My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 170

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Episode 170: A chance in a game turns into reality

41. King Kong’s Travels (1)

Benjamin quickly searched the phone book on his smartphone.

And I called my younger brother, the only family member I had seen in my dreams.

His brother in Singapore probably just thought he was dead.

-Tou. Too.

The signal goes.

Benjamin’s expression was filled with joy, and after a while.


The phone was connected.

The voice of my family that I wanted to hear so much.

Benjamin, overcome with emotion, called his sister’s name in a half-crying voice.

“Amy! I’m alive! Me now!”

but… … .


The phone call ended shortly after.

“what! how!”


Benjamin slammed the desk he was sitting on and looked at his smartphone.

Then, I saw the communication signal antennas at the top of the screen decreasing one by one.

And not long after.

[No signal is detected.]

returned to its original state.

“Damn it!”

It’s not like I’m making a fuss, but it’s tantalizing. What kind of situation is this?

It is questionable whether the words he shouted that he was alive were actually conveyed to his younger brother.

Benjamin moved around the room with his smartphone, trying to catch a signal, but he couldn’t get it either.

Benjamin grunted for a while and pulled out his hair.

Just like that, 1 minute passed, 5 minutes passed, and 30 minutes passed.

My smartphone still couldn’t pick up a communication signal, but as time went by, my heated head cooled down and I gradually regained my senses.

“How did you get the signal?”

This is a situation that makes no sense in common sense.

This is a different world.

Moreover, in order for the SIM card inserted into his smartphone to function properly, doesn’t it have to catch the signal from the carrier he was originally using?

If roaming was done automatically by picking up a communication signal from a country other than Singapore, it would be normal if at least an information message was displayed… … .

“No, that’s not what’s important right now.”

There’s no way that something that happened once won’t happen twice.

He is in a position where he cannot provide any interpretation for this abnormal phenomenon, but the story may be different if it is Adrian, the owner of this castle and an archmage with knowledge of the Earth.

Benjamin decided that he should report this quickly.

* * *

I only provide the broad framework for managing the territory and leave the detailed management to professional staff.

The members of the administration of the Duchy of Lawrence were all very capable and passionate, as I used my magnificence to select only those with ‘higher level talent and integrity.’

Of course, I plan to take them all to the principality.

As my territory became Arsia’s, I had to select additional administrative personnel for the Dukedom of Klein, but now that prominent administrators were clamoring to come on their own, it was not very difficult to expand the number of personnel.

When I become king in the principality, it will be none other than Arcia who will occupy the highest noble position in the Reinharts Empire.

This means that it is a position where talent will flow in from all over.



‘Viscount Harry Walker’, Vice Lord of the former Duchy of Lawrence, is the most important person among the administrative vassals who will be heading to the Duchy with me.

Recently, he had been very busy with the handover work, and when Viscount Walker saw me suddenly barging into his office to congratulate him, he expressed his doubts with an anxious expression.

“I will bestow upon Viscount Harry Walker the title of Marquess of the Duchy of Lawrence and the Old Marquis of Peria, and appoint him as Chancellor of the Duchy.”

Although it was a temporary position as I had not yet officially ascended to the throne, Viscount Walker sighed rather than being happy when he saw me promising the best treatment.

“You are planning to stop me and kill me.”

“You said you wanted to do something big, right? “The title of marquis in the principality is recognized as the title of marquis within the Reinharts Empire?”

The title ‘King of the Ball’ is not for nothing.

First of all, a duke can also be granted the title of viscount or baronet.

The title of Viscount Walker was also given to me.

However, the only thing the Duke can give is the title of Grand Victory.

The power to appoint lords is the sole authority of the king.

However, the ‘Gongwang’ is granted the authority to appoint lords.

Usually, he is referred to as a half-nobleman, referring to his rank as a single monk, but this means that he is now a lord with a full-fledged estate.

“When His Highness gives you a high position, it means that he will treat you well. It’s very difficult for me. “Can’t you see any gray hairs growing here?”

“Isn’t it gray? Recovery.”

I used the 7th circle recovery spell on him.

This will probably relieve some of your fatigue.

“If I had known it was going to be like this, I wouldn’t have followed His Highness. When I go to the principality, I’m sure you’ll leave almost all state affairs to me, right? Honestly, I really want to retire.”

The first place I met him was at the Kingdom’s Noble Audit Office.

Since I didn’t even have a title yet, the promise I made to him was just words, but now I can show it in action.


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Viscount Walker, whose life was mired in boredom, was promised enough rewarding work and wealth and power as compensation for it, so it is unacceptable to throw him out now.

It makes no sense to retire when you are still young.

“It is a natural responsibility of an employer to take care of employees’ work-life balance. great. We will hire as many people as the Prime Minister wants. And I’ll skip overtime work as well.”

He scratched his cheek at my words.

The word was a suggestion, but it was almost like coercion.

Viscount Walker still looks dissatisfied, but he knows he cannot refuse my offer.

His answer is fixed.

“Is that true?”


“Huh, I understand.”

If King Sejong had a minister named Hwang Hee, I have Viscount Walker.

I had no intention of letting him go easily.

If that one person suffers, the whole people and the ministers will be at ease, but it would be easier to just think that this life was a mistake.

“You know I like it a lot, right? “You mean Viscount Walker was the first to use the one and only two rights to appoint a marquess?”

The King cannot grant a dukedom using the same title of ‘His Majesty’ as himself, but he can grant a marquess and a count.

The title of marquess is 2, and the title of earldom is 10.

The viscountcy and baronetcy can be granted as many times as desired.

