My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 167

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Episode 167: Dream in the game becomes reality

40. Victory Ceremony (2)

When I and the delegation from the Brigham Empire entered together, the atmosphere in the huge banquet hall, which was larger than most stadiums, changed.

Eyes with various emotions, such as judgmental eyes, awe-inspiring eyes, and fearful eyes, flew in and caught my attention.

If the beautiful Arcia had been next to him, the atmosphere would have been a little softer, but since it was Duke Raphael of the Brigham Empire who took his place in his partner’s place, his vigilance was almost at its peak.

Some people even question the relationship between our Kingdom of Reinharts and the Bringham Empire.

Well, you are free to let your imagination run wild, but I was most bothered by Count Frederick glaring behind Duke Raphael more than the reactions of those around him.

Suddenly, I felt like I wanted to color that conceited person’s expression with embarrassment.

“Then I’ll just leave.”

But now is not the time.

When the audience gets bigger and the party gets warmer, then you should bother them.

Even though I look like this, I am a narrow-minded man.

I’m not the type to avoid a fight.

‘If it’s a famous party, there should be a variety of things to see.’

I chose Count Frederick as the sacrifice for the spectacle.

“I’ll see you later.”

The delegation should convey their congratulations to King Michael.

Count Friedrich, who was following his teacher to the king’s podium, said this as he watched me leave.

I would be grateful if the offering came on its own.

I wanted to grin, but I tried hard to hide my expression.

And he nodded with a puzzled expression.

“yes? Well, I understand.”

An attitude that makes you feel like you don’t even care about yourself.

Thanks to this, Count Friedrich’s face turned red.

Then, when I turned my back indifferently as if I wasn’t interested, I could feel the other person shaking without even looking.

I could sense his immaturity just by looking at him getting excited about acting on trivial facial expressions.

As a senior who has lived for over 40 years in both my past and present lives, I must teach you the lesson that today’s world is not easy.

“You’re here.”

Then I approached the delegation with whom I was acquainted.

The first thing I did was say hello to Princess Xia Lin, no, the Queen, who was staring at me.

“It seems like you’ve become more and more beautiful since you became queen.”

When I kissed the back of her hand and gave her lip service, her face turned red in a different way than Count Friedrich.

I just gave a polite greeting… … .

‘I too am a very sinful man.’

It’s good to be popular.

Because it is one of the important ways to gain the upper hand in conversations with people.

But I honestly don’t want it to affect other people’s lives.

“How have you been?”

“Thanks to the Duke, I am living happily every day.”

I feel like the fatigue accumulated from the nervous battle with the strange guy is going away.

Queen Xia Lin speaks beautifully.

“Well, can you make some time today or tomorrow?”

“What’s wrong?”

“I have something I want to discuss.”

The queen asks for advice from a foreign nobleman… … .

It may not have been a good look, but I nodded obediently, wondering if she would have liked it.

“All right. Please schedule a time at your convenience. “I will meet your schedule.”

“Ah, thank you.”

I still can’t believe that a small woman with a youthful appearance like a girl is the king.

I felt sorry that I had been so indifferent until now.

“I guess I’m invisible.”

“Mr President? “I already wanted to come see you.”

Did he have two or three more words with Queen Xia Lin after that?

The President of Israel, Republic of Prius, was delighted and joined the conversation.

But he quickly became a cold person.

This is because people kept talking to me.

“Long time no see.”

“Grace, it’s been a while.”

“Aren’t we being too negligent about meditation these days?”

“It’s been a while since I saw you, Duke of Riverdale.”

As Grace High Elven from the Allied Kingdom of Elysia, who participated in the saintess contest, and Olivia Duke of Riverdale from the Kingdom of Lucias approached, I was surrounded by celebrities of various nationalities.

Although I usually live a life that is far from partying, I did my best to interact with people today.


But after a while.

Everyone’s attention was taken away by the loud broadcast.

“His Royal Highness the Duke of Arcia Klein and his teacher, Lord Blake Russell, enter!”

The appearance of characters who could perhaps be called the true protagonists of today.

The strongest team that could possibly suppress the ambitions of the Brigham Empire has appeared.


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“uh? no way?”

When Arcia and Blake entered, the party room became chaotic.

That’s because the person who revealed himself as Arcia’s teacher, who had been shrouded in mystery, was a dark elf.

At the appearance of the Dark Elves, the expressions of the Elves belonging to the Allied Powers of Elysia distorted.

It is said that elves and dark elves have an innate aversion to each other.

For reference, the two races live at the ends of different continents, so there is little interaction, so it is not like an antagonistic relationship.

“A dark elf appears in the world?”

Most people expressed curiosity about the appearance of the dark elves.

Unlike elves, dark elves don’t have a good image, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be hostile when you first meet them.

“Wasn’t the teacher a human being?”

“Is that so… … .”

He nodded, saying he understood Arcia’s strength, which had been a mystery to some.

Although the number of dark elves is only a handful compared to elves, they are all said to be a race with the greatest talent for swords.

But Blake’s expression is not good.

It seems like it’s because I’ve been receiving attention that I didn’t want.

‘The Vanguard equipment you gave me was received better than I expected. ‘Is it because Manuel’s skills were involved?’

‘Do you need more?’

