My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 193

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Episode 193: Dream in the game becomes reality

45. Each person’s position (3)

I asked Blake, pointing at Celine.

“Why is he in this condition?”

“Maybe it’s because of the shock of the first loss? There are very few individuals who have this much power. “I’m sure everyone supported him in the organization he belonged to.”

Certainly, she is such a powerful being that there is no one she can deal with on her own, except for a dragon-level being named Blake.

It’s at a level where you can attack and take off the head of a leader of any country by yourself.

No, I wonder how many leaders will be able to protect their necks when she attacks.

If they were that kind of person, they would have been very proud of their skills and would have been supported by those around them, but would they usually give up and become servile just because they lost once?

Honestly, if we fight alone, neither I nor Arcia can beat him.

“Hmm… … .”

I narrowed my eyes and observed Celine.

And I could tell that she was watching not only me but also Blake.

“Isn’t it because you lost twice today?”

Blake cleared his throat at my question.

I guess my guess is correct.

“I gave him treatment, but he started attacking me in an annoying way, so I hit him a bit.”


“But it was pretty strong. “Honestly, I was surprised.”

“Looking at the atmosphere, it doesn’t seem like you were just a little beaten?”

The level we suffered… … .

I think I would have been beaten more than that.

I said to Celine, who was drooping.

“All your companions who were with you are dead.”

“Well, I see.”

At that, Celine’s complexion became even paler.

Looking at her current appearance, she is no different from an ordinary girl in the neighborhood.

‘It certainly seems like he had a cool and outspoken personality.’

However, I was taken aback by her actions and appearance and did not express sympathy.

Isn’t she a devil worshiper?

There is only one reason why she is still alive.

To give me information.

“You are the ones who attacked the Hollywood system’s management terminal, right?”

Celine’s eyes widened in surprise at the direct question.

“S-No way… … you?”

Look at this.

Can’t you guess my identity just by asking this question?

The correct answer was to secretly kidnap and interrogate the person.

I frowned and took out a canteen from the subspace.

And I sprinkled it on her.



What I sprayed was holy water.

Holy water could be made by a priest of bishop level or higher, but a person with a holy sword could make it on his own without the help of a bishop.

When she came into contact with the holy water, she was shocked and moaned like someone who had been scalded by hot water.

If you’re as strong as Celine, the holy water can’t cause direct damage, but she was so scared and scared that I even sprayed her with holy water, and she fell.

“Don’t answer a question with a question.”

Torture is not my taste, but I can do it as much as I want if necessary.

Not only am I not a saint, but she was an enemy until just now.

Celine nodded frantically at my cold and stern voice.

“yes yes. that’s right. “We are right.”

Finally, I caught the unidentified enemy.

I took a step closer to her.

There was a bar between us that appeared to be made of mithril, but the opponent was a magic swordsman of a grandmaster level or higher.

No matter how disarmed she was, she was still a threat to me, so Arcia stood right next to me with her holy sword drawn.

“Why attack the Hollywood system?”

Celine answered, glancing at Arcia’s gaze to see if she was uncomfortable with the holy sword’s energy.

“Because the devil behind me ordered it.”


The devil behind the scenes gave instructions?

I paused, but decided not to make a hasty judgment as there was still little information.

“Why did the devil order that?”

“I don’t know the exact reason. However, I was told that I could make a lot of money through the facility, so I faithfully followed the instructions.”

“Can you make a lot of money?”

“Yes, you can obtain expensive materials such as mithril, mana jewels, and diamonds from that facility, and the amount is considerable. Just by stealing one, you can earn the price of two or three sky fortresses.”

After examining it through the lens, I found that there was no lie in what she said.

Although I was reluctant to not know why the devil was attacking the Hollywood system, I continued to ask questions because I thought I would get some hints as I talked.

“How did you find the location of the Hollywood system’s management terminal?”


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“The Demon King told me that too.”

It seemed that the demon king had a deeper connection with me than I thought.

“Of course you don’t know how to find out?”

“Yes, unfortunately… … .”

“What is the delivery cycle of relevant information?”

“It’s irregular. “The devil behind me gives instructions like an oracle once every three months, and if there is information from the management terminal in it, he attacks. Otherwise, he stays silent.”

“When was the last time you contacted me?”

“It was last week.”

“I guess I won’t hear from you for a while.”

“you’re right.”

