My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 182

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Episode 182: Dream in the game becomes reality

43. Development of the Duchy of Lawrence (3)

“Your Majesty the King, are you coming alone?”

In response to her colleague’s question, the priestess who had reported the news of Adrian’s visit shook her head.

“I think Her Majesty the Princess is planning to come with us.”

“Okay, I can’t stop this.”

I feel like I want to prevent Adrian from meeting Ivril.

However, he was the leader of a country, the spiritual leader of the emerging empire of Reinharts, and above all, the supporter of Ivril.

The priests of the Holy Lady’s Palace were in a position to gladly accept his visit.

“Why are you being so loud?”

When the goddesses put their heads together with expressions of trouble.

A familiar voice rang in everyone’s ears.

“Stop, Your Majesty!”

The person who appeared before them was the current saint, Sharon Sylvester, who would hand over all power to Ivril two months later and complete 50 years of priestly life.

The saint is blessed by the goddess and has a body that never ages.

Therefore, Saint Sylvester, who was 68 years old, still had the beauty of a 20-year-old.

However, perhaps because the goddess’s blessings had almost disappeared as the saint’s term of office was nearing its end, her youthful appearance, which had given off a fresh feel, became darker as if she had aged a little more, and her brilliant blonde hair had faded to a lemon color.

Of course, just because the goddess’ blessing disappears right away doesn’t mean you become a wrinkle-filled grandmother.

Her body is already out of standard, and even if she gets older now, it will only wear out very slowly.

Even if you reach 100 years old, your appearance will not go beyond that of your 30s.

This can be expressed as a reward for a loyal servant who followed the goddess.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Maybe it’s because it’s not long before she leaves, but Saint Sylvester has lost her typical sharp aura and is even friendly.

However, many people know the true identity of the woman with the fearsome title of ‘Demon Slayer’.

Because of this, the goddesses became very stiff.

“Well, that’s because His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence requested a visit.”

It was only then that Sylvester realized why they were putting their heads together and put his hand on his chin.

She also knows full well that Ivril has a crush on the King of Kong.

Adrian certainly had the talent to charm women.

It made me think that if I were a little younger, I might have attacked him.

“The King of Kong guides me. “I’ll meet you.”

At that, the expressions of the goddesses brightened.

The owner of this palace was still Saint Sylvester, and her word was law.

However, the goddesses had to shed an awkward smile at her continued words.

“It’s been a while since I felt better for my eyes.”

“haha… … .”

* * *

I walked down the street following the priests of the Holy Women’s Palace, who seemed nervous today.

However, rather than the familiar Ivril office, I had to head somewhere else and express my doubts.

Of course, I kept quiet because I was worried that the priests would do something stupid.

And the place we arrived was a gorgeous reception room.

I wondered if there was a place like this in the St. Mary’s Palace, but when I found the woman sitting in the center, I realized why I wasn’t familiar with this place.

“I meet Your Majesty, Saint Sylvester.”

“welcome. “His Royal Highness Prince Lawrence, His Royal Highness Princess Lawrence.”

Currently, there are two titles for Arcia, so people worry a lot about what to call her.

This is because Arcia was Duke Klein of the Reinharts Empire and queen of the Duchy of Lawrence.

However, perhaps because I was by her side, the saint called Arcia the queen without hesitation.

“You’re not disappointed because I called you, right?”

In response to Saint Sylvester’s question, I waved my hand and said, “How can I do that?”

If I was going to talk about work, it was clear that I would rather talk to her than to Everil.

The only problem is that it is harder to speak comfortably compared to Ivril.

“Saint Sylvester, you are always welcome. “If you wish to retire and settle down in another country, please include the Duchy of Lawrence or the Reinharts Empire as candidates.”

This wasn’t just passing words, it was sincerity.

Just because she lost her status as a saint did not mean that her divine power disappeared overnight.

In fact, many countries were eager to welcome current saints and saints to their countries after their retirement.

“As long as the conditions are good, there is nothing that cannot be done. “I have a pretty good understanding of the Reinharts Empire and the Duchy of Lawrence.”

“Haha, thank you. Then we will submit a proposal.”

Even though I don’t have the title, I’m a duke.

Reishi will also give you the best yolk.

She handles 8th-circle level sacred magic and only displays 9th-circle level abilities against demons.

Individual ability is an ability, but the network and connections are also great, so it was a natural treatment.

“Then, may I ask what you requested to visit today?”

I thought it would be a good idea to sing Ivril as well, but her mood was adamant.

The reason for such a reaction was not entirely unexpected, so I smiled awkwardly and took out an object from subspace and handed it to him.

When the saint saw the object, her eyes widened and she looked surprised.

“Isn’t it a holy relic?”

Since she was a saint, it was natural to recognize her right away.

“This time, with the help of an acquaintance, I was able to explore a ruin in Dragon Land. “This is a treasure I acquired back then.”


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“The energy coming out is unusual. This can be considered the highest level. Moreover, it appears to be a very well-maintained relic.”

I pushed the relic towards her.

She tilted her head, and I answered calmly.

“I will donate it to the church.”

Just because it is a relic does not necessarily mean it belongs to a religious order.

The religious order has a doctrine of not coveting other people’s property, and private ownership of sacred relics is recognized, so from their perspective, my items were nothing but pie in the sky.


But when I suddenly told her I would give her a sacred object, she looked surprised.

Of course.

Not only do all the relics have enormous value, but even by today’s standards, they are a culmination of over-technology.

