My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 166

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Episode 166: Dream in the game becomes reality

40. Victory Ceremony (1)

If you think about it, it might be natural for Duke Lawrence to come out to meet you.

Even though they are an envoy of the Brigham Empire, their members are mainly nobles.

On the other hand, there are places like the Republic of Prius and the Kingdom of Roberto that the leaders of the countries visit in person, so the king of the Kingdom of Reinharts has no choice but to show his face there.

The crown prince of the Kingdom of Reinharts has not yet been decided, and the current king’s children are all young, so high-ranking nobles welcomed the delegation on behalf of the kingdom.

‘The highest noble in the current Reinharts Kingdom is by far Duke Lawrence. Considering the international position of the Brigham Empire, it is impossible for anyone other than Duke Lawrence to welcome the delegation.’

Duke Raphael couldn’t help but be embarrassed that his student, who he thought was the best in the world, met Duke Lawrence, who was really the best in the world, even though he wasn’t even mentally prepared yet.

“I have heard this name since I was young. It’s an honor to meet you. Duke Raphael.”

There is no way the duke of the kingdom and the duke of the Brigham Empire, the most powerful country in the world, are in the same position.

Normally, even if he were the duke of the kingdom, when meeting Duke Raphael, it would be common to address him with the title ‘Your Highness’, but… … .

“I’m just good with a sword. It’s a shame that such a versatile young hero is praised. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Duke Lawrence.”

I cannot help but recognize Duke Adrian L. Laurence.

Reinharts’ status rose rapidly, sometimes surpassing the level of a kingdom, but Adrian himself’s accomplishments so far were all remarkable.

‘Grand wizard of the 7th circle, investment genius, patron of saints, contributor to regime change in the Republic of Prius, resolver of the civil war in the Kingdom of Reinharts, resolver of the civil war in the Kingdom of Roberto, owner of the world’s four greatest magic towers, and the person responsible for destroying the Croisen Empire. ‘

In addition, many other achievements are following us like tags.

Even from the cold-hearted Duke Raphael’s perspective, Adrian’s actions were shocking.

It made me question whether it was possible for one person to have so many talents, including magic, business, politics, strategy, and combat.

When it comes to individual achievements, even Duke Raphael himself cannot be compared.

The problem is that his student does not properly understand the greatness of the other person.

“Nice to meet you. Count Friedrich.”

“Nice to meet you. Duke Lawrence.”

Adrian exchanged greetings with the members of the delegation following Duke Raphael.

However, his student, Count Friedrich, committed the atrocity of treating Adrian, whom even his teacher, Duke Raphael, respected, by omitting even his honorific title.

Originally it was ‘Nice to meet you.’ It is correct to call him ‘His Royal Highness the Duke of Lawrence.’

Duke Raphael sighed inwardly and quickly apologized.

“I’m sorry. “My student is not yet familiar with the diplomatic arena.”

It was probably for this purpose that the Emperor included Duke Raphael in the delegation.

As his teacher quickly apologized for his actions and appeared to have made amends, Count Friedrich’s expression became distorted.

However, Adrian’s reaction was calm itself.

He didn’t lose his composure, as if it was no big deal.

“Haha, no. “It’s nice to see a young nobleman full of spirit.”

For reference, Count Friedrich is very young at 26 years old, but Adrian is 21 years old, which is 5 years younger than him.

To Count Friedrich, Adrian’s remarks sounded like he was pointing out his mental age.

But I couldn’t get angry.

This is because you took the position that you were the one who committed the rudeness in the first place, and the other person forgave you.

Duke Raphael felt that his pupil was no match for Adrian as he was being fed in a truly noble manner.

“Then, I will guide you to your accommodation now. “Let’s go together.”

Adrian treated the delegation from the Briam Empire in a thoroughly businesslike manner.

Duke Raphael followed him and cautioned Count Frederick, who was extremely excited.

“Are you here to play?”


“I hope you don’t disappoint me by making the same mistake.”

“… … sorry.”

How many steps did you take like that?


A delegation from the Adrian and Brigham Empires encountered Arsia, who was returning from guiding a delegation from the Allied Powers of Elysia.

A genius of the century who became a grandmaster at the age of 21.

Moreover, not only Count Friedrich but also the gentle Duke Raphael opened their eyes wide and showed interest in the appearance of Duke Arsia Klein, who was also a peerless beauty.