This title is also used in the mainland of the Reinharts Empire.

Even though he became a marquis of the empire, his complexion was dark.

It seems like he is worried about what will happen in the future.

I patted his shoulder and expressed my intimacy.

‘I feel like I have a bad boss.’

While I was having various conversations with Viscount Walker about the future.

“Your Majesty the Archduke!”

It wasn’t a very pleasant relationship for me, but Benjamin Theo, whom I had no choice but to bring with me, appeared.

It was rare to see him making a fuss as he lived like he was living a lifeless life, so naturally I had to tilt my head.

“Well, I just picked up a smartphone signal in my room. And, although it was only for a moment, I also spoke on the phone with my brother who was on Earth.”

However, I had to open my eyes wide as I heard Benjamin’s story that followed.

What he said was so nonsensical that I couldn’t understand it.

“I’m sorry. Viscount Walker. “The conversation ends here.”

“all right.”

Viscount Walker nodded as if he was used to it, and I dragged Benjamin to my office as if kidnapping him.

Vice Lord Viscount Walker’s office and mine were in the same location, only on different floors, and I flew upstairs through the window rather than using the stairs.

“Give me your smartphone.”

When I arrived at the office, I was handed a smartphone.

When I looked at the call list, there was a record of a 3-second connection with a woman named Amy from about 30 minutes ago.

“And time has also been fixed.”

“Oh, I see.”

In addition, the time of smartphones had gone back in time.

Benjamin arrived here on December 20, 2022 on Earth.

After staying here for three months, the date on my smartphone showed March 18, 2023.

However, as the communication was connected, the date on the smartphone was changed to Earth time, indicating December 29, 2022.

Although it has been 3 months (about 90 days) since Benjamin came here, the time on the smartphone shows that only 9 days have passed.

As if to prove that the guess that the time difference between Earth and Rondel was 10:1 was correct… … .

In other words, although I have been reincarnated and lived for 21 years, only about 2 years have passed on Earth.

‘Why? ‘How can this happen?’

The Earth that Archduke Lucas so desperately wanted to return to.

However, even after decades of research, the answer could not be found, and only after death could the soul return to its hometown.

‘But it means that the two worlds have just been connected.’

How could something so difficult happen without warning like this?

I didn’t understand.

If this abnormal phenomenon had occurred during the reign of Archduke Lucas, wouldn’t he have been able to return to his hometown easily?

‘Is something happening?’

Suddenly, Benjamin, who had fallen into the water on Earth, came to Rondel, and a communication signal was connected between Rondel and Earth.

It was a series of incidents that could not be taken lightly.

“If I send a text message in advance, I’ll go right away when the signal is connected, right?”


Benjamin and I decided to send a text message to our family back on Earth.

In my case, unlike him, I would have already paid all the mourning on Earth, but I was so curious about whether my parents were still alive that I pretended to be crazy and sent an international text message.

[Mom, this is Mingi.]

If the signal is detected again at some point, wouldn’t a text message be sent?

Even as I was writing the text, my mind was extremely complicated.

‘Maybe someone else came over?’

The two worlds are truly connected, or if so, it is a speculation that cannot be completely ruled out.

I guess I’ll have to order Blue Moon to investigate.

“How can this happen?”

“I can’t decide anything right now. “I’ll have to investigate.”

“Okay… … “Is it?”

“I’ll make you a charger so your smartphone can always be turned on. Please keep a close eye on us and let us know as soon as the signal is connected.”

“all right.”

* * *

After that, the smartphone communication was never reconnected.

There was even no news of strangers speaking strange languages.

I couldn’t understand this situation so much that I discussed it with Chester, the manager of the Korea Foundation, and he told me something completely unexpected.

“Should I see this as just a coincidence?” … .”


“In fact, Hollywood Management Terminal Unit 2 was attacked around the same time that the smartphone signal was connected.”

At the same time, Chester displayed a holographic image.

The video showed a battle between masked intruders and the management system’s spider golems, similar to the one that attacked Hollywood Management Terminal Unit 1.

As with Unit 1, when the situation became unfavorable, Unit 2 self-destructed, and as a result, the administrator authority of the Hollywood system is said to have been transferred to Unit 3.

“I’m glad there was no system down this time… … .”

“This is news that does not give us any peace of mind.”

“But is it my mistake to think that their goal is destruction rather than takeover?”

“I feel the same way. “Given the fact that no preparations were made even after experiencing a self-destruction, it is highly likely that the original purpose was destruction.”

Although there are still many spare aircraft left, if they continue to be destroyed one by one, the Hollywood system itself may eventually disappear.

As Archduke Lucas’s talent existed based on the Hollywood system, the collapse of the Hollywood system meant the collapse of his talent.

I guess I’ll have to keep creating offline materials just in case.

“You can’t even guess the identity of the enemies?”

“That’s right. “If we investigated the destroyed area, we might find out something, but we didn’t approach it for fear of getting caught.”

The enemies seem to include both Aura Masters and Archmages.

This means that it is not a general force.

Also, it is questionable how to find the hidden Hollywood system terminal.

“I don’t think it has anything to do with Earth.”

“The timing is perfect.”

Chester and I racked our brains together, but we couldn’t come up with any specific countermeasures.

The good news is that it took quite a long time for Unit 1 to be hit by Unit 2?

The Hollywood system has a total of 21 management terminals, which means there is plenty of time.

What choices can I make in this situation… … .

“I need to speed up my level-up as much as possible.”

It was a matter of fully absorbing the opportunity as quickly as possible.


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