My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 137

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Episode 137: Dream in the game becomes reality

34. What is this again (1)

Seeing me asking about my business, my uncle Edgar Winston cautiously opened his mouth.

“I came to ask for forgiveness.”

And the lines that came out of his mouth were exactly as I expected, so much so that I was even more disappointed.

“You don’t think that if you come and apologize now, you will be treated like your maternal family, right?”

“Well, absolutely not.”

Part of me wanted to crush them, but the reason I left them alone was because they were my mother’s brothers and parents.

Even though he is my nephew, the person who sits at the head of the table and shows a respectful attitude is the most powerful person in this kingdom.

If you are not nervous, it is actually abnormal.

He swallowed dry saliva and continued speaking seriously.

“My father. So, the Duke’s maternal grandfather, Mark Winston, is secretly raising money. “By selling Viscountess Sylvia’s name.”

“her… … .”

But what followed was a little surprising.

I have come here to report a mistake that I have not yet noticed and ask for forgiveness.

“I guess I thought His Highness’s attention would turn to us someday. so… … .”

“Are you planning to save up money and run away to another country?”

“I’m embarrassed.”

Should I call this smart?

Or should I say shrewd?

I read Mangyeong’s information to find out my uncle’s exact state of mind.

[Edgar Winston / Merchant]

Talents: Intellectual ability (high), administrative ability (middle), business skills (middle), command ability (low)

Trait: Honest Merchant

Relationship: Benevolent / Neutral

Status: Anguish / Feeling of shame

In my eyes, having seen many talented people, these abilities are neither good nor bad.

But the problem is that he showed no cunning or calculated actions.

I viewed him and the Winston family as nothing but selfish businessmen.

Therefore, I was perplexed by the conflicting evaluations.

Looking at his tendencies, he didn’t seem like a person who would intentionally betray someone.

So I got even more annoyed.

I learned that the people I hate aren’t all that bad.

In the end, isn’t this interpreted to mean that he has a story?

“Lord Gregory.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Do things right. “Do you want to hear this directly?”

“I’m sorry. “As of now, we will significantly increase the number of people monitoring the area.”

“Do by that way.”

“Then I will leave.”

I took out my frustration on Gregory, a Blue Moon special member.

Well, this can’t be said to be their fault.

From my point of view, the Winston family was of greatly reduced importance, and even though it was a blue moon, it was not possible to monitor every single place like that.

At my command, Gregory disappeared into the ground again, and as soon as he disappeared, my frozen uncle dropped his hand.


It was a very familiar scene to me and Bug, but to people who didn’t know it, it was a scene that couldn’t help but feel fear.

When you think of hiding, what comes to mind is an assassin.

I would have realized again what kind of being I am.

“Thanks to you, I was able to prevent embarrassment, so I think I should reward you. “Is there anything you wish for?”

No matter how much he tried to correct his mistake, it was no different from selling out his own father.

Since I had done something that would normally be unthinkable, I offered a reward.

Of course, this statement also included the intention of testing him.

The line he needs to utter here to shake off my discomfort is… … .

“it’s okay. How can I get a reward by selling my father? After today I will never be seen again. “I apologize for making you feel uncomfortable.”

This is it.

When I saw him giving the correct answer, I sighed inwardly and got up.

“Please guide me.”


“Please guide me to my maternal grandfather. “I have to finish the job.”

“Um, is Your Highness coming forward in person?”

Looking at my uncle’s behavior and the unfolding situation, it seems that it was my grandfather who cut off my mother and me.

So I wanted to face that face in person.

“All right. “I will take care of you.”

“Just call me the coordinates. “I’ll fly right away.”

“ah… … . yes.”

You are an ugly old man, selling the name of your child whom you abandoned out of fear.

Did he think he could be safe if he sold his mother’s name and ran away to another country?

* * *


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“omg… .”

My maternal grandfather, Mark Winston, faced me with an expression as if he were facing a ghost.

[Characteristics: egoist, greedy businessman]

The grandfather I saw in person was exactly as I imagined.

A selfish being who sold his mother to a noble family and broke off ties when things didn’t go his way.

“Oh, Your Highness the Duke!?”

“Huh? Ahh!”

Those involved in the incident happened to be gathered in the Winston family’s small mansion, which was likely to be used by nobles with the title of Danseung, saving the trouble.

I caught them all and sent them to the dungeon of the duke castle.

After dealing with the cancerous lump of the Winston family, including my maternal grandfather, without a word of conversation, I looked at my uncle.

“Is there more?”

“no. “It just so happened that everyone was gathered together.”

From his perspective, he may have thought it was a very big deal, but for me, it was nothing more or less than exercise after a meal.

“This is the end of our relationship.”

So, I placed 10 mithril ingots (10 billion worth) on the table for my uncle to see, and told him not to be seen again.

He didn’t want compensation, but I turned my back and looked at the bug.

“You bastard.”

“Why, what’s wrong?”

As I stared at him, he was startled and soon started making strange excuses.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know those two were related.”

“So you dragged someone I don’t even know who he is to my castle?”

But the words were even more absurd, so I had to give him honey chestnuts.

“Wow, the stuff this guy has is interesting! So I wanted to show you, but who knew things would turn out like this!?”


Then my eyes turned to my uncle.

No matter how much you correct your mistake, how can you feel comfortable betraying your family?

My uncle, who was looking at the mithril ingots confusedly, belatedly showed an awkward smile and took something out of his pocket.

“This is what you’re talking about.”

Then he held out something, and when I saw that object, I had to open my eyes.

[Electronic circuit device / mobile phone estimation]

That’s something that doesn’t exist in this world, it’s just a memory.

It was a smartphone with the S company logo clearly emblazoned on it.

“Doesn’t the sentence embedded in that object look exactly like Archduke Lucas’ cipher text?”

