My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 131

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Episode 131: Dream in the game becomes reality

33. Ambition (1)

From the Magic Tower’s point of view, as Lawrence Magic Tower continued to succeed in winning national orders that would have a huge impact on sales and publicity if it won even one, the competitors were embarrassed, and the people of the Kingdom of Reinharts cheered and cheered.

However, the most embarrassing place would be the Reinharts royal family, which permitted the export of strategic weapons from Lawrence Magic Tower.

This is because the Reinharts Kingdom’s Vanguard equipment was known to have decent performance, but its price competitiveness was low and it was losing out to its rivals in exports.

[Sudden popularity? Why did not only Lawrence Magic Tower’s Vanguard set but also the Force Engine become so popular?]

[How was it possible for Lawrence Magic Tower to succeed in winning such large contracts one after another?]

And the royal family’s embarrassment was revealed through the media.

To be honest, if exports increase, taxes will increase in some way, so it seems that the royal family has nothing to lose.

However, if Lawrence Magic Tower continued to achieve great results overseas, sales of Royal Magic Tower would naturally decrease in Korea as well.

Moreover, Lawrence Magic Tower, upon recommendation from the royal family, is taking great care, such as lowering price competitiveness in Korea, to reduce friction with magic towers, so it is impossible to find fault.

From the royal family’s perspective, the popularity of Lawrence Magic Tower, which was nothing short of a sensation, could not help but be burdensome.

[Lawrence Magic Tower market capitalization is at its highest every day.]

[The Lawrence Tower not only fills the void of the fallen Anaheim Tower, but also overtakes the Hines Tower and threatens the market capitalization of the Royal Tower.]

Naturally, these achievements led to the growth of Lawrence Magic Tower, and eventually surpassed the market capitalization of Hines Magic Tower, which was widely recognized as the kingdom’s second-largest leader for 100,000 years, raising the reputation of the name ‘Lawrence’ again.

In addition, it is being discussed that the Lawrence Duke will replace the Anaheim Duke and join the sky fortress maker Metal Fortress.

If permission was granted for this, overtaking the Royal Magic Tower was almost a foregone conclusion.

Then, the seat of the highest magic tower in the Kingdom of Reinharts will change from the royal family to the noble family.

Therefore, the royal family had no choice but to express concern that if things continued like this, the Kingdom of Lucias would end up in ruins.

The greatest magic tower in the Kingdom of Lucias is the magic tower of Adrian’s teacher, Riverdale, and is one of the largest magic towers in the world.

Thanks to this, the Duke of Riverdale, the owner of the Magic Tower, enjoyed as much power as the royal family in the kingdom of Lucias, which was famous for its power.

‘It must be a pain in the ass.’

Princess Diana let out a low laugh as she remembered the image of Prince Michael covering his head.

Lawrence Magic Tower’s joining Metal Fortress is a foregone conclusion.

There is no way I can refuse it now.

If you were to kick out a place that had the technology to surpass the position of the most magical tower in the kingdom just because you felt burdened, it would be like advertising that you were the only one capable of doing so.

‘After 2nd Prince Luke disappeared, an additional being appeared. He is also a genius among geniuses who receives tremendous support from the people.’

If Adrian had heard, he would have shrugged his shoulders and said it was an excessive evaluation, but in the world’s opinion, he was a genius with no comparison.

If a situation arises between Prince Michael and Adrian in a fight, Princess Diana will support Adrian without hesitation.

* * *

Princess Diana thought that Prince Michael must be quite upset.

But surprisingly, the crown prince remained calm.

Lionel’s royal castle, the capital of the Reinharts Kingdom.

“It’s a pain in the ass…” … .”

King Kalitz, who had a lot to worry about a month before his abdication, looked at Crown Prince Michael and sighed.

“I tried to clean up everything that could cause problems before handing over the throne, but Duke Lawrence is causing trouble. “I need to think of some numbers.”

Seeing the king like that, Crown Prince Michael smiled with an expression that seemed to show no worries.

