My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 171

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Episode 171: Dream in the game becomes reality

41. King Kong’s Travels (2)

The level limit for Chronicle Online, the virtual reality game where Giyeon is sleeping, is 300, and it usually takes about a year to a year and a half to reach the maximum level in this game.

As it is a game that has been open for 10 years, there are a lot of old people and people who belong to organizations.

If those people were to develop a new character, it would take a year.

This means that if you are a beginner, it will take a year and a half.

However, since I have acquired the skill, I keep my distance from people as much as possible and play with caution, so the period of time to raise the level to full level was bound to increase, so I guessed it to be two to two and a half years.

My current level after playing for about 1 year and 5 months is 265.

The pace is much faster than initially expected.

This pace is possible because Priest Bug joins the party and monopolizes efficient hunting grounds by purchasing them with money.

“Until now, we have decided that it is enough to grow steadily and safely, even if slowly. “Because Kiyeon won’t run away anyway.”

“But now you’ve decided that you need to increase your speed, even if it means pushing yourself a bit.”


I talked to Arcia and looked at the people lined up in a row.

20 game users of different occupations, including swordsman, wizard, archer, spearman, martial artist, thief, assassin, scout, paladin, monk, druid, elementalist, tamer, enchanter, warlock, etc.

Their levels varied from 270 to 285.

Today, I plan to join forces with them to form a party that can achieve optimal efficiency.

The reason I never tried to get involved with other people until now was so that my differences from the general public would not be known.

Isn’t a user who moans in pain every time he or she is hit by a supporter who looks like a human being not only strange but bizarre?

“You probably know how to play the game, right?”

“yes! That’s right!”


But the reason I can now think about forming a party with others is because I have people under my control who will protect my secrets better than anyone else.


Their true identities were Blue Moon agents.

The number of agents in Blue Moon who knew about me was only 25, including special agents and top-level managers. Of those 25, 20, excluding the 5 who I really could not spare time for, were selected.

All of their characters were purchased with money, and the items were set to the highest level.

“Then let’s go to Jeongseokdae first. “We’ll add an archer and a thief to our five-person party.”

If all 20 people are used, the hunting speed will increase, but it is difficult to say that this is good efficiency.

Currently, Arcia and I are the only combat agents among the 3-person party, but our hunting speed and growth speed are almost comparable to that of a 5-person party.

As the number of people in the party increases, it is natural that the experience point acquisition rate per person decreases, and the hunting speed must improve by the amount of experience lost.

However, what is the point of adding more party members if the efficiency compared to time is rather low?

It’s right to just keep going.

Therefore, the process of putting your hands and feet together and trying out various combinations was essential.

‘If you add other combatants, the fighting styles will inevitably change.’

Only Arcia and I can take on the challenge of hunting named monsters, which is one of the Quest tasks.

If you become accustomed to fighting with the help of many people, your skills will not improve, and in the worst case, your senses may decline.

Since the combat experience in the game carries over to actual combat, I did not want to use this method.

However, the mysterious attack on the Hollywood system gave me a sense of crisis, enough to make me think that I should quickly raise my level even at the cost of these shortcomings.

“It’s very inconvenient to have a melee dealer involved in the battle.”

“However, the amount of damage is definitely different.”

“Still, if you consider the experience acquisition rate per hour, it is much lower.”

“Isn’t it simply because my hands and feet don’t fit together?”

“It’s one thing that our hands and feet don’t work together, but I think the main thing is that our control ability in the game is not good enough to keep up with us.”

What I felt during the first 5-person party combination was that if someone else got in between me and Arcia, who were used to 2-person battles, the pace would actually slow down.

“Combination is good, but I think it’s important to choose a profession that doesn’t affect our pace.”

Why did Bug choose Priest?

No matter how important the combination is, I was able to feel once again that since Arsia and I were outside the rules, not breaking the existing pace was the top priority.

“Then, let’s try again with the Spirit Love Enchanter.”

So this time, unlike the Priest, I chose an Enchanter who specializes in buffs and an Elementalist who is a stake dealer who does not cause damage to allies.

“This is okay.”

As expected, this method seems to be the correct answer.

A combination that allows you to stick to the existing method.

The ambiguous combination of swordsman, wizard, elementalist, priest, and enchanter actually showed higher efficiency than the standard combination.

The experience acquisition rate per hour is about 10% higher than before.

This alone cannot be ignored, but considering that the party is not yet in sync, there is a good chance that efficiency will increase further.

“Keep this for now.”

Since then, we have tried many combinations.

The combination of Elementalist + Assassin was not bad for extreme damage, and the combination of 3 wizards plus Warlock + Wizard was surprisingly good.

However, in the end, we decided that a 5-person party including a spiritist and an enchanter was the most stable and had the greatest potential for growth.

“However, we need to change the player. “I think it would be better for Sir Gregory and Sir Auguste to be in charge of the Enchanter and Spiritist, respectively.”

“I will do my best to be of help to my lord.”

As I played with many people, I could clearly see differences in each person’s sense of the game, let alone their understanding of the game.

So, I added Gregory, who properly controlled the assassin, and Auguste, who was a warlock and showed obsessional control that bordered on insanity, to the party.

As expected, the special agents were different even in the game.

“Now then, let’s form a party of 10.”

