My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 153

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Episode 153: Dream in the game becomes reality

37. Book of Heroes (4)

-Sweet love!

Four fiercely flying swords.

Each one flew at the speed of a bullet, or even faster.

The appearance of the fish sword with the aura blade was only visible as a ray of blue light, and for ordinary people without enhanced abilities, the attack was not even perceptible.

Moreover, since the current distance from the Crimson Duke is only about 50 meters, it is possible to control each and every sword in detail as if they were alive, so if you play as an evasion wizard by relying only on your athletic ability, you will be in trouble.

It was difficult to measure the distance of an attack that changed its path irregularly, and since it was not attached to the arm, it was difficult to guess its movement.

This means that even if it is the same sword, it is completely different from when it was attacked at the Sky Fortress earlier.

so I… … .

-Quaang! bang! bang! bang!

I chose to deflect all of the attacks.

“… … !!”

Crimson Duke’s eyes widen in disbelief.

It’s worth it.

It was my magic staff that knocked out his sword.

To be precise, it was not just a magic staff, but a magic staff covered with a 7-circle great shield.

Although the highly condensed Great Shield did not have the ability to cut the enemy like the Auror Blade, it had a strong repulsive force and was able to block the sword.

Of course, the magic’s shape transformation requires a high level of understanding, and the more it is condensed, the less the defense area becomes, greatly increasing the risk, but this was enough for me.

The shield of the magic staff, which was swung like a spear, and the repulsive force of the auror blade collided, creating a loud explosion sound and sending the swords flying far away.

“It destroys common sense.”

But the crisis did not end with the sword.

The Crimson Duke, who had increased his assault speed, appeared before my eyes with blood-red eyes flashing.

It must have barely been a second before he landed in front of me after throwing four swords.

“After all, you must die.”

-Go go go go!

He came swinging a sword filled with energy that was different from that of the Aura Master.

The aura blade contained in the sword had more power than that of a typical aura master, but the sword held directly in one’s hand was incomparable.

Just swinging the sword produced an impact sound like a sonic boom.


Anyone can see that this is a desperate situation.

But when he made eye contact with me, he suddenly swallowed his confusion.


And I made the humiliating choice of forcibly twisting my body and rolling around on the floor.

“It’s a shame.”

By all accounts, I, a wizard, was in a situation where I had to be torn in two by the Grandmaster, Duke Crimson.

However, the one who was actually rolling around on the floor was the Crimson Duke, and the corner of my mouth curled up.

He quickly got up from the fall as if performing a trick, and there was a long blood mark on his cheek that looked like he had been cut by a knife.

“I could have killed you.”

What attacked him was the white hilt of the sword in my left hand, a lightsaber-shaped holy sword named Excalibur.

He didn’t expect this and made a show of rolling on the floor to avoid the blade of light that rose up and aimed at his neck.

-Ugh… … .

Duke Crimson gritted his teeth and rushed back.


In addition, the Crimson Duke’s swords, which had been scattered here and there, came to life and followed him on both sides, and members of the Croesen Empire Special Forces, who joined the Grandmaster a step later due to the difference in athletic ability, also flew away like assassins.

Attacks came from all directions like waves.

-thud! thud! Coo! thud!

However, there is something you must not forget.

The fact that I am not alone on this battlefield.

Arcia’s sword struck away Duke Crimson’s sword, and Duke James’ sword blocked the task force’s approach.

Afterwards, Gregory, Count Acres, former Marquis Vincent, and former Margrave Ignis flew towards Elder Iris, who was confused and confused, and the battle opponents were decided.

“It’s time out.”

The attack of the Crimson Duke, who rushed forward with his teeth clenched, was extremely fierce, but the great shield contained in the magic staff returned to its normal shield form, impeding his path.

Although the ordinary great shield shattered like glass in front of the sword held by the Grandmaster, there was a delay of less than 0.1 seconds in the process, and I swung the holy sword as if laughing at the gap.


No matter how good a wizard may be at wielding a holy sword, he cannot compare to a grand master.

My attack missed just as he opened his body.


But my goal was to buy time, not to slit his throat.

The shield that appeared soon after dug into the side of the Crimson Duke and struck him mercilessly.

Then Crimson Duke was thrown away like a baseball being hit by a bat.

It was the appearance of Arsia, a beautiful swordsman with flowing light brown hair.

“I protect the West.”

* * *

At the point when the prediction is made, the surprise is no longer a surprise.

Rather, it is a plan that will only lead to a big crisis.

As a result, the Crimson Duke and his companions became like mice with their heads stuck in the jaws of a snake.

‘I thought the Duke of Lawrence was too easy.’


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Before Adrian was a famous battle mage, he was an excellent commander and a person who was good at penetrating people’s psychology.

However, due to their confidence that they would never lose against such a person with all their might, and the thought that the longer they waited, the more the people of the empire would suffer, they became impatient and ended up judging the situation too optimistically.





Thanks to this, Duke Crimson was forced to walk a tightrope in the midst of a life-or-death crisis.

The Elysian Alliance’s Chief Elder Iris, who was the trump card in this raid, was tied up by four Auror Masters and was unable to help others.

The Empire’s special forces, with the reputation of being Grandmaster level, were engaged in a fierce life-and-death struggle with Duke James of the Kingdom of Reinharts.

