My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 164

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Episode 164: Dream in the game becomes reality

39. The world is wide (4)

Blake said he remembers Arcia clearly.

“Grand Master, you blocked my sword in the last battle, right?”

I nodded.

To me, Blake’s attack was difficult to follow with the naked eye, but Arcia reacted properly and even blocked the attack.

Although the 8th Circle and Grandmaster are considered equal, it was the moment that made me realize that a wizard cannot match a knight in terms of physical ability.

Moreover, even though my body was strengthened to a level equivalent to that of a master.

However, looking at his subsequent reaction, it seems that the difference in physical abilities between the Grand Master and the 8th Circle Wizard should not be judged simply.

“It is not easy to perfectly block a first-time attack from a higher-level opponent. In that respect, she can be seen as having great sense and judgment.”

It would be even more strange if a being capable of becoming a grandmaster did not have outstanding understanding.

However, what he meant was that the level he spoke of was a level that stood out even compared to other grandmasters of the same level.

I can roughly understand it.

First of all, Arcia has a human-like appearance, but she is fundamentally a homunculus, and like me, her abilities in the game have influenced reality, and she has been strengthened repeatedly.

Blake, who had been taken aback by the unexpected request just a moment ago, soon looked at Arcia with an interested expression.

“huh? “Do you see signs of magic strengthening here and there?”

And perhaps because she had the observation eye ability that became the motif of Mangyeong, I noticed that Arsia was different from ordinary people.

“I feel similar to you, Adrian.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, unlike ordinary wizards, you also show signs of strengthening here and there. “If you look closely, she looks similar.”

It seems like they don’t even realize that Arcia isn’t human.

I explained the truth with a twist.

“Arsia is my companion and sword that will protect me. So it’s natural to be a part of the story.”

The nuance of Archduke Lucas sharing his talents with her.

Blake understood that too.

“is it?”

Since he didn’t know much about the true nature of the story, he didn’t have much doubt.

The reason I am trying not to reveal Arcia’s information like this is because I think he might reject my offer if he finds out that she is a homunculus.

But the bigger reason is that I have no intention of treating her as something other than human.

Blake was stroking his chin as if he was thinking about it and then suddenly asked Arcia.

“What do you think is the biggest difference between a Grandmaster and an Auror Master?”

I realized it was some kind of test.

‘That question to Arcia is a jar of jam… … .’

Many knights usually ask Arsia for advice.

The problem is that Arsia’s answer to that is… … .

‘All you have to do is condense the auror under the ship and say oooooo.’

It’s like this.

Naturally, I couldn’t help but make a worried expression.

Arcia tilted her head when she saw my gaze and then looked like she was thinking about it.

And it wasn’t long before he honestly expressed what he felt.

“If the Aura Master feels like running, the Grand Master feels like flying.”

It was a childlike analogy typical of Arcia.

The knights responded to Arcia’s response by saying that the genius was quite different, but I didn’t think Blake would react that way either.

“Then what is the difference between me, the Roadmaster, and you, the Grandmaster?”

But an unexpected reaction emerged.

Blake nodded obediently and asked another question.

“I think this is me, and this is Blake.”

This time, it was Arcia who explained with actions rather than words, like a pantomime.

Arcia explained herself as a fist, and Blake opened his hands wide and expressed the world as a large circle.

I thought it was cute, despite the situation.


But Blake was extremely serious.

“A rough understanding isn’t bad.”

My eyes widened at his continued sentiment.

Do you understand what I mean?

“The Aura Master and Grand Master express the method and scale of ability expression, and the Road Master expresses the mind sword’s ability to control space.”


I looked at Arcia in confusion, and she nodded loudly and looked proud.

The response is that they understood it correctly.

“Master Russell!”

I corrected my dumbfounded expression.

I thought it was time to push.

He handed back the dragon’s fang and bone that Blake had gifted him and asked again.

“She needs a proper teacher now!”

Blake’s expression, which initially showed signs of discomfort, softened.

He massaged his temples, saying he understood my request.