“What is this?”

Archduke Lucas’ cipher text refers to the English alphabet.

He left it here and there on Rondel, but it is known to be impossible to interpret because there is so little data, so it is called a ciphertext.

As Berg said, the S company logo imprinted on the back of the smartphone was the alphabet, so it was not similar but the same.

“Where did you get it?”

My mind becomes complicated.

Why is this in Rondel?

I was greatly embarrassed and asked my uncle in an extremely serious manner.

“I bought it from a person who appears to be from the Triton Continent in the Viscounty of Fyaren. He was a person with an unusual demeanor and spoke a language I had never heard of. “Maybe they needed money, and they were going to dispose of the item at a general store, so I bought it instead.”

“Any other information?”

“I met him around noon on the 3rd of last month, and the location was the eastern market in Fiaren City. “Other than that, there is no special information.”

If you are from the Triton continent, you are a race that resembles the Asians of Earth.

But such a person speaks a language he has never heard before?

In an instant, a possibility passed through my mind.

“Let me take this.”

“This is too much.”

Then, I took the smartphone away from him and placed an additional box of 50 mithril ingots on the table where I had placed 10 mithril ingots as payment.

“Let’s go back to the bug.”

My uncle, embarrassed, refused, saying he didn’t need the money, but I was already reciting the teleportation spell.

Then, leaving my uncle behind, I quickly returned to Yeongju Castle with Bug.

* * *

Arsia welcomed me when I returned to the castle.

I had to apologize to her as she timidly protested that she was going somewhere far away and that she should have taken me with her.

However, while I was apologizing, all my attention was focused on the smartphone in my hand, and Arcia, who noticed this, said only the first verse and quietly followed me.

-Hold on.

I quickly sat down at my desk and quickly pressed the power button on my smartphone.

“… … .”

However, the smartphone did not respond at all.

It looks like the electricity was discharged.

I had no choice but to take apart the cover of the smartphone, find the battery, and take it out.

Then, very low voltage electricity was magically flowed into the battery.

Is this the so-called Rondel-style wireless charging?

It took about 5 minutes to charge the battery, and I reassembled the battery thinking that it would be charged enough to turn on.


The smartphone turned on with a familiar melody.

“Wow, what is this?”

Bug, who was watching my work next to me, looked curious.

But I didn’t even dream until the smartphone was fully turned on.

If the text that appears when the power is turned on is Korean, it would be very confusing in my mind.


Unfortunately, the text was in English and the smartphone was password-protected, so I couldn’t look at the contents.

Although Rondel’s technology had advanced greatly, the mechanism was completely different from Earth’s, so solving this was bound to be difficult.

“Whoa… … .”

In the end, I sighed, having not achieved much except for finding a smartphone.

“Did something from Earth come over?”

Arcia, who doesn’t know anything about me, quickly understood the situation and asked me that question.

I responded by scratching my cheek.

“Maybe the person who owned this item also came over.”

I am a reincarnated person from Earth.

Archduke Lucas is a dimension shifter.

It wouldn’t be surprising if a new Earthling appeared.

However, from my current position, it was difficult to welcome the presence of an unfamiliar Earthling.

This is because people on Earth, especially people from English-speaking cultures, can access Archduke Lucas’s talent more easily than anyone else.

Of course, as long as the owner already exists, it would not happen that the company falls into someone else’s hands, but I did not want it to cause an uproar.

“First, I have to find the person who sold this item to my uncle.”

The good news is that the smartphone was traded in the Kingdom of Reinharts, where I am located, and I hold the information of the Kingdom of Reinharts tightly.

If you leave the search to Blue Moon, they will soon bring you information.

“I feel strange.”

“I can’t help it.”

Arcia took out a cool drink from her subspace and handed it to me.

I drank it down in one go and held onto my mesmerized spirit.

‘What on earth is happening again?’

* * *

Looking at the history of the Croesen Empire and the Reinharts Kingdom, the perpetrator was always the Croesen Empire, and the victim was the Reinharts Kingdom.

However, funny enough, the citizens of the Croisen Empire, the perpetrator, had a greater sense of harm towards the other party than the citizens of the Kingdom of Reinharts, the victim.

This was an extreme example of how narrow-minded people’s thinking can become if they are constantly fed distorted information in a controlled society.

The anti-Reinharts sentiment among the people of the Croesian Empire grew stronger day by day, but this time, it finally exploded when one of the territories was reduced to ashes due to the hardline response of the Kingdom of Reinharts.

“what? A diplomat from the Reinharts Kingdom embassy died from a mass beating?”

“That’s right. It is said that not one, but seven people died.”

An incident occurred in which diplomats from the Reinharts Embassy in the capital of the Croesian Empire were attacked by citizens and died.

When the emperor heard the story, he expressed his bewilderment.

“Isn’t this crazy? “No matter how much anti-Rheinharts sentiment we created, how dare you do something to the commoners without the imperial family’s permission?”

To others, it may have been done out of patriotism, but from the perspective of the imperial and noble families that run the country, their actions were simply reckless behavior.

Commoners do the work, and the royal family cleans up the mess?

This was a situation that went against the feudal system.

“What is the reaction of Reinharts Kingdom?”

“I am very excited.”

“I guess so.”

The emperor, who was talking with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, briefly clicked his tongue and said.

“Let’s just say that we express our regrets.”

“The other person won’t be convinced by that.”

“Should we pay attention to what they think?”

“no. “I made a mistake.”

However, the people’s feelings were nothing more than following the thoughts of the arrogant royal family and nobles.

However, the problem was that the Reinharts Kingdom’s response did not remain within their expected range.

“Your Majesty!”


“It is said that our embassy located in the Kingdom of Reinharts was bombed by the Royal Army Sky Fortress.”



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