My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 156

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Episode 156: Dream in the game becomes reality

38. New era (2)

“It’s the beginning.”

The slaves who fell into Adrian’s work, including Slave No. 5, were busy moving along with the advance of the Reinharts Kingdom.

“Keep in mind, this is not for the Kingdom of Reinharts. “For our own sake.”

Slave No. 5 said this to his colleagues, and they began to move as planned in advance with a determined look on their faces.

“Let’s all see each other alive.”

The unexpected behavior of slaves.

Of course, there was no way the owners would just sit there and watch this.

“what? “Are these people crazy, won’t they stay still!?”

Usually, slaves have chains that restrict their behavior.

“uh? Huh!? “Stop it!”

However, the spell did not function properly, and slaves acted as they pleased after killing or subduing their masters throughout the Duchy of Xexis.

“The Reinharts Kingdom army is invading!”

“The entire Duchy of Xexis will become a battlefield!”

However, this unexpected situation did not receive much attention as it was buried due to an attack by the Kingdom of Reinharts.

-Quaaaang! Kwaaaaang! Quang!

In addition, the imperial army was distracted by the attacks of Black Eagle’s clones, who flew around the Dukedom of Zexis and fired magic spells, and Master-level autonomous Vanga, who mixed in with the trash heap like scrap metal and succeeded in infiltrating major bases.

“What is that slave?”

“What is a slave? “Just stop caring!”

To the people of the Croesian Empire, slaves were like insects that did no harm, so they did not pay much attention to them even though they were busy moving around.

I just thought that they were doing their own thing.

“For freedom.”

“For the future.”

In this way, each slave used a scroll imbued with 5-circle explosive magic toward a designated target.

-Quaaang! Quang! bang! Quang!

Thousands of explosions occurred one after another throughout the Dukedom of Xexis.

Thanks to this, the territory was literally devastated.

It was difficult to find a place that had not been attacked, including the main facilities of the imperial army and the main facilities of the territory.

This was more damage than Adrian expected.

Naturally, many slaves died in the process.

Sometimes they were discovered by soldiers, or they were killed in explosions when they used unfamiliar magic scrolls incorrectly.

However, even when the slaves died, they did not regret their choice.

If you live like this anyway, your life will slowly wither away, but for the first time in your life, not only did you take the initiative to try to do something for yourself, but you were also able to take revenge, even in a small way, on the terrible empire.

“Huh!? “I’m being pushed!”

“The Reinharts Kingdom army is pushing in!”

And the slaves all cheered as they looked up at the massive sky fortress that had begun to cover the duchy’s sky.

* * *

Reinharts Kingdom Royal War.

“Oh oh!?”


“what!? “Why are you getting pushed around so easily?”

The nobles who gathered in the royal palace to watch the battle of the Duchy of Zexis, which could be said to be the decisive battle, cheered in unison.

Even though they were clearly fighting against an enemy of similar power, the Kingdom of Reinharts was attacking them one-sidedly, causing great damage to the Croisen Empire Army.

Even so, since I had seen a lot of Adrian’s mercenary skills, I couldn’t help but be suspicious of the Croisen Empire army fighting like a ragtag group.

But soon I realized why.

“It is said that the Duke of Lawrence has captured the slaves of the Duchy of Xexis. Simultaneously with the advance, slaves began terrorist attacks throughout the territory. “The imperial army was so surprised because they thought our kingdom’s army had invaded inside.”

When the king revealed a secret story that they had not known, all the nobles could not help but be amazed.

“There is a potential ally hiding within the empire who resents Croesen more than anyone else.”

“indeed… … .”

From the beginning of this war to the end, the person who stood out the most was not Grandmaster Duke James or Arcia, but Adrian, the commander-in-chief.

“I am fortunate to be on the same side as His Royal Highness the Duke of Lawrence.”

“that’s right. “Through this war, I once again realized that he was a very scary person if he were to face an enemy.”

Among those observing the situation were Adrian’s father, Viscount Rayford Lawrence, and his mother, Viscountess Sylvia Lawrence.

The two people were at a loss as to the continuous praise for their child.

“Thanks to His Majesty the Duke of Lawrence, it looks like this war will end easier than expected.”

You shouldn’t jump to conclusions about anything, but looking at the current situation, I couldn’t help but react like this.

Adrian’s presence was engraved in the minds of the nobles of the Kingdom of Reinharts, including King Michael, even bigger and stronger.

When this war was over, Adrian was scheduled to become the owner of the duchy.

But I also thought that maybe that alone might not be enough.

* * *

The war with the Croesian Empire was still one-sided.

Thanks to this, other countries began to suspect that the Croesian Empire had been overestimated, but if you think about it, this incident can be seen as a victory of thorough information warfare and a victory of secret preliminary work.

The Croesian Empire has also been trying various tricks, such as approaching our allies or sending troops to assassinate key figures in a kingdom whose defenses have been weakened.

However, it was all caught and blocked in advance.

It would probably be frustrating for the imperial family of the empire.

It will feel like you are fighting not only our kingdom’s army that is charging at you from the front, but also an invisible enemy.

“It was hard. In recognition of your merits, we promise not only exemption but also housing and land as compensation.”


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“Okay, thank you. No, I’m devastated.”

I personally praised the slaves who had made a great contribution, having succeeded in causing great damage to the Croesian Empire forces and driving them out of the Duchy of Xexis.

They were so used to being servile that they didn’t know what to do, but their eyes changed, perhaps because they thought they had achieved freedom through their own power.

