My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 132

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Episode 132: Dream in the game becomes reality

33. Ambition (2)

For reference, although it is expressed as net profit, the taxes that will be deducted from this in the future are not trivial.

In the Kingdom of Reinharts, there are two types of taxes that companies pay to the royal family: one is ‘value-added tax’ and the other is ‘income tax’.

VAT is fixed at 10% for domestic transactions and 5% for overseas transactions.

In Korea, value-added tax is included in the transaction price, but export value-added tax is processed together with income tax.

In other words, 5% of the profit of 273 trillion won in sales, or 13.65 trillion won, must be paid later along with income tax.

So, it would be correct to think that 13.65 trillion out of the 112 trillion won in profits I earned did not exist.

However, in the case of value-added tax, it does not matter since it is measured based on sales anyway, but the real problem was the income tax, which is calculated based on net profit.

‘We cannot disclose net profit.’

The profit I made from this transaction is an amount that could never be achieved with a normal magic tower.

Who knows, you might be making huge profits even though you hit the price almost like dumping.

Ultimately, this means that documents must be manipulated based on common sense… .

On paper, it will have to make it look like there is little net profit, so unlike value-added tax, income tax will not be much.

‘So, is this going to lead to tax evasion?’

The tourmaline method cannot be disclosed.

So, I know it can’t be helped, but I can’t help but feel uneasy about the word ‘tax evasion’.

Among the nobles, there is no one who doesn’t wear extra pockets, but I never thought I would fit in with that.

Later, after the crown prince becomes king, we will have to discuss taxes personally.

‘I heard that in the Brigham Empire, you can choose to base your income tax on sales.’

Clearly, the fact that the cost of the Force Engine has been reduced will not be hidden forever.

Any organization with some level of intelligence would be suspicious of the fact that I am working hard to secure tourmaline.

But it doesn’t matter if you notice.

In any case, the force engine is surrounded by various security systems and cannot be disassembled.

It will not be easy for other countries to secure competitiveness against our Lawrence Mawtop.

It will be known someday, but there won’t be any problems for at least 10 years.

“The Magic Tower researchers are monitoring well, right?”

Therefore, what we need to be most careful about at this stage is technology leakage caused by people.

Gregory nodded to my question.

“We are closely monitoring. However, since we have even divided the Mana contract, is there any need to worry?”

Mana’s contract is a curse that restricts one’s actions through 7th circle magic.

This is commonly done in giant magic towers to prevent technology exposure, and in our Lawrence Magic Tower, everyone involved with the tourmaline force engine has shared the contract of mana.

“I don’t completely trust the magic of Mana Contract. “The world is large and there are many strange people, so it wouldn’t be surprising if there were people who could break this spell.”

“Well, that’s certainly true.”

Tourmaline force engine technology must be monopolized for as long as possible.

There is no need to share my benefits with others.

There was no harm in spending a lot of manpower and being careful.

“We will soon relocate the Magic Tower headquarters and production facilities to Ophelia Island, so please bear with us until then.”

“Would it be possible?”

Ophelia Island, floating lonely in the Sea of ​​Silence, is not only the world’s largest tourmaline producer, but also the perfect place to operate a secret facility.

Once the island’s development is complete, Ophelia Island will become the world’s most secret fortress.

“And other magic towers will probably try to stop Lawrence Magic Tower’s dominance in some way. “You never know what kind of trick they will pull, so please pay close attention to trends.”

“all right.”

The only thing other magic towers can do right away is to file a complaint to an international agency for dumping.

But you won’t have to worry too much about it.

The international organizations in this world are not as powerful as those on Earth, and the countries that actually wanted to do business with Lawrence Magic Tower were countries with a relatively small economic scale and were unable to produce their own Vanguard equipment.

From their perspective, it was a transaction with nothing to lose, so there was no need to protect the interests of other countries’ magic towers.

* * *

“Last year, international orders for force equipment amounted to just over 8,000 sets! However, the volume swept by the Lawrence Magic Tower in the past month is as much as 60% of last year!”

