My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 190

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Episode 190: A chance in a game turns into reality

44. Center of events (6)

A trap that took so much effort.

The enemy launched a surprise attack as if waiting for the leadership to gather.

“Damn it, is this Prince Lawrence’s doing?”

This was a method that did not suit a holy place.

Therefore, Grandal, a man in a suit, decided that Adrian was behind it.

This kind of heart is known as Adrian’s specialty.

Celine and her colleagues, who had heard in advance that Adrian and Saint Sylvester had met, nodded that it was possible, but the mermaid man, who had no idea about the fact, frowned.

“I’m going back.”

However, the mermaid man chose to run away rather than argue with them.

If you get caught hanging out here with devil worshipers, you won’t be able to escape.

He ran to a hole in a corner of the underground cavity connected to the river and crouched down.

The hole was small enough to barely fit a human head, but the mermaid, who had a flexible body like a cat, was able to escape without difficulty.

“What do you want to do?”

When the mermaid who was sitting at the round table with her ran away without looking back, Celine asked the group with a puzzled expression.

The black man bumped his fists together, asking what he was asking.

“It certainly includes saints and saints. “If we just kill those two kites, the rest are just a bunch of rags.”

Excessive confidence.

But they had that level of ability.

Celine nodded, probably thinking the same thing.

“I agree. When will we get together and fight? “They made a mistake.”

However, unlike those two people, Grandal and the androgynous-looking figure shook their heads.

“No, run away.”

“what? why!?”

“I learned from Celine that our military power cannot be ignored. Nevertheless, a surprise attack means that the opponent is well prepared.”

“Grandal is right. There is no need to risk annihilation.”

2 combat captains, 2 flight captains.

Although they had conflicting opinions, Celine and the black man simply gave up their argument.

Even if you don’t like it, you never lost anything by listening to the two people who expressed opposing opinions.

“I can’t help it.”

The four people approached the common entrance.

“What about spatial movement?”

“It’s blocked. “But it won’t come anytime soon.”

Fortunately, the road leading to this cavity was like a maze, so it would take the enemy a lot of time to reach this place.

Therefore, it was judged that the escape success rate was sufficiently high.

“My lord!”

“Mr. Grandal!”

As we walked down the hallway, the four people’s entourage came out from all over to join us.

Thanks to this, the number of devil worshipers quickly exceeded 30.

So they chose the most inconspicuous place among the many exits of the maze and got out.

“her… … .”

The place they escaped was a small canyon along the River Styx.

But what happened?

Humans who must have been having a hard time with their search were camped out in the canyon.

The number of visible paladins and priests was approximately five hundred.

The quality of armament and force seemed to be higher than that of the priests that Celine had killed last time.

However, the real problem was not the paladins and priests who only accounted for numbers.

“Saint Sylvester, Saint Avis, and even cardinals.”

At the center were a 7th circle priest with the title of cardinal and a saint and saint leading the auror master class paladins.

That wasn’t all.

A very handsome man standing side by side next to a saint and a saint.

The devil worshipers who saw him narrowed their eyes.

“It looks like it was played into the hands of Archduke Lawrence.”

Grandal, who was a leader who planned the devil worshipers’ future plans, collected information, and gave instructions to his colleagues, asked Adrian with calm eyes.

“Could it be that the explosion was a trap to lead us to escape?”

“yes. I don’t even know how it came to be eaten, so there’s no reason to make a fuss. Also, there is no reason to give up the advantage of the majority and fight with you in a narrow space.”

“How did you know we would escape here?”

“We did not investigate this place in advance. “I just followed your path.”

“You tracked us? how? “You already threw away the fake relics?”

“I gave that fake relic a special treatment. “So that we can easily find the locations of those who touched us.”

“Was there such a skill?”

“You’re experiencing the results yourself right now, right?”

To be exact, it was the result of utilizing Mangyeong’s abilities, but Adrian did not need to reveal the truth.

Even if they looked around, there was no way for them to check.

In response, a black man among the devil worshipers glared at Grandal.

