My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 161

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Episode 161: Dream in the game becomes reality

39. The world is wide (1)

I literally felt like I had died and came back to life.

The second part of my brilliant life almost ended in vain.


I took a step back with a sigh of relief, and in the meantime, Arcia, who had picked up her shield, hurriedly stepped in between me and the dark elf.

I don’t know why, but the aggressive mood of the dark elves has changed.

But you can’t let down your guard.

The majesty he showed in a short period of time was beyond imagination.

[Relationship: Interested / Neutral]

[Status: Observation / Interest]

His information displayed on the Mangyeong also changed.

Hostility turned into neutrality, and indifference turned into interest.

Everyone was on guard with their mouths shut, so I cautiously asked the dark elf who was just staring at me.

“Is the battle over?”

In response to my question, the dark elf curled up the corner of his mouth and said, ‘Chaeng!’ With a sound, the sword was sheathed.

Even if he didn’t answer, his actions meant that he would end the battle.

Perhaps out of consideration for us, the dark elf took two or three steps back and widened the distance.

His colleagues, who were extremely nervous, straightened their awkwardly lowered bodies.

And then the dark elf’s unexpected remark.

“You can’t kill your benefactor’s successor.”


I opened my eyes wide.

If I am the successor of a benefactor, the benefactor would mean my teacher.

My publicly known teacher is the Duke of Riverdale of the Kingdom of Lucias, but the benefactor the dark elves were talking about seemed highly likely to be Archduke Lucas.

Wasn’t the reason he stopped his sword in the first place because he felt something from me?

Since there is no trace of the Duke of Riverdale in me, the answer is Archduke Lucas.

“I came here to take care of some troublesome work and met a nice person.”

A humane smile appeared on the lips of the dark elf who had looked like a demon just now.

Due to the sudden change in the situation, the expressions of the people around me changed moment by moment.

However, the person who showed the most drastic change in expression was Prince Andre, who brought a dark elf named Blake Russell to the Croisen Imperial Castle.

“Lord Russell! What are you doing!? Are you planning not to fulfill your promise to our imperial family!?”

He shouted with great excitement at the sight of Blake with his sword raised.

It’s a natural reaction.

When he returned with his trump card, the heads of the emperor and the major ministers had all been blown off.

In the meantime, I can’t help but feel angry because even my trump card is not being obeyed.

“A promise is a promise.”


When Blake placed his hand on the sword at his waist again, the members of the command unit, including Arsia and I, swallowed the air and lowered our posture again.

However, what followed was not Blake’s attack, but a humorous expression and tone of voice.

“But I am not an elf. “Dark elf.”

“What is that?”

“Humans don’t always keep their promises, right? “Unlike elves who are obsessed with promises, our dark elves’ tendencies are very similar to your humans.”

Soon, Blake’s appearance became blurry and he was out of sight.

“This is a gift.”

Then he appeared in front of me again and threw something.

-Pfft. Wow.

What Blake threw in front of me as a gift was the head of the prince who had been angry just now.

The head that had lost its body was gaping and rolling its eyes as if it still couldn’t understand the situation.

I don’t know how the promise was made.

But not only did Blake break that promise, he even killed the person he promised.

Just for me.

“Your Majesty the Crown Prince!”

Belatedly, the Imperial Guard Knights took in the body of the crown prince, who had lost his head and collapsed.

Their expressions were despair itself, and they all let out deep sighs of disbelief.

“Yes you bastard!”

The commander of the Guard Knights, with bloodshot eyes, pulled out his Force Sword with a scream-like cry.


However, a ray of red light that flashed without warning created a straight hole in the wall of the castle, as if it had been cut out with a compass, and the commander of the Guards Knights, who looked as if he would attack at any moment, disappeared with his subordinates.

The only thing left where they were was the missing ankles that seemed to prove that someone had been there just a moment ago.

Blake eliminated the noisy Guard Knights at once.


Iris Marignan, the fox beast, became thoughtful and hiccuped.

It was a force that can only be described as being on a different level.

It would be okay if we prepared a little more before meeting him, but if we fought without warning, the battle itself would not be successful.

Although it took the form of a human, I could keenly feel that it was a being that was completely outside of the human guise.

It is not for nothing that Roadmaster and 9th Circle are called the heights of success.

“I guess now is not the time to talk. You look confused, so I’ll check back sometime. Let’s talk about it carefully then.”


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Even though we found out that we were not enemies, Blake smiled and said that to me who was very nervous.

And when I blinked, he was gone from before me.

“her… … .”

I let out a helpless exclamation and straightened up with Arcia’s support.

However, except for the two of us and Duke James, the rest of us lost our strength in our knees and collapsed on the spot.

“I haven’t been able to properly swing this knife once, but it feels like my lifespan has been shortened.”

Duke James said so and picked up the crown prince’s head and handed it to me.

After putting his head back in sub-space, I narrowed my eyebrows with an expression of agreement.

“Heaven helped.”

Truly heavenly luck.

Those were the only words that came out.

“Haha, does Grand Duke Lawrence even look down on the sky?”

I couldn’t help but smile bitterly at the sight of Duke James making a joke about this situation.

And he put his hand on my shoulder and encouraged me.

“I don’t know what the situation is, but cheer up.”

It seems like the monster left a message saying it would come back later.

He seemed to have a lot of things he wanted to ask me, but he seemed to think that now was not the time.

I massaged my temples vigorously.

Blake knew that the dark elf was not his enemy, but he couldn’t help but feel burdened.

