My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 186

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Episode 186: Dream in the game becomes reality

44. Center of events (2)

If the compass points to the Allied Powers of Elysia, it means that devil worshipers are definitely hiding there.

The church has already completed verifying the functionality of the relics, and even put them into practice to find hidden warlocks and bases throughout the world.

People in the Holy Land were very surprised, saying they did not expect that devil worshipers would have taken root in various parts of the world like this.

In other words, it is unlikely that the compass is malfunctioning at this point.

Currently, the church is using its own airship to explore the entire world except Dragon Land.

However, it was said that this was the first time that the compass showed such a strong reaction as the Elysian Allied Powers.

‘I definitely can’t think that the Elysian Alliance has anything to do with the demons, so I guess it’s a good idea to hide it.’

But are they simply hiding?

The Elysian Alliance is interfering with the investigation of the Holy Land itself.

As a country that originally hated interference from other countries, I thought they might be reluctant to investigate the Holy Land, but since it was confirmed that devil worshipers were in the Elysian Alliance, their actions could not help but be viewed as suspicious.

“Do you know exactly where the demonic energy comes from?”

She shook her head at my question.

“It is difficult to investigate because entry to the airship itself is blocked.”

“Even if you can’t enter the Elysian Union directly, won’t you be able to get some idea of ​​the location just by circling around the country on an airship and checking the direction the compass points?”

“I already tried it. But here is the result.”

At the same time, the saint used her terminal to float a map in the air.

The map contained the Prota continent of the Elysian Federation, which looked similar to Australia.

As the saint operated the terminal, a red line appeared on each continent.

That line is where the compass points to the point where the dark magic is located.

It appears that the airship circled the outskirts of the Elysian Alliance in a clockwise direction, checking them one by one.

If you draw lines along the echo indicated by the compass, it means that there is a devil worshiper in the place where the lines intersect.


However, I realized why the saint reacted so poorly.

This is because the line pointed by the compass on the map was drawn in a straight line.

That means one of two things.

“The devil worshipers are changing their base from time to time… .”

“Or, it probably means that they are spread throughout the Elysian Alliance.”

I was able to understand why the saint came to me in person and asked for support.

I sighed with a serious expression.

And in the end, her request was accepted.

“All right. “I will do my best to help.”

“thank you. “I will not forget His Majesty the King’s choice for peace in Rondel.”

Actually, this is a choice for me.

I tried to use the power of the church to take care of the group that was destroying the Hollywood system, but if that wasn’t easy, wouldn’t it be natural to lend a helping hand?

There is only one reason why I have not come forward until now.

This is so as not to reveal to devil worshipers that I am behind the Hollywood system.

In that sense, when moving at the request of a sacred site, the assortment is tailored.

Isn’t it as if I now have a reason to intervene in this incident myself?

‘It turned out better. Now, with the title of helper of the Holy Land on my back, I have to find out how they find the management terminal of the Hollywood system.’

* * *

“No, you’re kidding, right?”

Blue Moon informants were concentrated on the Elysian Alliance.

And I reported the news I received from the Holy Land to Marignan, a key member of the Elysian Alliance.

This was to see if she knew anything.

But her reaction was one of confusion, surprise, and disbelief, and I was a little relieved by that reaction.

At least that meant that her time in the Confederacy or her race had nothing to do with devil worshipers.

“What is the Elysian Alliance’s perception of devil worshipers?”

“Of course I hate it! They are like a plague, no more, no less! “When the Crimson Demon King descended 1,200 years ago, our Allied Powers also suffered a lot of damage!”

The last time a Demon Lord-level demon descended on Rondel was about 1,200 years ago.

From the perspective of Earthlings, it is a very long time, but in the Elysian Alliance, where many races have lifespans of hundreds of years, it is only 3 to 4 generations ago.

Therefore, after the Holy Land, they may be the force that is most aware of the threat of demons in Rondel.

“Then why are the Allies interfering with the investigation of the Holy Land?”

“Well, that’s… .”

Marignan could not easily answer my question.

And then, after hesitating, she sighed and said.

“It’s probably because of the mermaids and fairies.”

Usually, when you think of fairies, you think of elves, but in Rondel, elves and fairies are completely different races.

When you think of a fairy in Rondel, you can think of a small person with insect wings, also known as a fairy.

However, like the fairies known on Earth, Rondel’s fairies are not the size of the palm of your hand, but rather large, ranging from 50 to 100 cm in height.

“What does that mean?”

“Because the two representative races that love the sea and the land are the main reasons for weakening the power of the church in the Allied Powers.”

Come to think of it, the saint also said something similar.

In the Elysian Federation, there are many beings who place more significance on the world that the Creator created and in which we now live than the Creator himself.

It seems that the mermaid tribe and the fairy tribe are the beings that represent such an ideology.

“But there are only two races. Also, I know that the main forces of the Elysian Alliance are Elves and Dwarves. Isn’t it true that such a decision cannot be made unless those two races acquiesce?”

It is known that the elves’ Elvenheim and the dwarves’ Iron Castle are the largest axes of the Elysian Alliance in terms of economy and population.


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But at my question, Marignan shook his head.

“In the Elysian Alliance, everyone has an equal say regardless of the size of each race’s power. “The kings of each race gather at one table and decide major affairs for the Allied Powers by majority vote.”

I roughly heard about the political system of the Elysian Alliance.

However, the more I listen to it, the less understandable it becomes.

“Do you really think it operates so fairly? “It is inevitable that there will be dissatisfaction in a country with great power.”

