My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 143

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Episode 143: Dream in the game becomes reality

35. Story of hometown (1)

Why do Earth’s characters exist in this unfamiliar land?

The man tried to tell the story of the alphabet with an expression filled with surprise and joy.


“I am… … .”

“miss! “A guest has arrived!”

“Cielly? “I told you not to make a fuss at this time, right?”

His story was interrupted by a maid who barged into Michel Otis’ study without warning.

She was Michelle’s exclusive maid, whom the man also saw several times.

A person who likes to chat and is curious, and is a penny-pincher who doesn’t fit in with a high-ranking noble family.

As he was trying to talk about something important, he could not help but think that the maid named Sieli was an interruption.

So I decided to quickly get her out and talk to Michelle.

“Michel, I have something important to ask you.”

“yes? is it so. all right.”

Michelle nodded and pushed the maid on her back, telling her to leave.

“Tell them to go back. “I don’t meet anyone during research time.”

While the maid and Michelle were bickering, the man shifted his gaze back to the text she was deciphering like a cipher.

It’s not a mistake.

As expected, it was the alphabet.

“The visiting guests are His Royal Highness Duke Adrian L. Laurence, His Royal Highness Duke Arsia Klein, and His Excellency Count Gregory Hayden?”


“The person who was big enough to tell them to go back is in this mansion… … . No, not in this country. miss.”

“Your Royal Highness the Duke of Lawrence is really here?”

“Is that so? I know it’s not my place to say this about a mere maid, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea to waste time dealing with the two dukes and the count… … .”

However, the man was taken aback by the unusual visitor history and the sight of Michelle swallowing nonsense.

“Let’s go back and share the story! wait a minute!”

“uh? uh!? “Mi, Michelle!”

And she ran out of the study like a bullet, completely ignoring the man’s call.

The man had to narrow his eyebrows at the absurdity.

Now is the time to have a very serious conversation, but that has been forcibly cut off.

He massaged his temples and sighed.

‘Maybe this is a hint to return to Earth.’

A surge of impatience came over him, but the man consoled himself.

There is plenty of time anyway.

His current position is no different from that of a carnivore.

No matter how important the purpose is, you can’t expect the daughter of a high-ranking noble family to do as you wish.

So for now, I had no choice but to wait quietly.

‘Shall I read this in the meantime?’

So he decided to read the material Michelle had been looking at while she was away.

The material printed on paper contained the agony of a man.

[I am now faced with a serious problem.]

Could it be the aftereffects of dimensional travel?

Although it was fortunate that high magical power accumulated in the body, it caused serious side effects on the body.

There is nothing wrong with looking at the opposite sex.

No matter how sexy the opposite sex is in front of you!

That’s right, although I gained high magical power, I lost my sex drive.

Even though it looks like this, it is still a lively age.

I continued to research to cure this strange disease, but I could not find the cause.

It is a power that has been achieved after a long time.

Isn’t it a tragedy not to be able to enjoy that?

This is clearly a prank by the goddess.

Sepia, you piece of shit!

Turning a normal man into a eunuch?

Damn you!

-Contents of old cipher text discovered in Archduke Lucas’s Magic Tower office-

No, to be exact, it was closer to a scream than an agony.

However, even after seeing the content, the man could not easily understand it because it was so unexpected.

He shook his head.

It was nice to see a text from my hometown, but it didn’t seem fitting for a pretty noblewoman.

The man looked away from the document and looked out the window to sort out his complicated mind.


But that was then.

He turned his head when he heard a loud voice ringing behind him.

At the entrance to the study, Cieli, the maid who had dragged Michelle Otis along, was breathing heavily and looking at her.

The man expressed his doubts, and she came striding forward and snatched his arm.

“W-what’s going on?”

Although she was a maid who was usually very talkative, I couldn’t help but feel nervous as she pulled my arm with an urgent expression.


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“The guest who just visited the mansion said he wanted to meet you. So please follow me quickly.”

“Is it okay if I don’t go?”

When it comes to guests who just visited the mansion, aren’t they referring to nobles with those grandiose-looking names and titles?

Sieli made an absurd expression at his question.

“To dare to refuse a call from a high-ranking nobleman, you are a man of greater courage than I thought. “And it is not just any high-ranking noble, but a call from His Highness the Duke of Lawrence.”