“great job. “Go back to the mansion first.”

“Yes I will.”

However, rather than catching her, Adrian sent her away cleanly.

Thanks to this, those who were waiting for the introduction were unable to hide their feelings of disappointment.

“He’s Duke Klein just now, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. The Lady has a lot to prepare for today’s banquet. “Please understand that I was busy leaving.”

A fancy banquet is being planned for this evening.

Duke Raphael nodded to Adrian’s story, saying there was nothing he could do.

Before Arcia was a knight, she was the best lady in Reinharts.

However, Duke Raphael, who inadvertently looked to the side, could not help but be startled.

Could it be that his student, who was quite arrogant, was unable to take his eyes off the direction where Arcia disappeared with a foolish expression on his face?

‘It looks like it’s going to be a tiring day.’

Duke Raphael thought that he would have to stay alert for the rest of the day after seeing his disciple like that.

‘Your Majesty does it too much. ‘Everyone has their own thing to do.’

And he resented the emperor for making him fall behind his students.

* * *

Sometimes there are people like that.

People who value themselves more highly than the world perceives them.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s bad.


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Self-love is often a stepping stone for growth, and confidence can be a great help in running toward your goals.

But if it goes too far, a tiring truth about the world is born.

And the truth is now before my eyes.

[Count Geras Friedrich / Aura Master]

Race: Human

Age: 26

Affiliation: Brigham Empire Capital Defense Commander

Talents: Auror (highest), physical ability (highest), learning ability (high), intellectual ability (medium), command ability (medium), magic power (low)

Characteristics: Rapid growth, outstanding intelligence, arrogant genius

Relationship: Cynicism/Antagonism

Status: Observed / Discomfort

Very talented.

However, his personality did not match his talent.

I smiled at the sight of Count Friedrich, who was glaring at me so fiercely as if he were going to bore a hole in my back with his eyes.

‘It looks like it has grown too much. ‘Look at how annoying the teacher next to me is.’

His confidence clearly has a reason.

Not only is he favored by the emperor, but his teacher is Grandmaster Duke Raphael.

In addition, as he became an Auror Master at the young age of 25, he must have been busy being supported by those around him, so it is understandable that he became arrogant.

‘Still, you have to choose the time and place.’

Now, the Kingdom of Reinharts was not an easy country for a young noble to rely on and just rely on the background.

“This floor will be used exclusively by delegates from the Brigham Empire. If you need anything, please speak to this deacon here. “As long as it’s not an unreasonable request, I’ll listen to anything.”

“It is an honor to serve you. “My name is Baron Eric Jones.”

He was Eric, a member of the gifted center with specialized talents in politics and administration.

If Ivril becomes a saint, she will become a dedicated administrator of the saints’ department, but since she still has half a year left to become an official saint, she has been going to the shrine to help me with my work.

The reason I assigned Eric as a butler of the Brigham Empire is to monitor them from afar.

No, it would be more accurate to say that it was to monitor Count Friedrich.

I had already acquired information about the Brigham Empire delegation in advance, and I was also aware that Count Frederick had many problems.

That’s why I added Eric, who I can trust.

“Then I’ll see you at the banquet.”

I shook Duke Raphael’s hand again and turned my back without hesitation.

“How was it?”

And as soon as I left the delegation’s quarters, Duke James greeted me as if he had been waiting for me.

It seems that the Brigham Empire’s envoy was concerned.

Although the emperor or crown prince did not attend in person, it could not be taken lightly as Duke Raphael was the representative.

“Do you think something will happen?”


Duke James was greatly surprised by my honest impressions.

“To be exact, it looks like Count Friedrich, Duke Raphael’s disciple, will explode something.”

“this… … .”

As for Count Friedrich, he narrowed his eyes as if he had heard anything.

But I waved my hand with a smile, saying there was nothing to worry about.

“You don’t have to worry. “I’ve assigned appropriate personnel to supervise just in case.”

“Thank goodness.”

Don’t think it’s difficult.

If Friedrich is installed, all you have to do is subdue him.

There was no need to bend down and go in just because the opponent was Brigham.

* * *

Count Friedrich is in a very bad mood right now.