“Isn’t he a great man who raises the status of the country? Duke Lawrence is absolutely necessary to raise our Kingdom of Reinharts to a higher position.”

“When the power of the nobility becomes stronger, the royal family becomes more difficult.”

“Then we just need to grow as well. “I don’t want to be a leader who hinders the growth of my subordinates.”

“… … .”

Should this be considered confidence?

Or maybe I haven’t grown up yet?

The King looked at Adrian, who was rapidly increasing his strength, and gave advice to the Crown Prince, who seemed to have no major worries.

“People are cunning. When you gain power, you want a higher position. We can rest assured that our royal family and its supporting forces are still strong, but we don’t know what will happen to those forces in the future. “Nobility is naturally attached to powerful people.”

That’s correct.

However, although the crown prince seemed to agree with the king’s story, he did not seem to have any intention of accepting his way of thinking.

“If he wants power, I will give him power. If he wants power, I will give him power.”


The King frowned at the answer of the Crown Prince, whom he had only thought was smart.

However, you have to listen to what people say until the end.

“Isn’t it okay to make sure that the direction in which that power and power is expressed is not me?”

“What does that mean?”

“He is a very outstanding person. “You know very well that if we fight among ourselves, it will cost us our lives.”

“… … “You can’t believe it?”

“The world is wide. There are plenty of places other than the royal family to vent their desire for power and strength. “For example, the annoying neighbors who find fault with our actions and often fight with us, or the vast undeveloped land that exists beyond those neighbors.”

Neighbors who argued about everything meant the hostile Croesen Empire, and the vast undeveloped land beyond meant Dragon Land.

Now the crown prince was no different from revealing his ambition.

“I will grow this country into an empire. If our Kingdom of Reinharts becomes an empire, we can give the position of archduke or king to Duke Lawrence or Marquis Klein. Since the thing you are holding in your hand is small, isn’t it inevitable that you will feel burdened by a capable subordinate? What we need to do now is not a power struggle to keep each other in check. “I need to increase my strength.”

“Hey, Michael… … .”

Speaking of empire, was his son prone to this?

To the king, the crown prince’s appearance seemed too dangerous.

“The Croesian Empire should not be underestimated. “They say they are currently falling behind the Brigham Empire and the Allied Powers of Elysia, but they have maintained their imperial status for over a dozen centuries.”

The crown prince looked at his father and sighed softly.

“It would be better to abdicate sooner. “Even though you are the king, you are actually underestimating the power of the Kingdom of Reinharts.”


The King was taken aback by the Crown Prince’s remarks, and as if reacting to his embarrassment, black smoke rose.



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Black smoke soon took shape. When Prince Michael lowered his gaze, a sharp-looking sword was pointed at his neck.

“Your Majesty the Crown Prince is crossing a line.”

“It’s you. “My father’s shadow.”

A man appears with black smoke and points a sword at Prince Michael’s neck.

He was the King’s shadow and the former Marquis of Gabriel James, the hidden Grand Master of the Kingdom of Reinharts.

“You don’t seem embarrassed. “Have you heard from Duke Lawrence?”

“That’s right. “I’m quite close to the duke.”

“With that said, Duke Lawrence seemed quite wary of His Royal Highness, didn’t he?”

“I guess it’s because he noticed my tendencies.”

Seeing Prince Michael not at all intimidated even though a sword was pointed at his neck, Gabriel let out a laugh but his eyes became even colder.


However, the king stopped Gabriel.

The sword that was aimed at the crown prince’s neck was taken away.

“Now I understand why you were quietly watching the rise of the Second Prince faction.”

“… … .”

“If you want to carry out a coup, you must overcome internal opposition. “In order to carry out your will, you purged the opposing forces in advance.”

The Crown Prince had the freedom to stop the rise of the Second Prince faction if he wanted to.

However, he only watched the endless expansion of the Second Prince faction, and as a result, he succeeded in filling all the ministers in the palace with his own people through a large-scale purge under the good cause of rebellion.

It was a plan that was too much to simply eliminate political opponents.