“Hmm… … .”

“Where is that? The quantity of force engines they sold is greater than the entire international orders received last year! “It’s completely disrupting the market!”

A virtual conference room with multiple holographic images floating around.

A red-haired man who stood out among the people all dressed in old-fashioned clothing expressed his opinion in a strong tone.

“What do you want to say to the Crown Prince of the Croesian Empire?”

“They must be sanctioned! Otherwise, the international market will fall into the hands of one power!”

The meeting was attended by eight of the operators of the top 10 magic towers in the world, and everyone fell silent at the claims of the crown prince, the operator of the Imperial Magic Tower of the Croisen Empire.

Some expressed sympathy with the crown prince’s strong-spoken argument for sanctions, while others reacted negatively.

“Do you have any good ideas?”

Hyde Warp, the tower owner of Golden Forge, the most magical tower of the Elysian Alliance, who responded positively and agreed with the prince’s claim, showed interest.

The crown prince of the Croesian Empire responded by curling the corners of his mouth.

“All we have to do is impose dumping taxes.”

“Isn’t dumping tax ultimately imposed by the country where the product is purchased? From their perspective, they can buy Force equipment cheaply, so there is no reason for them to agree with our opinions.”

“Isn’t it just a matter of making them fit together?”


“Anyway, the countries that purchase Vanguard equipment are countries with so-so national power.”

“… … .”

“This can be easily resolved if everyone here puts pressure together. “You say you want a fair deal, is there any problem?”

An extremely radical opinion.


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However, this was the simplest way to solve the situation.

Actually, his argument is not wrong.

“Are you trying to put pressure on other countries to extort money from them? “Your Majesty, you have no dignity befitting your status as crown prince.”

However, there was a person who gave an outspoken rebuttal to the opinion of the crown prince of the Croesian Empire, and that was Duke Olivia Riverdale, the lord of the Riverdale Tower of the Kingdom of Lucias.

“Hoo, classy? “Seeing as we are all on the same side, I don’t think the Duke of Riverdale needs to be here.”

As the crown prince of the Croesian Empire, where male chauvinism is deeply rooted, he couldn’t help but feel very annoyed by her backlash against him.

So he shot her in a high-handed manner.

“What qualifications does His Highness the Crown Prince have to judge that? Do you think you can even be the owner of this place?”


“Stop it.”

And when the two people raised their voices, Marquis Cordelia Winfred, the owner of the Brigham Empire’s second-highest magic tower, stepped forward.

Since the owner of the first magic tower, the Bringham Imperial Magic Tower, was absent, she could be seen as the person representing the Bringham Empire at this event.

Even the crown prince of the Croesian Empire, the representative male chauvinist, could not ignore the Marquis of the Brigham Empire.

“Personally, I think it will be difficult to accept His Highness the Crown Prince’s opinion. “You can claim dumping and request voluntary participation, but pressuring other countries for sanctions is an unacceptable and illegal act.”

When even the Marquess of the Brigham Empire, Winfred, opposed the Crown Prince’s opinion, there was no one anymore who defended his opinion as good.

“Obviously that’s too much.”

“you’re right.”

The Crown Prince of Creusen gritted his teeth and asked a question as his opinion was ignored by the two women.

“So you’re saying we’ll just sit back and watch?”

“If they are engaged in an unprofitable business, they will fall to the ground. “If not, it means that they have technology to reduce costs that we don’t know about, so we need to compete with technology.”

“Haha, do we do business or sports? “You’re talking about fair play.”

The Crown Prince of Creusen let out a laugh as if it were absurd.

Olivia, the Duke of Riverdale, and the Marquis Cordelia Winfred also made expressions as if it was natural, making the Crown Prince frown.

“If we were gathering to plot, we wouldn’t have participated. Or did you come up with a different opinion that everyone would understand?”

In fact, neither the Riverdale Tower nor the Winfred Tower are magic towers that are eager to export Force equipment, so they can show such a relaxed reaction.

