My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 146

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Episode 146: Dream in the game becomes reality

36. Skirmish (1)

Three months until war.

This is not the scenario that I and King Michael had hoped for.

‘Well, that doesn’t mean it was completely unexpected.’

The question that needs to be addressed here is with what mindset these guys went to war, and seeing as Chester said that he was preparing for a big war, it was clear that it was not at the level of a border dispute like in previous years.

I guess I’ve been teasing him too much.

It looks like the medicine has gone up after being treated like this for the past few months.

“It’s not at the level of an all-out war, is it?”

“It doesn’t seem that way, seeing as we don’t approach Reinharts Kingdom allies. “I think it’s just a will to take away part of the territory or reduce the country’s expanding power.”

In order for the Croesen Empire to invade the Kingdom of Reinharts, the tacit consent of neighboring countries is needed.

Even the Croisen Empire cannot deal with multiple countries, including Reinharts, at the same time.

In particular, there was no way the Kingdom of Jordi, like ours, bordered the Croesian Empire for a large area of ​​the country, and would watch this in silence.

“It’s good. That kind of mindset. “I think they still have the upper hand.”

Currently, our kingdom’s military power is 60% of that of the Croesen Empire.

This has also been greatly improved over the past two months, and anyone would be conceited if the power difference were this large.

However, I had no intention of losing against the Croesen Empire.

Because their pride will eat away at them.

“I guess I’ll soon be using administrator privileges on the Hollywood system.”

When I said that with a smile, Chester shook his head.

“I knew that you weren’t the kind of person who could be persuaded, but I never thought that my request would be ignored so quickly.”

I shrugged my shoulders at Chester’s absurd reaction.

“If the system is used to attack others in this way, it will diminish trust in Hollywood.”

“Even if reliability falls, it’s okay because there is no alternative to the Hollywood system. And it’s only certain forces and certain people that have problems.”

“How come you didn’t say a word?”

“Haha, I’m a bit stubborn.”

Even though his opinion was dismissed, Chester didn’t seem particularly upset.

Wouldn’t it be more of a satisfying response?

* * *

Andre de Croesen, the crown prince of the Croesian Empire, was in low pressure every day these days.

“What do you think should be done with a dog that bites its owner?”

Prince André stared at the woman singing on the stage prepared just for him and asked an aide standing behind him.

Count Petrit, the crown prince’s closest confidant and commander of the 2nd Guards Knights, gave a simple answer.

“We have to deal with it.”

“yes? “I think the same thing.”

“The dog that bit its owner you mentioned refers to the Kingdom of Reinharts, right?”

“Who else could there be but these guys? They are the ones who served our people.”

The Calvados Empire, said to have been destroyed by dragons, is a country with many secrets.

Civilization was completely destroyed, so not much data was left to future generations, so its existence is being confirmed based on overseas data.

However, there is no evidence in any of those materials that the Reinharts people listened to the help of the Croesen people during the Calvados Empire, but the empire, which has a tendency to interpret history in its own way, regarded Professor Han’s claim as fact.

‘It cannot be denied that the Croesian people, the most populous nation in the Calvados Empire, were the mainstream of society. Therefore, wouldn’t the Reinharts people be a second-class people living in dependence on the Creusen people?’

By this logic.

Of course, the groundless claim was not accepted abroad, but the Croesian Empire considered it particularly important.

It was an argument perfectly suited to expressing their superiority.

“Isn’t that why His Majesty the Emperor is preparing for war?”

“So, let’s just wait and see until the preparations are completed? “I don’t plan on doing that, do I?”

“Are you planning to do something separate?”

Prince Andre raised the corners of his mouth in response to Count Petrit’s question.

“Didn’t these guys put a big dent in our empire’s pride? “If they see an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, I have no choice but to use the same tactic.”

Count Petrit narrowed his eyebrows for a moment at the sight of the crown prince looking somewhat dangerous, but soon adjusted his expression.

“May I ask your plan?”

When Count Petrit cautiously expressed interest, Prince Andre responded that it was not a very complicated plan.

“The fact that the Reinharts guys became arrogant has a lot to do with the rise of one person.”

Count Petrit easily recognized the person the Crown Prince had mentioned.

“You mean the Duke of Lawrence?”

“Yes, that young guy who is called the divinity of Reinharts Kingdom.”

It was quite well known that Prince Andre cared about Adrian in many ways.

However, since Adrian could backfire if he was touched incorrectly, it was difficult for Count Petrit to respond obediently to the crown prince’s reaction.

His judgment was that apart from the Kingdom of Reinharts, a person named Adrian could never be taken lightly.

“Ah, I have no intention of touching him directly, so there is no need to react like that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it means there are many ways to excite him.”

The crown prince left a message to look forward to and then focused on the singer who was singing on stage again.

Count Petrit looked at the crown prince blankly and expressed concern.

* * *

“Something that is lacking is just pride.”

The Duchy of Lawrence has a special institution that cannot be found in other territories.

It is an educational institution named the Gifted Learning Center, and it is an institution where only talented people directly selected by Arsia and I can enter.


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The level of education here far exceeds that of the Royal Academy, and as soon as you enter, your name is added to the vassals of the Duchy of Lawrence, so it was a unique place where you could learn while receiving money.

Currently, the total number of cadets admitted to the gifted center is about 120, and all of these people have one or more top-level talents.


Allen Lopez, a first-class cadet and the current manager of the gifted center, questioned me as I looked around the gifted center and muttered to myself.

I couldn’t help but laugh, even as I waved my hand and said it was no big deal.

As for why I’m suddenly reacting like this… … .

[A cadet captured by the Croesian Empire]

[A cadet captured by the Croesian Empire]

[Teacher recruited by the Croesian Empire]

This is because among the new students and new teachers at the gifted center, there were people on whom this information was displayed.