“We are different from humans. “It puts the interests of the whole before the interests of the individual.”

Yeah, that was great.

“Under the law of majority rule, when two or more forces speak with the same voice, they become a force that cannot be ignored. One by one, leaders who agree with the continued claims of the mermaid and fairy tribes began to appear.”

“Are you saying they are advocating for restrictions on the activities of the religious order?”

“Maybe so? “The church is not a goddess itself, but an organization that only believes in the goddess, so there have been claims that there is a need to be swayed by them.”

“For an organization that only believes in the Goddess, it seems like the will of the Goddess is largely reflected?”

“It’s a difference in interpretation. Because the will of the church is not necessarily the will of the goddess.”

But… .

I think this is a rather dangerous idea in a world where God exists.

“But if it goes on like this, it’s bound to be difficult. Marignan, the highest elder of the beast people, would also understand that, right?”

“Honestly, I’m embarrassed too. Everyone knows that there is no way a church would lie about a devil worshiper… .”

After looking through the mirror, I found that she had a way of thinking that was no different from mine.

Well then, the story is simple.

“Can I ask Marignan for help?”

No matter how much Blue Moon has infiltrated the Elysian Alliance, the support of the highest elder next to the king of each race cannot be ignored.

So I asked her for support, and Marignan nodded seriously.

“okay. “I cannot ignore the ills that have permeated my country.”

With this, we have our own cards.

All that remains now is the news of the blue moon.

* * *

Elysia is an alliance created by different races joining forces to jointly respond to the humans who were rapidly expanding their power.

‘Elf, dwarf, hobbit, dragon, beastman, joiner, mermaid, fairy.’

These eight races belong to the Allied Powers, and the size of each country varies from the Dragons with a population of less than 50,000 to the Elves with a population of over 20 million.

The official population of the Elysian Alliance is 70 million.

Considering that there are several kingdoms with populations of over 300 million people, it has an extremely small population for the world’s second-largest power.

However, these eight races are all species that live longer than humans and have higher innate abilities, so at least in number, the quality of swordsmen, wizards, and spiritists was much higher.

In fact, the number of superhumans above Aura Masters, 7th Circle Archmages, and top-level elementalists was similar to that of all human nations combined.

Add to this the outstanding production capabilities of the dwarves, and it was natural for the country to develop not only in military power but also in technological power.

Because of the characteristics of elves, who never lie and always keep their promises, they are known as the most trustworthy trading partners and have come to dominate the global distribution and finance industry today.

“Is this really paradise on earth?”

The park at the entrance to the Forest of the Beginning, a symbolic place in the Elysian Alliance.

Celine Viola, who was sitting on a bench in the park and watching various races leisurely spending time, described the scenery in front of her as paradise on earth.

The United States of Elysia is also one of the world’s best tourist destinations.

Therefore, no one of the other race cared that she, a human, was sitting on a park bench.

“They are rich, strong, live long, and are even good-looking. Isn’t that so unfair?”

Complaints poured out of Celine’s mouth one after another.

However, the people of different races who could not hear what she was saying to themselves just spent their time faithfully.

“I want to blow it all away.”

Celine Viola is a black knight who is considered a representative devil worshiper along with a warlock.

She was wearing loose-fitting robes that did not match her bewitching face, and various medium-sized swords were stuck inside them.

However, when she buried herself on the bench and crossed her legs, her pure white calves were revealed through her long open robe.

The reason why the Black Knight, who naturally lives in hiding, shows himself so openly is to meet someone.

After a while, a man in a smart suit slowly approached Celine and took the seat next to her.

“Do we really have to meet in such a prominent place?”

A man in a suit complained.

But she responded with an annoyed face.

“Just say what you have to say and go away.”

The man cleared his throat with an expression of discomfort, and then opened his mouth as if he had no choice.

“Around 7:20 this evening, the Sepia Church’s airship is scheduled to pass 20km offshore beyond Rainbow Hill.”

“Is this the exploration ship you mentioned earlier?”

“That’s right, that airship is definitely equipped with an artifact that tracks us. “Lead your troops and attack that airship and seize the artifacts on board.”

“It’s a huge task.”

“If it’s not this level of work, there’s no reason for you to step forward.”

He handed Celine a terminal.

Celine wore a bracelet-shaped terminal, where she could see a map containing the expected travel route of the church’s airship.

“This mission must never fail. “Be sure to keep in mind that the future of our power depends on it.”


After giving advice, the man got up from his seat, and the woman closed the map that appeared on the terminal and gazed back at the peaceful times of different races.

But then.

“Oh right.”

The man who was walking turned around and added a word.

“There are circumstances where Saint Sylvester and Prince Lawrence met in the duchy. “Perhaps I entrusted him with the search within the sluggish Allied Powers.”

“To that idol?”

“I don’t know anything else, but my abilities are certain. “He is a person who has been close to Seongji from the beginning.”

“So what?”

“If you go around like that, you might end up like a nobleman who was burned to death in Roberto’s kingdom.”

Celine burst into laughter at the man’s warning.

“Do you think I’m that sloppy? “There’s no way you can be defeated by the 7th Circle.”

“That idol’s wife is a grandmaster.”

“I won’t lose unless I’m a saint.”

“Anyway, I don’t really listen to advice.”

Excessive confidence.

However, the man knew very well that his confidence was not bluff.

So Celine was left alone again.

“Is it Prince Lawrence? “His face is my favorite.”

She stood up after saying those words to herself.


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