My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 152

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Episode 152: Dream in the game becomes reality

37. Book of Heroes (3)


[This fortress has been hit.]

[Perforations occurred in the upper and lower armor, and one lower force bomber was destroyed.]

[Define the attack target as an enemy and begin counterfire.]

A half-beat slow warning sound rang out in the sky fortress that was being used as a headquarters.

At the same time, the attack on the Sky Fortress began… … .


As if to prove that he was no match for the Grand Master, the sword imbued with an aura blade aimed at me, piercing the ceiling or floor one after another.

“Your Excellency Commander-in-Chief!”

“Your Majesty the Duke!”

The personnel at the headquarters, including Taylor, were shocked and closed their eyes.

I was not an easy opponent to be defeated by such a simple attack.

I avoided the attack very easily by taking a step back, turning my head, and slightly tilting my upper body.

Taylor, the wizard, looked surprised to see me like this, but now was not the time to leisurely watch my show of evasion.

“Except for the Vanguard unit, we will deploy a space-traffic disruption formation of all Sky Fortresses and launch a salvo attack on the enemy.”

“Oh, I understand.”

Only then did my subordinates, who had been rigid in my instructions, move.

Vanguard, my escort force, also came late to protect me, but their help was only a hindrance.

“Don’t let anyone approach you.”

And you must not forget.

Other crew members were equally threatened with their lives by the eyeless sword.

“I’m sorry. Wait.”

I frowned and used the air boom to blow away the situation officers who were busy communicating.

The people who were rolling around on the floor due to my sudden attack were very confused, but when the fish sword appeared right where they were standing, they hit their heads on the floor and were scared.

“It’s annoying.”

A surprise attack using a fish sword was not threatening.

Perhaps because the distance to the enemy was long, it was not precise and the attack path was linear.

A typical 7th circle wizard would have been hacked to pieces right away, but this type of attack would never hurt me.

As if I were telling Duke Crimson not to bother me.


Instead of dodging the fish sword that flew from the front, he caught it with his bare hands and stopped it.

“Uh, sword with bare hands?”

If I had fought at a distance where I could apply a little more force, my arm would have fallen off instead of being blocked.

My subordinates gaped at the unimaginable act, but I stored the sword, whose auror blade had disappeared as the connection with its owner was severed, into subspace.

I thought it would be a little more special as it is a weapon used by a Grand Master.

Was he angry because his weapon was suddenly taken away? The sword’s attacks became more and more intense, but… … .

“This feels like fishing with the hilt of a knife.”

When I stored two additional swords in subspace, swords no longer flew at me.

-Quaaaang! Quaaaang!

[Attitude control controller destroyed.]

[The fortress loses its balance.]

[Main engine destroyed.]

[The fortress crashes. Crew members, please prepare for impact.]

Instead, the sword’s movement changed to aim not at me, but to crash the sky fortress.

‘It’s such a fun world. ‘Technology has advanced so much that we live in a world where giant pieces of metal fly in the sky and bombard us, but to think that something weighing hundreds of thousands of tons can be sunk by the hilt of a sword.’

It was a situation that once again made me feel that there was a supernatural power above physical power.

Anyway, the sky fortress is equipped with shock prevention and fall prevention functions, so the people inside will not be seriously injured.

However, if fish swords continue to fly in a mess where balance is difficult to maintain, only the wrong people will die.

I spoke to my second-in-command, Taylor.

“From now on, let the deputy commander lead the entire army. “I will go out and respond separately.”

“yes!? “It’s too dangerous!”

“Do not worry.”

This is not about mindlessly showing your face to the enemy’s surprise attack force.

Isn’t that why you make this choice because you have some faith in it?

* * *


An explosion sound and vibration as if heaven and earth were changing.

Thousands of artillery shells, the equivalent of a 6-circle attack, followed one after another.

A 6-circle explosion spell can unleash the power of a short-range ballistic missile, so thousands of missiles are raining down per second.

