My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 169

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Episode 169: Dream in the game becomes reality

40. Victory Ceremony (4)

In the current situation, I can infer three actions that Count Friedrich will show towards me.

1. Providing an apology.

Since he ruined the atmosphere of the party and continuously expressed hostile feelings towards me, the natural response would be to apologize if he had a normal way of thinking.

2. To be distraught and just attack.

It is a choice where emotions dominate reason.

Somehow, this choice suits Count Friedrich better.

3. Build a new relationship as if nothing happened.

This is the most sly behavior.

A response that only politicians who do not easily apologize can use.

It is an act of subtly trying to mend the relationship by giving off the nuance of being sorry.

Of course, number 3 doesn’t work for me.

I’m not an idle person, and I didn’t waste precious time just to engage in horseplay.

Even though I was a great noble of the Brigham Empire, I, who had become a grand duke, was not someone the earl could tell to come and go.

“He is a cocky person.”

Baron Eric, who was telling the story, added a word to the reaction of Arcia, who was quietly listening to the story next to her.

“It seemed like he had a lot on his mind during the five hours of the event. “For now, I don’t think they’ll just rush in.”

Only you know what Count Friedrich is thinking.

But personally, I think it’s easier to just jump in than do something strange.

Then wouldn’t we be able to get a beating ending?

At least this means that you can relieve stress.

“Well, you’ll find out when you meet them.”

“Shall we go together?”

In response to Arcia’s question, I shook my head and pointed to my mother and father who were staring at me from afar.

“I’m going to my parents. I’ll be right there after work.”

Arcia nodded, saying there was nothing she could do.

I followed Baron Eric alone.

While on the move, several people, including the President of Israel and Olivia the Duke of Riverdale, spoke to him, but he put off talking to them, saying he had some work to do.

Count Friedrich should know how big a deal it is to steal my time like this.

* * *

Eric did that.

It is said that Count Friedrich, who had to return to his lodgings after being kicked out by his teacher, thought about it for five hours.

After much deliberation, the result reached was this.

“sorry. “I was blinded by envy and jealousy toward His Highness the Archduke.”

No matter how simple and stupid he is, he probably understands how bad his situation is right now.

This is the most common sense response.

However, for me, who had expectations of an unexpected situation, I could not help but click my tongue.

“Oh yeah? “Then be careful from now on.”

I immediately got up from my seat with an expression that showed that my interest had cooled.

The place we encountered was a glass greenhouse sponsored by the royal castle, which was rarely visited by people.

It seemed like the perfect place for a man and a woman who had left the party to make love, so I didn’t want to stay there for long.

“It can’t go on like this.”

Then, this crazy guy suddenly tugged on the hem of my cloak.

This guy said something that would be misunderstood if someone else nearby heard it.

I frowned and asked coldly.

“Don’t hesitate, I want to say something.”

The guy looked upset at my attitude, but soon got his emotions together and brought up a topic I hadn’t thought of.

“I want you to spar with me.”


“Yes, sparring that is extremely close to real life.”

Although I certainly made a mistake, should I take this to mean that I cannot even admit that I am inferior to myself?

‘indeed… . Was it not just number 1 (apology), but number 1 (apology) plus number 2 (fight)?’

I burst out laughing.

“Well, that’s good.”

I am more comfortable this way.

“I’m busy, so I’ll give you a short time. Should I ask Duke Raphael to observe?”

“I will contact you, Master.”

“Then, ask them to come to the Guard Knights’ training hall.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

If you hide your sparring with me from your teacher and get caught, you’ll be excommunicated 100 times over, so I guess I’d rather make it known openly.

So we headed to the training hall, and Count Friedrich, who was talking on the phone with Duke Raphael, flinched greatly at his teacher’s shouting.

“I’m really sorry. “Your Majesty the Archduke.”

When I arrived at the training hall, Duke Raphael, who had arrived first and was waiting, bowed his head deeply to me.

When the coronation ceremony is held, I will be called the Duke, but since I have not yet been officially crowned as the king of the principality, everyone calls me the Grand Duke.

“Duke Raphael, you know very well how much I go along with your insistence, right?”

“of course. “I deeply apologize for this and will make sure to compensate you.”

He looked at his student as if he were going to kill him.


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Count Friedrich revealed his mistakes to me and to his teacher and asked for forgiveness.

“sorry. “Master.”

But Duke Raphael’s gaze was cold.

I think it will be difficult to easily fill the emotional valley between the two.

“Let’s start sparring right away. “I will warn you in advance that your hands may get a little rough.”

Duke Raphael and Count Friedrich nodded at my warning, rather wishful thinking.

I took off my cloak and stored it in subspace, took out the magic staff, and held it in my hand.

And Count Friedrich also took out his favorite bottle from his subspace ring and held it.

Judging by the force energy felt from the sword, it seemed to mean that he would do his best from the beginning.

“I’m sorry, but I will be the judge.”

There were quite a few people gathered in the training hall.

First of all, the entire delegation from the Brigham Empire was present, and the knights of the Royal Guard from our Reinharts Empire were also gathered.

Moreover, I don’t know how they found out, but the nobles who attended the party and even envoys from other countries showed up, turning the unofficial sparring into an official sparring.

‘Well, if there are a lot of audiences, it’s good for me.’

I twirled my magic staff like a spear like I was used to, and then took a fighting stance.

“Are you ready?”

“That’s right.”

“Okay then, let’s get started.”

Duke Raphael then counted to three and shouted ‘Start’.

“Please come.”

I waved my hand at Count Friedrich, who was extremely serious.

“I will not refuse.”

