My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 19

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Episode 19: Dream in the game becomes reality

6. Opening War (3)

The first battle ended with our victory the moment the enemy’s suicide attack failed.

No matter how much damage the friendly sky fortress suffered, it was not enough to be damaged by the enemy’s small sky fortress.

Thanks to this, the Croesian Imperial Army retreated with heavy losses, and we were able to enjoy victory in the Americas.

“Haha, Brigadier Lawrence, thank you for your hard work! “Your performance today was great!”

“That’s too much praise.”

“What is excessive praise! “If you hadn’t noticed the self-destruction, the damage would have been enormous!”

One short statement: ‘It is sure to cause self-destruction, so avoid it.’

But no one knew that those words were the decisive factor in victory.

Count Otis was constantly busy praising me, and I, who was not used to this kind of situation, scratched my cheek and smiled awkwardly.

“At the same time, suicide attacks were attempted in three other battlefields, but our unit was the only one to recognize the abnormality in advance and defend the fort.”

This means that 4 attacks were attempted and 3 were successful.

Although looking at the overall battle situation, it can be seen that the kingdom’s army was defeated, there was no trace of worry on the faces of the nobles clinking wine glasses with the division commander.

I don’t know where the guts come from.

“I relayed to the local military commander that today’s victory was thanks to you, so you will receive a fairly decent reward.”

Even if we were to call it a reward, the immediate reward would be a medal.

Since the war is still in its early stages, it is unreasonable to expect a proper reward.

Moreover, if this war ended in a massive defeat, there would be no dream of winning a prize, so there was no need to drink kimchi soup just because the reward was mentioned.

“thank you. dismissal.”

“Well, it’s a boss’s job to ensure that subordinates receive appropriate rewards when they make a contribution.”

Some people cleverly make their subordinates’ work their own, and when you look at him like this, you can see that Count Otis is a person who thinks properly, even if he is lazy.

“By the way, now that I think about it, there are some strange rumors going around about you.”


As I expressed my doubts, Viscount Resty, who had participated in the war on behalf of the territory along with me, received the Count’s story in a timely manner.

“I heard it too. Brigadier General Lawrence has tamed a mysterious giant eagle.”

“Yes, yes. “It was said that the sight of him interacting with the black eagle was truly mysterious.”

When the story of Black Eagle came up, my face turned slightly red, but I tried to act nonchalant.

“I don’t know much about the rapport, but he was very smart, as if he could understand what was being said. “I’m just taking care of it because I find it fascinating.”

“Hey, that’s what being a vice principal is. “Do you think animals really understand?”

Count Otis laughed and patted me on the back, wondering what was so funny.

“If it is a large black eagle, it is probably a species called Altair from the Holy Land of Everhill. “It is a rare species of bird that is born with a high level of magical power, and is said to be able to fly 10,000 miles (4,000 km) at a time.”

Looking at the portrait of Viscount Lesti, who has a tendency to be a stickler for explanations, I expressed my curiosity, saying it was something I didn’t know.

Actually, it was something I already knew.

“It is said that once tamed, they will never betray their master and will not hesitate to throw themselves into the master’s crisis.”

In my opinion, Black Eagle is clearly inspired by Altair.

If Archduke Lucas had given him a flashy sub-supporter with a lot of pretense, people would have bothered and asked what it was, so it wouldn’t have been easy to manage.

I’m glad that it was made with sense and based on a species that exists in reality.

“Are you a complete dog? Dog repair.”

Did you say this as a joke?

I narrowed my eyes for a moment, but the people around me burst into laughter at Count Otis’s joke, wondering what was so good about it.

Among them, the manners of Aden Baron Yeong-sik, who applauded and brought tears to his eyes, were by far the best.

Wherever you go, pleasing your boss seems to be an essential option for members of society.

“Oh my, our Brigadier Lawrence didn’t understand what I meant.”

It’s not that I don’t understand, it’s that I don’t want to do it.

But I answered belatedly with a surprised expression.

“You have great sense of the moment. sorry. “I’m a bit dull in this area.”

“It still looks like that. “I heard that while playing a lot of games, the conversation is surprisingly stiff?”

Even after that, Count Otis joked to lighten the mood.

However, as the old man’s gags did not stop, the people around him seemed to find it increasingly difficult to react, and their expressions became unnatural.

“Your Excellency, now that the enemy has retreated, may I use your personal communication?”

In response to my question, the Count looked pondered as he rested his chin.

And then he nodded willingly, as if he was generous.

“Consider it my own reward.”

“thank you.”

I smiled heartily at the thought of finally being able to access Chronicle Online, and the nobles around me smiled brightly, saying they were glad the Count’s nonsense had stopped.

* * *

2nd week since the start of the war.

The damage caused by war is steadily increasing.

