My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 134

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Episode 134: Dream in the game becomes reality

33. Ambition (4)

When the previous Marquess of James, who was thought to be dead, returned, his son, the current Marquess of James, had to give up his title.

In this way, ‘Jeon’ has disappeared from the title of the former Marquis, Gabriel James, Grandmaster of the Kingdom of Reinharts, and once this invasion situation is resolved, even the title of Marquis will be changed to the title of Duke.


Even though he was once again in possession of the power he had shied away from due to his promises, Marquis James’ expression was complex.

There is no need to explain at length that the reason is because of the tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes.

The people of Reinharts Kingdom are harassed by the soldiers of the Croisen Empire.

Even though it was a scene he had seen many times since his days working on the front line, it was a scene he could never, and should not, adapt to.

“They’re like beasts.”

I thought it was dangerous for the crown prince to show his ambition.

However, it could not be denied that his way of thinking was something that every citizen of the Kingdom of Reinharts, who had been persecuted by the Croesian Empire for a long time, had dreamed of at least once.

‘Defeating the Croesian Empire?’

I don’t know if that would be possible based on common sense, but at this moment, he also hoped that it would come true.

The Marquis James walked forward, clutching a sword and accompanied by a broadcasting drone as if he were being escorted.

It was the moment when the great Grandmaster of the Kingdom of Reinharts appeared on the forefront of world history.

“what? “What about that old man?”


“uh? My, my hand… … .”

-Fit! Fit!



And at his appearance, blood splashed like a rose flower and decorated the surroundings.


“You’re the Grandmaster of Reinharts! “I’ve never heard of it!”

Depending on the sword in his hand and his will, he has four swords that crush all enemies in front of him, whether soldiers or vanguards.

The Grand Master’s inaction was so spectacular and destructive that it could not be compared to that of the Auror Master.

And his inaction was broadcast live through a broadcasting drone, and it did not take long for the reaction of the people who were angry at the Croesian Empire’s actions and failures to change to exhilaration and cheers.


In addition, the sight of the thickly armored Sky Fortress being destroyed by his sword was truly impressive.

“If you want to live, disarm yourself and cut the tendons in both your legs. “Otherwise we will all die.”

“Monster, monster.”

1 enemy sky fortress, 200 vanguards, 1,000 knights, 5,000 soldiers.

This was the size of the Margrave of Thrice’s army stationed when the Marquis of James recaptured the Viscounty of Fjaaren.

The Grandmaster’s appalling inaction became very effective propaganda.

* * *

The territory of the Margrave of Tris, Croesen Empire.

“dismissal! dismissal!”

“What are you making such a fuss about?”

The Margrave of Tris was calmly enjoying a game of chess with his son in his estate, even though he had committed a major act of provoking a nation.

However, the entertainment was broken by a member of the Yeongji Army staff who suddenly came in and frowned.

However, the staff member’s subsequent remarks showed a look of bewilderment on his face.

“The Viscounty of Fjaren was taken back. It is said that in the process, our troops suffered damage close to annihilation.”

“How dare you mosquitoes subdue my troops without any understanding of the subject and without negotiation?”

A stranger would have thought that a good lord had been attacked.

That is why the Margrave of Tris was displeased with the news of the re-capture of the Viscounty of Fjaaren.

“father! Give me troops! Then we will retake it right away!”

His son, a young man with boiling blood who was playing chess with the Margrave, came forward.

The Margrave pondered for a moment, then wondered how his army had suffered and asked about the size of the enemy.

“Even though we dispatched additional sky fortresses and escort troops, the scale of the enemy must have been considerable if they had been taken without any help.”

“Well, that is.”

However, the following remarks by the staff were completely unexpected, so the Margrave Tris and the Margrave’s son, who had come forward in an exciting manner, were speechless.

“The enemy was only one grandmaster.”


“The Grandmaster. I think this might be the power they were hiding. “They said it was the former Marquess James, who was known to have died a long time ago.”

“What joke?”

“Really! “They even broadcast it in real time, perhaps as a warning.”

If I had been attacked by a large army, I wouldn’t have felt so uncomfortable.

However, if your opponent is a grandmaster, things get trickier.

If one Grandmaster pretends to be crazy and crosses the border, the only people who can stretch out and sleep comfortably will be the royal family.

To that extent, the Grandmaster was a being of high strategic value and was a military force with quite strong deterrent power.

Although it was said externally that he committed it arbitrarily, the actions of the Margrave of Tris were at the instigation of the imperial family.

Until then, there was a belief that the imperial family would intervene if the matter escalated, but considering the situation in which the Grandmaster would turn on the lights and rush in, even the imperial family could not be trusted.

In the end, the Margrave of Tris had to click his tongue and retreat.

“You little mosquitoes, I don’t like it until the end.”

“That’s right.”

The Margrave of Tris, who had gained nothing and suffered a great loss, was bitter, but had no choice.

Even a fool would know that now is not the time to step forward.


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With that, the Margrave of Tris sighed, knocked over the black king on the chessboard, and stood up.


But then.

Suddenly, a powerful vibration shook the Margrave of Tris’ castle, accompanied by an impact sound that seemed to shake the world.


The Margrave of Tris managed to keep his balance and shouted into his terminal.

Then the sky fortress above Yeongji Castle, linked to his terminal, responded.

