My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 15

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Episode 15: Dreams in games become reality

5. How to use Mangyeong (2)

‘Still, it seems like a waste of the talent of a knight named Lopez.’

I looked at information about many people through Mangyeong, but I have never seen anyone with that level of talent.

It may not be easy to switch to magic since you have already developed your Aura, but if you can develop your magic abilities without any major problems, wouldn’t you be able to make a name for yourself as a magic swordsman?

If you can skillfully use Vanguard’s force equipment along with magic, a hideous hybrid will be born just by imagining it.

Of course, it is difficult to succeed in digging just one well because it is a path of magic and the sword, so it is unclear whether even if you are talented, you will be able to become a magic swordsman.

The fact that he achieved the abilities of a regular knight at such a young age raised expectations, but despite his talent, a lot of effort will be needed.

‘I think it would be a good idea to take it out if you can… … .’

Looking at Allen Lopez’s treatment of his teammates, it seems like he can somehow get them to accept his recruitment.

But the problem is Count Otis.

Since Allen Lopez was a knight from another fiefdom, permission from the lord, Count Otis, had to be given priority over his own will in order to transfer.

‘Should I try a bribe?’

Considering Count Otis’ tendencies, it seems like an effective means.

It seems worth putting it into practice.

I still don’t know exactly how useful upper-level and top-level talents are, but now I think I need to slowly build up my own power.

Above all, if you want to create a force, wouldn’t now be the perfect time to move away from your territory?

Also, people will be less wary if the force is made up of people with high potential value, even if they are currently mediocre, rather than talented people who have fully blossomed.

I felt like the framework for the future became a little clearer.

“We need to get busy.”

As expected, there is nothing wrong with Archduke Lucas’s acting.

I stood up, took out the Mankyung, which had become my number one treasure, and used it.

* * *

Knights and wizards are not something anyone can become if they want to.

Innate talent is required, and only those who can feel magical power through a feeling test are recognized as qualified to become knights and wizards and are given educational opportunities.

The reason Allen Lopez, who was a commoner, was able to become a knight was because he passed the spirit test conducted at the basic academy.

The probability of passing the test is 1 in 1,000.

Lopez had been bullied a lot due to her small size since she was young, but everything changed after passing the test.

His family and relatives, who had been clicking their tongues as if they were doing their part, were busy supporting him, and the neglect and bullying he had received at the academy had completely disappeared, and everyone was busy paying attention to Lopez.

In a world where class existed, having the talent to become a knight or wizard meant being equivalent to nobility, so it was natural treatment.

At the time, Lopez felt like she had the world, but that didn’t last long.

After completing the basic academy, he was summoned to the Yeongju Castle and began living in the barracks. The only people around him were people of the same status as him.

Humans are individuals who like ranking.

The atmosphere would have been different if he had gone into magic, but unfortunately, the lord, Count Otis, preferred training knights rather than training wizards, which cost a lot of money, and the easy-going Lopez was severely harassed by his rivals.

Sexual harassment was standard, and assault and extortion of money were optional.

Therefore, even though he became a regular engineer, he had no choice but to have doubts about his job.

‘If I had become a wizard, I would have achieved great success.’

Someone’s words were thrown to Lopez in passing.

I was excited by the straight-forward question, ‘Why are you writing an article?’, but the words that followed were so strongly engraved in my mind that I could hardly forget them.

Lopez also had the thought that it would have been better if he had walked the magic path instead of becoming a knight.

‘2nd Combat Brigade Commander Adrian Lawrence. Viscount Lawrence’s incompetent second master. He must be an example of an unanswerable nobleman who brings a woman to the battlefield and plays games all day… … .’

Although he had a bad reputation in many ways, Adrian’s cool eyes when he actually met him gave off an aura that could not be taken lightly.

Of course, I know that rumors aren’t everything.

However, if the gap with the rumor is this big, you can’t help but think it’s scary.

“We meet again.”

Should I say it was a coincidence?