And among them… … .

[Slave No. 5]

Race: Human

Age: 22

Affiliation: Croesen Empire, Duchy of Xexis, Slave

Talents: Magic power (best), intellectual ability (best), learning ability (best), political power (high), administrative power (high), command ability (medium)

Traits: Fast Growth, Liberator

Relationship: Appreciation / Ally

Status: Hope/Joy

The discovery of a slave was nothing short of an unexpected reward.

This level of ability has never been seen by anyone other than Arsia, King Michael, and the President of the Republic of Israel.

It is a country where there is no answer to the idea that a person like this had to live as a slave due to the limitations of his birth.

I reached out directly to nameless slave No. 5.

“I want to give you a name. “Is that okay?”

Slave No. 5 shed tears with an expression of emotion.

Instead of feeling sorry for him as he was swirling with many emotions, I smiled and spoke brightly.

“I present to you the name and surname ‘Miles Louren.’”

“Master, that’s… … .”

Gregory was startled by my words and joined in.

The last name Lauren resembled Lawrence.

There’s no way the people around you wouldn’t know that.

Even Slave No. 5 stopped crying and looked up at me with a surprised expression.

This is a behind-the-scenes operation for recruitment.

How about giving a gift with a similar name?

I found the best talent that I couldn’t miss.

“And there is an educational facility called the Youngjaewon in my territory. It is an organization that brings together talented people from all over the country and provides them with studies suited to their aptitude. “I would like to propose to Sir Laurence that he enter a gifted center. Would you accept it?”

Slave No. 5, or rather Miles Louren’s colleagues, sincerely congratulated him on the success.

Miles hesitated for a moment because of my good intentions, but he was so smart that he couldn’t have known that this was an opportunity.

He immediately said he understood and accepted my offer.

I welcomed him with joy in my heart.

“Well thought out.”

After biting the slaves, including Miles, I gave instructions to Deputy Commander Taylor, who looked impressed by the unexpected show.

“We will advance to the capital immediately without delay. “Please inform the entire army.”

“Yes, I take orders!”

Philanthropist Taylor saluted me with utmost courage.

He is a very easy person to deal with.

* * *

“We were completely defeated and lost 30% of our troops without being able to last a single day in the Duchy of Zexis?”

“Yes, that’s right. The troops are currently retreating to the capital, and are scheduled to join forces from Dragonland, which will arrive in half a day.”

Complete defeat in the final battle.

The imperial family of the Croesian Empire was gripped by a sense of crisis.

I could no longer look down on the Kingdom of Reinharts.

Their army had already arrived right in front of the imperial castle.

“Have you heard from the Marquis of Métis yet?”

“That’s right.”


The Emperor of the Croesian Empire was angry at the situation where nothing was going as he wanted.

In order to turn the situation around, border troops toward the Kingdom of Lucias and border troops toward the Kingdom of Jordi are desperately needed.

However, if you take those two armies carelessly, you can only increase the number of participating countries and increase the size of the enemy army, so I had no choice but to hesitate to take them out until the very end.

“He was assassinated.”

If there was no news from the person who had left the country for important negotiations, there were only two possibilities.

Either dead or betrayed.

No matter how much I didn’t like it, I knew that the Marquis of Métis was not a person who would betray his country, so there was only one possibility left.

“Director of Intelligence.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

“How do you manage information instead?”

“So, I’m sorry.”

The death of the Marquis de Métis, who was entrusted with an important mission, means the defeat of the information war.

It was natural for the emperor to be angry.

“You will personally finish the matter with the two kingdoms. If you fail… … got it?”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

The basis of negotiation is to push and pull face-to-face as if playing tug-of-war, but there was no time for that now.

I have no choice but to endure some bleeding… … .

Thanks to this, everyone’s expressions, including the emperor, darkened.

The imperial palace fell into silence, and the Emperor, sighing slightly, looked at the Crown Prince, who had a confused expression on his face.

“There is something you must do.”


What is there for the crown prince to do in this situation?

Questions appeared on the faces of all the ministers, and the Emperor snapped his fingers at his son, the Crown Prince, and invited him closer.

“There is someone you can meet in Dragonland.”


When the story of urging people to go to Dragon Land came out of the Emperor’s mouth, the Crown Prince looked as if he had heard correctly.

This is because Dragon Land, located in the southwestern part of the Croesen Empire, was considered the most dangerous place among the many barren places in the world.

It could almost be described as hell.

“The arrangements of our empire are in Dragon Land. “I will attach you to the Knights of the Guard, so you can go there now and meet someone.”

Arrangements of the empire.

And the crown prince, who first heard the news that the arrangement was in Dragon Land, swallowed dry saliva.

“Find the giant black tree at the end of the Gray Mountains in Dragonland. “There is a village down there, so you can hand this to the village chief.”

The crown prince received something from the emperor.

I looked to see what it was, and it turned out to be a pendant with a black tree drawn on it.

“Is there a safe route?”

It would have been great for the emperor to call it Anbae, but the fear attached to the name of Dragonland was too great.

In response to the crown prince’s expectant question, the emperor firmly shook his head.

“There is no such thing. However, if you succeed in finding that place, the situation will turn in an instant.”

Find it and come back.

Either you can’t find it and you die.

Is it an overreaction to only think of two cases?

The crown prince swallowed his dry saliva and then answered seriously.

“Choi, I will do my best.”

Even if it was harsh, that was the only answer I could give in this situation.


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