It seems that the Croesen Empire has no intention of remaining calm until preparations for war are completed.

Normally, it would be difficult to notice, but it was a tactic that did not work for me, who had a blue moon and a full moon.

“Lord Lopez.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Please gather all cadets, teachers, and administrators.”

“All right.”

Even though I suddenly stormed into the gifted center and gathered people together, Lopez carried out my instructions without any complaints.

The gifted center officials quickly gathered together, and I found seven spies among them.

“uh? Ugh!”

“What is this?”

“Hey, my lord!”

I floated them in the air and handed them over to Gregory, who was silent like my shadow, like a piece of luggage. I pointed to those who reacted with no understanding and warned the cadets, teachers, and officials.

“These are people who were captured by the Croesian Empire and tried to cause damage to our gifted center. “Everything will be caught anyway, so make sure you don’t fall for strange temptations.”

“Huh… … .”

Everyone swallowed their breath.

Even those captured by the empire and ordinary cadets.

“Keep in mind that your job is to hone your own abilities. Then, you will be able to achieve honor with your own abilities without having to make the extreme choice of betrayal. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I will keep that in mind.”

Lopez answered my question with a stern expression as if he was singing, and everyone followed suit.

Having blocked the Croesen Empire’s nonsense in advance, I wiped the smile off my face as I returned to the main castle.

“What should those who are captured do?”

“There is no law preventing someone who betrayed once from betraying again. I have no intention of using it, so you can take care of it yourself. “Either brainwash them and make them members of Blue Moon, or kill them.”

“All right.”

The roles of those included are not difficult to understand.

They are provoking me by causing great damage to the gifted center.

And the damage was very likely to result in loss of life.

“Has the informant who approached them been identified?”

“Yes, we have confirmed their base on Eltus Street.”

“It’s good. “It’s a blue moon after all.”

There was no hesitation in my strides.

‘I’m sorry, but it’s not my style to just accept things.’

* * *

“what? “After only half a day, they were discovered and all of them were eliminated?”

“I’m sorry.”

Upon hearing the intelligence chief’s report, not only Prince Andre but even his close associate, Count Petrit, could not believe his ears.

The target they were aiming for was not the king or crown prince of the Kingdom of Reinharts.

In addition, they were not as important figures as the Duke of Lawrence, his immediate family, or major vassals.

It is said that they were simply entrusted with dealing with Duke Lawrence’s favorite students, but not only did they fail, but they were all eliminated.

This meant that the battle between the intelligence services had been completely defeated, so Crown Prince Andre could not help but doubt the capabilities of the imperial intelligence services.

“So what is Duke Lawrence’s response?”

The head of the intelligence department answered the crown prince’s question while wiping away cold sweat.

“There is no significant movement yet.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I checked again and again.”

The Crown Prince, who had lost trust in the Ministry of Intelligence, looked with suspicion.

Count Petrit, who had been listening quietly to the story, intervened.

“Your Majesty, I think it would be better for you to stay in the palace instead of the magic tower for a while and take care of yourself.”

“What does that mean?”

“Considering what I have seen of Duke Lawrence’s tendencies, I have no idea what he will do. “When dealing with someone whose behavior cannot be easily predicted, you must be as careful and cautious as possible.”

He was already in a bad mood, but when Count Petrit said that he would save himself, the crown prince couldn’t help but be displeased.

“So, you mean that I, the crown prince of the great Croesian Empire, should hide from the kingdom’s only noble?”

The place where the crown prince is currently staying is the Imperial Magic Tower, where he is in charge.

It was difficult to be king because there was an emperor in the castle, but within the magic tower, the prince was no different from the king.

So, it is understandable that he likes this place, but no matter how excellent the defense power of the Imperial Magic Tower was, it was not at a level comparable to the Imperial Castle.

That’s why I was begging you to take care of yourself out of loyalty, but you are misinterpreting this.

The count was speechless.

“It seems that Count Petrit overestimates the Kingdom of Reinharts and Duke Lawrence.”

“That is… … .”

“No matter how well they fight, in the end they are at the level of orcs, and compared to that, we are no different from ogres. The difference in weight classes is very large. Have you ever seen an ogre that is afraid of orcs?”

Prince Andre’s eyes were filled with coldness as he said that.

Count Petrit could not understand the crown prince like that.

As he said, the Croesian Empire is a great country.

But isn’t the crown prince of that great country showing his entitlement to the nobles of the kingdom?

It was advice that he would not have given in the first place if he had not set out to hurt Duke Lawrence’s pride in the first place.

“Excuse me.”

Count Petrit had no choice but to end the conversation with an apology.

If you provoke him further than this, no matter how close he is, he won’t be safe.

When Count Petrit lowered his head and gave up his opinion, the Crown Prince sighed slightly and poured wine into his glass.

This meant forgiveness.

“With this, I know for sure.”

“What do you mean?”

“In this war, Duke Lawrence must be killed.”

Count Petrit nodded in agreement.

Although his political power was small, Duke Lawrence’s presence in the Kingdom of Reinharts was very large.

[I’m sorry.]

But that was then.

A familiar voice suddenly came out of thin air.

[I have no intention of letting this person die.]

“W-what is it?”

The crown prince narrowed his brows and turned his head, and soon he could see a black eagle standing on the railing beyond the balcony window.


The crown prince tilted his head as he looked at the black eagle.


However, unlike the crown prince who was unable to grasp the situation, Count Petrit, the auror master, panicked and rushed away.

And the crown prince realized that Count Petrit’s suggestion to stay in the imperial castle and protect himself was a request born from loyalty.

In exchange for his life.


Count Petrit, who had thrown his body away, pushed the Crown Prince away, and at the same time, a flash of light shattered the Count’s head.


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