My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 14

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Episode 14: Dreams in the game become reality

5. How to use Mangyeong (1)

“Brigade Commander?”

I cautiously opened the door, knocked, and asked a question as I saw the driver sticking his head in.

“Is there a problem?”

He answered my cold question by scratching his head as if embarrassed.

“I felt a strange energy inside.”

Although I felt a pang inside, I pretended nothing was wrong and responded by showing the rings on my hands.

“I was just checking to see if there were any abnormalities with the artifact, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“I see. All right.”

The driver closed the door and left without any suspicion.

I let out a small sigh, opened subspace, and took out a one-handed sword.

[Istro Arming Sword]

Material: Mithril + Dragonborn

Function: Amplifies and emits aura.

Special Feature: Save Aura

Output: 3.0

Description: A force sword made by Archduke Lucas for the performer.

An organ that can store aura is implanted, so anyone can use the force by charging it.

However, when the force is released through self-stored aura, the duration is very short, about 15 seconds.

When I saw the detailed description of the equipment through the magic mirror, I burst out in exclamation.

“As expected, Archduke Lucas… … .”

As expected, it was the Force Sword responsible for Vanguard’s main attack.

High output is output, but it was surprising that anyone could temporarily (15 seconds) use the power of Vanguard by simply charging the Auror in advance like a battery.

The reason only knights could become vanguards was because of aurors.

Vanguard’s force equipment amplifies the knight’s aura, but unlike magical power, this aura is known to be impossible to artificially process.

Therefore, force equipment became the exclusive property of knights and became an important factor in increasing their ransom.

But is there a technology that can process auras?

It was news that reporters would be horrified if they found out.

Of course, the release time is extremely short at 15 seconds, but if used well and distributed well, it will be possible to attack more than 10 times, so it is no wonder that it is a revolution.

There is no need to think of this as equipment just for Arcia.

If I put an aura in my equipment, it will be of great help in an emergency situation.

‘This explains why people are so obsessed with Archduke Lucas’ technology.’

However, if you think about it differently, it was a technology that those with vested interests were likely to be reluctant to use because it had the potential to become a means of disrupting the existing order.

Next, I took out the magic staff and robe and examined them.

I was wondering if this function was also included in wizard equipment.

[Special Function: Save Aura]

Even the magic staff and magic robe had this function.

“omg… … .”

* * *

It has been two weeks since I was deployed to the front line in the direction of the Croesian Empire, leading the fiefdom army on behalf of Viscount Lawrence.

The tense atmosphere that seemed like war could break out at any moment went nowhere, but the boring standoff continued.

The leadership of both countries created a hostile atmosphere by sending out statements criticizing each other through the media every day, but apart from this, the front line was peaceful.

Thanks to this, I was able to concentrate on the game more comfortably than when I was in the territory.


“Is this speed the limit for a two-person party?”

However, like all RPG games, Chronicle Online’s leveling up slowed down as time went by.

After achieving Circle 5, Salamander’s Tears are no longer of much help in battle, so I have not used them since level 130.

Thanks to this, Arcia and I continued hunting using the typical 2-person warrior + mage party strategy.

Thanks to all the money, the leveling up speed may have been faster than that of a regular two-person party, but it was by no means a satisfactory result.

“No, do you think you are full?”

If wizards who spend their whole lives struggling to improve their 1st circle see this, they will definitely curse and say that it’s just that difficult.

“Let’s stop here for today.”

“You did a really good job.”

After reaching level 140 and ending the game, I picked up the water glass Arcia gave me and emptied the contents.

“hmm… … .”

Arcia, who was accustomed to being handed an empty glass, put it on the table and quietly stood in front of the door, looking at me.

I’m waiting because I always go for a walk around the headquarters after the game.

I stood up and put on the ‘mangyeong’ that had now become a complete part of my body.

[Arsia of Cheongang / Auror Expert]

Race: Homunculus

Age: 1

Affiliation: Commoner of Lawrence Territory, Reinharts Kingdom

Talents: Physical ability (highest), Auror (highest), Learning ability (highest), Intellectual ability (medium), Sympathetic ability (medium), Magical power (low), Spiritual power (low)

Characteristics: Close combat, defensive ability, automatic recovery

Relationship: Favorable / Absolute obedience

Condition: Feeling good.

Information about everything viewed through the panoramic view is input.


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At first, I felt dizzy, my eyes hurt, and I felt nauseous, but for my own safety, I didn’t skip wearing it to get used to it.

