My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 135

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Episode 135: Dream in the game becomes reality

33. Ambition (5)

When Arcia was sitting in the break room watching a drama and munching on popcorn.

Pessius smiled awkwardly and spoke to me as I was reading an online article alone in my office.

“Are you looking at articles online?”

I always leave the office door open so that my subordinates can easily enter.

Still, everyone knocked and came in, but I was so focused on reading the article that I didn’t hear Pesius’ knock.

I need to break this habit, but is it because I’m still stuck with Arcia, who is always aware of other people’s approaches?

Without her, loopholes like this often appear.

“Ah, is Viscount Pessius here?”

“I have gathered the materials you mentioned and brought them. “Here it is.”

Viscount Pessius, a former knight of Viscount Lawrence, who is now my secretary and messenger.

With Blue Moon in hand, it seems like the intelligence agency formed through him will be very useless, but in reality, that is not the case.

Blue Moon cannot be brought to the fore, but he can engage in superficial activities at any time.

So, he is my secretary and errand boy.

Isn’t there a department in the district, such as the secretariat office, strategic planning office, etc., that cleans up the shit that the conglomerates make?

You can roughly think of it as that kind of role.

Moreover, as he cooperated with Blue Moon’s subordinate organizations, his power became even stronger, and now he is called the hound of the Lawrence family, which all nobles are reluctant to deal with.

“Was this also organized by Baron Grent?”

“Yes, it is.”

“As expected, Baron Grent. “The data is clean and nice to look at.”

For your information, the reason Pessius and his son Grant can be called viscounts and barons is because they received titles from me.

The duchy’s coat of arms does not feature a silver crown for nothing.

Unlike other high-ranking nobles, a duke can alone give a title.

Of course, any lord can bestow the titles of knight and baronet, but these are half-titles that are only used in the relevant territory, and true titles of nobility are the five titles listed in the royal register.

‘5 viscountries, 20 baronets.’

The Duke can officially grant a total of 25 titles.

Since lordship is something that only the king can give, all I can give is the title of Danseung, but in any case, a noble is a noble.

It was a position that could not be bowed down no matter where one went.

The data he handed over contained data from eight companies.

[Karinth Magic Tower: Market capitalization of 12 trillion]

[Tarnil Magic Tower: Market capitalization of 3.2 trillion]

[Ranier Magic Tower: Market capitalization of 1.5 trillion]

[TL Artifact: Market capitalization of 900 billion]

… … … .

[Delphine Jaechul: Market capitalization KRW 1.1 trillion]

It was a list of companies that matched the five companies I had acquired a year earlier and had become what is now Lawrence Magic Tower.

“It looks like no problem. “We take over everything.”

I nodded and shared with Viscount Pessius the account containing over 20 trillion won in deposits.

“Yes, I will handle it that way.”

In order to increase the production capacity of Lawrence Martop, we decided to acquire additional companies.

As the Crown Prince abolished the limit on lords’ military holdings, orders poured in like crazy for the Lawrence Magic Tower, and our Magic Tower was already fully booked for over a year due to overseas orders.

So, they must have had some spare funds, so they went on a corporate hunt to expand their production facilities.

As a result, eight companies, both large and small, were added under the name of Lawrence Matap.

“however… … .”

“What’s wrong?”

“Even if this is enough, our magic tower’s production capacity will greatly improve, but I’m not very satisfied.”

“The scale of related industries that can be acquired domestically is limited. Fortunately, with the fall of the Second Princes faction, this amount of property has been put up for sale.”

But I couldn’t express my satisfaction.

This was only enough to put out an urgent fire.

As I was thinking about it, I thought of one possibility and asked him.

“What is the situation at the Anaheim Tower?”


“As far as I know, I heard that with the fall of the Duke of Anaheim, the Magic Tower was confiscated by the royal family. Is that correct?”