It was an incident that made me realize that the world is wide, that there are transcendent beings to be wary of besides dragons.

“Still, I guess we can say the situation is over.”

The aftertaste is quite unpleasant, but it is as he said.

The emperor died and the crown prince died.

The Croesian Empire was now over.

“No matter what, the victory in this war is entirely yours, so enjoy the glory.”

I finally relaxed my expression after hearing Duke James’ remarks.

* * *

Taylor, the second-in-command of the Reinharts Kingdom Expeditionary Force, was so nervous that he wondered if he had ever sweated this much in his life.

All I had to do was pretend to fight and avoid an all-out war as Adrian told me to do, but when I actually had to move my entire army, I realized that even that would not be an easy task.

Unless they shared their thoughts with each other, it would inevitably take time for instructions to be conveyed to lower-level units, and as they were not confident in their own judgments, instructions went back and forth, causing considerable confusion throughout the unit.

‘Even though he is younger than me, I have never seen him feel pressured. How can he move so many troops and achieve victory without making a single mistake?

Taylor, who thought Adrian was a cold person, came to realize that he was a great man who should not be evaluated so simply.

When I actually took charge of the work he was doing, I felt the difference in class.

“Thanks to our successive victories, the enemy seems to think our army’s chaotic movements are a trap.”

“I know. “If it were me, I would have rushed at him several times, but seeing as I couldn’t run at him easily, I guess the defeat so far was a trauma.”

The deputies were whispering behind Taylor’s back.

Taylor was dying.

Even though it was a surprise operation that would not last more than an hour at most, each minute and every second felt like an eternity to him.

How long did they endure like that?

“This is a communication from His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief!”

The communications officer loudly shouted for the situation room to leave.

Everyone’s eyes, including Taylor’s, were focused on the communications officer.

“Operation successful! “You succeeded in wiping out the emperor, major ministers, and even the crown prince!”



And at the communications officer’s report that followed, everyone, including Taylor, cheered.

* * *

When the death of the emperor and crown prince became known, the Croesian imperial army fell into great confusion.

Adrian took advantage of the confusion and pushed the main force, urging surrender, and the empire’s main force struggled and eventually collapsed helplessly.

And the Magic Century July 4, 2020.

The capital of the Croesian Empire fell completely.

Although the lords of the territories that had not yet been captured were uniting and uniting their forces and shouting that they would fight to the death until the very end, the scale of the war was so shabby that it was as if the war was over.

“The Duke of Lawrence did it.”

“Congratulations! Your Majesty! No, Your Majesty!”

The end of the war sooner than expected.

It was King Michael who made the decision to strike preemptively, but it would be enough to say that this war started with Adrian and ended with him.

However, rather than being jealous of Adrian, the king felt relieved.

The worst entity that had plagued the Kingdom of Reinharts for a long time has disappeared, leaving behind a vast land and property.

With this, the Kingdom of Reinharts established the foundation of its empire as the largest nation in the southern part of the Defteron Continent.

It was natural to be happy.

“This will only result in criticism for giving the Duke of Lawrence a clumsy piece of land.”

“Haha, we now have land 1.5 times larger than our kingdom, so what’s there to worry about?”

“I see.”

Now that the military had won the war, all that remained was the work of the political department, including King Michael and the major ministers.

But no one worried about what would happen next.

Now, the Kingdom of Reinharts is taking over the role of the Croesen Empire.

No matter which country we negotiated with, we had no choice but to gain the upper hand.

King Michael smiled as he took in the sight of the cheering ministers.

‘How far can we fly with Duke Adrian?’

* * *

[The death of the Croesian Emperor and Crown Prince! The war is coming to an end! The Kingdom of Reinharts achieved a historic victory!]

[Results that overturn original expectations! How was this possible?]

[Giant killing? Duke Adrian El Lawrence’s mercenary skills and strategies were nothing short of admirable from beginning to end. In fact, the Croesian Empire collapsed under Duke Lawrence.]

[The Kingdom of Reinharts has broken the chain of long-standing bad relations. It has now become an empire and runs the southern part of the continent.]

[What will be the future situation on the Defteron Continent?]

Although the Croesian Empire had not yet been completely defeated, the remaining remnants were noisy and in no condition to be concerned about.

I ordered the 3rd Army under my command to clean up the remnants, and appointed the former Marquis Vincent and the former Margrave Ignis as the commanders of the 3rd Army.

This greeting was explained as a measure to help the two people get reinstated, but in reality, it was just a matter of leaving the cleanup to a sinful person out of annoyance.

So, while I stayed in the castle and rested, I planned a battle simulation with Arcia, Duke James, and Marignan just in case.

The last battle with the dark elf Blake was so embarrassing that I lost without even trying, but shouldn’t the same thing happen?

Of course, it doesn’t seem like there will be a fight with Blake, but it was just a precautionary measure.

“ah! “What am I doing here now!?”

While taking a break while reading online articles, I had to look at Marignan, who was studying the defense team that had joined forces with Arcia, when she shouted.

“hey! When are you going to send me back?”

She ran towards me, playing with her short legs, and asked me.

“What does that mean?”

I answered her question with a rebuttal.

Marignan was furious at that.

“I’m not even from Reinharts Kingdom, so why am I doing this here?”

I placed my hand on her small shoulder and spoke firmly.

“Have you forgotten?”


“You are a sinner now.”


“I make this sentence as the Commander-in-Chief of the Reinharts Kingdom Army. Iris Marignan, indefinite hard labor. “Trash.”

“What, bullshit!”

Sorry, I’m not kidding.


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