‘Hmm, I wish I could take about 30 more. ‘I’ll pay the price.’

‘Then please do me a favor. I’ll give you 100 sets for free.’

‘okay? If it’s not an unreasonable request, I’ll try my best.’

‘You just need to lend me one hour.’

Dark elves are a race of swords.

It was possible to use magic, but unlike a sword, it was difficult to say that it was superior to a human.

So, in order to start the exchange, I presented various artifacts to Blake, who was visiting Arcia for guidance, and as a result, I learned that, as a member of the sword race, he was very interested in the latest Vanguard equipment.

Thanks to this, I was able to attract him to the party.

It may be seen as a meager reward for investing 100 pieces of Vanguard equipment, but in reality, this is not the case at all.

It was an opportunity to let people know that there was a roadmaster behind Arcia.

This will serve as a strong defense shield for our kingdom, which needs time to recover after the war.

“Are you here?”

“Yes, you are here.”

Arcia and Blake came straight towards me.

The elves must have sensed something and quietly left the place.

“It seems unlikely that it will be known who Duke Klein’s teacher is.”

Queen Cia Lin and the Duke of Riverdale nodded in agreement at Israel’s reaction.

When you think of dark elves, they have a decadent image, but in reality, when you meet them, they give off an atmosphere just as mysterious as elves.

Moreover, Blake was a person who lived for over 800 years, so it was even more so.

I introduced the important people while keeping an eye on Blake, and he, who was not used to this kind of situation, narrowed his eyebrows and just sipped his wine.

But surprisingly, I seemed to like the wine and drank quite a lot of it.


At that time, Blake, who had been drinking wine for a long time, looked somewhere, and at the end of it, he saw Duke Raphael.

“It’s pretty good.”

Duke Raphael’s assessment of being a grandmaster and one of the world’s strongest swordsmen is only ‘pretty good.’

Well, by his standards, it’s not unreasonable.

When I saw Blake’s gaze turn to Duke Raphael, I smiled inwardly.

Duke Raphael, feeling this gaze, also showed interest in Arcia and her teacher and came over with his companions.

“I was really surprised. “The teacher who raised the genius Duke Klein was an alien species.”

Perhaps due to the high level of medication, Count Friedrich suddenly got on his nerves.

‘Oh my, you stupid bastard.’

The plan I had made on how to screw this guy up went to waste and I dug my own grave.

I, who had been ignoring him until now, was embarrassed and intervened before Duke Raphael, who was trying to stop his student.

“That’s rude. Do you think something has already happened with the new count? “This is not your place to interfere, so understand the topic.”

Could it be that they didn’t think that I would be so openly abusive?

Count Friedrich’s expression went from cold to frozen.

And the same goes for other delegations from the Brigham Empire.

To top it off, even Duke Raphael, who had been scolding his student until now, was impressed.

“W-what now!”

Count Friedrich’s frozen face soon turns bright red and distorts like a demon.

“Aren’t even the ear canals normal?”


Then he took off one of his gloves.

But I couldn’t throw the glove.

“Among human nobles, throwing gloves is a call to duel, right? Think carefully. “If you throw that thing, you’ll die.”

This is because Blake, who was so angry, laughed like a clown.

An extraterrestrial species is a term used to refer to monsters, including orcs, and other races.

Of course, using it against people of different races is a discriminatory expression.

A crazy person dared to use such an expression towards the roadmaster.

“I never thought I would see another human calling me an alien species again.”

To me, it only seemed like a request to kill him.

There is no need for the Brigham Empire or anything else in the face of the Roadmaster’s wrath.

* * *

Silver eyes staring coldly at me.

Count Friedrich had to feel a fear in those eyes that he had never felt even from his teacher.


Cold sweat, saliva, and tears flow.

My hands and feet were shaking, and my teeth were chattering as if I had been exposed to extreme cold.

And Count Friedrich, who unconsciously felt his pants getting wet, became incontinent in front of many people.

“Stop it!”

Then, when the world turns white with a dull pain that feels like hitting your head with a hammer.

His teacher, Duke Raphael, blocked the way, covering his silver eyes, and Count Friedrich sat down like a kite whose string had been cut.

“W-what is it?”

Count Friedrich muttered that with a blank expression.

An experience I have never felt before.

I couldn’t understand what I had just seen.

“Master, please be patient.”

A clear and pure voice awakens the spirit.

Count Friedrich, who had not yet grasped the situation, raised his head without realizing it.

Then, with the illusion of becoming brighter in the world, he realized that an incredibly beautiful woman was looking down at him.

But that incredible beauty.

A woman who I would dare to describe as my ideal type.

He was staring at himself with his nose plugged.


Count Friedrich came to his senses as if he had just woken up from sleep.

“Consider yourself lucky.”

And along with the voice of the culprit who brought him to this point, even his teacher, who he thought was the strongest in the world, stumbled.


“Duke Raphael, are you okay?”

Adrian quickly supported Duke Raphael.

“W-what on earth is this person?”

When Duke Raphael asked about the identity of the dark elf, Adrian calmly introduced him.

“The introduction is late. This is Sir Blake Russell, Duke of Arcia Klein’s mentor. He is the world’s greatest swordsman and roadmaster.”

“… … !”

The expressions on the faces of everyone around them who heard the introduction were one of astonishment.


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