My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 185

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Episode 185: Dream in the game becomes reality

44. Center of events (1)

The next equipment is Arsia’s shield and armor.

All of them were force equipment made of adamantium, and due to the characteristics of adamantium, they were pitch black like the previous long sword.

The armament Arcia was previously using was Force equipment named ‘Istro’ left behind by Archduke Lucas. It was made of mithril and dragonbone, and was characterized by being very light and having high defense compared to regular force equipment.

However, Adamantium equipment is bound to be heavier than Archduke Lucas’ Astro equipment.

Adamantium is a metal that is characterized by being very heavy.

However, as weight has a disadvantage, when armor was made, it was adamantium equipment that showed more defense than Orichalcon.

“how is it? “Is it very heavy?”

If you decide to lighten it with magic, you can make it as lightweight as you want, but adamantium does not have a good compatibility with lightening magic.

This is because the magic reduces the unique resilience of adamantium.

For convenience, structural lightweighting must be implemented at the design stage.

However, Arcia’s equipment did not make any effort to reduce weight and was focused solely on providing the best defense.

The shield was not the usual handy shield, but a kite shield that could cover the entire upper body.

“It’s heavy, but it feels good wrapping around your whole body.”

Supporter Cheon Kang’s Arcia.

Her main fighting style is originally defense-oriented.

This is the style in which she demonstrates her greatest fighting ability.

But she is not a character in the game.

There is no need to fight according to a set framework.

So next to the adamantium armor, there is dragonbone armor that focuses solely on lightweighting.

“The carapace part is separated like this.”

“Oh, it’s a dagger?”

“Yes, the Dragonborn is made of a material that does not shine even when polished, so it looked good for a surprise attack using a fish sword, so I made it like this. However, due to its small size, the force function had to be removed from the dagger.”

“It’s good.”

It was made from the bone of a black dragon that Blake gave as a gift.

It has a sleek design that shows off the body, and the shield is also a small handy shield, so it can be used as a dual sword while wearing it.

“Adamantium, Dragonborn, and coincidentally, the armor is all black.”

The two pieces of equipment combined subspace magic, allowing for quick equipment replacement.

The cost invested in this equipment replacement system alone is enough to cover 5 sets of regular force equipment.

“This is very light.”

“Because Dragonborn itself can be said to be the ultimate carbon-based metal.”

I smiled at Arcia’s admiration.

Dragonborn is bone, not metal, of course.

However, in Rondel, the bones of monsters with high strength such as dragonborn, drakeborn, and wyvernborn are often expressed as carbon-based metal.

And among these carbon-based metals, Dragonborn is the only one that ranks higher than Mithril.

It is light, strong, and works well with magic and aura, so it can be said to be a material that is completely compatible with Mithril.

“I’m satisfied. “The level of completion is high.”

“As material is material, I tried to create the best work of my life.”

One holy sword obtained from the ruins, three Orichalcon longswords, two Adamantium longswords, one set of Adamantium armor, and one set of Dragonborn armor.

This is the equipment that Arcia will be armed with in the future.

The force equipment produced this time is not only made of materials, but also contains Archduke Lucas’ technology intact, so it can be said to be overwhelmingly superior to the previously used Astro equipment.

“It’s one person walking around with a national budget at the level of an empire.”

I nodded to Dwarf Torres’ admiration.

If the other person wasn’t Arcia, I would have had a hard time trusting and entrusting them with these things.

“Here is your equipment.”

Compared to Arcia’s extravagant equipment, mine was very simple.

That’s because the only thing I was entrusted with was the combination or improvement of existing equipment.

First, I combined the magic staff left behind by Archduke Lucas with the holy spear obtained from the ruins.

In addition, by coating it with orichalcon, a magic sphere with a pure white sense of unity was born.

In addition, the Orichalcon, which was spun out in the form of a thread, was added to reinforce the robe with Eastro, which had a force armor function that was previously worn.

Although it is a very simple spell compared to Arcia, I don’t think it is inferior in appearance to its coolness.

“I dressed up a little more to suit the position of king of the king.”


When I put it on, I could barely feel the difference from before.

I was more than satisfied.

“Weren’t you tight on ingredients?”

“No, there’s quite a bit left.”

I gave him half of the Orichalcon, Adamantium, and Dragonborn I had as materials.

They gave it to me to match the amount, but there was still quite a bit left.

And when I asked him about the amount left, he said that Orichalcon and Adamantium had enough left to make one long sword each, and Dragonborn had enough left to make two long swords.

“Then make them all force swords. “The performance is a little lower than this.”

“Are you saying it will slow down performance?”

“I’m giving it to you as a gift.”

“Ah, I understand.”

It is no exaggeration to say that Arcia’s equipment contains the essence of Archduke Lucas.

In other words, it is overspec compared to existing equipment.

That’s why I ordered the specifications to be lowered.


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“Thank you for your hard work.”

I shook hands with Archmage Owen and Dwarf Torres.

And he gave a gift of elixir to the two people who had suffered.

Since he was planning to give the elixir to the special agents at the Blue Moon Center anyway, he gave it to them.

“Oh, thank you. “This precious thing.”

Archmage Owen immediately recognized the elixir as helping to improve magic power and strengthen magic circuits and expressed his gratitude.

On the other hand, Dwarf Torres tilted his head at the elixir I gave him.

“It’s a stamina strengthening elixir. Strengthening stamina as an auxiliary effect… … .”

Before I could finish speaking, Torres, with fire in his eyes, immediately poured the elixir into his mouth.

After all, all men are the same regardless of race.