They didn’t like the fact that they were lightly ignored by Adrian and heard harsh words from their teacher, but the attitude of their butler, Baron Eric Jones, was very annoying.

“If surveillance is the goal, shouldn’t we at least make an effort to prevent the other party from noticing?”

“Surveillance? You are mistaken. “I’m just checking carefully to see if any of the delegates are experiencing any inconvenience.”

And what made me even more angry was Eric’s sly attitude.

“It seems like you’re particularly interested in me compared to other people?”

“His Royal Highness the Duke of Lawrence has instructed us to pay more attention to His Excellency Count Frederick.”

“Ha, so. “Are you keeping an eye on me because of Duke Lawrence’s instructions?”

“How will you monitor it? “We just pay more attention.”

At this level, I think it might be more like starting a fight.

But when the other person grabbed hold of him, all he could do was threaten him.

“How dare you disrespect the great nobles of the Brigham Empire?”

Under normal circumstances, the moment the name of the Bringham Empire is mentioned, one cannot help but cringe, but this did not apply to Eric.

“Is that possible? “I and everyone at Reinharts Castle respect the delegates.”

This was indeed the case for other delegations from the Brigham Empire.

Everyone treated the delegation with respect.

The problem is that it feels like the word ‘all’ does not include only Count Friedrich?

Everyone was strangely cold to themselves.

“This was all under Duke Lawrence’s orders?”

Of course, it was because of Count Friedrich’s attitude toward Adrian, the hero of the Kingdom of Reinharts, but he was the only one who did not know that.

“How can I help you?”

“Are you going for a walk? “I will accompany you.”

“If you stay still, I will bring it to you.”

From then on, Eric interfered with Count Friedrich’s every action and thoroughly prevented any emergency.

Duke Raphael also thought it was a bit harsh, but thanks to Eric, he had no choice but to stand by and not intervene.

Time passed as Count Friedrich’s anger built up in his heart, and it was time for the celebratory banquet to begin.

“let’s go.”

“Yes, Master.”

After changing their clothes, the Brigham Empire’s delegation showed off their more extravagant appearance than anyone else and headed to the grand banquet hall where the victory celebration ceremony was held.

“It’s the Brigham Empire.”

“It is rare to see Duke Raphael participate in a diplomatic event.”

“Isn’t the young man behind you Count Frederick, Duke Raphael’s disciple?”

“Indeed, you look just like your teacher, with a manly physique and sharp eyes.”

As the Brigham Empire’s delegation moved, a path was created, like the Red Sea parting, to a place that was crowded with people.

People’s eyes were filled with awe, and various exclamations flowed from their mouths.

Count Friedrich felt his frustrating feelings being washed away by the reactions of these people.

‘Yes, this is a natural reaction.’

But it didn’t take long for the satisfaction to disappear from his face… … .

“Duke Raphael?”

“Ah, Duke Lawrence.”

That’s because Adrian approached, dressed in the world’s most extravagant attire, his cape flapping.

His appearance is such that even a man like him would say that he is handsome.

The women on the road Adrian passed are all following his figure with blank expressions.

“You can’t see Duke Klein.”

“Haha, her teacher came to visit. Unfortunately, she gave up the escort to her teacher for today.”

“Duke Klein’s teacher?”

Adrian stands out so much that he is hidden in his shadow, but Arcia has more secrets than him.

Everyone was curious as to who it was that raised a 21-year-old woman into a grandmaster.

But doesn’t this mean that the question will be answered today?

Duke Raphael and even Count Frederick showed interest.

“Who are you?”

“I’ll leave that for later fun. Even Duke Raphael will probably be surprised.”

“I’m looking forward to that.”

Adrian’s gaze shifted from Duke Raphael to Count Frederick.

Count Friedrich looked at him defiantly, straining his eyes, but Adrian indifferently shifted his gaze again, as if he was looking at the wall.

“Shall we enter together?”


Count Friedrich’s face turned red at his attitude as if he had no interest in you.

And Adrian entered the grand banquet hall with the Brigham Empire’s delegation, without anyone escorting him.

“His Royal Highness, Duke Adrian El Lawrence, hero of the Kingdom of Reinharts, is entering!”

“His Royal Highness Duke Raphael, His Excellency Count Friedrich, Viscount Varha, and Viscount Ludwin, a delegation from the Brigham Empire, are entering!”


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