My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 157

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Episode 157: Dream in the game becomes reality

38. New era (3)

There are a total of 20 countries in Rondel.

If we were to rank the national power of these countries, they can be classified into four categories: superpowers, great powers, middle powers, and ordinary countries in order of strength.


-Bringham Empire, Elysian Alliance, Croisen Empire, Prius Republic

The superpowers are often referred to as the four great empires.

Even among the superpowers, the Brigham Empire is unrivaled in first place, while the Allied Powers of Elysia, which has been in second place for many years, are chasing it, and the Croesian Empire and the Prius Republic appear to be competing for third place, two or three steps behind.

[Great power]

-Reinharts Kingdom, Lucias Kingdom, Chase Kingdom, Holy Land Everhill

The powerful countries include the Brigham Empire and the Croesen Empire, as well as the four countries belonging to the Defteron continent.

The difference in national power between the four great powers is not as great as that of the empires, but if the Kingdom of Reinharts and the Kingdom of Lucias are one step ahead, it can be seen that the Kingdom of Chase is following behind.

The Holy Land of Everhill is a bit ambiguous, and although it is small in scale, its symbolism is such that even an empire can fold, so it is placed in the position of a great power.

[middle power]

-Walter Kingdom, Reese Island, Roberto Kingdom

The three middle powers are countries that serve as a reference point between ordinary countries and powerful countries.

Middle powers are distributed evenly across each continent and are often treated as regional powers because they are sandwiched between ordinary countries.

This is the case with the Kingdom of Walter, who plays the role of older brother in the three southern countries (black countries) of the Defteron Continent, and the Kingdom of Roberto of Queen Xia Lin, who plays the role of loser in the six countries of the East.

[General station]

-Jordi, Grisia, Ijes, Paulo, Zeon, Pan, Norden, Guy, Weiss

The nine ordinary countries cannot be said to be exceptional, but they are not completely lacking either.

Basically, unlike Earth, the countries of Rondel had a well-balanced power balance, so being classified as an ordinary country did not mean that they were a poor country or an underdeveloped country.

Even the Kingdom of Greece, the smallest of all common countries, has a population of over 60 million and possesses 100 sky fortresses.

Rather, the citizens of ordinary countries ate better and lived better than the citizens of the Prius Republic, which was tainted by corruption, so the strength of the national power did not mean that the people were affluent.

“Until now, the situation on the Defteron Continent has been fixed.”

However, if you look at this national rating table, there is something strange.

That is, major powers, including the world’s most powerful countries, the Brigham Empire and the Croesen Empire, are overly concentrated on the Defteron continent.

There are only four normal countries on the Defteron continent.

In addition, there are 2 superpowers, 4 great powers, and 1 middle power.

A region where there are more powerful countries than ordinary countries.

Thanks to this, the balance between countries involved in alliances or partnerships has not been disturbed for hundreds of years.

However, there has been a recent change in the situation on this continent.

It was a war between the Kingdom of Reinharts and the Croisen Empire.

“However, due to the Reinharts Kingdom, the balance between countries, which has not changed for hundreds of years, is rapidly collapsing.”

“So what does the duke want to say?”

This is a result that no one expected.

Therefore, it was natural that the minds of the countries bordering the Croisen Empire or Reinharts Kingdom on the Defteron Continent were confused.

The royal war of the Kingdom of Lucias.

The King of the Kingdom of Lucias narrowed his eyes at the remarks of Olivia, Duke of Riverdale, Adrian’s recluse and the owner of the Riverdale Tower.

The King responded that he did not understand what Olivia wanted to say, and she responded by clicking her tongue inwardly at the King’s expression.

“We, the Kingdom of Lucias, must also participate in the war.”

“Participating in the war? Are you going to attack the Croesian Empire now?”

“That’s right.”

The political system of the Kingdom of Lucias is unique.

The Duke of Riverdale, which has overwhelming power in the kingdom, maintains the position of the royal faction, but its authority actually surpasses that of the royal family.

If the Duke of Riverdale decides to purge the aristocratic faction and seize the throne, they can do it without difficulty.