[Intruder occurs. An intruder occurred.]

[5 Sky Fortresses and 300 Vanguards of Reinharts Kingdom nationality have teleported 2km above the territory.]

[Among them, three men and women who appear to be separate groups have broken through the defense line and entered Yeongju Castle.]

The Margrave of Tris’s expression turned white as he heard the report that followed.


The answer to his question was the same.

However, if there is anything that has changed… … .

[Three intruders who appear to be separate units are approaching the lord’s office at high speed.]

[Vanguard Lord Rudis dies]

[Lord Vanguard Aura dies]

[Vanguard Lord Marsiz dies]




It was an astonishing movement speed of the enemy who invaded the castle.

The enemy’s invasion speed did not decrease at all, as if there were no Vanguards for security.

[Distance from intruder 300M]

[Distance from intruder 250M]

[Distance from intruder 200M]

As the number indicating the intruder’s distance gradually decreased like a countdown, his only option was to escape.

Margrave Tris attempted to use teleportation magic by canceling the magic that interfered with space movement.

However, the teleportation ring stopped working and there was no response.

“Why is this like this?”

[The intruder used space movement disruption magic.]

Upon hearing the report from the sky fortress that was watching the castle, he bit his lip and hurriedly rushed to the corner of the study.

A small passage was revealed there, and the son, who easily realized that it was an emergency exit, asked the Margrave.

“What about your mother and sister!?”

“I can’t help it! come fast!”

So the two hid in a hole-like emergency escape route to escape without being able to take care of their other family members.

“Where are you running away to?”

But their escape ended in failure.

It was like my whole body was paralyzed and I couldn’t move.

Then they floated into the air and were pulled upward like fish caught in a net.

They returned to the office, which had a large hole in it as if it had been destroyed, and there they could see a young man and a beautiful girl with a fresh air, and a man in black who looked like an assassin.

Even if you didn’t know the man in black, you couldn’t know the young man and the pretty girl.

“Duke of Lawrence, Marquis of Klein. “Do you really want to go to war with Croisen in Rheinharts?”

“There’s nothing I can’t do.”

“… … .”

“But do you know what is more certain than whether there will be war?”

“W-what is it?”

“At least it means you’ll be dead before anything happens.”

The Margrave of Tris’s eyes were shaking like crazy.

Even though he was captured by the enemy, he did not fully understand the current situation.

The Kingdom of Reinharts is a peak.

A rod that will forever be wielded by the Croesen Empire.

But these guys suddenly seemed to have gone crazy, and took unexpected action.

As he had never expected a situation like this, everything just felt unrealistic.

“Today the Margrave of Tris territory disappears from the map.”

“Now, wait… … .”

A young man younger than his own son.

However, hearing the young man’s story, the Margrave of Tris felt fear for the first time in his life.

* * *

[The provocation of the Croesian Empire, which was now an annual event! However, the Kingdom of Reinharts responded with a strong response that no one expected! The Margrave of Tris’ territory was reduced to ashes overnight!]

[The residents of the territory were advised to evacuate, but as all their homes were burned, they had no place to return to.]

[The Croesian Empire strongly opposes. Contrary to the cry that he is willing to go to war, he clearly looks embarrassed.]

[Crown Prince of Reinharts Kingdom: Didn’t the Croisen Imperial House say that Margrave Tris’s actions were arbitrary? He eliminated reactionary elements who ignored the imperial order, so shouldn’t he be thankful?]

[Prince of the Croesian Empire: No matter how wrong the actions of the Margrave of Tris were, the response of the Kingdom of Reinharts crossed the line. This is clearly a challenge to the empire.]

[Prince of Reinharts Kingdom: We only disposed of criminals and their property, so it is fair. All evidence of what the Margrave of Tris did in our kingdom remains on video. I hope you stop making nonsense.]

[The Kingdom of Reinharts appoints a new Grandmaster, Duke James Shin, as the eastern border commander.]

I laughed out loud as I watched the fierce media battle that showed no sign of backing down.

“Unlike in the past when people only said they could not forgive in words, now that they show it through actions, the weight is completely different.”

Although the situation in both countries is on the brink of disaster, the reactions of the people of both countries are completely different.

The people of the Croesian Empire, who had no doubt that they had the upper hand, expressed caution and anger at this situation, while the people of the Kingdom of Reinharts cheered for the crown prince’s toughness, saying they were relieved.

The Crown Prince’s remarks released through the media directly hinted at changes in the Kingdom of Reinharts.

And as if to support this.

[Reinharts Kingdom lifts restrictions on lords having sky fortresses and vanguards.]

[As the power of the lords becomes stronger, the power of the royal family weakens? That sounds absurd! This will be easily resolved once the royal family becomes stronger!]

[All production of Reinharts Royal Magic Tower Vanguard equipment is scheduled to be purchased by the royal family.]

[The Kingdom of Reinharts starting an arms race? Concerns in neighboring countries are increasing… … .]

By showing it in action, the bullshit of the Croesen Empire has diminished considerably.

It’s the same here or on Earth as long as you endure it, you see the other person as a vulgar person.

I thought the changes in the Kingdom of Reinharts were not bad.

From the beginning, the goal was to turn this country into an empire.

In that sense, the crown prince’s actions were consistent with my purpose.


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