However, if the crown prince was preparing for a coup, it was all an understandable measure.

“you’re right.”

And when the crown prince agreed to the king’s words, the guess became true.

The crown prince spoke firmly, looking at the king who seemed to have a complicated mind.

“So, don’t provoke Duke Lawrence any further and make him build a wall with the royal family. “Leave the future of the kingdom to young people.”

The response is that Duke Lawrence is absolutely necessary for the coup.

The King covered his forehead with his palm.

What should I do with this?

As a father, he could not understand the crown prince’s intention to abandon the stable path and walk on a dangerous and difficult terrain.

* * *

“That’s surprising. I thought the royal family would definitely come in with a tackle.”

As I was calculating the profits from this order, I was suspicious of the unexpectedly quiet appearance of the royal family.

“Couldn’t it have been stopped by Prince Michael?”

“Why do you think that?”

“Didn’t he always support and push his master? In fact, I understand that even when the King raised the domestic sales price of Vanguard equipment, the Crown Prince remained opposed to the end.”

At Gregory’s reaction, I stroked his smooth chin.

It was clear that he wanted to further solidify his connection with Princess Diana, starting with his entrustment.

Although I became wary at times because there were things I didn’t understand about his behavior, ultimately he never once harmed me.

Even when Gregory, who we are currently talking to, was introduced as the new Auror Master, the King was not pleased, but the Crown Prince was very welcoming and promised to bestow the title.

“Is that so?”

“Anyway, the crown prince will soon become king, so wouldn’t the royal family follow his position?”

That makes perfect sense.

“Well, from my perspective, it’s a good thing as long as there is no interference, so I would be grateful if the royal family keeps quiet.”

Gregory, who felt awkward about the current situation as he began his activities, nodded with a forced smile.

I again summarized the profits earned from this order.

[5,000 sets of Vanguard equipment]

[4,000 force engines]

This time, I succeeded in significantly lowering the production cost of the force engine using tourmaline.

As a result, this led to a reduction in the production cost of Vanguard equipment, and it was able to gain an overwhelming advantage in the competition for orders with other magic towers by providing great cost-effectiveness.

In general, magic towers are known to make a net profit of approximately 5-10% when they produce and sell vanguard equipment.

However, since overseas sales are more competitive than domestic sales, the profit margin is usually as low as 2-3%, but from the perspective of other countries, I don’t make any profit at all… … .

Rather, ‘Isn’t it a loss?’ We succeeded in winning the order by suggesting a price that was at the desired level.

[Vanguard equipment set selling price: 45 billion]

[Force Engine selling price: KRW 12 billion]

Considering that the domestic sales price of Lawrence Magic Tower’s Panther 1.5 was 55 billion won, the price was so cheap that it could even be called a betrayal.

But I can’t help it.

This is partly because domestic prices were set high because of the king.

The minimum suggested price of magic towers competing for overseas orders was around 47 billion won per set based on Vanguard equipment.

However, I asked for a price that was 2 billion won lower than that, so it was natural that I would succeed in receiving the order.

‘Thanks to reducing the cost of creating a force engine to 20%, there is still a lot of profit left.’

The Vanguard equipment set consists of Force Armor and Force Sword.

Each piece of equipment is equipped with a force engine, one each for armor and sword, and a total of two force engines for the vanguard equipment set.

‘The cost of a typical force engine is about 13 to 15 billion won, but I was able to produce it for 3 billion won per unit.’

As a result, even if the Force Engine is sold for 11 billion won, there will be 8 billion won per unit, and even if the Vanguard equipment is sold for 45 billion won, there will be about 16 billion won left over.

If we calculate the profit compared to the sales achieved this time, it is as follows.

[5,000 sets of Vanguard equipment]

Sales: KRW 225 trillion

Net profit: KRW 80 trillion

[4,000 force engines]

Sales: KRW 48 trillion

Net profit: 32 trillion won

[Total net profit: KRW 112 trillion]

Isn’t it incredible?

This is money that can only make you laugh.


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