“Is there another force that would attack the Hollywood system on your behalf?”

“We have swallowed up almost the entire demon contractor (devil worshiper) group in Rondel. “As the leadership and main combatants were destroyed in this incident, we will not be able to attack the facility with only the remaining remnants.”

Well, these guys are completely off-standard.

A devil worshiper so powerful that its origins are difficult to trace.

It’s hard to believe there will be more of these guys.

I am fortunate in many ways.

“Tell me about the demon lord related to you.”

“Our organization grew by absorbing various demon contractors and their forces. That’s why the devils they follow are also different.”


“Among them, there are two representative demon kings with strong speaking power, and their contractors included four key executives, including me, so naturally the two demon kings were leading our organization. The names of the two Demon Lords are ‘Arc Scarlet’ and ‘Lord Exceed’.

“Arc Scarlet?”

This is my first time hearing about a demon lord called Lord Exceed.

However, when the name Ark Scarlett came up, not only I but also Blake, who was listening in silence, narrowed our eyes.

Of course.

Of all the demon kings, that name was the most famous.

“Yes, that’s right. “He is the Crimson Demon King who descended 1,200 years ago.”

Not only were many dragons killed, the Sepia Church was driven to extinction, but many countries were almost destroyed by fire.

In the end, as the Elyos army descended due to the cult, the Crimson Demon Lord was defeated and returned to the demon world, but the horrors of that time remained intact in the history books.

I shook my head and said to Blake.

“I’m so glad that the devil worshipers were subdued this time. “If the Crimson Demon Lord had come back, it would have been difficult to deal with it.”

“yes. “No matter how powerful Rondel’s military power became, it would have been difficult to get through safely.”

Thanks to this, our eyes toward Celine became even colder.

At that, Celine flinched and waved her hand widely.

“Well, our goal this time wasn’t to burn Rondel. “To begin with, the demon lord behind me was ‘Lord Exceed’, who was on the rational side. Strictly speaking, Lord Exceed was the main leader and Arc Scarlett was the second leader.”


The Crimson Demon King is an exceptionally powerful demon king.

When I heard that such a demon lord was the second, Blake and I had to tilt our heads.

“Yes, I understand that Ark Scarlet also gave up priority of descent to Lord Exceed.”

“How great is Lord Exceed that the Crimson Devil even makes concessions?”

What led to my question was something no one expected.

“Lord Exceed is not the devil of this world. “He is the devil of the world with a different name from Rondel.”


A world with a different name than Rondel?

I opened my eyes wide and tried to guess the name of that world.

“Could it be that that other world means ‘Earth’?”

Celine was also surprised by my question.

As if asking how he knew that.

“you’re right. “You knew about that world, right?”

I had to get angry at this ridiculous story.

“How can a demon lord from another world interfere with this world? “It doesn’t make sense, does it?”


When I hit the bars, she was on her knees and hit her butt.

“Hi! Well, I also heard it briefly, and they say there is a device that allows you to project your will onto Rondel. However, because the device is not intact, orders are delivered every three months, and only once a year do they make a contractor or provide power to us.”

A ‘device that projects will’?

For a moment, Blake and I looked at each other, swallowing our breath.

A similar device happens to be here.

The device that Mangyeong named ‘Dimensional Transmission Device’.

‘There’s no way there wouldn’t be a facility like this on Earth. After learning from Celine that there are demons on Earth as well… … .’

If we say that an object similar to the dimensional transmission device here is occupied by a demon lord called Lord Exceed, then this is roughly correct.

However, it seemed to have more restrictions than the device we were occupying.

Or, as she said, it’s not normal.

I clenched my chin in thought, and Blake also massaged his temples with a serious expression.

* * *

The Kingdom of Walther at the southernmost tip of the Defteron Continent, which includes the Bringham Empire and the Reinharts Empire.

The Kingdom of Walther is the head of the Black Nation Alliance, commonly referred to as the ‘Three Southern Nations’.

The Kingdom of Walther has about 100 large and small islands, and the second largest island is the County of Rayers, which has a large-scale mithril mine.

Due to the characteristics of an island territory, the County of Rayers had a small territory and limited development, so it remained a county, but it was a territory with great wealth and strong military power.

Recently, something strange has been happening in the County of Rayers.

That is, the recent heavy snowfall has continued in the County of Reyes, which has a tropical climate.