Naturally, the ground was devastated and the dark early evening scenery was colored blue.

“It’s spectacular.”

The black-haired, red-eyed Crimson Duke was large and had a wild beard, making him look very rough.

However, it was difficult to say that his serious expression and calm tone of voice reflected his personality.

He was truly amazed as he saw 100 sky fortresses, each like a small island, lined up in a long line and firing artillery.

Even though the target of the bombardment was himself.

“I feel like I’m dying for blocking it, right?”


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However, the reason he was able to remain calm was because of one person who was blocking all attacks from the front.

A girl with fox ears and a bushy tail.

It was a prisoner with a gorgeous appearance that looked like he was in cosplay.

She was wearing an oriental costume reminiscent of Roberto’s kingdom, and a rippling curtain of space was spread out, repelling all attacks.

No, it would be more accurate to say that it is spilling rather than repelling.

All artillery fire missed by sliding around the space surrounding them.

“I’m sorry, Lord Iris. “It’s not like the Grandmaster can block this level of bombardment.”

The Brigham Empire has two Grand Masters and an Archmage of Circle 8, but the country with the most Grand Master level power is the Allied Powers of Elysia.

The fox-type beastman girl whom Duke Crimson called ‘gong’ was the highest elder of the beastman nation belonging to the Elysian Alliance, and was a person who handled the spirits of space classified as a semi-spirit king.

Although she looked like an ordinary girl, she was twice as old as the Crimson Duke.

Even an 8th circle archmage could not easily block the barrage coming from 100 sky fortresses, but she was able to defend herself because she had the ability to distort space.

I’m not sure that he’s better than the 8th Circle Archmage, but his compatibility shows that he’s highly effective against these attacks.

“In this way, the next five minutes are the limit.”

“All right. “We will finish it as quickly as possible.”

In response to Iris’s prickly reaction, the Crimson Duke still smiled leisurely and looked at the sky fortress.

It was a sky fortress that was under heavy attack from the sword he had thrown.

‘You’re so good at avoiding cooking.’

His eyes captured the image of Adrian, who had accurately penetrated the armor of the Sky Fortress and was dodging the sword as if dancing in the situation room.

This was the effect of an artifact that added perspective to the target tracking function, allowing the target to be recognized within a range of 1km.

However, the Crimson Duke’s calm expression began to harden, because as the attacks on Adrian continued, something felt foreign.


And then.

Adrian, who had previously been avoiding his attacks, caught the fish sword with his bare hands without fear of being a wizard.

At the same time, the connection with the sword in question was severed, and it felt like Adrian’s eyes were focused directly on him.

No, if that were all it was, I wouldn’t have been so concerned.

It got on his nerves that the expression on Adrian’s face at the last moment was ridicule.


The Crimson Duke’s attacks became more harsh, but to no avail.

The sword was intentionally thrown from a long distance for the sake of stealth, but the sword’s precision and power tend to decrease as the throwing distance increases.

Thanks to this, it ended up being a very careless surprise attack.

‘The opponent is not an ordinary archmage.’

Duke Crimson realized that if he wanted to get rid of Adrian, he would have to use all his might.

In the end, the target of the attack was not Adrian, but the Sky Fortress he was on.

To bring Adrian down.

-Quaaaaaang! Quaaaang!

After a while, the posture of the sky fortress, whose main organs were hit, tilted, and soon began to fall.

“I’m approaching.”

“Are you crazy?”

“The surprise attack has already failed. Now is the time to attempt a head-on breakthrough.”

In fact, the surprise attack was almost over the moment the first attack failed.

“As promised, I only assist in combat. “I have no intention of fighting with them directly, so you can fight on your own.”

“I know.”

At the same time, they approached the sky fortress that had begun to fall.

But soon their steps stopped.

The other person approached them before they approached them.

“You’re arrogant.”