“There was someone worse than you.”

Grandal let out a deep sigh, and as he pulled out a long sword from subspace, everyone prepared for battle.


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And the battle began as numerous swords flew into the air from the arms of Celine, who snorted.

* * *

[Celine Viola / Dark Demon Swordsman]

-Grand Master-level Black Knight, 7th Circle-level Warlock

[Grandal Magnus / Dark Crusader]

-Grand Master level black knight, dark priest

[Gark Edil / Dark Crusader]

-Grand Master level black knight, dark priest

[Romanti Harman / Necromancer]

-8th circle level warlock, necromancer

I frowned as I scanned the information with a magnifying glass to assess the enemy’s combat power.

This is because each one was a hybrid with two combat abilities.

If these guys made up their minds and attacked, it wouldn’t be a problem for a country to be ruined.

‘Does that make sense?’

I heard that devil worshipers get stronger quickly, but isn’t this too absurd?

In particular, Celine Viola, who uses 100 swords, is both a grandmaster and a 7th circle archmage.

If she didn’t have dark magic, she would have a pretty face, so no matter who sees her, she would be the main character.

Isn’t the villain theme cool?

Moreover, among their subordinates, there were quite a few Auror Master-level Black Knights and 7th Circle-level Warlocks, so their overall quality was very high.

I had to realize once again the dangers of devil worshipers.

“We have more numbers, but I don’t think it will be easy for us to win. Those four, in particular, feel like a complex mix of many abilities. “Be careful.”

I advised saints and saints.

The two people nodded, saying they understood.


The attack began with a swarm of swords from the magic swordsman Celine Viola.

She threw out 100 swords, and although the swords that moved like a single organism were fake made with magic, each one was as real as the real thing as she quickly and accurately applied the auror blade to the point of impact.

However, saying that it is no different from the real thing means that it is not real after all.

“Flame Storm.”

The huge flame that rose up with my gesture swallowed not the enemies but Selene’s sword at once.

Flame Storm is a 7th circle magic, but due to my higher level, it has become a non-7th circle magic.

The intense flames instantly melted the swords that were simply flying with fly magic, except for the four real swords that were covered with aura blades.

‘It is not easy to deal damage to the enemy while dealing with 100 swords one by one. Then, all you have to do is capture the attack points with 100 swords.’

This was one of her strategies that I came up with.

As Celine’s attack was easily blocked, the people in the devil worshiper camp looked at me with surprised expressions.

Surprisingly, only Celine was curling up the corners of her mouth, and judging from the fact that she did not look embarrassed, she seemed to know how to respond in this way.

“Do you want the red-haired girl to play with me?”

I pointed my finger at Celine, who made eye contact, and she sneered and nodded obediently.

She had already announced in advance that Arcia and I would deal with her, so no one interfered when I left the room with Celine.

“what? 2:1?”

Of course I was with Arcia.

Celine spoke dissatisfied, but her face did not show the slightest agitation.

“Does it seem a bit cowardly after all?”

“No, I just wanted to make it two.”

A confident answer came back to my question.

Isn’t his arrogance quite cool?

I was very far away from the main camp.

At that, Celine’s expression distorted.

It was a great position to escape to if she defeated us.

In other words, my actions seemed to indicate that I had no defeat in mind.


However, as Arcia and my armament were replaced with light, as if transformed, her eyes widened.

I pulled out a robe coated with Orichalcon and a holy spear with a magic staff function, and Arcia replaced the Force equipment she had been using with the newly made adamantium and Orichalcon equipment.

My equipment was great, but when Arcia, wearing full adamantium armor and wearing two identical adamantium swords and two orichalcon swords on her back like wings, pulled out the holy sword, her majesty was extraordinary.

The equipment it is wearing is at the level of the empire’s national budget.

In addition, when I cast the 8th Circle Hellfire and aimed the tip of the spear at Selene, her expression changed.

“What are these monsters?”

That was the sentiment that came out of her mouth.

“You talked too much, right?”

