My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 178

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Episode 178: Dream in the game becomes reality

42. Dragonland (4)

We found a new door in the forest.

It was located on the opposite side of the entrance I came in from, and the distance from door to door seemed to be about 1km.

A space so large that it cannot be underground.

It should be seen as an extension of magic.

“It seems like there is a space expansion spell. “Is this your first time seeing something of this scale?”

“At this level, it should be seen as space creation rather than space expansion. “I heard it’s a magic favored by dragons.”

I expressed surprise at Blake’s explanation.

This is because space creation is a higher level concept of subspace and the essence of the 9th Circle.

As expected, it is a relic from the mythical era.

No, it was a special space among the ruins of the mythical era.

We approached the door to head to the next room, but again there was no trap in sight.

Even though Blake was wary, the search was too easy.

However, I had to harden my expression as Blake continued to talk.

“As expected, it’s been so peaceful so far.”


“It means there is something beyond this. “It’s also something with a powerful presence.”

Something is strange.

If there is a guardian protecting the ruins, shouldn’t it be located near the entrance?

It felt unbalanced that there was an object that appeared to be an important device (dimensional transfer device) at the entrance, and a being guarding the ruins was further inside.

“Maybe we came in through the back door.”

“Is that possible?”

“It happens often. No matter how intact it is, it is still a relic that is tens of thousands of years old. “It’s not surprising if an error occurs.”

Blake said.

In this case, it’s like winning a lottery, so it’s normal to take only the good stuff inside and come out.

However, considering the abilities of the exploration members and the specialness of the ruins, it would be a shame to stop here.

So we decided to move forward.

“Get into a fighting stance.”

Raising my alertness, I entered the third space of the ruins.

The third space had a completely different atmosphere from the first and second spaces.

Should I say that I can feel a little more traces of people?

It was the same as the first room in that it was pure white everywhere, but in addition to the numerous tables and drawers scattered here and there, there were devices of unknown purpose sticking out.

“restaurant? “No, is it the lounge?”

I couldn’t be sure.

But one thing is clear… … .


[intruder… … .]

[Unauthorized intruder.]

The sight of the three Guardians standing still like mannequins and then raising their heads with a white eye glow was full of hostility.

Then, something like an angel’s ring formed above the heads of those wearing white robes like priests, and golden light powder began to spew out from their backs.

Their bodies rose into the air along with golden powder reminiscent of wings.

[Elyos Guardian(?) / Relic]

-Presumed to be a guardian who protects the relics of the Elyos.

Inside the ruins of the mythical era, it was surprisingly a useless sight.

“Um, what is that?”

I asked Blake in confusion, and he just shook his head.

“This is my first time seeing it.”


“Because I don’t know everything about the mythical era. However, what is clear is that these are not easy opponents. Especially the guy in the middle… … .”

Finish 3:3.

Both sides are the same, even down to the fact that one particularly strong being is in charge.

However, just looking at that one, they have the Holy attribute, and our captain, Blake, has the Cancer attribute, so they are at a disadvantage.

“But it’s still worth a try. You have to deal with the guys on both sides. “It seems a little burdensome, though.”

“I can’t help it.”

The Captain Guardian is a Roadmaster level like Blake, and although the guys on either side are not Roadmaster level, they can be considered the highest level of Grandmaster level.

Is it because it is a relic from the mythical era?

The guardian protecting the facility is a dragon level… … .

However, Blake’s words that followed were enough to boost Arsia’s motivation and mine.

“And you see? The weapons they possessed. “The mechanism is different from what you have, but those are also holy swords.”

I opened my eyes wide and looked at the enemies’ weapons.

Two guys had one-handed longswords and one guy was holding a spear. It wasn’t in the form of a lightsaber like my Excalibur, but the pure white aura that coated the blade was all too familiar.

[Elyos’ One-Handed Longsword / Relic]

-A long sword used by the Elyos of the mythical era.

-The mithril sword body was thickly coated with orichalcon.

-When magical power or divine power is invested, energy is condensed, strengthened, and released, and has a similar shape to an auror blade strengthened with force.

-Material: Mithril (1.2kg), Orichalcon (400g), Holy Bloodstone (32g)

Perhaps because I own Excalibur, the information was displayed accurately even though it was a relic.


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I was greatly impressed.

This is because the Holy Sword is a piece that can create a Grandmaster-level Saint Blade on its own.

“The spear is mine. “I saved it.”

Among them, I pointed to a spear-shaped holy sword, or rather, a holy spear.

Then Blake laughed.

“Tell me about that after you win!”

Blake’s image became blurry… … .


He appeared in front of the Guardian, spraying the darkest golden light among the three, and swung his sword.

The Guardian reacted in time and took the sword.

However, because it was floating in the air, the Guardian was pushed back by Blake’s power.

It’s as if they widened the distance between us to make it easier for us to fight.

“let’s go.”

Arcia and I decided to fight 2:2, not 1:1.

I am confident that in battle, our breathing is almost like one organism.

Arcia, carrying a shield, took the lead, and I followed closely behind her.

Then, as the two of us started running, the two opposing guardians also flew towards us.

Because she had to keep up with my speed, Arcia’s charging speed wasn’t as explosive as Blake’s.

“Warp Gate.”

My magic erased the distance between the two camps.

A blue circular door formed in front of the two of us as we ran.

