My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 17

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Episode 17: Dream in the game becomes reality

6. Opening War (1)

There was one more watcher planted by Cedric.

However, he was a person who would not be persuaded by appeasement or threats.

So Adrian made a crime against him and threw him into prison like Dalton.

The charge is simple yet serious: spying.

He was spying on Adrian through Cedric, but Adrian took advantage of the wartime situation to accuse him of being an enemy spy who was spying on the commander to obtain information.

Thanks to this, the second watchman, who could not prove his innocence, was dragged helplessly to prison.

Naturally, this made Cedric very angry.

However, what was different from usual was that as Berto’s report continued, the arrow of anger was directed not at Adrian but at the incompetent subordinate.

[Lord Metz forcibly hid in Brigadier Adrian’s room and was caught red-handed. As a result, Brigadier Adrian’s nerves became very sharp, and surveillance became more restricted.]


This time, his father, Viscount Lawrence, strongly instructed him to stop monitoring and threatening Adrian.

His mother Anna reluctantly complied with his request, but Cedric could not.

However, due to this incident, Adrian directly requested that Viscount Laurence recruit more knights, and as a result, Cedric was taken to the office and had to be scolded by his father, who was aware of the situation.

“I don’t feel like it, but I have no choice. Sir Berto take care of Adrian until his father’s anger subsides.”

Thanks to this, Adrian’s whereabouts were not easily reported to the Yeongju Castle.

* * *

I consistently recruited people with high potential.

As a result, now, one month after being deployed to the front line, a total of 20 people are devoting themselves to training and academics to develop their talents.

The management of the facility, named ‘Injaewon’, has been entrusted to Eric Jones, a former bugler with specialized talents in politics and administration, and his teacher, a half-elf who was a former administrator of the Elysian Alliance.

I don’t know if it’s because I carefully screen out people who might cause problems, or because my pay is generous, but so far, there haven’t been any problems with either the students or the teachers.

‘I can’t be the only one playing around while my future henchmen are working hard like this.’

I put a lot of time and passion into Chronicle Online to fix the problem.

That’s how level 159 was created.

Now, if I raise just one more level, I can become a 6th circle wizard.

Circle 6 is a field of talent that only a select few among wizards can achieve.

Since it is a position that is highly regarded in the country to the point where it is given the title of baronet, which can be inherited, and granted fiefdoms, the feeling will be different from when you achieve the 5th circle.

but… … .

[Message has arrived.]

I realized once again that things in the world don’t always go as planned.

[Brigade Commander, an emergency has occurred. The division commander ordered an immediate convocation.]

The place I am currently in is the front line.

What kind of emergency could happen in a place like this?

It’s a military conflict.

When I was called by the division commander, I quickly ended the game and left the room. I saw Adjutant Haman running towards me in a huff and asked.

“Is there a problem?”

“It is said that the Croesian Empire’s sky fortress has crossed the border! “I don’t even know the exact size!”

The forward deployment of the Sky Fortress is tantamount to announcing the start of war.

‘Is the peace so far just the calm before the storm?’

Frowning, I headed to the division headquarters with my adjutant.

And after arriving at the division commander’s office, he instructed Arcia to wait outside for a while.

All commanders in the division will be attending, so it would be better not to do anything that could cause criticism.

“The commander of the 2nd Brigade is also here. Then let’s start the meeting right away. “Everyone, please take your seats.”

More than 20 people, including commanders, adjutants, and staff members of each combat unit, were gathered in the division commander’s office.

The composition of the 2nd Corps, 3rd Division is as follows.

1st to 3rd Independent Brigade (Viscount Resty, Viscount Lawrence, Baron Arden)

-Vanguard 13, Knight 130, Soldier 3,000

1st~3rd Combat Regiment (Count Otis)

-Vanguard 15, Knight 50, Soldier 2,000

1st Support Battalion (National Magic Tower, Rondel Temple)

-Wizard 30, Priest 30

In addition, there are engineer battalions and medical battalions, but there are seven units directly involved in combat.

“As I received, the Croesian Empire’s army has moved. “Currently, the front line is concentrated in the center, and a battle has begun between the sky fortresses.”

Thanks to the fact that the front lines are not spread out too widely, you can take your time.

Otherwise, the dispatch order would have been issued immediately.

“First of all, the local army has been ordered to standby at the current location, but please place the troops on the floating train so that they can be mobilized at any time. “You will have to rest and eat for a while on the train.”

The transportation equipment in this world is so advanced that you can support troops to the front line within a few minutes if you put your mind to it.

Therefore, it was important to be ready for battle at any time, even while on the move.

“As of this time, interference with spatial coordinates has begun across the entire front line bordering the Croesen Empire. Don’t even dream of teleportation unless you want to commit suicide.”

And the Count looked at me and said:

“We will cut off all personal communications except for commanders of regiment commanders or higher, so communicate within the unit using radios. “Don’t be reassured that you can use the terminal, but please be careful what you do.”

I had to nod with an awkward smile.

Of course, if the communication network is cut off, it means that you cannot access the game.

The nobles’ communication networks will not be touched, but if a problem arises, investigation will be unavoidable.

The Count’s warning was clearly directed at me.

‘That doesn’t mean I won’t play the game, but… … .’