Her reaction made me realize that there was no right to veto.

The man asked, swallowing dry saliva.

“Are you a great person?”

“sure. “He is the number one noble in our Kingdom of Reinharts, and in the world, he is more popular than His Majesty the King.”

Why does such a great person like himself?

He walked as if he was being dragged.

“Ho, are you a scary person?”

“He is a very scary person. Not only were more than a few nobles killed by his hands, he even intervened in the civil war in the Kingdom of Robert not long ago and personally brought down the God King and sent him to the guillotine. “She is a scary yet very beautiful person.”

Aside from saying she was scared, the maid’s expression was reminiscent.

In particular, scary and beautiful, what kind of contradictory expressions are these?

As if the fear of the unknown was more frightening than the original knowledge, at this moment the man was so extremely nervous that all he could think about was wanting to run away.

‘In a fantasy world where the class system exists, my life is no different from a sunfish.’

Even if you don’t know the reason for the call, it would be better to think of it as a dead life the moment you are hated by the other person.

“If you haven’t committed any sins, you don’t have to worry. Although he has no mercy towards enemies or villains, he is known to be very generous to ordinary people. “He is one of the few true nobles who respects commoners.”

The previous words were so powerful that even if I tried to comfort them now, the tension would not be relieved at all.

It took several minutes for him to walk with a stiff expression.

The two soon arrived in front of a richly decorated door.


In front of the reception room, the knight commander and deputy knight commander, whom I had only seen once when I came to the Otis territory, were standing guard in person.

The man lowered his eyes at the gaze of the two people.

“Miss, I brought you here.”

“Oh, come in.”

Where had her usual chattering self gone? It was Ciel who was reporting as anyone could see, looking like a true maid.

When Michelle gave permission from inside, the door opened, and the view of the beautiful living room, with pure white sunlight shaking my vision, came into view.

“Your Majesty the Duke. “The man I told you about is Lee Jae.”

Michelle usually spoke honorific terms to herself, but perhaps because there was a nobleman of higher status in front of her, she treated the man comfortably.

“What’s your name?”

And then I heard a low, cold voice.

He said he was a duke, so he thought he was middle-aged, but when he heard an unexpectedly young voice, he raised his head without realizing it.

“ah… … .”

What caught my eye next was a handsome man with silver hair and blue eyes who was so gorgeous that anyone would think of the word ‘main character’, and a beautiful woman with brown hair and green eyes that anyone of the opposite sex could not help but fall in love with, were sitting side by side looking at him.

No, to be exact, they were people for whom the expressions “beautiful boy” and “beautiful girl” would be more appropriate than “handsome man” or “beautiful woman.”

He looked dumbfounded at his appearance, which was so different from what he expected, and what came back to him was… … .

“You want to die.”

The black figure standing like a shadow behind the two people was a terrible murderer.

This was his first time encountering a deadly weapon so powerful that it made his hands and feet tremble, so the man froze in place as if he had been electrocuted.

“Count Hayden, stop it.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

But what saved him was a silver-haired, blue-eyed boy.

The man, who came to his senses late, quickly fell to the floor, recalling a scene from an old movie he had seen on Earth.

“Excuse me, sir. “My name is Benjamin Teo.”

Benjamin Theo, a man from Earth, broke out in a cold sweat.

The being who had just been called Count Hayden was not trying to threaten him, but was actually trying to kill him.

I once again realized what kind of place this world called Rondel is.

“Get up and sit in the front.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Benjamin forced his feet to move and took the seat next to the hesitant Michelle.

Michelle had always shown respect for him, but right now, her gaze towards him seemed as if she was looking at someone else.

Benjamin realized that her actions so far had been nothing more or less than curiosity.

Next, when Michelle’s eyes fell on the young duke, unlike her indifferent self, she transformed into a girl who seemed to be in love.

‘Did you believe the story that I was from another world?’

The temperature difference made Benjamin, who was grateful and had good feelings for Michelle who reached out to him during difficult times, bitter.

“I am Duke Adrian L. Lawrence. “I’m the one who asked to see there.”

“It’s an honor to meet you.”

But I couldn’t keep paying attention to Michelle because of Adrian’s self-introduction.

It was clear who I had to impress in order to live.

Benjamin behaved as subserviently as possible.

“This is yours, right?”