Not only Duke Crimson, but also Iris had to express her bewilderment.

A wizard approaches the Grandmaster without fear.

This meant killing me.

And they were not the only grandmasters.

The strength of the 10 Aura Masters belonging to the Empire’s Special Forces, who appeared through the ground like zombies emerging, can also be called Grandmaster level.

Adrian was now approaching the place where the two Grand Masters were setting up camp.

* * *

I was amazed as I looked at the outstanding features of the commandeering unit.

One Grandmaster, the famous Imperial Special Forces, and even an elementalist from the Allied Powers of Elysia who could be described as an 8th Circle level.

They came in a big way to kill me.

“Chief Elder Iris, does the Elysian Alliance support the Croesen Empire?”

I snapped my fingers and called the nigger.

Then, a black man appeared from the sky and a total of three black eagles, including two of his clones, supported my back.

At my question, a cute girl with fox ears and a tail that would make the world’s goblins go crazy when they saw her hesitated.

“no. This is my personal activity. And I want you to know that I have no intention of attacking you directly. “I am merely following your request to protect Duke Crimson and his troops.”

It’s cute to show off.

Even if you don’t attack, you are already deeply involved in the battle.

However, there was no need to completely turn a hesitant person into an enemy, so I narrowed my eyebrows and said, pretending to be disappointed.

“The person I really wanted to meet at least once is Supreme Elder Iris, but it’s a shame that I have to see him in the hostile camp.”

I saw her information through Mangyeong and called her name, but the other person couldn’t help but think that I already knew of her existence.

Iris was visibly embarrassed by that.

I don’t know how they got involved, but it seemed like she didn’t like the current situation either.

“Hmm… … .”

Iris groaned and kept making an apologetic expression.

And that reaction was accurately expressed as Mangyeong.

[Relationship: Interest / Hostile Force]

[Status: Liked / Sorry]

After all, this appearance is good for dealing with the opposite sex.

Even if a person who looks like an orc says something like this, it doesn’t work, but when a handsome young man says something regretful, doesn’t he react differently?

Lookism is equally prevalent here and on Earth.

‘At this rate, I won’t disturb you more than necessary.’

I took out the magic staff from subspace and caught the expressionless appearance of Duke Crimson and the special forces member.

“Why are you so relaxed?”

The Duke of Crimson seemed reluctant to see me like that.

It was natural.

No matter how special I am, I am known to the outside world as an archmage of the 7th circle.

The gap between the 7th Circle and the Grand Master was too large to make a fuss about blocking a few swords flying from a distance.

In addition, the support partner was more reliable, so even if I tried to relax, it would inevitably be seen as an error to him.

“Because I’ve been waiting for this situation.”


“It means that the emperor’s thoughts are clearly visible. “It is clear that they will try to break down our military’s command system in order to turn the situation around, and if they do that, it is obvious that they will move the Crimson Dukes.”

This means that they had already predicted the surprise attack.

Naturally, Duke Crimson’s expression distorted.

In other words, it meant that he didn’t show his face for no reason.

The bombardment of the widely deployed sky fortress stopped, and lights came on.

Thanks to this, the dark surroundings became as bright as day, and a group of people could be seen falling from the sky.

Those people include not only Duke James and Arcia, who are supposed to be in command of the 1st and 2nd armies, but also Gregory and Earl of Acres, and the former Marquis Vincent and the former Margrave Ignis, who once belonged to the Second Prince faction but are now paying the price for their sins. It was done.

“I feel like I’m finally at full strength.”

As I let out a low laugh, the Crimson Duke with a stern expression rushed forward.


Crimson Duke’s cry filled with urgency. It seemed like they were determined to eliminate me before our allies joined us.

‘Well, it’s useless… … .’

But unfortunately, I am not an ordinary archmage of the 7th circle.

“Welcome to hell.”

Smiling cheerfully, I twirled the magic staff and welcomed his approach.

For an easy war, he must die here.


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