“Anaheim Horse Tower is currently under court receivership. “It is said that it will soon be split into five and absorbed into royal-centered businesses such as Royal Magic Tower and Metal Fortress.”

The Anaheim Magic Tower is one of the three major magic towers in the existing Kingdom of Reinharts.

Although it has now lost its place to our Lawrence Magic Tower, in the past when it was doing well, it was a large enough place that its market capitalization exceeded 100 trillion won.

Pessius continued.

“Anaheim Magic Tower already has Vanguard production facilities and is larger than Lawrence Magic Tower, but acquisition seems difficult.”


“Due to anti-monopoly laws, it is impossible to merge companies within the top 5 within the same group.”

Was there such a law?

But if you decide to avoid it, it doesn’t seem that difficult.

Just buy it and give it to Arciana’s father.

But unfortunately, he said even this was difficult.

“It’s not as easy as you think. “People won’t know that this is a roundabout merger.”

“hmm… … .”

The method I had been thinking of for so long was blocked.


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But my worries did not last long.

“If it can’t be done, make it happen. “I should go to the royal palace.”

When I stood up and said that, Viscount Pessius tilted his head, and I answered simply.

“Is there any way?”

“If the law is the problem, you can just get rid of that law, right?”


The answer is so simple that it is perplexing.

I left behind the confused-looking Pessius and attacked Arcia, who was engrossed in a drama.

“I’m going to the royal palace, do you want to go?”

“uh? hmm… … . All right.”

Perhaps because it was an important scene, she hesitated for a moment, but then said she understood and stood up with a regretful expression.

‘I happened to have a conversation with the crown prince, and it went well.’

* * *

Holy place Everhill.

An underground laboratory with a tight security guard with high-ranking priests and paladins.

There, Saint Sharon Sylvester and her successor, Ivril Barnett, who was training, had a conversation with a glass cylinder large enough for one person between them.

“It doesn’t make sense, it can’t happen.”

“Why are you doing that?”

“The corpse of this warlock brought by the Duke of Lawrence.”


“I can’t figure out who’s behind it.”

“Behind the scenes?”

“The devil who corrupted me. “It’s impossible not to know if it’s a demon that can give you this much power, but the energy is so unfamiliar.”

Ivril, who still didn’t know much, couldn’t understand what Saint Sylvester was saying, but her expression was too serious to just dismiss it as something like that.

“The devil is a mental body. Like humans, lifespan is not set. Moreover, demons also have fixed properties like water, fire, and wind of spirits, but this does not feel like any of the existing properties.”

“So the devil behind this warlock is a new species?”

“I can’t help but think that way right now. But what’s strange is that I can’t even feel the energy of Evil Land, the world of demons.”

Ivril said it was too difficult and scratched her cheek.

However, Saint Sylvester also let out a small sigh and said that she did not know what was going on.

“The Duke of Lawrence has given me something I never expected. How on earth did you find this and capture it? … .”

At Saint Sylvester’s reaction, Ivril’s words rose up in her throat, ‘Because the Duke of Lawrence is amazing,’ but she swallowed them without realizing it.

“Anyway, it’s clear that something unusual is happening, right?”

“that’s right.”

“Maybe this is what the goddess meant.”

Saint Sylvester nodded in agreement with Ivril’s summary.

“Perhaps I will step down, leaving the chaotic world to Miss Ivril. “I think we need to increase the intensity of education.”

“uh? “Why does the story go like that?”

“If something big happens with Miss Ivril, a new saint, in charge, I, as the commander, will be criticized if I respond incorrectly.”

“Ugh… … .”

The sense of discomfort and doubt that Saint Sylvester felt turned into a passion for education toward Ivril.

* * *

“You want the Anaheim Magic Tower?”

“That’s right.”

There are two mountains I have to climb to get the Anaheim Tower.

One is the law.

The other is a royal concession.

Law aside, what does concession mean? This is because Lawrence Magic Tower is not the only one whose Vanguard equipment production facilities are currently operating at full capacity.