However, the damage suffered was great as the Croesen Empire was having a lot of fun exporting cost-effective Vanguard equipment based on low labor costs.

Moreover, the relationship between the Croisen Empire and the Kingdom of Reinharts is literally kinship.

No wonder he was so excited.

‘What on earth is that bastard?’

Although he didn’t know this because he participated as a manager rather than a wizard, Adrian was the hottest and most popular figure in the magic world.

Aside from the Duke of Riverdale, who openly supports Adrian through the same letter, the Marquis Winfred is the mentor of Count Elfrid, head of the Brigham Empire’s intelligence department, so he has heard a lot of Adrian’s stories.

Therefore, since he would not suffer much loss, he decided to take the side of the person his student was interested in if possible.

However, due to these two people, the public opinion in the conference room was overturned, and Crown Prince Croesen ended up in the position of an emotionally biased villain.


In this way, the fate of his magic tower was decided in a place that Adrian did not know, and it led to a good result in the form of ‘cautious observation of the situation’.

‘Reinharts Kingdom. and Duke Adrian L. Laurence.’

However, as a result, the Crown Prince of Croisen developed an even greater antipathy towards Adrian and the Kingdom of Reinharts.

* * *

[Reinharts Kingdom’s economic growth rate this year increased from +3.2% to +4.5%.]

[The Kingdom of Reinharts, with a population of 180 million, closely follows the economic power of the Croisen Empire with a population of 620 million.]

[The annual income per population is 45 million roots in the Reinharts Kingdom and 21 million roots in the Croisen Empire.]

[The Croesian Empire is a great country, but it is not an advanced country?]

[A regular meeting of the Creusen Empire, where anti-Rheinharts sentiment reached its peak.]

[Why is the Kingdom of Reinharts responsible for the empire’s lack of growth?]

The Kingdom of Reinharts and the Croisen Empire once belonged to the same border, the Calvados Empire.

However, the Calvados Empire was collapsed by the Balaur due to wrong actions, and the current Croesen Empire formed its power centered on the Croesen people, and the current Reinharts Kingdom formed its power centered on the Reinharts people.

Since the ethnic groups and areas of activity were different from the beginning, there was not much sense of homogeneity even though they belonged to the same country.

Rather, the Croesian Empire, which quickly grew in power based on its large population, attempted several times to forcibly annex the Kingdom of Reinharts, which had a small population, and was reborn as the enemy of Cheolcheon.

[The Croesian Empire distorts history again. Since the Reinharts people used to belong to the same nation, they claim that Carle, a traditional event of the Reinharts Kingdom, is theirs… … .]

[Denial of the Croesian Empire’s past history. Denies the disaster that poisoned the Landel River and turned the eastern part of the country into hell, saying it never happened.]

It was not long before the Kingdom of Reinharts was able to make a name for itself as a powerful nation.

This is because it has suffered from the Croesian Empire for a very long time.

Still, it persevered and grew in power, and to this day, it has been able to obtain the title of a great power.

I don’t know if this comparison is correct, but if we had to compare it to Earth, the Kingdom of Reinharts could be said to be Korea, and the Croisen Empire could be said to be Japan + China.

“Why are you doing this again?”

Such neighboring countries are polarized these days.

Denial of past history, distortion of history, and repertoire that we have seen everywhere are stimulating our Kingdom of Reinharts.

I was even included in the target of their attacks, and there were so many unheard of rumors and curses that Gregory and other members of Blue Moon became excited and said they would find and kill the malicious commenters.

However, since the Croisen Empire had been extremely jealous of the growth of the Kingdom of Reinharts from the beginning, I tried to laugh it off, thinking it was something like an annual event.

however… … .

“Your Majesty the Crown Prince?”

[It is said that the Viscounty of Fjaaren, in the eastern part of our kingdom, has been occupied by the army of the Margrave of the Croesian Empire. I think we need to hold a meeting urgently, so could you come to the royal castle right now?]

The guy who farted got angry, and it was worse than usual.


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