I smiled coldly and gave her the Hellfire spell.

Black flames extending straight out.

And Arsia furiously ran after the black flames.


Realizing that this was a situation that could not be taken lightly, Celine quickly brought out a new sword from subspace.

This time, it was not a steel sword, but an all-mithril sword, and various resistance magics were applied to it.


Her sword, covered with an auror blade, canceled out Hellfire in the air.

However, the flames of hell created a large explosion, and as Arsia’s arm appeared through the explosion that shook her vision and spirit, swinging the holy sword, Celine had no choice but to quickly throw herself back.

And she quickly threw all 100 swords into the air.


As if the same technique would not work, swords spaced widely apart came out fiercely and flew in to surround Arsia.

It would be easier to avoid compared to attacks flying in a narrow space, but they were all formidable due to their different energy and speed compared to before.

Celine’s attack with all her might was literally like light.



However, her attack was not easily effective, and she was almost pierced through the abdomen by Arsia’s sword.


She managed to block the sword with a fish sword, but perhaps due to the difference in the strength of the material or the characteristics of Orichalcon, a sacred attribute, her sword was bent with a blade, causing quite a shock to her abdomen.

Celine took two steps back and expressed her dissatisfaction with a hard expression on her face.

“It’s a scam.”

Celine’s second strategy is to guess the attack route by identifying patterns.

Thanks to this, we were able to protect ourselves even amidst the terrifying waves of swords.

And the third of Celine’s strategies.

That’s right.

It is pressurized by the power of money.

“Tempal is also an ability.”

“Fucking rich bastards.”

I feel like I can hear Blake’s lament coming from somewhere, but is it an illusion?

For some reason, Blake seems to be saying that this kind of victory is not what he wanted.

* * *

Not only the Adrian + Arcia battle with Celine, but all battles were going on fiercely.

“Oh God! Please judge the evil that is causing chaos in the world!”

“Damn fanatics!”

However, the fierceness of the battle did not mean that it was an equal battle, because the forces of the Holy Land had a superiority in power over the devil worshipers.

The devil worshipers could not help but be embarrassed as they saw their enemies steadily suppressing their power.

-Quaaang! bang! Quang! Kwasik!

However, if I were to choose the person who is currently the most perplexed, it would definitely be Celine.

This is because her battle went one-sided, contrary to her expectations, and perhaps even contrary to the expectations of Blake, who instigated the fight from behind.

That too thanks to Adrian and Alicia’s overwhelming superiority.


As Hellfire exploded at close range, Seline was hit by a shock wave and was thrown backwards, vomiting blood.

She straightened up and looked up, and what caught her eye was a black shield.


She managed to get up from the shield charge and was thrown back.

Thanks to this, Celine lost her delicacy in controlling the sword, and her initial majesty went away and she continued to lose it.

“Hehe. Hehehe! Haha!”

But why?

The more they attacked her, the more reluctant Adrian and Arcia felt.

And Celine suddenly bursts into laughter as if she were going crazy.

“You guys are amazing. “You deserve to be confident.”


With a clown-like smile that never looked normal, more swords began pouring out of her subspace.

“This crazy?”

The number exceeded 100 and became 200, 300, and 400.

It would have been nice if all those swords were just a bluff, but they all rose into the air at once, and Arsia and Adrian’s expressions were colored with astonishment.

This means that they are not the only ones who usually do not reveal their true skills to their opponents.

“That’s fun. “You guys are fun.”

Celine’s blood-red eyes flashed as she stood up and stretched out her hand somewhere.

Then, a billow of black smoke enveloped her, and soon all her injuries were healed.

I misunderstood the opponent’s strength.

This was the same not only for Adrian and Arcia, but also for Blake.

“Blake you damn bastard.”

Adrian cursed Blake, who unknowingly instigated this fight.

I couldn’t help it.

The sense of crisis has grown due to the rapidly changing situation.

But Adrian didn’t know.

The fact that there were silver eyes watching him from afar.

“Is that bastard insulting me just now?”

It was Blake himself.


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