Due to the abolition of restrictions on the military power of lords, the demand for Vanguard equipment increased explosively, and the production facilities became scarce, as did the Royal Magic Tower.

“hmm… … .”

However, their popularity was only a temporary boost due to the lifting of restrictions, and the place to make better use of the Anaheim Tower was our Lawrence Tower.

After thinking about it, he finally spoke.

“Would you like to convince me?”

That means that if you succeed in persuading them, you will hand it over.

I answered with a bright expression.

“This is because the Vanguards of the Royal Tower and the existing Anaheim Tower are less marketable than those of our Lawrence Tower. “Only our Magic Tower can continue to maintain this popularity.”

‘Good face but bad attitude’ is probably a phrase used in situations like this.

It was an arrogant and unpleasant answer that was so contrary to his refreshing expression.

However, I know the Crown Prince’s personality well.

He wasn’t the type of person to be offended by something like this.

As expected, he curled up the corners of his mouth and expressed curiosity.


“Because the cost-effectiveness level is different.”

“Now that I think about it, Lawrence Magic Tower has been receiving a series of overseas orders that border on dumping. I guess it has something to do with that?”

It’s good that you’re quick-witted.

I nodded and spoke, adding a lie to the truth.

“At Lawrence Magic Tower, we have succeeded in reducing the production cost of the force engine to 80% of the existing level.”

At that, the crown prince’s eyes became as big as a lantern.

A surprised expression asks if that is true.

“Surely tourmaline?”


The crown prince couldn’t have known that I was working hard to secure tourmaline.

He was continually impressed by the simple answers and explanations.

“That’s amazing. You are also unusual. “Now I finally understand Lawrence Matop’s actions.”

Lying pricked my conscience slightly, but there was nothing I could do about it now.

He was impressed by what I said, but did not ask for a detailed explanation of the technology.

This is his good point.

The point is to keep the line.

“And in the case of the Anaheim Horse Tower… … .”

“Ah, no further explanation is needed. “Force Engine’s cost-saving technology alone was sufficient to understand the situation.”

And, as always, he gave me the answer I wanted, in a flashy manner.

“great. It may not be cheap, but I will pass on the Anaheim Horse Tower. “We tried to change the corporate monopoly law in the first place, so let’s overturn it.”

But I clearly understand that he will not give in for no reason.

“If something comes, something has to go. Is there anything else you would like?”

I waited for his next request.

“From now on, we will incorporate the force engine used in Metal Fortress into Lawrence Magic Tower’s. So please hand over the force engine to the original price.”

In other words, it means delivering the force engine at 80% of the existing price I mentioned.

Normally, anyone would be angry if they were forced into an unprofitable business, but he smiled as if he was not considering rejection.

This person noticed that the cost reduction was greater than 20%.

His response included a message to players not to argue with each other.

“Haha, I understand.”

It was a transaction where no one lost.

Even if I sell the Force Engine at 80% of the price, I still have a lot left over, so from my perspective, I have gained a big customer who will increase my sales at a steady rate.

From his perspective, it was possible to lower the production cost of the sky fortress.

Just as we were about to smile and shake hands to signify the completion of the contract, we were struck by an unexpected blow.

“Oh, by the way, I am thinking of rejecting Lawrence Magic Tower’s decision to join Metal Fortress.”

Metal Fortress is a sky fortress manufacturing brand in the Kingdom of Reinharts and is a joint venture between five families, including the royal family.

“May I ask why?”

“In the future, I plan to allow people to freely produce and research vanguard equipment and sky fortresses.”

Not only will we abolish restrictions on military possession, but we will also abolish restrictions on the production of strategic equipment?

There are some unconventional moves… … .

“Let the Duke create the Reinharts Kingdom’s second sky fortress brand himself. “If it’s Lawrence Magic Tower and the Duke, it seems like there’s a good chance.”


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