A person appeared in front of Lopez, who was thinking about Adrian.

Lopez, who was walking around the camp aimlessly, swallowed his frustration and bowed.

“hello. Brigadier General.”

This time too, the attention of those around him was focused on Adrian, who appeared wearing a beautiful suit.

“Let’s be friends from now on.”

However, Lopez had to make a dumbfounded expression when Adrian suddenly shook her hand.

“yes? Yes, it is an honor.”

Although he suddenly took his hand, Lopez flinched at the meaningless smile he gave with his unique cold eyes.

I was able to feel once again that he was a completely different person from the rumors.

“Is His Excellency Count Otis at headquarters now?”

“Yes, I know so.”

“All right. See you later.”

The words “see you again” somehow sound meaningful.

With those last words, Adrian walked towards the division headquarters, and Lopez returned to his barracks as if running away.

“Lord Lopez. Is Sir Lopez there?”

But his rest did not last long.

“The lord is looking for you. “I think you should hurry and go to the division commander’s office.”

This is because there was a sudden call from the lord.

Lopez, who had just found out that Adrian had gone to Count Otis, must have felt uneasy for some reason.

“Ah, welcome back, Sir Lopez.”

We arrived at the division commander’s office in a hurry.

When Lopez entered, Count Otis, with a friendly face, welcomed him very warmly.


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Although he was a knight, he was not one of the vassals of the great lord’s family, and Lopez, who wondered if the count even knew his name, could not help but wonder.

“Did you find it?”

Count Otis patted Lopez on the shoulder as he was being polite and guided him to the table, where Adrian, a passenger, was sitting.

And an unexpected story flowed from the Count’s lips.

“Lord Lopez. From now on, you will treat Brigadier General Lawrence as your master.”


Lopez, who did not understand the meaning of the moment, asked a question without realizing it.

Adrian, who was sitting quietly in his seat, smiled and answered the question.

“I politely expressed to His Excellency the Count that I would like to recruit Sir Lopez. “Your Excellency has been kind enough to grant my request.”

Articles are not even objects and it makes no sense to exchange them as if they were gifts.

Lopez wanted to say something, saying he didn’t understand, but he froze when he saw the Count’s smile disappearing from his face and his eyes narrowing.

“Are you dissatisfied with my decision?”

It was a question with many implications.

Thanks to this, Lopez, who fully understood his situation, reflexively shook his head.

“Oh, no.”

“That’s right.”

Lopez looked at Adrian.

“I guess we have no choice but to be close friends from now on.”

Lopez smiled awkwardly in confusion at his sly behavior.

* * *

-Lawrence Viscounty Permanent Castle.

Cedric often received stories of Adrian heading to the battlefield from his confidants.

Although he frowned at the fact that he stabbed Dalton with a knife and created an atmosphere of fear, the fact that he was still immersed in the game determined that his nature had not changed.

But according to the newly received information, doesn’t that mean that Adrian has formed his own group?

I was very angry and tried to respond, but… … .

When I heard the story that the member was a beginner knight who was ostracized by the Count Otis family, a low-level worker in the barracks, and a bugler in the next unit, my heart sank.

“Did you just want a friend? devil.”

Although he felt a little sympathy, Cedric, whose personality did not go anywhere, called Adrian directly and bitterly told him to hang out with people of his family’s rank.

However, this turned out to be his mistake, because it was like admitting that he was still watching Adrian’s every move.

This was due to his complacency in not realizing that Adrian’s behavior had begun to change recently.

And as if to prove his complacency, Cedric gave instructions not to care who Adrian placed next to him unless he was someone who was nutritious for his limbs.

Naturally, Cedric’s limbs accepted their master’s instructions at face value and did not report even though the number of people Adrian kept around exceeded double digits.

“You just keep playing games? Ha, in some ways it’s amazing, it’s hard for people to be this regular.”

Thanks to this, the only report to Cedric was that Adrian was still addicted to the game.


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