Because of this, the royal family had no choice but to always be on edge, and the Riverdale Dukes were constantly in a situation where they had to periodically certify their loyalty.

“The Croesian Empire is struggling against the Kingdom of Reinharts, but it is a traditional superpower that has maintained its imperial status for a long time. Why would we take the risk of invading the Croesian Empire when we have to worry about the Brigham Empire to the north? “I don’t understand.”

The king reacted questionably as he watched Olivia forcing the national choice of war, as if asking what she was thinking.

Olivia calmly continued her explanation.

“Although Reinharts and our kingdom are rivals, we are on good terms because we face a common enemy, the Croesen Empire. However, if Croisen falls in this war, it will face the border with Reinharts, which has become a huge empire. “Then can we get along as well as before?”

The Croesen Empire alone is terrible, but if a great empire is created with the Reinharts Kingdom on top of the Croesen Empire, the Kingdom of Lucias, which borders the Brigham Empire to the north, will have no choice but to suffocate.

It was a situation where her argument was fully understandable.

“So, we, Lucias, should also use this opportunity to seek to strengthen our national power? That plan is territorial expansion.”

“you’re right. Fortunately, the Croesen Empire is in a state of panic. “We must take advantage of this irreplaceable opportunity.”

“And what if Croisen drives out Reinharts?”

“With the defeat of the Duchy of Xexis, that possibility has disappeared. Even if Croisen does not fall, much of its territory will be lost to the Kingdom of Reinharts. “Defeat is certain.”

However, the King reacted negatively, perhaps because of his antipathy towards the Duke of Riverdale or because he believed in the power of the Croesen Empire.

“I don’t think so. In the end, the Croesian Empire will win the war. Not only do they still have more power than the Reinharts Kingdom, but they haven’t even taken out their hidden cards.”

Olivia’s expression distorted nicely.

The Croesian Empire would have made arrangements one by one in preparation for emergencies.

It was clear that the hidden cards pointed out by the King meant that arrangement.

However, Olivia could not understand the king, who believed in moves he had never seen with his own eyes and made judgments that could overturn the outcome.

Still, she’s a pro.

He is a person with deep experience in politics.

Olivia quickly adjusted her expression and changed her proposal.

“Then how about doing it this way?”



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“If the Croesian Empire asks our kingdom to remain silent even at the risk of their own blood loss, then we will move. “Doesn’t making such a request mean that they themselves acknowledge that the Croesen Empire is in deep defeat?”

In fact, regardless of whether the defeat is heavy or not, in order for the Croesen Empire to achieve a clear victory, it must unconditionally take out the army from the Kingdom of Lucias.

This means that this is something that will be requested anyway.

However, the king seemed to have not thought about it that far, and unlike before, he nodded and responded that it made sense.

‘It’s only this simple… … It’s really painful to have an incompetent person sitting on the throne. I envy the action skills of the new king of Reinharts Kingdom.’

When Olivia looked at him subtly as if asking if he was planning to refuse even this, the King reluctantly nodded that he understood.

“Okay, when a situation like that comes up, let’s try to think positively.”

After getting the answer she wanted from the king, she politely bowed.

“Thank you for your thoughtful judgment. your majesty.”

However, contrary to what she said, her eyes were cold as she left the royal palace.

And the day after Olivia brought up the story of the war, as she had said, the Croesian Empire requested a proposal to move troops in exchange for the cession of some territory.

* * *

“Are you saying you’re going to take a step? “It is indeed the Duke of Riverdale.”

I briefly clicked my tongue when I heard the news that the Kingdom of Lucias was preparing for an invasion by the Croesian Empire.

The power that the Kingdom of Lucias can mobilize is about 30% of our kingdom.

The remaining 70% had to be buried in the direction of the Brigham Empire, so that was the best.

The size is approximately 120 sky fortresses and 7,000 vanguards.

As the number of participating countries increased and the front lines expanded at a time when they were already being pushed back, it was inevitable that it would be very painful for the Croesian Empire.