On the other hand, Owen stored the elixir in his sub-space, perhaps intending to consume it later while resting.

“Oooooh! “I feel energized!”

Thanks to Torres, the atmosphere was friendly.

Thinking that I would soon have to return to the principality, I got up from the sofa provided in the laboratory.

“Master, may I ask you a question?”

“Yes, please tell me.”

However, Grand Master Owen grabbed me and asked me a question.

“I would like to know why you rushed to produce the equipment at this time.”

As he said, I gave instructions to make the equipment as quickly as possible.

Since the material is a material and the applied technology is also a technology, making equipment cannot be easy.

If it were my personality, I would have fully understood it even if it was a little late.

In other words, in his eyes, I had no choice but to look like I was preparing for some kind of battle.

In that sense, Owen’s question got to the point.

“I think the current international situation is stable. I can’t see any situation that could cause harm to the two of you right now. That’s why the sight of the two of you, who seem to be quietly preparing for battle, is unsettling.”

It was a very natural worry.

But I smiled.

It seems like there is no need to worry.

“It’s just preparation. “It’s not about preparing for something to happen or for something to happen.”


“Yes, these days, they are working hard to search for the demon’s liaison in the Holy Land. “Since the starting point is the relic I gave you, I am preparing for just such an emergency.”

According to common sense, unless the Devil himself descends, devil worshipers are no match for the Holy Land.

In that sense, such preparations can be seen as a needless worry.

But for some reason, Owen’s expression became even more determined at my answer.

“When you say that, my lord, it feels like something big is going to happen regarding devil worshipers.”


“If your lord prepares something, won’t something happen?”

I, who had looked dumbfounded at his remarks, soon burst out laughing.

“Haha, it’s very unlikely that there will be any problems this time. This is a time of change between saints and saints, which is nothing short of a disaster for devil worshipers. After all, there are two saints and a saint.”

Saints and saints have 8th circle, grandmaster level combat abilities.

However, if the opponent was an enemy with dark magic, it would not be an exaggeration to say that his combat ability would greatly increase to that of a 9th circle, roadmaster level.

Even if the real Demon King descended, this was the time when we had the power to solve it with just the power of the Holy Land.

“but… … .”

So Owen nodded, saying that was definitely the case.

However, although he seemed to agree in his head, his expression did not straighten.

Once again, I was able to see that my subordinates regarded me as a troublemaker.

* * *

Rondel’s religion is not something you believe in or do anything like on Earth.

An extremely natural thing.

That is the position of Sepiaism, the world’s only religion.

It was inevitable that Sepia, the creator, would perform miracles from time to time, not only speak out, but even come down, so there could be no disbelief.

Of course, religious beliefs about Sepia vary depending on the national tendency, but no one denies the fact that their creator is Sepia.

If anyone were to pick the least religious country in the world, everyone would pick the Elysian Confederation.

They had a tendency to give meaning to the work of Rondel itself rather than to its creator.

“The donations from the Elysian Alliance to the church are decreasing every year. “They are the second largest power in the world, but the scale of their donations is at the level of a middle power.”

Currently, I am talking face to face with Saint Sharon Sylvester, who has secretly visited the principality, about the religious views of the United Kingdom of Elysia.

If you wonder what kind of situation this is, it’s because the only country that blocked the activities of the devil worshiper investigation team dispatched from the Holy Land was the Allied Powers of Elysia.

“It is said that many of them believe that loving and caring for this world is a true religious act rather than loyalty to Goddess Sepia. Is that why? Surprisingly, this is a place where problems big and small often occur. Perhaps because they are of different races, their way of thinking is very different from that of humans.”

I couldn’t quite understand what she was trying to say.

It was no different than requesting an investigation by giving me a compass to chase down demons, but I didn’t have a deep enough relationship with the Elysian Allied Powers to have to suddenly hear accusations against that country.

“Ah, I just complained too much without any prior explanation. sorry.”

“no. haha.”

But when the saintess continued, I narrowed my eyes.

“I believe that our church’s information power is greater than that of the Brigham Empire, but by no means lower. But recently, the intelligence department made an unexpected decision.”


“The assessment is that the intelligence power of the Duchy of Lawrence may be comparable to that of our church.”

Embarrassed, I had to look into her emotions with a magnifying glass.

[Relationship: Interest / Alliance]

[Status: Observation / Interest]

A sense of crisis arose for a moment at the fact that Blue Moon’s tail had been caught, but looking at her condition, I could see that she had not approached with any bad feelings.

So I tried my best to answer slyly.

“Thank you for your high evaluation.”

“The more I know about His Majesty the King, the more I think he is amazing. “Despite his sudden rise to prominence, his internal stability is very solid.”

At this point, I could tell what she was trying to say.

“The bottom line is that there are many difficulties in searching inside the Elysia Allied Powers, so would you like us to help you?”

“you’re right.”

You can say that you found the correct street number.

As she said, Blue Moon was also expanding its influence in the Elysian Alliance.

But I couldn’t help but wonder.

“Is there a need to care so much about the Allies of Elysia? They and devil worshipers are no match for each other… … .”

Just because they do not attach much meaning to religious activities does not mean that they deny the denomination.

If that were the case, would you have participated in the saintess contest in the first place?

In addition, it was not an easy match for the different races of the Allied Powers, who loved the nature of this world, to have contact with the demons who were wreaking havoc and destruction.

Saint Sylvester answered my question with an ambiguous expression.

“I think so too, but unfortunately the compass points to the Elysian Alliance. “It’s also quite strong.”


I had to open my eyes wide at this unexpected story.


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