My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 139

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Episode 139: Dream in the game becomes reality

34. What is this again (3)

Arcia was very worried about me losing my mind during the game.

“I don’t think it’s because of fatigue. “Let’s put the hunting aside and investigate further.”

Over the past few days, the number of times I have collapsed has increased, the interval between fainting, and the time I cannot wake up from a faint is increasing.

It’s a level that can no longer be overlooked.

Leveling up is important, but as Arcia said, it is time to prioritize finding the cause and resolving it.

Seeing Arcia’s worry-filled appearance, I nodded that I understood and headed to Archduke Lucas’ Magic Tower to seek the opinion of the finance manager, Chester.

“Did you collapse again?”

Did we sense an unusual atmosphere when we arrived at the Magic Tower?

Chester, who appeared, reacted with embarrassment.

“It feels like the cycle is getting shorter and the time to faint is getting longer.”

“… … .”

Of course, he knows about my condition well.

The problem is that even he, who seemed to be an all-powerful being, somehow cannot find a solution to this.

“I investigated and found no mechanical defects or external interference.”

“So you’re saying it’s my problem, not Hollywood’s?”

“Under the circumstances, it looks like that.”

The fund manager can be seen as someone who helps the successor grow.

Therefore, his reaction to this situation was extremely serious.

“So far, it’s only in the game, right?”

“Yes, I have never fainted in real life.”

The only time I faint is in a game.

Since there was nothing wrong in reality, it couldn’t help but be even more strange.

“Isn’t this like a rejection reaction?”

At that time, Bug, who had been silent, said something.

It was Chester who reacted, not me.

“Is that possible? Adrian, who has had his body strengthened several times through Hollywood, has a higher synchronization rate than anyone else.”

“Hasn’t it been strengthened too much?”

“There is no problem since you have abilities within the expected range. Archduke Lucas’s design is full of consideration for his successor. “It is inconceivable that the system would harm the successor.”

“But what’s happening now is outside the scope of what’s expected, and it’s causing harm. Anyone can see that this looks like an error in the management system.”

“that… … .”

Chester was so embarrassed that he was pushed aside by Bug.

Seeing the two people like that, Arcia came up to me and asked, placing her hand on my forehead as if measuring my fever.

“What does it feel like to pass out?”

“just… … . I feel like I’m falling asleep. “I dreamed in that short period of time.”

“What dream?”

“Well, I don’t remember that much.”

But Chester suddenly interrupted our conversation.

“Are you dreaming?”

“I don’t remember for sure, but it definitely feels like that.”

“It’s impossible… … .”

Did you find some clue?

Everyone’s eyes focused on Chester.

“Of course, virtual reality was created based on InDream magic. Adrian’s words mean that I had another dream.”

Dreaming within a dream?

Isn’t it a very impossible story?

I actually heard a story related to that.

But he shook his head firmly, saying no.

“The situation is different in reality and in Hollywood. “If real dreams and the Hollywood system are mixed, we don’t know what side effects will occur, so the safety function kicks in.”

“Safety features?”

“In the worst case, it is a system to prevent a situation where the mind cannot return to the body because it cannot distinguish between virtuality and reality.”

Chester and I narrowed our eyes at the same time.

This somehow seemed like a more serious problem than I thought.

“Isn’t it just a system error?”

Bugs intervened again, but Arcia kicked her ass, saying it was annoying.

“As Bug said, if what I’m dreaming is a dream, it must be a system error, but if not… … .”

“I may be following a memory rather than a dream.”

As I rested my chin in thought, a very unpleasant possibility suddenly occurred to me.

“I’m sure someone else’s memories aren’t being injected into my head, right?”

“Are you suspicious that Archduke Lucas is manipulating Adrian’s body?”

“Because the situation is like this.”

“If you look at me, you will see that no matter how much you duplicate a memory, it cannot be considered the same being as the spirit that resides in it is different. “There is no reason for Archduke Lucas to do that in the first place.”

“There’s no reason for that?”

In response to my question, he seemed to be contemplating whether to speak or not, but then continued speaking as if he had no choice.

“As you know, he prioritized returning home over life here. And that persistence ultimately brought Archduke Lucas back to Earth.”

I think I heard that you were never able to complete the dimensional shift?

“The body could not return. “With the help of the goddess, only my soul returned.”


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“The goddess’s help?”

“Do you know the sacred magic of sending souls?”

“You mean the one you use to kill spirit world monsters?”

“Yes, but that’s not an attack spell or anything. It simply returns the soul to the underworld. “Archduke Lucas’ soul returned to the underworld on Earth with the help of the goddess.”

“What you’re saying is that Archduke Lucas was reincarnated on Earth.”

“that’s right. “There is no reason for him to hang himself in this world.”

Now that I think about it, I heard a story from Duke Francis of the Brigham Empire at the last sainthood contest.

Archduke Lucas once climbed the ‘Path of the Goddess’, which only saints and saints can climb.

There, the Grand Duke had a conversation with the goddess, the content of which even the saints and saints of the time had not heard of.

‘That’s amazing.’

Even if it was only a soul, it eventually went back.

“It feels like the number of suspected diseases is only increasing.”

“I understand. “It is an unavoidable situation.”

It was a story that would have made him hesitant, as it was about the goddess being reluctant and revealing a secret story that even saints and saints did not know about.

“So does that mean I’m following my own memories?”

