My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 142

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Episode 142: Dream in the game becomes reality

34. What is this again (6)

Currently, my Lawrence Magic Tower is growing rapidly.

With the acquisition of Anaheim Magic Tower, the scale has increased significantly, and the production of force engines and vanguard equipment has also more than doubled.

In addition, the company is almost monopolizing orders for Vanguard equipment overseas, and is also supplying large quantities of force engines to Metal Fortress domestically.

And although Lawrence Magic Tower’s Panther 1.5 is more expensive than its rival Magic Tower, it continues to be popular and is recording steady sales, so this growth rate can be said to be natural.

The market capitalization of Lawrence Magic Tower is 1.5 times that of the Royal Magic Tower.

It was the 6th largest in scale among the world’s magic towers, and the 2nd largest among all companies in the Kingdom of Reinharts after the Royal Bank.

The reason why this was possible was because of Archduke Lucas’s legacy and the existence of a mine that could stably supply high-quality tourmaline.

That’s why Lawrence Mapp and I paid great attention to managing the mine.

The mining process as well as security.

“Are you here?”

As I approached the mine, a woman came running out of the management office.

She was one of Blue Moon’s special agents and a top-level elementalist of the Earth class named Helen Crystal.

Helen was acting here pretending to be a mine manager, but in reality, she was in charge of security and information for the entire Ophelia Island.

“Sir Helen, I have something to talk to you about, so please step aside for a moment.”

I asked Helen with a smile as I pushed back the island administrators who were chasing me.

“How are you today?”

“A total of 11 people were laid off, including 2 miners, 2 mining engineers, 4 construction workers, and 3 general workers.”

“The number has decreased considerably.”

“I think I realized that ordinary methods would not work as I continued to fail without any success.”

11 people cleared.

This meant the number of spies sent by foreign intelligence departments or intelligence guilds that were very interested in my magic tower.

This does not mean that 11 people were eliminated after accumulating for several days. It means that 11 people were eliminated today alone.

“They work really hard.”

Since I was almost monopolizing overseas orders, I couldn’t help but notice that there are technologies that can reduce costs to some extent if you have the wit.

As a result, industrial spies and intelligence agents were active here and there.

“Administrator ‘Taria Ensor’, who is watching behind me, has been recruited by the Brigham Empire. “He hasn’t betrayed you yet, so keep a close eye on him and if he does anything strange, clean it up right away.”

“ah… … “I’m sorry for not noticing this in advance.”

“no. If it was a blue moon, even if I didn’t notice it, I would have found it someday. So don’t worry.”

“thank you.”

This is the biggest reason why I visited this place today.

This means making sure there are no gaps in security.

Personally, I think there can be no perfection in anything humans do.

That’s why we’re not just sitting there saying we’re lucky that Blue Moon is protecting us, but we’re checking from time to time like this.

Of course, the character Taria Ensor may not betray, and even if she does, she may find out in time during the blue moon.

But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being careful.

“And did you find what I told you to look for?”

The reason why she, the highest level elemental of the Earth class, was placed here was to find a certain mineral.

That’s a diamond.

It is said that diamonds mined near tourmaline mines have a low probability of having tourmaline properties.

However, Ophelia Island was built entirely on a tourmaline mine, so I thought that if diamonds were found, there was a high probability that they would have the properties of tourmaline.

‘If a force engine were created using only tourmaline diamonds, what would the result be?’

I did not pass over the information that I had glanced at in Archduke Lucas’s research book and ordered her to search.

There was no being more specialized in finding minerals than the Earth Spirit.

“I haven’t found it yet.”

“Well, there’s no way a diamond mine could be discovered that easily.”

Perhaps it was only natural.

Although it was disappointing, I shrugged my shoulders without any regrets.

“Please keep up the good work.”

“all right.”

That was the end of my conversation with her.

I again looked around Ophelia Island, including inside the mine, with the managers.

Then, we climbed the highest mountain on the island, which boasts a spectacular view, where a receiver was being installed to amplify communication signals.

However, I was more impressed by the sea seen from Ophelia Island than by the receiver.

“It’s dark blue.”

Except for some parts of the island, there are no beaches, and the sea color is dark blue, so that if you step on it, you feel as if you are entering the deep sea.

As it is a fantasy world, there will be all kinds of monsters hiding in the depths of the sea.

Also, remembering the legend that during the mythical era, there was a continent with a high civilization even in this silent sea, I laughed, recalling the Atlas of the Earth.

“This is the final scene. “Is there anywhere else you’d like to see?”

I shook my head in response to the island administrators’ questions.

It would have been enough if it had gone this far today.

“Arsia, shall we go?”


So, I turned my back on the scene, taking in the island scenery for the last time.

– Coo coo coo coo coo!

No, I tried to turn my back, but the whole island suddenly started shaking, so I had to stop.



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“Everybody get off the pillar!”

The island shakes loudly as if there was an earthquake.

However, it felt strange to think that it was a normal earthquake.

Arcia and I looked around, and soon we found dark clouds in the sky far away.

It was a strange dark cloud that looked artificial to anyone.

“W-what is it?”

A time when everyone was questioning the unexpected situation.