“Of course you are right. She feels just as wild. “If you sharpen and sharpen it, it will shine even brighter.”

It feels like I’ve almost passed over.


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As my complexion brightened, he sighed softly.

“Just keep the gift.”


“Instead, I see her once every two days. “It’s because she definitely seems like a talent that would be a waste to let go like this.”

Who would dare describe a being as good as a grandmaster as rotting?

So it is possible.

Having achieved what I wanted, I clenched my fists invisibly.

If you see them once or twice, you may just know them, but if you continue to meet them, they become acquaintances.

Moreover, the bond between teacher and student can never be ignored.

It was a somewhat risky adventure, but I ended up with the best connections.

A dragon-level being.

“thank you! thank you!”

“This is it, Won, it looks like your Manuel. “You have a knack for annoying people.”

I let out an awkward laugh and looked at Arcia, saying that everything was fine.

But somehow she didn’t have the expression I expected.

It looked like he had taken on a troublesome task.

* * *

“Oh, no.”

Renelle, a large city in the western part of the Croesian Empire.

It is a base city owned by Duke Endris, one of the four great dukes of the empire, and is currently considered the final bastion in the war against the Kingdom of Reinharts.

By bringing together troops scattered across the country, they were able to form a defense force to some extent, but it was so shabby that it could no longer be called an imperial army.

The number of Sky Fortresses was less than 100, and the number of Vanguards barely exceeded 5,000.

The power was only about 15% of what it was when the empire was intact.

Duke Endris closed his eyes tightly as he watched the Reinharts Kingdom army approaching at every moment.

“How did it end up like this?”

It was a question expressed not only by the already deceased emperor but also by all citizens of the empire.

To the Croisen Empire, the Kingdom of Reinharts was nothing more or less than a punching bag with good hitting potential.

However, after the new king ascended the throne, the Kingdom of Reinharts made the absurd choice of attacking first.

Naturally, everyone in the Croesian Empire laughed.

The Reinharts Kingdom can’t understand the topic.

However, the problem is that after the preemptive strike, the empire continued to suffer defeat after battle and eventually fell into the crisis of destruction.

“With the 2nd new army joining the 3rd army of the Reinharts Kingdom Expeditionary Force, the difference in strength with us is almost three times.”

“I’m saying I won’t give you any hope.”

Unless you are a fool, you cannot fail to realize that even if you win this war, there is no future for the empire.

Nevertheless, the remaining lords of the empire, including the Duke of Endris, took the war seriously.

Because they thought it was for their own honor.

“Fight! Make at least one more person your companion until the end! Make the Reinharts Kingdom feel terrible when they think of the name of our Croisen Empire!”

In this way, the remnants of the Croesian Empire united around the Duke of Endris and fought fiercely in Renel, a large city that would become the final battlefield.

“Straight eyes that do not fit in with the rotten Croesen Empire.”

Despite their efforts to burn the last flame, the Reinharts Kingdom army could not easily achieve victory even with three times more power.

In the end, their struggle reached the ears of Duke Adrian L. Laurence and finally made him take action.

“Are you the Duke of Lawrence?”


“Huh, I can’t believe he was this young.”

“Isn’t it a symbol of generational change?”

Taking Adrian’s life will not change the outcome of the war, but it will at least be a major blow to the Kingdom of Reinharts.

The remnants of the Croesian Empire, including the Duke of Endris, showed enthusiasm.



Adrian was not an opponent so soft that he could be defeated with motivation alone.

As if mocking the previous struggle, the front line collapsed so easily, and all the nobles, including the Duke of Endris, lost their lives to Adrian and Arcia, who attacked the headquarters directly.

“Ah, the sky is indifferent too.”

“Now stop pretending to be a victim. “It is the penalty for the sins that have plagued our Reinharts people.”

The 35th day of the war.

The war between the Kingdom of Reinharts and the Croisen Empire has completely ended.

The result was the complete destruction of the Croesian Empire’s army.

Thus, the Kingdom of Reinharts became the conqueror of a vast territory.