Thanks to this, the nausea and dizziness have now subsided.

Of course, if you wear it for a long time, your head will hurt, but even that is gradually being alleviated.

Didn’t someone do that?

Humans are animals of adaptation.

It was a fairly ignorant method, but it was worth it.

‘Are you a dog?’

As I started walking, I laughed out loud as I saw Arsia’s condition change to ‘good mood’.

Looking at this, it seems that emotions exist even in homunculi.

There were still a lot of things I didn’t know, so my individuality was weak, but I definitely had likes and dislikes.

Of course, he never shows it on the outside, but seeing that his state changes frequently through Mangyeong, it can’t be that big of an android.

As Arcia and I walked down the hallway, the maids turned pale and left the place, and the soldiers and knights standing guard took an unmoving posture.

“Escort is fine.”

“All right.”

I left the brigade headquarters, stopping the knights who tried to follow me.

The sight of temporary buildings made of stacked containers standing in a long row was majestic in its own way, but due to the nature of the local military, the uniforms were varied, so there was a lack of unity.

I walked leisurely through the camp, but I had to get a lot of attention due to Arcia, who had an outstanding appearance.

And as I went to the outskirts of the camp, the scenery of a wide plain without any obstacles came into view.

I’m not sure if Rondel is because a small number of countries occupy a large area of ​​land, or if it was originally larger than Earth, but each and every natural landform seems to be huge.

So you can feel a sense of openness just by looking at it.


For reference, this world is full of absurdities, with 16 out of 20 countries operating under a feudal system, but I guarantee that the earth’s politicians cannot keep up with the nobles when it comes to their attitude toward nature.

I don’t know if it’s because God exists, or because he understands the gratitude of nature, but he has an extreme aversion to pollution, to the point where even the rivers near big cities maintain first-class water.

Perhaps that is why natural purification magic and related technologies are treated as basic knowledge of the nation, and even if a war breaks out and the surrounding area is devastated, wizards and priests are dispatched after the war and are passionate enough to work on restoring nature.

This is an idea that we definitely want to instill in the earth’s politicians who prioritize development over nature.

[Status: Feeling very good]

I laughed out loud as I looked at Arcia’s condition as she stared at the plain.

“Uh… … .”

How long did the walk last like that?

Just when I thought I should quickly return to my residence, a man dressed in a green uniform who looked like a knight hesitantly approached me.

“Is there a problem?”

In this camp, the green livery signified belonging to the Count Otis family.

I wondered if the division commander was calling.

“If you don’t mind, why don’t we have a drink together?”


I suddenly looked at his condition with a magnifying glass to see what was going on, and emotions that did not fit the lines came to mind, such as ’embarrassment’ and ’embarrassment.’

So, I looked around and saw a group of people dressed in green uniforms looking at this place from a distance and smiling mischievously.

“The people behind there ordered it?”

At my question, the short, handsome knight shrugged his shoulders.

I had no intention of hanging out, so I shook my head and tried to ignore him.

[Allen Lopez / Auror User]

Race: Human

Age: 20

Affiliation: Regular knight of Otis Territory, Reinharts Kingdom

Talents: Magic power (highest), learning ability (high), intellectual ability (high), energy (medium), physical ability (low), auror (medium), communication ability (low), spirit power (low)

Characteristics: Fast calculation processing

I stopped at his somewhat strange information.

“Why are you writing an article?”

A question that came out inadvertently.

The driver, Allen Lopez, misunderstood what he meant and blushed.

“Well, I’m sorry for being rude, but I don’t think there’s any reason to listen to those words.”

I expressed my confusion because I didn’t mean to ask that question.

I was just puzzled because his talents and characteristics indicated that he should be a wizard rather than a knight.

That’s right, I’ve looked at information on many people so far, but I’ve never seen anyone with more than two advanced talents except Arsia, a homunculus.

However, not only did he possess the highest level, but he also possessed rare characteristics.

So, I wanted to ask why you waste your talent and make fun of other knights, but… … .

“I’m sorry.”

I wonder if there is any need to be related.

I motioned for Arcia to go and moved leisurely again.

“If I had become a wizard, I would have achieved great success.”

Still, I passed him by and said something regretful, and Lopez looked at me with a surprised expression.

“The drivers over there, don’t do anything annoying.”

For your information, I did not forget to say a word to the knights who behaved presumptuously before entering the barracks.


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