We had to take a step back without realizing it because of the enormous presence that felt like it was constricting our whole bodies.

“That one?”

The source of the presence was a dark cloud that looked suspicious.

Dark clouds were spreading quickly across the distant sea, heading from east to west.

And as I looked at the dark clouds more closely, I swallowed a sigh of relief.

[Bramgiche / Gold Dragon]

Race: Balaur

Age: 8,502 years old

belong: –

Talent: Best (All)

Trait: Rondel’s Attuner

relationship: –

Condition: Feeling good

There was a legendary being there that I had only heard about in stories.

Perhaps for camouflage, the dragon surrounded by dark clouds indifferently went its own way as if it had no interest in Ophelia Island.

But its presence was so shocking that Arcia and I swallowed dry saliva, and the people around us shook their heads.

“What on earth was that?”

After a while, as the dark clouds completely disappeared from sight, the presence that had been restraining my entire body also disappeared.

“An accident may have occurred at the site because of the earthquake. Please check and contact us.”

“all right.”

Except for me and Arcia, no one noticed the dragon’s existence.

I didn’t bother to tell you because even if I told you, it would only cause confusion.

In the first place, the dragon had no interest in this and seemed to have a separate purpose.

“I saw something amazing. “It was real.”

“Iknow, right.”

Arcia nodded with a bewildered expression as I muttered to myself.

It was a dragon that had nothing to do with us, but the moment I witnessed its existence, I realized how insignificant I still was.

‘It’s like a stimulus to push forward and not be complacent.’

The encounter that came without warning was such a powerful experience that I would never forget it.

* * *

The day after Arsia and I visited Ophelia Island.

“Your Highness, I found it.”

Gregory rose from the floor like a shadow and told me the news I had been waiting for.

“That’s good news.”

They found the owner of the smartphone (presumed to be an Earthling).

Thanks to this, I was able to gather my spirit that had run away from home due to the dragon.

“Where are you?”

“This is the Marquis of Otis.”

“It’s so strange… … .”

The place of discovery was so unexpected that I laughed out loud.

But that lasts only a moment.

I immediately remembered a woman from the Marquis of Otis and had to scrunch up my face.

‘Why the Marquis of Otis?’

I asked Gregory for a detailed explanation.

“The Marquis Otis and the Viscountess Fiaren are friends. “It seems that Lady Otis went to visit the Viscounty Territory and happened upon a man with a strange behavior and became curious.”

“Well, this…” … .”

And the explanation that followed was so embarrassing that I had to massage my temples.

Lady Otis is a big fan of Archduke Lucas.

It would be nice if she was just a simple fan, but she is quite ahead of the candidates who are seriously looking for talent opportunities, and she even has a history of accessing fake talent opportunities and copying data without permission.

As a bonus, he had the ability to interpret English as a trait, so he was not a very pleasant person to meet.

‘Is it a coincidence? Or is it just a joke from the goddess?’

It was uneasy just to have flown into the Marquis of Otis, but the thought of the two meeting and being together was beyond unpleasant.

I stood up with a stern expression.

“Let’s go to Marquis Otis.”

Everything can be resolved if we meet and check.

I headed to the Marquis of Otis with Arcia and Gregory.

* * *

The day after I ran away from the saber-toothed tiger.

A man who came from Earth by accident was able to make a lot of money by selling a discharged smartphone to a man who was interested.

Thanks to this, I didn’t have a stomachache right away, but since his identity was unclear and I couldn’t communicate with him, frequent problems arose.

In the end, when the soldiers of the territory began to search the area to find him, the man had to flee the city of Fyaren.

As this strange world developed greatly, it was not difficult to realize that a class system existed.

He decided that it would not be good for him to be captured by the soldiers in such a place.

“I want to go back.”

To a stranger, Rondel was too dangerous and scary.

The man repeated those words several times a day, but nothing changed.

But hasn’t heaven abandoned him?

“Are you okay?”

A gorgeous and pretty woman who looked like she was from the upper class reached out to him.

The head indicated that the woman, who had not yet taken off her girlish form, should shake off his hand, but he was too tired.

So, out of desperation, I held on to his hand, and this became an opportunity for me to recover and adapt to this unfamiliar land.

“Are you getting used to it now?”

“Thanks to Michelle.”

Rondel was a fantasy world where magic existed.

Of course, it felt very different from the normal fantasy world, but thanks to the interpretation artifact, normal communication was finally possible.

Michelle, daughter of the Marquis Otis.

She was the benefactor who saved him, and the woman of the family was powerful enough to give away an artifact that looked expensive at first glance.

Now that he was protected by the nobles, the man was able to say goodbye to hardships and his days were like honey.

“Do you think about your hometown?”

“Haha, that’s right.”

However, even though he was enjoying good food, his mind was not at peace.

He met a good guardian in a strange land and had a chance to adapt, but this was not his world.

He told Michelle everything about his situation.

It was a story that was difficult for anyone to believe, but she believed it and even said that she would find a way to go back in her own way.

So he spent each day relying on Michelle.

Then one day.

“uh? that?”


His eyes caught the sight of Michelle deciphering a sentence with extended alphabets that was all too familiar to the man.


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