And Duke Crimson, the pride of the Croesian Empire, had to deal with Adrian and Arcia, and all he could do was barely withstand the attacks of two people who showed crazy linking abilities.


The Crimson Duke and Arsia’s sword collided repeatedly in the air, and the resulting shock waves tore through the ground.

As Arsia’s shield and the Crimson Duke’s sword engaged in a tense battle of power, Adrian’s holy sword and magic pierced his gap.

Thanks to this, I kept being pushed back and pushed back, and ended up falling quite far away from my companions.

It was a very humiliating battle for Duke Crimson.

It was unimaginable that he would be so overwhelmed by the combination of a young woman who had just become a grandmaster and a 7th circle mage.

It was as if I was watching the current phase of the war.

‘This doesn’t make sense!’

It is understandable that the surprise attack failed.

It was clear that as they placed emphasis on speed, their movements became monotonous.

But even so, Duke Crimson judged that they still had the military advantage.

Therefore, I could not help but feel a sense of discomfort as the crisis continued.

‘Duke Klein’s fighting power is by no means superior to mine. Rather, it can be viewed as a lower level as the Grandmaster’s skill level is low. In the end, it is the Duke of Lawrence who makes the difference.’

What happens when an archmage of the 7th circle confronts a grandmaster?

The conclusion is a breeze.

No matter how smart the wizard was, there was no way the battle itself could have happened.

The Battle Mage’s position is already weak due to Vanguard equipment, and defensive magic only serves to buy a moment’s time.

However, Adrian not only established a battle with the Grandmaster even before Arcia joined, but even put him in danger.

Moreover, the sense of discomfort that the Crimson Duke had from his strangely relaxed appearance gradually gained weight.



Although all of the attacks are 7-circle magic, it is strangely fast to cast, and its power seems to greatly exceed the level of other archmages I have seen.

‘uh? for a moment.’

Because of this, Duke Crimson had no choice but to think this way.

It’s like, ‘It’s like dealing with an 8th circle wizard using 7th circle magic’… … .

It was just a thought that came to mind casually.

But the moment that thought entered his mind, the Crimson Duke’s eyes widened.

“No way!”

Adrian curled the corner of his mouth in response to the question of Duke Crimson, who thought of a possibility.

As if he knew what he was trying to say.

It felt like Adrian’s combat ability was gradually increasing, as if he was unlocking the abilities that had been limiting him one by one.

As the worst possibility became closer to certainty, the Crimson Duke’s complexion turned pale.

His agitation soon became a void.


The holy sword appeared from the blind spot caused by the shield and grazed the Crimson Duke’s left chest.

“Ugh… … .”

A handful of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth as he coughed.

I was in trouble.

Duke Crimson had to retreat quickly.

Since a duke of an empire is bound to have at least an 8th circle level recovery artifact, this was to buy time for him to recover from his injuries.

But the problem was that there was no way Adrian and Arcia would miss such an opportunity.


The injury recovered quickly, but Adrian and Arcia’s attacks did not allow any room for relaxation and targeted the heart and head respectively.


The Crimson Duke blocked Arsia’s attack at his head using the sword in his hand.


And I tried to block the attack aimed at the chest with a fish sword.

The fiercely flying fish sword was offset by the fish sword, allowing the blow.

“her… … .”

With an eerie sound effect that pierced the heart, the Crimson Duke let out a sentiment full of absurdity.

The artifact imbued with the 8th Circle’s Revive magic attempted to heal Duke Crimson’s injuries again, but the person holding the holy sword was a wizard, not a swordsman.

The holy sword that pierced the heart became the medium for the subsequent explosion magic.

“Everyone was having fun.”


In this way, Duke Crimson uttered his last short will and exploded.

It was an extremely unsightly end for an imperial swordsman who dominated an era.

* * *

‘Iris Marignan’, the highest elder of the Elysian Alliance’s Prisoner Nation, did a great job portraying the image of a criminal being dragged away by the police, looking with a blank expression at the handcuffs being placed on his wrists.

“Wouldn’t it be better to kill him?”

Adrian shrugged his shoulders at the question of former Marquis Vincent, who reacted reluctantly when he saw her like that.

“The reason we were able to easily win this battle was because Elder Iris moved passively. “If she had actively confronted us, the damage to her would have been great.”

In response, former Marquis Vincent, who thought that they had succeeded in tying up the elder Iris thanks to their efforts, narrowed his eyes.

Although the feelings between the two were not resolved yet, the former Marquis Vincent recognized his abilities.

If that kind of person is like that, then so be it.

The former Marquis Vincent looked again at the fox beastman, who had a cute girlish appearance that did not suit the battle dragged on by Arcia.

“Vincent, former Marquis, Ignis, former Margrave. Thank you for your effort If we continue to perform as well as we did today, we will be able to regain the title. “Let me help.”

“I went to war for my country, not for a title. Our honor died with His Royal Highness Prince Luke.”

I kept them alive because they were valuable Auror Masters, but in an emergency situation, they were very useful in many ways.

Adrian nodded and followed Arsia when he saw the two people reacting decisively.

“The odds of winning the war have increased, right?”

Then, Margrave Ignis had to turn his head when asked a question.

Adrian, who smiled kindly at the man who had turned from an enemy into an ally, simply answered.

“It’s 100%.”

The first to smile at Adrian’s confidence were former Marquis Vincent and former Margrave Ignis.


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