My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 172

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Episode 172: Dream in the game becomes reality

41. King Kong’s Travels (3)

“By the way, when are you going to hold the ceremony?”

Emperor Michael still respects me even though his country has become an empire.

At his question, I looked at Arcia, who was already being treated like a queen next to me.

“The war is over, there is no need to drag it on any longer. “We will quickly prepare and hold the ceremony within this month.”

Arcia nodded loudly as if she wasn’t dissatisfied with what I said, and the people around her also smiled and said they were congratulating her.

“However, I need to calm down the chaos as much as possible before the wedding.”

The VIPs, who were pretending not to have heard the screams and shouts coming from outside the castle, looked awkward at my words.

The biggest problem is the mistaken perception of the people of the Croisen Empire toward Reinharts.

First of all, there is a need to correct incorrect cultural and historical views based on facts and reveal the past history that the empire has concealed and denied to confirm how narrow-minded they have been in their actions.

But there is no way to get through to them with words.

If we had been able to understand each other through dialogue like philanthropist Taylor, the rift between the people of both countries would not have deepened so much.

It would be easier to think of it as just dealing with brainwashed people.

Therefore, the process has no choice but to be radical and coercive, and the people of the Croesian Empire will feel great pain.

‘Of course, torture or murder should not be added to that pain.’

If you kill or torture someone just because you don’t like them, you can only instill strange beliefs in them.

Why isn’t there such a thing?

It’s scary when ignorant people have beliefs.

There is no answer if the people of the Croesian Empire ignite resistance by insisting that they stick to their beliefs.

I have no intention of turning them into fighters for justice.

Even if it is selfish and coercive, we must first break the entrenched way of thinking of the people of the Creusen Empire.

“I think the principality will be noisy for a while. “Please understand.”

Emperor Michael narrowed his eyes and responded to my words as if there was no problem.

“The duchy belongs to Prince Lawrence. And I am always a supporter of King Kong’s actions. So please be thorough. “If King Kong converts the people of the Croisen Empire, he will have it applied to other territories in the empire as well.”

“Thank you for your trust.”

“Haha, if you don’t trust Prince Lawrence, who will you trust?”

Magic Century September 15, 2020.

This is how I became the master of the principality.

* * *

The coronation day of Prince Adrian L. Laurence.

The citizens who had gathered in Crimson City Square, which became the capital of the principality, to protest against Adrian’s accession to the throne, were quickly dispersed under the shouts of vanguards, knights, and soldiers.

As a result, about 500 people were arrested on the spot and imprisoned in detention centers, and about 2,000 residents suffered major and minor injuries during the dispersal process.

However, the surprising situation was that although there were some injuries, there were no deaths, and the royal family took steps to ensure that injured residents could receive free treatment at the temple by paying medical expenses.

However, there was no one in the Croesian Empire who would appreciate this.

To them, Adrian was an invader, and this was an undeniable fact.

In the first place, Adrian had no intention of being thanked by them.

This was clearly revealed in Adrian’s subsequent actions.

[Implementation of resident registration in the Duchy of Lawrence]

– We are conducting resident registration in the Duchy of Lawrence for citizens of the former Croisen Empire.

-Housing and land or settlement costs are provided to registered residents by household.

-Food ingredients and daily necessities are provided free of charge for one year to registered residents.

-Residents registered as residents are exempt from income tax for one year.

– Citizens of the former empire who have not registered as residents cannot reside in major cities of the principality.

-One week from now, citizens of the former empire who have not registered as residents will be expelled from major cities.

-Resident registration can be done freely both online and offline, and if you interfere with the resident registration process, you can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

The notice was posted throughout the Duchy of Lawrence and aired on television at certain times.

“What kind of bullshit is this?”

“This is my home and hometown, and you’re kicking me out?”

“What right do they have!?”

But the problem did not end there.

[As of this time, the royal family is seizing all bank accounts and deposits belonging to the Duchy of Lawrence.]

[As of now, all real estate belonging to the Duchy of Lawrence is being seized by the royal family.]

[Real estate and deposits will be redistributed only to those registered as residents in the Duchy of Lawrence.]

Resident registration was just the beginning.

“Holy shit! “Did this mean that if you register as a resident, you will receive housing, land, and settlement costs!?”

Naturally, the people of the Croesian Empire belonging to the principality were angry and cried out for anti-Rheinharts and anti-Lawrence every day.

However, the atmosphere changed a little when Adrian, the King of Balls, appeared on the broadcast and directly revealed what many people were curious about.

[Many Croesian Empire citizens are in shock at His Majesty King Lawrence’s violent attack. What right do you have to do this?]

[What right do you have to do this? Have you ever seen such a stupid question?]

The broadcast was conducted in a discussion format.

There was only one person, Adrian, who answered, but there were five people who asked questions.

And the questioners were the intellectual class of the old Croisen Empire.

[Of course, it is the right of the conqueror and owner of the country. I must be mistaken, but don’t you think your country is the Republic of Prius? Both the Croesian Empire and our principality are ultimately feudal countries. The people have a duty to serve the leader, and allowing the people’s property is also at the leader’s discretion.]

[We are victims of the illegal invasion of the Kingdom of Reinharts. Do you think you can rule us if you act so forcefully?]

[If I don’t force you, will I follow you? It’s really interesting to see what the Croesian Empire people say. Don’t you think they are foolish as they see nationalism needlessly growing in a feudalistic country? Moreover, that nationalism exists not for the improvement of life or criticism of the political system, but for slander and chauvinism toward neighboring countries.]

[I don’t think the question was answered?]

[Well, that’s good. You said it was an illegal invasion, but at the time, the Croesen Empire was preparing a large-scale war against our kingdom. Doesn’t that contradict the statement that we should have waited until the Croesian Empire invaded? Their invasion is justified and our invasion is illegal?]