“The name of the relic is ‘Compass for chasing dark magic.’”

Additionally, when the name of the relic was mentioned in my mouth, her reaction became more dramatic.

This is because the name itself expressed the function.

“Does this mean we can find devil worshipers?”


I don’t know what happened in the past, but since she had the title of ‘Demon Slayer’, there was anticipation in her eyes.

The clerics themselves are nothing more than dark magic detectors, but their search range is very narrow.

However, if it is a dedicated artifact from the mythical era, the story is bound to be different.

I haven’t been able to do detailed experiments, but I don’t know, but the range is likely to be significant.

In fact, the compass was still pointing in a certain direction.

“What is the search range?”

“I don’t know for sure either. “If you receive this, you will probably need to check its performance first, right?”

Of course, there is no reason for her to refuse.

This was the best relic that could act as a deterrent to prepare for an emergency.

“I don’t understand. “I can’t believe you just gave away such a great item.”

After all, 50 years of saintly jjambap are not for nothing.

Rather than just liking it as a favor, she wanted to understand the intention disguised as a favor.

I answered simply.

“Is the compass pointing somewhere now? Even before I came here, he was pointing here and there.”

“Have you ever thought about going in the direction the compass points?”

“I did. But I soon gave up.”


“There is no need to step into danger.”

“So you’re handing this over to us?”

“Aren’t they experts in that field? “I thought it was more meaningful than mine and that you would use it well.”

An answer that may sound like you are passing it on.

However, it is better to give her an honest answer than to give her various reasons.

She actually smiled after hearing my answer.

“You judged well. Each person has their own specialty. “It’s especially best for wizards to stay away from demons.”

I am the king of a country.

He is also an archmage of the 8th circle, and his wife is a grandmaster.

It has many superhumans under its command, including an unknown Auror Master, a top-level spiritist, and a 7th-circle archmage, and with the Reinharts Empire standing behind it, it can be confident that its highest-ranking power is not inferior to that of the Holy Land.

However, if I were to deal with the devil (demon) and his worshipers, my power could never compare to that of the religious order.

The woman in front of me was not given the title demon slayer for nothing.

I spoke to Saint Sylvester with a serious expression.

“If I’m not mistaken, there must be something going on in Rondel. And it seems like the devil and devil worshipers are at the center of it all.”

I heard from Ivril that the warlock I killed was not ordinary.

Saint Sylvester must have been quite wary as well.

I deliberately added words to make her wary.

She nodded and picked up the relic I gave her.

“If Prince Lawrence says so, it is definitely not a light matter. And there must be a clear reason why these relics have appeared now.”

The scenario I was hoping for was for the shrine to actively take action around the relic.

Even if things don’t go your way, stop fanning the flames on Ivril.

In the end, the shrine had no choice but to move according to my will.

“I guess I’ve found something to do before I step down.”

And at the reassuring words of Saint Sylvester, I smiled as I remembered the unknown group trying to destroy the Hollywood system.

* * *

“What is this?”

After visiting the castle of the Marquis of Lawrence, I presented some fruit to my mother who was about to give birth.

It was a very small fruit that looked like a cherry, but it was not ordinary at first glance as it was shiny and golden.

Naturally, my mother and father tilted their heads, and I presented the same mistake to my father.

However, my father’s was smaller than my mother’s.

“This is an elixir collected from the old ruins of Dragonland. They say that if you eat it, you will stay young for a long time and your lifespan will increase. Above all, physical ability increases significantly.”

My father and mother looked surprised when they saw the elixir for the first time.

But my mother couldn’t easily reach out when she saw it.

This is because I was worried that it might have a negative effect on the unborn child that would soon be born.

“Do not worry. I’m not recommending it for nothing. If a pregnant woman eats it, the fetus will be born strong and free from minor illnesses. Additionally, you will have an intelligent mind and a constitution specialized for magical power.”

My parents’ eyes widened at my words.

“How can it be so precious?”

According to Blake, the fruit is one of the safest and most immediately effective elixirs that can be obtained from the ruins.

Unlike other elixirs, it only changes the constitution and does not have the option to accumulate energy, so it seemed suitable for my parents.

In particular, isn’t the effect on the fetus too bad?

So I decided it was perfect.

“After all, a mother has to provide nutrition to her fetus, so I prepared something better. The effects you both enjoy will be similar. “Please don’t complain that your father’s is small, right?”

“There can be no complaints. “Is it really okay for us to consume something this precious?”

The name of the elixir given to my father and mother was root cherry.

Currently, there are a total of 7 root cherries obtained from the ruins. While my mother’s is grade 1, my father’s is grade 2.

I got two grade 1s and five grade 2s, but the reason I gave my father a grade 2 instead of a grade 1 was because I kept it for Arsia.

To feed Arsia when she has a child.

“Go ahead and eat it. “You should be thankful for having a good son.”

“I’m already benefiting enough.”

I forced the root cherry into the mouths of the two hesitant people.

The two people who ate it unexpectedly flinched, but soon the root cherry melted in their mouths and the fragrant aroma rose, and they were greatly impressed.

At the same time, their bodies glowed, and as if going back in time, wrinkles disappeared and their once gray hair regained its original color.

Soon the light cleared, and he appeared to be 10 years younger than his original age.

Even though my father was second to none, my mother, who had always maintained her youth well, really only looked like her age.

“Oh my god.”

Those were the words uttered by the servant who was attending to my mother.

It was a natural reaction since I witnessed a miracle right in front of me.


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