In particular, the desertion rate of Sky Fortress and Vanguard was high, so new units and new equipment were coming in frequently, and the number of soldiers dying in blind attacks also increased.

Meanwhile, Adrian’s unit was making steady gains and was receiving high praise.

“Vice Commander, this is a request from the Brigadier to dispatch. “The five Vanguards of the Croesen Empire are approaching from the 3 o’clock direction along the mountain range, so please respond.”

Deputy Commander William, who was waiting to be dispatched in the Vanguard waiting room, sighed slightly and stood up after hearing his subordinate’s report.

Four vanguards belonging to the Viscounty of Lawrence followed behind him.

-Beep! Beep!

After a while, one wall of the waiting room where they were located opened with a loud warning sound, and the Vanguards stepped onto the hoverboards fixed to the floor of the entrance.

Hoverboards are similar to skis, but half the size.

They slipped away from the levitating train and soon flew away at an incredible speed.


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[Fully armed.]


And with William’s instructions, the meager equipment in the form of breast armor that covered only the chest became a suit that completely covered the entire body.

It looks similar to the mechanical suit in the hero movies that Adrian enjoyed watching on Earth.

There was even a force device installed on the chest that emitted blue light, making me wonder if it was not a similar level, but an homage.

In fact, it was entirely possible because the developer of the Force Armor, Archduke Lucas, was from Earth.

Thanks to this, whenever Adrian saw the Vanguard’s armament, he would always say it was cool with a nostalgic look on his face.

[Sir William.]

[Yes, please say so.]

William, who was riding at a speed of over 300 kilometers per hour on a hoverboard, tilted his head as he looked at Adrian, who appeared as a communication signal and hologram.

Adrian continued by saying that it was just a guess, so just keep in mind.

[I doubt why they bothered to show themselves while climbing down a mountain range with a lot of cover. It could be a trap, so don’t stick too close and start the battle from a distance that can be controlled.]

Clearly, the terrain in front of me was perfect for setting a trap.

Although the number of enemies recorded by the search equipment was only visible to the eye, Adrian, who watched for two weeks after the start of the war, always made reasonable decisions and responded to minimize damage to his allies.

Therefore, Vice-Captain William decided to follow Adrian’s instructions rather than just trusting the visible signals of the navigation equipment.

[Yes, I will.]

[great. take care.]

William relayed Adrian’s instructions to his subordinates.

[Well, there’s nothing wrong with being careful.]

[All right.]

In the past, no one would have listened to Adrian’s instructions, but a lot has changed in just two weeks.

Now no one ignores Adrian.

Of course, because of the bad image that has accumulated over the years, the suspicion of ‘we don’t know yet’ is lingering in the back of our minds, but if Adrian continues to perform as he is now, it is clear that even this will disappear in the near future.

and… … .

[It’s in the ground!]

A situation immediately occurred that raised the trust in Adrian to the highest level.

As if the previous warning was a prophecy, five additional Vanguards appeared through the ground, which could be considered the explorer’s blind spot.

The battle of 5:5 quickly became 10:5.

[Step back! Stay in check and retreat!]

Force swords imbued with blue light were swung from both sides simultaneously, and 5 and 10 rays of light intertwined, threatening the enemy.


Fortunately, the first attack did not hit either side effectively.

This is because there was enough distance to respond to enemy attacks.

It was a shame because they had accepted Adrian’s warning and were thoroughly wary of the surroundings. If William and his men had approached them without any countermeasures, they would have been annihilated in an instant.

‘But that doesn’t mean the situation is good. ‘It’s still a crisis.’

From now on, William had to block attacks from twice as many Vanguards and wait for support.

We would have to wait at least 5 minutes for reinforcements to arrive, and it was impossible to hold out without any damage.


But then.

Something happened that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Has only one minute passed since we encountered the enemy?

Adrian’s voice rang out through the communication system of William, who was sweating profusely and holding on like an acrobat.

[Sir William, please advance.]

At the same time, as if to support them, 10 blue lights flew in from behind and rushed at the enemy.

It was the reinforcements of the Count Otis family, under the direct command of the division commander.

[Uh, how?]

Support for our troops is the 10th Vanguard.

In an instant, the number of confrontations changed to 10:15, and the life-threatening situation was overcome, but this quick support did not make common sense.

Doesn’t this mean that support was requested in advance?

[Sir William, have you gone for a walk? What are you doing without attacking?]

It was Adrian’s relaxed voice that broke William out of his distracting thoughts.

I don’t know who went out for a walk like this.

But even if you don’t understand it, since we are at war now, you have to take advantage whenever you can.

[The enemy has their backs to the mountain range. It’s not easy to apply now, so I’ll try to get at least five even if I can’t do it.]

[all right.]


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