At least on the surface, he seemed to understand.


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In any case, it was clear that once an important operation began, they would not regard him as a high-ranking commander and cut off all communication.

Afterwards, the count inspected the troop operation policy and military communication system when entering the battlefield.

“Now, it’s a war! “Let’s all keep our guard up!”

Count Otis, who raises the mood in a convincing way.


The staff, including myself, responded loudly.

“Let everyone return to their proper positions.”

However, there is one fact that should not be forgotten here.

If the war had started immediately after Count Otis returned home, we would have faced this situation without a division commander.

I can’t tell you how fortunate I am that the Croesian Empire invaded so politely during the day.

* * *

[You have reached level 160.]

[The named monster Twinhead Ogre Tarjit has been defeated.]

After ignoring Count Otis’ attention, I handed over the command of the unit to my adjutant, Haman, and logged onto Chronicle Online without fail.

In the first place, I chose a capable commander to replace me and brought Haman in, so the unit will be operated without any major problems.

‘yes? Are you playing games?’

Harman added that if he, the commander, was seen enjoying the game while his subordinates were prohibited from using personal communications, it might affect their morale.

However, since games are more important to me than a national war, I completely ignored them.

I feel sorry for causing trouble to Haman, but it was a choice I had no choice but to make.

In the end, as a result of putting an iron plate on my face and immersing myself in the game in the private room of the floating train, I reached level 160, which allows me to create 6 circles, and successfully completed the defeat of the named monster.

-Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower 7th floor.

Without thinking too long about it, I immediately opened the treasure chest.

[Route 10 has been obtained.]

[The amount will be paid to the Elysia Union Bank account where the amount is stored.]

[Yonhap Bank account will be additionally registered on the terminal.]

With this, my current cash assets have reached 12.5 trillion won.

Considering that cash compensation is being inflated by about five times, won’t it be 50 trillion won next time?

50 trillion is enough to buy one of the top five companies in the Kingdom of Reinharts with cash.

Doesn’t your stomach get full just by imagining it?

I waited for a reward that would make me feel good.

[You have acquired the sub-supporter Black Eagle of the Speed ​​of Sound.]

Special rewards that are just as important as cash.

However, I had to tilt my head as I saw the eagle that appeared with a dazzling light.

The pitch black eagle looks like its shadow is floating.

If it weren’t for its soft emerald-colored eyes, it wouldn’t have looked like a living creature.

“Is it like an archer’s pet?”

There is no concept of sub-supporters in this game.

Among the pets that archers can have, there is a combat support eagle, but I looked into the information to see if it was the same concept, but there was nothing special.

The only thing he knew was that his level was 160, the same as ours, and his maximum flight speed reached the speed of sound.

‘But if it wasn’t of any help, it wouldn’t have been given.’

Anyway, Black Eagle, like Arcia, is probably a guardian created by the great wizard Archduke Lucas.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to look at information with a panoramic view in reality rather than in a game system.

[6 circles are created.]

Compared to last time I got 12 pieces of equipment as a reward, this time I only got one Black Eagle.

I quit the game as soon as the circle creation was completed, because I thought there would be an uproar if a large black eagle suddenly appeared like in Arsia.


However, even when I closed the game and looked around the room, there was no change.

So, with a feeling of uncertainty, I stepped out of the train.

“There it is.”

As I moved my gaze along Arsia’s finger pointing into the air, I saw a black shadow wandering in the sky.

-Sweet love!

“uh? Ugh! “Avoid Brigadier General!”

Soon it fell towards me on the ground with violent force.

Thanks to this, the soldiers on guard duty were frightened and pointed their guns, but they could not keep up with the shadow’s speed.

[Black Eagle at the speed of sound]

As expected, it was the sub-supporter Black Eagle that I got as a reward this time.

I patted the head of the guy who was standing quietly and stopped the soldiers.

And I looked at the information again through Mangyeong.

-Chimera made from the bones and skin of a black dragon

It has a body that is not easily damaged by Auror blades, and has a very high injury recovery ability.

Default option: hand-to-hand attack

First skill: Shared vision

Second skill: –

Third skill: –

Fourth skill: –

Approximate information on how to use it is provided.

‘Is it okay to think that additional skills will be unlocked if certain conditions are met?’

Just as Arcia is becoming stronger along with me, I think this guy is also growing as his skills are unlocked one by one according to my level.

Then, the ‘certain condition’ was most likely to be the clearing of a stage-specific quest.

‘The first skill is sharing vision.’

I don’t know what level the basic option, hand-to-hand attack, is, but sharing the line of sight will be of great help.

This is no different from acquiring a reconnaissance plane at the speed of sound.

“Brigade Commander?”

As I was only focusing on Black Eagle, I didn’t notice that soldiers and knights were flocking around me.

I cleared my throat for no reason, calmed down the people around me, held out my hand to Black Eagle, and spoke in a smoky tone.

“Do you want to come with me?”

The black eagle placed its beak on my hand as if it understood what I was saying.

In hindsight, my face turned red with regret, thinking, ‘Was it necessary to act in such a cringy way?’… … .

It is said that to the eyes of subordinates who did not understand the meaning, it looked like they were communicating.

A situation that may seem mysterious to others.

But for me, it was a dark story worth kicking.


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