If a 10-person party is less efficient than a 5-person party, I plan to just continue hunting with a 5-person party.

However, it is necessary to form a party of 10, because you will be able to participate in something called a ‘group quest’.


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These group quests were like daily quests and were a major means of earning experience points that greatly helped users grow.

In addition to group quests, there are many events such as special dungeons that can only be completed in a party of 10.

We tried various combinations for a while and finally came up with the result.

“There is an answer.”

“The synergy is best when a five-person party is composed of two.”

“that’s right.”

I spent 3 days just looking for a party combination.

The final conclusion was that it would be difficult for 10 people to fight together all the time, and the efficiency was low, so the existing 5-person party was the main force, and an additional 5-person party was created to cooperate and use it for group quests and events. I decided to do it.

That’s how the party composition was completed.

[Main Party]

-Personnel: Me, Arcia, Berg, Gregory, Auguste

– Occupation: Wizard, Swordsman, Priest, Enchanter, Elementalist

[Sub Party]

-Personnel: Busk, Owen, Helen, Iena, Enty

-Classes: Monk, Wizard, Warlock, Assassin, Priest

Except for one manager named Enty, all members of the subparty are special agents.

In other words, 6 out of 8 Blue Moon special agents were mobilized to Chronicle Online.

Although some missions will be disrupted for a while by bringing in a large number of Blue Moon’s assassins, they decided to employ people with the mindset that it would not matter if losses were incurred for the rest of the business as long as they collected information properly.

This means that this work has become more important to me.

“Sub-party members must continue to play and get a feel for it. “You understand, right?”


I gave this plan a plausible operation name, ‘Level Booster.’

The goal was to reduce the scheduled time by nearly half.

There are 35 levels remaining until the maximum level of 300.

If all goes as planned, reaching max level, which we thought would take about 200 days, will be narrowed down to about 100 days.

* * *

You can’t fill up after the first drink.

I know it well.

Still, the effect was clear.

This is because the level-up speed, which normally progressed to level 1 in 6 days, has been narrowed to about 1 in 4.5 days.

‘Ahm, this is what must be achieved in return for reducing Blue Moon’s ability to handle tasks.’

Even though the Blue Moon agents are still stuttering, at this level, if you raise your skill level little by little, you will be able to level up 1 level in 3 days.

Thanks to this, I was able to shake off some of my discomfort.

I don’t know what the black masked group is doing, but I won’t be harmed by them.

“It would be better if there were no connection time restrictions.”

Chronicle Online cannot be played for more than 10 hours.

If you log in any longer, you will be forced to log out, so you have no choice but to take a break offline.

I would like to relieve that limitation by purchasing a game company, but there is nothing I can do about it.

It was a restriction imposed by the Hollywood system to prevent people from confusing reality and virtuality.

Of course, it wasn’t a bad rule because the restrictions allowed us to see real-life work.


“it’s nothing.”

Although opportunity is important, there are some things that cannot be left out in reality.

That’s what I’m doing today.

“Congratulations. Your Majesty the King. In just one and a half years, you went from being a self-author to becoming a king. “You are amazing.”

“It’s really amazing!”

-Clap clap!

An important event that cannot be missed is the coronation ceremony.


In the eyes of others, this time when I was complaining and complaining about the time spent playing the game was the moment when the most important coronation ceremony was being held.

The person who sent me a congratulatory message was the President of the Republic of Prius, who had also attended the previous victory ceremony, and the woman with a bright smile clapping as if it were her own business was Queen Sia Lin of the Kingdom of Roberto.

“Haha, thank you.”

The northern region of the former Croyssen Empire, which has become the Duchy of Lawrence as of today.

I was crowned amidst the congratulations of countless people at the lordly castle of the Crimson Duchy, the center of the northern region.

The event was held in a grand manner, as if showing off my wealth, and major figures from each country, including the Emperor of the Reinharts Empire, attended.

But the expression on my face didn’t really straighten.

The reason is not because of the game.


“Damn Reinharts bastards!”

“The demon who killed His Highness the Duke of Crimson has the audacity to hold a coronation ceremony here!”


This was because of the loud boos that echoed outside the Yeongju Castle.

Well, I understand.

Although I asked Emperor Michael for the northern lands of the Croesian Empire, the prince of those northern lands was the Grand Master, Duke Crimson.

They are a people who already hate Reinharts, but they couldn’t help but be angry when a coronation ceremony was held for a person who was no different from their enemy than their enemy.

“You must be having a hard time.”

“That’s right.”

I shrugged my shoulders at the words of the President of Israel.

“Uh, what should I do?”

At that time, Pessius, who passed on the intelligence department to his son and became the head of the duchy’s guard knights and new count, asked.

I spoke simply, without thinking too much.

“Disband them and catch the instigators.”

“yes? “Then there will be more chaos.”

“Otherwise you won’t make a fuss?”

They seem to have lost their reason in anger, but this country is a feudal country.

You have to use that system thoroughly.

“I obey your orders.”

Pessius paused for a moment, perhaps not thinking that I would give such an order, but then obediently bowed his head.

I think there is nothing we can do about it right now.

Because it is impossible to understand each other.

But after about a year, they will be able to feel the difference.

‘Oh, the Croesen Empire was such a shitty country.’


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