information.

It takes a whopping 90 days in Rondel to charge the dimensional transmission device to 100%.

That’s why I’ve been connecting briefly for a while, and thanks to that, I’ve been able to secure a connection time of close to 3 hours.

“Hey, talk to the devil.”

Celine, who had a questioning expression, tilted her head in response to my question.

Perhaps because she appeared on an uninhabited island, she didn’t seem to know that this was Earth.

In response to my instructions, she said she understood and used a technique that devil worshipers call ‘prayer’.


It seems that the Demon King answered her call.

I used the Thought Sharing spell on her.

[What is this situation?]

Then, my companions, including me, heard the low voice of the Demon King.


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