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[Isn’t that Reinhart’s one-sided claim?]

[You just don’t know, all countries know. Instead of doing that, look for overseas news now. And are you saying that not only this time, but also the fact that they invaded our country frequently in the past is something that has never happened? I tell you clearly, we overthrew the Croesian Empire for our survival and for our future. It was a historic victory over the villain.]

An overbearing attitude that does not respect the other person.

Adrian’s story became a dagger and struck the hearts of the people of the Croisen Empire.

[Honestly, I could kill you all. After all, I am the king, and you are citizens of a defeated country, and also commoners, the lowest class. Let’s not forget that the Croesian Empire took over other countries’ territories and enslaved their people. Do you really want me to act like an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth?]

[Are you threatening us now?]

I couldn’t help but sigh as I watched the intellectuals, who were supposed to show the mettle of the people of the Croesian Empire by pushing back against the invader’s king, stuttering as they were completely overwhelmed.

[You dare attack the king, but you’re not prepared to do that?]

[We, the people of the Croisen Empire, will not give in to threats.]

[You must continue to carry out that will. Now, let me ask the people beyond the video. Why are we so proud of the Croesian Empire, which has almost no welfare benefits, low wages, and high taxes? Is the country big? Are you satisfied with the situation where the thieves who eat the rust of the country and territory are sticking a straw in your back, and all you can do is curse at the neighboring countries?]

The people of the empire all frowned at Adrian’s outspoken remarks.

[Follow me. Then, I will make you live twice as well as you do now. tax? Income tax, consumption tax, etc. combined will never exceed 40% of wages. welfare? If you are curious, find out the benefits enjoyed by the former Territory of the Duchy of Lawrence.]

[wait a minute! Your Majesty!]

[Do not be swayed by the instigation of those around you like a brainwashed person, but rather consider calmly what the benefit is. And look at information from other countries to realize the truth and correct your wrong way of thinking.]

With those last words, Adrian left the stage with an annoyed expression on his face.

Afterwards, a person named Jae-sang went on stage to answer questions on Adrian’s behalf, but the excitement was not felt like before.

It was very businesslike and just cold.

The reactions of the people of the Croisen Empire who saw the video were divided into two.

“Is that bastard ignoring us now?”

With people who go through brain filters and see only what they want to see and hear only what they want to hear.

“Fu, it’s not classy. “He is indeed the second son of a lord of the outskirts.”

“But how did you go from being the second son of a lord in the outskirts to becoming the King of the Dukes?”

People who criticize Adrian on the outside but are also interested in his remarks.

Of course, among those who were interested, only a few people truly felt anything about Adrian’s story, and most of them were just people who were sold on the promise of making their lives twice as rich.

[Our principality will respect and preserve the culture and history of the Croesian Empire. After registering as a resident, it is of course recognized that the resident refers to himself as a Croesian ethnic group. However, we will take firm action against those who defy the rules of the principality and undermine the rule of law.]

And surprisingly, there were many people who were shaken by the Prime Minister’s last remarks.

* * *

“What is the status of resident registration?”

In response to my question, the Duke’s chancellor, the Marquis Harris Walker, operated the terminal.

“Today, on the 7th day, 21% of the Croesian people were registered as residents.”

There was really no chaos during the week when resident registration was in progress.

Demonstrations and instigation continued by anti-Lawrence faction members who appeared here and there, and radical acts such as attacking or attempting to assassinate key figures belonging to the Principality of Lawrence occurred frequently.

Some of his subordinates died in the process, and many others suffered serious injuries.

Although they may look like independence activists based on their actions, they can never be noble independence activists.

That’s because the slogan of their movement was not Croesian independence.

In the first place, there was no way that commoners accustomed to feudalism could take the lead in political activities.

‘Bloody revenge on the Reinharts people!’

Their purpose was nothing more or less than revenge against the Reinharts people.

So I didn’t attach much importance to their actions.

“21% is more than I thought.”

“But will this be the punishment for sinners? There is also an internal response that the punishment is too weak. In particular, I find it a bit… .”

“You must not kill. Anyone who dies here is considered a hero. “It would be better to make them do forced labor for a lifetime and pay that wage to the families of the casualties.”

The captured agitators and activists show their will to overcome any torture, but contrary to their wishes, they are left to rot for two to three years in clean prisons without torture and with three meals a day.

When those who are isolated from society are released from prison, many things will probably change in this country.

“If His Majesty the King says so… . All right.”

At that time, Count Pessius, commander of the Knights of the Guard, asked.

“But are you really planning to deport those who have not registered as residents?”

I nodded with a cool smile.

“of course. Execute as scheduled.”

“However, if a large number of people are driven out of the city and then attacked by monsters, a massacre may occur.”

“Then let’s just catch the monsters. “I can’t bear the stigma of a massacre.”

The citizens of the former Creusen Empire, who were robbed of their homes and property and driven out of the city, now become refugees.

Previously, it was easy to register as a citizen and be recognized as a public citizen, but these refugees will have to go through many processes to become a public citizen.

“You are truly merciless.”

When Marquis Walker let out a laugh, I shrugged my shoulders and asked what was the problem.

“You say you don’t want to be my people, what should I do?”

What should we do with these polarizing people?

I definitely gave them a chance, and they are the ones who denied me that chance.

‘You can’t ignore national character. History proves how narrow-minded the Croesian people become in times of emergency. Can we really work together in an emergency situation?’

Adrian was confident that something quite interesting would happen.

And the next day.

[Forced eviction of residents who are not registered as residents has begun.]

The deportation of non-citizens began as scheduled.

To the people of the Croesian Empire, I was imprinted not only as an enemy, but also as a thief and a truly terrifying being.


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