It was strange that such a large amount of snow would fall in a place where the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees.

Thanks to this, the people involved in the County of Reyes were in a state of death.

“What on earth is this?”

“Ugh, I heard you couldn’t sleep last night. “Because it’s so cold.”

Residents of tropical climates are vulnerable to cold.

Naturally, the house had poor insulation, and there was no winter clothing, let alone heating.

Therefore, the lord, Count Rayers, had to urgently airlift a large amount of heating artifacts and clothing from the mainland and distribute them to the residents of the territory.

It was an appropriate response as a leader, but if the root cause of the heavy snowfall was not resolved, Young Ji-min’s survival would inevitably be threatened.

In the end, the lord tried to find the cause by requesting a powerful domestic magic tower, and the royal family did not take this lightly and actively provided support.

However, they were unable to find the cause in the end.

“There is no other way to describe it other than the abnormal climate.”

In this way, the worries of Count Rayers and the residents of the territory deepened.

I wonder if the island’s climate will change forever as it continues like this… … .

Whether we have to live in the cold winter or not.

-Go go go go!

“Is it an earthquake again?”

“Earthquakes are frequent these days.”

Moreover, with the recent strong cold weather and the sporadic occurrence of earthquakes, the agitation in the County of Rayers grew.

One day when confusion was increasing.




Along with a strong earthquake, a huge light started from the sky and engulfed the Layers Territory.

How much more shitty is this about to happen?

People should have been scared.

“uh? “It stopped snowing.”

But after that light enveloped the territory… … .

The heavy snow that had been troubling has stopped.

“The goddess took care of us!”

“Right! “That’s it!”

Warm sunlight poured into the estate.

The lords and residents of the County of Rayers finally felt relieved and prayed to heaven in gratitude.

“hurray! hurray!”

However, until this time, the people of the County of Rayers did not know.

The fact that the ordeal facing them is only just beginning.

“what? “What’s wrong with the broadcaster?”

“The phone doesn’t even work?”

Immediately after the snow stopped, all communication equipment lost signal.

People who were going home to watch the broadcast, people who were talking on the phone with acquaintances, and people who were trying to play online games all left the house to express their dissatisfaction.

But after a while, the residents of the territory saw a strange scene.


“What is that? “Is it a high-speed airship?”

“Isn’t it a levitating train?”

“No, I think it’s pretty small for something like that. “Maybe a personal flying car.”

“But why are you farting like that?”

“Haha, sure. “The sound is really loud.”

“It looks like some noble boy who wanted attention tuned it too much.”

Small flying objects making loud noises began circling around the sky fortress floating above Yeongju Castle.

“uh? “I see it over there again.”

“I know. “They’re flying in formation.”

“Huh? Aren’t you getting too close to the Sky Fortress? If you do that, you’ll get shot down.”

Sure enough, it took four months in the end.

A blue ray of light emitted from the sky fortress, shooting down five unidentified flying objects.

“Ugh, why are you wandering around the Sky Fortress so fearlessly?”

Wandering around the sky fortress that protects the lord’s castle is no different from a challenge to the lord.

So the residents of the territory thought it was a natural response.


However, as the situation continued, the people’s expressions hardened.

“Um, what is that again?”

Long, cylindrical objects with fireworks on their tails flew toward the Sky Fortress one after another.

There seemed to be more than 50 gigabytes in total.

However, they failed to reach the sky fortress and exploded cleanly in the air due to continued artillery fire.


However, the resulting explosion was so large that it terrified the residents of the territory.

Even though I didn’t know what the cylindrical flying object was, I could easily understand that it was clearly an attack weapon.

“It’s coming again, again.”

After 50 aircraft were shot down, this time hundreds of cylindrical aircraft flew in.

It also included objects that were larger than before and possessed terrifying speed.


This time, the Sky Fortress did not allow any approach at all and began intercepting from a distance.

The Sky Fortress succeeded in blowing them all up, but… … .

“Uh huh?”

The scope of the explosion was so large that part of the city walls collapsed.

“Woah, the lord is angry.”

“of course! “This is terrorism!”

Along with the angry reaction of the territory residents, two new sky fortresses that had landed behind the territory emerged.

Next, the two sky fortresses began moving in the direction from which the attack came.

“What the hell is going on?”

No one in the County of Reyes knew.

The fact that they fell into a different world, not Rondel.


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