“That is highly likely.”

“The fact that it is highly likely means that there is a small possibility that it is not.”

“This is my first time experiencing this, so it’s hard to give a definite answer.”

First of all, I know what I need to do now.

I think the priority is to find out what you are dreaming about when you faint.

* * *

The funny thing is, sometimes when you wait to do something, it doesn’t happen.

And that’s the situation I’m going through right now.

We have completed preparations for an investigation to find out what you are dreaming about when you pass out in the game… … .

‘Damn it, why don’t I faint again?’

The situation where I fainted several times a day never happened again.

I really wanted it to return to its original state, but even though I didn’t respond in any way, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable if it happens like this.

I almost feel like someone is playing a joke on me.

Still, we have made preparations, so if the same thing happens, we can check at any time.

But I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

“Isn’t it really fun? With the abolition of restrictions on nobles having military power, the country’s military power increased by 10% in just one month. “The scary thing is that the pace is likely to continue for several months.”

I was lost in my thoughts for a moment during the conversation with the crown prince, but then I came to my senses and nodded.

“I think there is a strong sense of not being left behind in the competition. In the past, there were many territories that did not have a single sky fortress, but now it is almost considered a necessity.”

The Crown Prince’s policy of increasing military power brought about many changes in a short period of time.

It was fully expected that the lords would expand their military budget out of competition, but as the lords released their pent up money, a large amount of cash flowed in, and all the magic towers expanded in size, greatly increasing the number of jobs.

Only a month after the crown prince took command, the economic situation of the Kingdom of Reinharts was experiencing a great boom.

It was a moment when I once again realized the importance of leaders in a country.

“But I don’t think anywhere compares to the Duchy of Lawrence, Duchy of Klein, and Viscounty of Lawrence?”

“Haha, since we have a war with the Croesian Empire in mind, we have to lead by example.”

Even in a situation where the military power of the nobles was expanding like crazy, the crown prince’s reaction was relaxed.

The royal family is also increasing the size of the royal army, although its growth rate is not comparable to that of the nobles.

“But aren’t you worried that the power of the nobles has expanded like this?”

“My will remains unchanged. “If I can’t control the power of the nobles, it means that my fate ends there.”

This is an adventure I would never take.

“Now it’s tomorrow.”

“I see. “I wonder what kind of person I will be recorded as in future generations.”

“I think it will be recorded as a defeat.”

“It’s a loss, so it’s not that bad, is it? haha.”

Tomorrow the crown prince officially becomes king.

He was already running the government, and there was no longer any room for the current king to interfere.

From the royal family’s point of view, the crown prince’s actions were nothing short of tyranny, but I can assure you that there will never be a person in the past or future who became king with such full support from the nobles.

“The Duke, what do you think would be the result if our kingdom and the Croesian Empire went to war?”

The light atmosphere passed, and the crown prince asked a serious question.

If he was smart, he would have already figured it out, but he and I had different perspectives.

I took a moment to gather my thoughts about the crown prince’s question.

But the worries did not last long.

“I don’t think it will break even if we stick together right now.”

“Even though the difference in military power is nearly twice that? “Unlike the empire, which borders three countries, we border five countries.”

“Yes, my thoughts won’t change.”

The crown prince twitched the corner of his mouth at my assertion.

“I thought it would take at least three more years, but it seems Duke Lawrence has something in mind that I don’t know about.”

Something the Crown Prince does not know means myself.

Grand Wizard of the 8th Circle.

The Grand Wizard alone cannot change the course of the war, but if he is the successor to Archduke Lucas, the story is different.

Because there were more than one means to shake up the Croesen Empire.

“But I said I wouldn’t lose, I didn’t say I would win.”

“Then when can we be sure of victory?”

“I think it might take a year.”

“That’s a hopeful observation. great. Very good.”

There are limits to the expansion of nobles.

It will probably expand tremendously for the first 3-4 months, but after that, the rate of expansion will gradually slow down.

Even nobles’ treasuries have limits.

And since the empire will not just sit back and watch our reinforcements, after a year, our kingdom’s power will be limited to 70% of the empire’s power.

But that was enough power for victory.

“I don’t know how reassuring it is to have the Duke.”

“I also feel very fortunate to have His Royal Highness the Crown Prince leading this country.”

The second prince went around saying he was the king’s vessel, but compared to the crown prince, he was nothing more than a soy sauce servant.

Afterwards, we talked about various things about the world.

The Crown Prince was a very witty person, so the conversation was enjoyable and we spent quite a bit of time together.

“But it’s strange that the empire is quiet despite the embassy explosion.”

The imperial army took action on the border, but no one took it seriously.

The crown prince’s face narrowed at my question and turned into that of a fox.

“It seems like the emperor is planning something interesting.”

Looking at him, it seems that no matter what the emperor is planning, it will be difficult to get through.

The crown prince called me closer with a wave of his hand, put his face in, and whispered to me.

“Filth has infiltrated the royal castle.”

“yes? Isn’t that a big deal? “We have to deal with it right away.”

“No, I’m just going to watch and watch to make sure we get everything done. “If you touch it too hastily, it will hide.”

Is this man now using his own life as collateral to attract the enemy?

I don’t know if I’m brave or reckless.

He would have set a trap in some way, but he couldn’t just pretend not to know.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I was waiting for you to say that.”

It seems that I was included in his calculations from the beginning.


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