* * *

[King Michael van Reinchatz’s declaration of the end of the war. The territory of the Croesen Empire belongs to the Kingdom of Reinharts as of now.]

-LOL Look at those damn Croissen bastards!

–It’s a fitting ending for those who denied history and robbed our country’s culture!

–I never thought I would live to see such refreshing news!

–You didn’t know that you were tired and fell out in one hit, right?

-Is this our empire now?


–Since our Kingdom of Reinharts has been added to the existing Croisen Empire, it will not be inferior to the Allied Powers of Elysia in terms of size, right?

–There are also two grandmasters!

–The Grandmaster is great, but there is also the God of War!

–Hehe! Thanks to Brother Lawrence! Get drunk on soup!

The war is over.

With King Michael’s declaration of the end of the war, Victory Day was inscribed on the Reinharts Kingdom calendar, and large-scale national festivals were held throughout the kingdom.

All the kingdom’s citizens were happy and cheered, and the nobles concentrated on political activities to engrave their names on the huge land mass.

However, unlike other nobles, I had no interest in political activities.

This is because it becomes a jjambap that allows you to claim what you want directly to the king without having to run around hard.

“The northern land of the Croesian Empire?”

“Yes, it seems better to establish a principality on the land surrounding ‘Hook Bay’, which extends inside ‘Brave Bay’.”

I worked with King Michael to spread the word about the new kingdom and put our heads together to decide on the location of the principality.

I directly decide the location of the principality I will rule.

Normally, I should have expressed my gratitude and accepted whatever the king gave me, but considering the contribution I made in this war, I was able to ask for this much.

The area I circled on the map is the northern territory of the former Croisen Empire, connected to the northern part of the Kingdom of Reinharts.

It borders the Kingdoms of Lucias and Jordi, and is close to the Viscounty of Lawrence, the current Duchy of Lawrence, and the Duchy of Klein to the east.

Although it was a region chosen entirely for me, it was not a bad choice from the perspective of Reinharts Kingdom.

“hmm… … .”

“This time, it can serve as a buffer zone to stop the kingdoms of Lucias and Jordi, who are having trouble over the northern territory of the Croesen Empire. “Your Majesty’s homeland will be safer.”

Although they are not enemies, it would not be a bad thing for King Michael if I asked about the border between the two countries whose relationship had become ambiguous.

However, the reason he paused was because he felt sorry.

“Considering the Duke of Lawrence’s reputation as a commander during this war, this is an excellent choice. However, if possible, he would like to give him territory where he can grow his power more stably. “There aren’t any special resources there, right?”

He was a person with clear rewards and punishments.

He seems to think that my choice is not an award that satisfies his standards.

As expected, distribution is large.

“Then may I ask for a few more things?”

“Yes, I will do my best to listen to you.”

I made three additional requests to King Michael.

1. The former Duchy of Lawrence will be incorporated into the Duchy of Klein.

2. Give the earldom and appropriate land to your father, Viscount Laurence.

3. Development rights for southern Dragonland and a base city for development in the area.

After hearing my request, King Michael nodded without much hesitation.

“Numbers 1 and 2 were what I had been thinking about from the beginning.”

“Is that so?”

King Michael plans to establish two principalities in the new empire of Rheinhart.

One is my principality, and the other is the buffer zone promised by our allies, the Kingdoms of Gracia, Ijes, and Paulo, in return for not participating in the war.

Originally, the buffer zone of the allies was going to be my principality, but this time the contribution I made was so great that I decided to reduce the area and leave it to Duke James.

So, it is said that King Michael was planning to allocate my territory to Arsia, whose compensation was considered relatively poor.

And the son became a grand duke, and since he couldn’t leave his father a viscount, a minor noble, he even tried to raise his title?

This was a moment where I could see once again how much Michael cared about me.

“But number 3 was completely unexpected.”

Dragonland development.

This is a business worth trying at any time.

However, it is also a risky business that everyone has no choice but to be reluctant to do, and when I asked for the right to develop Dragon Land, King Michael showed curiosity and asked if there was something there.

“I made an acquaintance who knows Dragonland well.”


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