My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 16

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Episode 16: Dreams in games become reality

5. How to use Mangyeong (3)

In a past life, when China lost a soccer game against Korea, a fan asked this question.

‘Why is China so unable to select 11 people who are good at soccer among its 1.4 billion people?’

This cannot be anything other than a self-deprecating sentiment that feels empty.

But what was more memorable than this question was the Chinese people’s reaction to it.

‘The reason is because China’s Messi and China’s Ronaldo are shoveling in the rice fields.’

‘What do you do when you have a large population? There is a lack of a system that can utilize individual talents.’

‘Only rich kids play soccer.’

At that time, I just laughed because I was from a Korean perspective.

But now I realize that those words are not that different.

There is something called innate talent in every person.

However, in almost all countries in the world, paths are often determined by birth, so even if a person has outstanding talent in a certain field, it is very difficult to achieve it and make a living.

‘I never thought there would be so many people who have taken the wrong path.’

Even in our Kingdom of Reinharts, 99% of the country’s members are commoners.

No matter how much better off you were than the commoners of the Earth’s Middle Ages, there was a wall of status that could never be broken, so the commoners had no choice but to choose their future within a limited range.

Unless someone develops the Mangyeong that I have, this is a system that will never change.

Therefore, there was nothing wrong with the Chinese people’s reaction mentioned above.

In fact, when I looked at the talents I discovered through Mangyeong, I could only laugh.

‘Allen Lopez, the outcast knight of the Count Otis family.’

‘Barbara Anderson was a farmer and a laborer.’

‘Eric Jones, one of the soldiers, became a bugler because he knew how to play a musical instrument.’

‘Nicole Brown, a bold boy who came to sell adult magazines to the unit.’

‘Linda Noah, a servant girl from a neighboring unit, etc.’

These were all people who showed what a true waste of talent is.

They all possessed top-tier talent, but they took a wrong turn and were living unremarkable lives.

“Can I really become a wizard? “There was no response in the pneumatic test?”

“I guess the equipment tested at that time was defective.”

“but… … .”

Linda Noah, who along with Allen Lopez possesses the highest level of talent specializing in magic, looked at me and asked carefully.

In order to recruit her, he paid a bribe of 400 million won to the family, gave himself 100 million won as a down payment, and even promised a high salary.

Of course, as a commoner, it is a condition she cannot refuse, so she follows it, but it seems that she cannot easily understand my actions.

And this question was not very different from not only Linda but also the others present.

“Time will tell.”

I deliberately answered her questions vaguely.

Although we recruited them, there is still no mutual trust.

Therefore, the bottom line could not be revealed.

“There is no need to question it. “I just have to follow my master’s instructions to the best of my ability.”

At that time, Barbara Anderson, a laborer who was also present, urged Linda in a deep voice.

She was startled when the bear-like man approached her, but then scratched her cheek and nodded as if she thought it was true.

Barbara, along with Nicole Brown, the only minor member of the group, possessed a special talent for swords.

Unlike Linda, who had previously taken a feel test, the two of them came from a small village where feel tests were not available, so if it hadn’t been for my suggestion, they would have wasted their lives doing odd jobs.

Thanks to this, he showed his loyalty to me by outwardly showing his gratitude to me more than anyone else.

Of course, I’m not the type of person who believes in outward loyalty, so I thought he was just an easy person to manage.

“Did you choose?”

For reference, we are not currently in the barracks, but are going out to the King’s Territory, which is 100km away from the unit.

Since they came to the King’s Territory through teleportation without any escort, even tailgating won’t be able to catch up with them easily.

“Now, just a moment.”

I pushed them into a luxury clothing store, and the reason they suddenly came here was to change their behavior as my person.

However, with the exception of Lopez, who was a regular driver, these people had never enjoyed financial freedom, so they could hardly show off at luxury stores.

“I will take this.”

However, only trumpet player Eric Jones was able to comfortably choose clothes he liked.

A choice that does not depend on price.

I nodded while looking at Eric.

“Well done. “I think it all goes well together.”

“Because I don’t want to ruin my master’s honor.”

As expected, I liked the shamelessness of a person with unusual talent.

He has no talent for swords or magic.

However, it was a rare case where he possessed the special talents of ‘political power (highest)’ and ‘administrative power (highest)’ as well as ‘eloquence’ as a characteristic.

In some ways, he was the person I was most interested in because he could be a more valuable talent than magic or a sword.

“Don’t think about price and wear clothes that suit you.”

Starting anything is difficult.

Eric took the initiative and finished shopping, and one by one, the others got the clothes they wanted with the help of the store clerks.

“I think I’m more comfortable in military uniform than in clothes like this.”

Lopez chose and wore clothing similar to a knight’s uniform.

“You’re not a soldier anymore.”

Even if you have talent, it is of no use if you do not receive the appropriate education.

From now on, they will receive customized training at residences provided outside the military base.


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And they are starting to change their behavior to get used to the different environment.

In addition to the outfit, the accessories were also fitted with the latest bracelet-type terminal, similar to Earth’s smartphone.

After that, the place they arrived at was a luxury housing complex.

“Is this here?”

“Yes, you can live here.”

There are 32 rooms in a large yard with a fountain.

A mansion that ordinary people would not even dare to dream of was given to them as a temporary residence.

I opened my mouth and said, gathering the shocked gazes of those people.

“The butler and servant are already employed. From now on, you won’t have to worry about anything else but your education.”