Benjamin swallowed a sigh of relief when he saw the smartphone Adrian had taken out.

“Uh, how, that? you’re right. “It’s mine.”

And quickly nodded.

With a happy expression on his face, he asked how he found it.

However, as the situation continued, the blood disappeared from Benjamin’s face.

-Just right.

“What is this?”

When Adrian snapped his fingers, a gray barrier that seemed to take the life out of the surrounding scenery surrounded the interior of the living room.

And the movements of the maid and Michelle who were serving the tea froze.

“I stopped time in the bodies of everyone except my group. “I’m going to talk about something important now.”

Stop a person’s time?

Realizing that this was a magic he had only heard about, he looked frightened even when Adrian suddenly treated him with respect.

“Oh, I understand.”

* * *

I am not inclined to harm people carelessly.

It may have seemed like he was running wild all this time, but he was clearly keeping the line.

He showed no mercy to enemies, would-be enemies, or evildoers, and tried to keep the damage to innocent people to a minimum.

And if an innocent person suffered injury or property damage because of me, I tried to take responsibility just as I did during the Prius Republic Revolution when I provided financial support to the victims.

If you just kill someone because it bothers you, isn’t that the same as being an animal rather than a human being?

This was a rule I set for myself as a person with power over people, and I made a lot of effort to keep it.

‘Lady Otis. Please don’t let me take your breath away.’

In that sense, the daughter of the Marquis Michel Otis was a troubled person in many ways.

Aside from her eccentric tendencies, she was just an ordinary girl.

A person who cannot think that his or her actions may pose a threat to others and is simply driven by a sense of curiosity.

But her presence was as annoying as a thorn in my neck.

“As you can see, I am a wizard. “If you want to live, you have to answer truthfully when asked.”

“Oh, I understand.”

I think it’s time to come to a conclusion about her.

Lady Otis’s fate will be decided depending on the answer given by Benjamin Theo in front of her.

“What country on earth are you from?”

I asked bluntly.

Theo opened his eyes wide.

“Oh, the Earth… … .”

“Don’t ask questions, just answer what’s asked.”

My attitude towards Benjamin was not good.

Did he also sense that the atmosphere was unusual?

I swallowed dry saliva and nodded.

“I’m from Singapore.”

My uncle who gave me the smartphone said that the person who sold it looked like a person from the Triton continent, which belongs to the six countries of the East.

And when I looked at the activated smartphone and remembered that the language was set to English, I was able to understand that the nationality was Singapore.

Because Singapore is an English-speaking country.

“How did you come here?”

“The boat I was on sank and I fell into the sea, and when I came to, I found myself here.”

This is another unexpected story.

In the case of Archduke Lucas, there was at least a plausible justification for being swept away by a magical explosion. He fell into the sea and when he came to, he found Rondel.

Isn’t this a story at the level of a reincarnated truck?

“How much do you know about Rondel?”

“I’m just learning… … . It is a world where a class system exists in most countries and where magical abilities are the mainstream. And I heard that God is real. “Thanks to the interpretation artifact, I can communicate, but I can’t read text, so the only information I have is what I mainly hear from Michelle.”

I think the story was too broad.

I got to the point.

“How much do you know about Archduke Lucas?”

However, he tilted his head when Archduke Lucas’ name came up.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know who it is.”

When I looked through the magnifying glass, it didn’t look fake.

Thanks to this, I was greatly relieved and asked in a more relaxed manner.

“How much of your story have you told Lady Otis?”

“They said Earth was from another world. But now that I look at it, I don’t think I really believed it.”

“There is something that Lady Otis is missing. Do you know what that is?”

“I don’t know. I just know she’s busy investigating something of her own. However, among the materials she was looking at, she found that our Earth’s characters were included. “She was so surprised when she found out.”

He seemed to have a lot of things he wanted to ask, but he didn’t dare to ask questions due to Gregory’s sinister energy behind him and my cold reaction.

“Did you ever teach her how to read those letters?”

“No, not really. Because I just realized that. I was going to tell you that it was the text of our world, but His Majesty came to visit just in time… … .”

“So she doesn’t know that you know English?”

When the name English came up, he nodded with a surprised expression.

Would this be enough to be considered safe?

‘I want to hear the story of Earth after reincarnation, so I have to drag this person away. Should I just drag them both along?’


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