Moreover, if the Kingdom of Lucias entered the war, it was clear that the Kingdom of Jordi, which had been paying attention, would also try to sneak in.

“What would you like to do?”

I answered Gregory’s question simply.

“On the contrary, it’s helpful now, so let’s leave it alone. “Anyway, once the war is over, we can negotiate and take it out.”

If we ask you to compensate us for taking unfair advantage of our losses, the countries that came late to the war will have no choice but to make some concessions.

Our power has probably grown too much to ignore them and say they don’t care.

“All right. So what should the author do?”

Gregory then pointed to the hologram screen.

On the hologram screen, the commander-in-chief of the Croesen Empire was seen standing in the middle of the field and shouting something loudly.

[I am the Marquis of Jerga Heidel, commander-in-chief of the Croesen Empire! On the honor of the Empire, I am requesting a personal interview with the cowardly Commander-in-Chief of the Reinharts Kingdom Army, Duke Adrian El Lawrence!]

[The Duke of Lawrence! If you are a man, accept this duel! I will make sure you pay for your sins!]

Just like this.

As I saw him pouring out all kinds of provocations, my second-in-command, Taylor, stopped me.

“Your Excellency Commander-in-Chief! You must not skip it. He is a famous swordsman who is said to be on the verge of becoming a grandmaster. “In the first place, it goes against common sense for a knight to ask a wizard for a diary talk.”

It was strange to see him thinking about me, but it was hard to ignore it when the commander-in-chief of the opposing army came out and did that.

Moreover, if you kill that guy, you can boost your morale, so why bother refusing?

“I’m thinking of leaving? Absolutely not. “It’s most likely a trap.”

That’s right.

No, I’m not saying it will be like that, it’s 100%.

Because I am looking directly at it through a magnifying glass.

The guy was wearing modified Vanguard equipment with the intention of self-destructing if the situation occurred.

Isn’t the spirit of sacrifice admirable?

“If you fall for such a shallow trick, you should die. “I’ll go and come back.”


Arcia spoke to me about my actions.

[Shall I go too?]

Since she was located at her base (Army 2), she spoke to me through holographic communication.

Arcia had a worried expression on her face, but she burst into laughter when she saw the grumpy-looking fox beast draped around her neck like fur.

“No, it’s okay. “It will be over soon anyway.”

[All right.]

At the same time, Arcia stroked the tail of Supreme Elder Iris Marignan as if she were stroking a fur scarf.

Elder Iris appears to have accepted the position of an attachment doll.

“I take good pictures so I can send the video to the media right away.”

I left military command to Deputy Commander Taylor and left the headquarters.

Then, he opened the outer passage of the Sky Fortress and used flight magic to approach the Ilgito challenger, who was spouting abusive language.

“joy! “You showed up without any fear!”

“You asked me to come?”

“W-what? mister?”

I looked at the headquarters of the Croesen Empire spread out like a folding screen behind him.

There are over 400 Sky Fortresses floating in the sky, and about 25,000 Vanguards lined up on the ground.

Although it inflicted 30% damage in the last Dukedom of Zexis, it appears to have regained its original strength with the joining of the Dragon Land army.

Rather, the Croesian Empire had a military advantage over us, which suffered a 10% troop loss in the last war, despite being defeated several times.

When you look at things like this, it seems like the empire is really big.

‘But once we get over that point, this war will be over.’

I curled up the corners of my mouth and took in the sight of the Marquis of Heidel, the commander-in-chief of the Croisen Empire, who had wild hair and a large X-shaped scar.

“You will die here today. “The Kingdom of Reinharts will suffer great harm due to your careless actions.”

“Why do you keep saying strange things when I call you? “Then I’ll just go?”

“Uh, huh?”

When I pretended to turn my back, his eyes shook mercilessly.

A very embarrassed expression.

So I don’t know why the tongue is so long.

Even if we wrestle, I won’t be able to win.

“Hmm, I commend your courage. Then, let’s begin a battle that will put the honor of both armies on the line.”

The Marquis of Heidel’s tone changed.


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