Without hesitation, the count rushed at me.

A common response that knights choose when dealing with wizards.

That is narrowing the distance.

This is because wizards are more specialized in long-distance combat than close-range combat, so it is believed that they can win more than half of the battle just by narrowing the distance.


Count Friedrich’s first blow was a swordsmanship.

However, his sword, which was like a flash of lightning, bounced off without hitting the target with a strong impact sound.

It was my magic staff that blocked the count’s blow.

“… … !”

He covered the magic staff with the condensed Great Shield and responded to the attack with another attack, and as a result, the Count’s strike, which was swung at high speed, bounced back helplessly.

As expected, Aura Blade cannot overcome equivalent defensive magic in terms of repulsion power.

“Ugh, oh my.”

As a result, Count Friedrich’s upper body was left wide open.

This is a golden opportunity for a magic attack, but… … .


What I chose was not magic, but a straight punch.

Count Friedrich’s nose bleeds and his head is bent by my punch, which combines various magic buffs with physical abilities unbefitting a wizard.

You will be dumbfounded.

The experience of being beaten by a wizard would be very refreshing.

Count Friedrich gritted his teeth and quickly retrieved his sword, but I lightly used explosive magic on his wrist to hinder his movement.

And this time, I hit him in the side with the magic staff equipped with the great shield.


The Count swallows his breath at the dangerous sound of something breaking.

I used the recoil to land a back kick into his solar plexus.


A properly hit back kick has the same impact as being hit with a blunt object.

Count Friedrich floated in the air and flew 3 meters.

“Unbelievable… … .”

That was the exclamation of people around me who saw me fight for the first time.

Basically, everyone has their own plans.

Until I got beaten to dust on a rainy day… … .



The battle that followed was truly one-sided.

Count Friedrich seemed to think that he could win with just one strike, so he clenched his teeth and tried all kinds of attacks, cutting, stabbing, and kicking, but none of them could reach me and were either bounced away or blocked.

Of course, if an attack is blocked, a counterattack immediately follows, but I responded with a thorough strike as if to relieve stress.

Count Frederick’s whole body was covered in blood and bruises, and at the moment when the 30th blow cracked his jaw, Duke Raphael, who was no better, intervened.

“stop! Now it’s done!”

Count Friedrich, who had already lost his will to fight, sat down on the floor at the Duke’s stop signal, and I put away the magic staff with a calmer expression.

If I had made up my mind and unleashed great magic, the battle would have already ended dozens of times.

Even Count Friedrich would know that well.

I said as I approached Count Friedrich, who was depressed.

“The world is wide and there are many strong people. So always be humble and listen carefully to what your teacher says.”

Count Friedrich was completely lost, but his teacher, Duke Raphael, did not blame me.

Rather, it was a response of gratitude for not finishing it in one shot, but for going through it thoroughly.

There is probably no shock treatment more effective than this.

Truly refreshing and refreshing.

After relieving my stress, I tried to use healing magic, but Duke Raphael stopped me.

“Please leave the cleaning up to me.”

“All right. See you later then.”

“Thank you for your hard work. “Your Majesty the Archduke.”

So I left the training ground, enjoying the mixed reactions of people who were surprised and amazed.

“Wow, it’s awesome.”

“That’s a wizard’s battle?”

Various emotions from people were conveyed to the back of my head.

* * *

was thoroughly trampled.

Although he was always the winner among his peers, he lost without really being able to do anything.

Count Friedrich shed tears as he looked up blankly at his teacher, who was treating his injuries using a healing artifact.

“What Archduke Lawrence said is correct. “I should have taught you that the world is wide.”


After experiencing the overwhelming difference in talent, he was finally able to realize how foolish his past actions had been.

It was a defeat that only hurt, but if I felt anything, it was a successful experience.

Duke Raphael actually expressed his gratitude to Adrian.

Although it was a short moment, he could feel the change in his student’s eyes.

“Let’s not worry about politics from now on and focus on training. Me or you.”

“Yes, Master.”

This was the scenario that the Emperor of the Brigham Empire had hoped for… … .

[Count Frederick who requested a sparring match with the Archduke Lawrence]

As the sparring video spread rapidly online, the Brigham Empire gained a somewhat dishonorable title.

He asked, “Where is the person who requests a sparring match at the celebration site?” and said, “The success of Reinharts is the Bringham Empire, which makes my stomach hurt.”

* * *

Benjamin Teo, who was from Singapore and came to Rondel after being involved in an accident, had nothing to do other than eat three meals a day, sleep well, and pack well.

Adrian said he would look for work for him, but due to Rondel’s lack of common sense, he was not yet at a level where he could do anything on the front line, and was living almost as a gourmet.


Except when he was studying to learn the letters and language of Rondel, he spent most of his time looking at various information online or watching TV, just like he did on Earth.

In his hand, he always held the smartphone that came with him from Earth, and even though it couldn’t get a signal, he felt comfortable just having it with him as it was something from his hometown.

Today again, Benjamin was yawning profusely and staring blankly at his smartphone with the broadcaster on.

[No signal is detected.]

[No signal is detected.]

[No signal is detected.]





His smartphone didn’t communicate, so he couldn’t do anything except look at past photos and text messages… … .

For some reason, this day was different.

[Signal is connected.]

This is because communication was established when an antenna signal appeared on the top of the smartphone.

“What is this?”

He was so embarrassed that his hands were shaking, he was blank with a stupid expression on his face, and then he inadvertently started the web browser.

Then, instead of a connection failure as usual, a web browser screen with the latest news appeared.

“oh my god! What’s happening!?”


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