As we passed through the door, what caught our eye was the back of two guardians flying towards us.

“The robe looks pretty good, but it won’t burn up all at once, right?”


I gave Hellfire, which can be said to be the ultimate in 8-circle magic, to the two guys who quickly turned around.

The black flames of hell sweep over the two guys and shake the ruins.

But it was clear that this wouldn’t kill the enemy, so we just immersed ourselves in the heat.



A series of sharp impact sounds echoed from Arsia’s shield.

Arcia’s defense was strong enough to block the blow of Roadmaster Blake.

Although it was only one attack and defense, I decided that it was enough to gauge the opponent’s level.

‘Is it worth it?’

Rather than worrying about Blake, I thought it was surprisingly easier.

Since the defense was successful, what follows is our attack.

However, in the ensuing situation, I was able to understand why Blake expressed that it would be difficult.



Arcia and I swallowed our breath at the same time.


The reason is that blades made of divine power formed on the floor and above our heads as we stepped on them and rushed through us.

“Grand Shield!”

I defended the floor, and Arcia defended the top.

If the grand shield was formed into a sphere, it could protect in both directions, but time was running out for the magic to fully form.

“It even uses sacred magic.”

If Man-gyeong had been able to read their information properly, we would have been a little prepared, but since he couldn’t, we were very embarrassed.

The power of sacred magic is at least circle 7.

However, I think it is against the law for a Guardian with Grandmaster level combat power to use 7th Circle level magic.

If you fail to defend and take a wrong hit, the goal is the same as in the 8th or 7th circle.


I quickly summoned Black Eagle.

Because it was necessary to put forth all of one’s power.


But is he angry because I called in an additional colleague for a 2-on-2 fight?

-Kkii Iik.

The floor opened with the two guardians saying incomprehensible words, and a pure white skeleton appeared from there.

That was a dragon soldier, famous as the gatekeeper of the dragon nest.

“Are you friends?”

Each one of them is at the level of a high-ranking knight wearing Force equipment.

At first glance, it looked like it was close to 100.


Blake, who was fighting at an invisible speed, appears and is embarrassed.

“This has crossed the line too far.”

But I wasn’t embarrassed.

If you were at the Vanguard level of an Aura Expert, not an Aura Master, there was a weapon that could be used well.


Then a perfect sphere of metal appeared above our heads.

A huge piece of metal with a diameter of 100 meters.

“Get rid of the mercenary disease.”

Then I gave a command to the air.

That bead soon.

-Quaaang! bang! bang! Quang!

The shelling began.

It was one of the two summoned sky fortresses (Icarus and Aegis) left behind by Archduke Lucas, and a defense-specialized sky fortress obtained by achieving the 8th circle.

The reason I summoned Aegis over the attack-only Icarus was simply because it was small in size.

Still, it’s a defense specialty, as the saying goes, and a sky fortress is a sky fortress.

That offensive power should not be ignored.

Aigis’ bombardment did not cause any damage to the Guardians, but it was very effective against the Dragon Soldiers.

‘There are certainly many great things about the Mythical Age, but it shows that Archduke Lucas was not a great man who dominated an era for nothing.’

We took advantage of the Guardians’ attention being focused on Aigis and attempted an attack.

* * *

The battle did not last more than an hour.

The result was a surprisingly bland victory for us compared to our initial strength.

This ending was possible because the Dragon Soldiers were pushed back by the Sky Fortress and were unable to use much power, and the Guardians’ aggro continued to go towards Aigis as she went on a rampage.

Thanks to Aigis, the battle became easier for us, and although there were a few challenges, we overcame them well and achieved victory.

“Bringing those two people was the right answer. I was dissatisfied that the second room was so easy that we ended up sharing the treasure without much trouble. “That complaint just sunk in.”

Blake struggled until the very end.

It seems that the difference in properties could not be ignored.

Still, if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have even dreamed of winning against a dragon-level guardian.

They say that they were able to win thanks to me, but the person with the highest level of expertise was Blake, the discoverer of these ruins and the person with the strongest military power.

“By the way, Manuel is also great. “I can’t believe they made something like that.”

This was my first time using Aigis in combat, and I could see that it was not called a defensive sky fortress for nothing.

Although the Guardians attacked Aigis several times, the mission was completed without significant damage.

Considering that a typical sky fortress would fall helplessly to the Grandmaster’s sword, it was a huge difference.

“Now it’s time for compensation.”

We gathered together the destroyed Guardian’s fuselage, their clothing and equipment, and valuables found after searching the third room.

“First of all, let’s keep the guardians’ belongings belonging to the guys they dealt with.”


I was able to rescue the Holy Sword and Robe from the Guardian. The Robe became a rag, but it had its own restoration function and quickly regained its original form.

The robe was made from a mixture of white dragon leather and mithril thread, using the expensive Orichalcon as its core.

It was an item at the level of an imperial national treasure.

But the biggest income was the holy sword.

The holy sword, which can emit energy like force equipment, was a weapon that was superior to the force sword and a treasure that had no substitute.

“Can a dark elf use a holy sword?”

“It doesn’t matter as long as you hold it in your hand.”

Blake stroked the holy sword he had acquired as if he were proud.

The only problem is that every time he touches it, there is a faint smell of burning meat.

Without an aura on his hand, the holy sword was no different from a cursed item that would continuously cause damage to him.


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