I operated the terminal and transferred 20 million routes of online currency to their terminals.

“We will pay your salary in advance, separate from the down payment.”

Monthly salary of 20 million roots, annual salary of 240 million won.

Regardless of previous status, the terms of the contract were the same.

In order to capture their hearts, you need a vision, but I think the simplest way is to spend money.

Financial compensation not only inspires them, but is also a way to demonstrate your own capabilities.

That’s why I never regretted spending money.

“We will do our best to meet your expectations.”

I nodded as Lopez, like the leader of the group, gave a knightly salute.

“If I prove that my intuition is not wrong, of course the reward will be greater.”

Except for Lopez, who was a driver, it was like winning the lottery for the others.

I looked at them and said with a friendly smile.

“I understand that achievement is slow despite efforts.”

However, unlike the comfortable smile, the story that followed contained a cool anticipation.

“But please do not allow me to become discouraged by your laziness. Also, don’t embarrass me by saying cubic words for no reason.”

If they break this, they will not be safe.

The five people swallowed their dry saliva and answered seriously.


With a satisfied expression on my face, I relayed the additional information.

“If someone encourages betrayal and bribes you, please let me know without making it complicated. Then I will give you twice the amount the other person offered. Then you don’t have to betray and you can make money, so you kill two birds with one stone, right?”

Of course, it goes without saying that if you take advantage of that point and get caught doing something foolish, you will end up in trouble.

“It’s a bribe… … . “Is it possible that your family will be taken hostage?”

“That would be unlikely.”

The only people I can call enemies right now are Cedric and Anna.

No matter how ignorant they are, they would not mess with another lord’s territory.

“But even if something like that happens, please let me know without delay. Anyway, even if the hostage takers achieve what they want, they won’t listen to your situation as commoners. “I would rather hire a special mercenary to rescue my family.”

From now on, this mansion will be filled with people I have recruited.

My task is to create an environment where they can comfortably develop their talents.

It may seem like a lot of money, but it is only an investment.

Investment in obtaining quality human resources.

* * *

I did not return to the unit right away.

This is because I needed a place to keep my mother safe when it came time to confront Anna and Cedric.

Is this some kind of safe house?

But before that… … .


There is a rat to deal with.


Without fear, I entered a quiet alley and waved my hand at the driver who was grabbed by the collar.

“Woah, Brigadier General. “What is this?”

“How did you come here? “I thought it was definitely separated.”

Then he took the dagger from his waist and asked the embarrassed guy.

He was a regular Auror user-level knight named Berto, and he was the one who reported my situation to Cedric.

At first, I was going to ignore him, but as I was intrigued by his condition, which I just checked through Mangyeong, I decided to subdue him.

“yes? “What are you talking about?”

“We already know that you are a rat planted by Cedric. do you want to die? Or do you want to answer the question?”

When she jabbed at Arcia, she fluttered the hem of her white dress and showed off her mighty strength that did not match her small body, knocking the sturdy knight to the floor.


Berto, who was shocked beyond imagination, tried to escape by pulling up his Auror, but as an Auror user, he could not escape from Arcia, who had achieved Auror Expert status.

Berto, who saw an intangible energy wavering like a haze from Arcia’s whole body, widened his eyes with an expression of disbelief.

That was a unique phenomenon that appeared when an Auror expert strengthened his body.

“oh my god… … .”

The moment he learned of Arsia’s state, he thought that he might really kill himself.

[Relationship: Neutral/hostile camp]

[State: Fear, Confusion, Confusion]

Her identity could be a catalyst that threatens my safety.

Cedric wants me to dry up and die.

However, when it became known that Arcia was not just a lover, but an escort with a hidden identity, wariness was bound to increase.

Then the situation will go to the worst, so wouldn’t it be a natural step to eliminate witnesses to prevent this?

“I was able to confirm because there was an acquaintance of Master Cedric at the Teleport Management Bureau.”

In the end, he spewed out facts to survive.


After checking with a magnifying glass, he is telling the truth.

I hit the guy on the cheek with the dagger I had stolen, and the knight’s complexion became even more pale.

I told him, who was terrified, a lie mixed with Mangyeong’s information.

“I knew you were reporting information about me to Cedric. But, was there something unusual?”


“Considering that he was following Cedric’s instructions, he wasn’t particularly hostile towards me, and I had a strong feeling that he was reluctant to collect information.”

Berto looked like he had seen a ghost when he realized that I was not talking nonsense and that I was truly understanding his position.

And his gaze rested on Arcia for a moment, then he groaned softly and swallowed dry saliva.

“Have you already prepared your response to Master Cedric?”

From his perspective, he had no choice but to assume that.

Not only does he have his own ability to gather information, but he also has a high-ranking knight who keeps his aura well hidden.

It was obvious that this was an impossible situation unless he had his own power.

In that case, from his perspective, I would be a much scarier person than Cedric.

Cedric, who started off with everything, and I, who had to live under extreme surveillance and control without a partner, were in a world of heaven.

I smiled and told him to think whatever he wanted.

“How about before I knew it… … .”

“That’s it.”

As I was looking at his shocked face with amusement, I thrust the dagger between his eyes and said,

“You don’t want to die, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Then you can side with me.”

“… … .”

“I won’t ask you to do anything particularly difficult. Just report the same thing every day from now on. There is no special movement today other than playing games. “He is a very proud gamer.”

When asked if he understood and the dagger slightly dug between his eyes, he quickly answered that he did.


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