My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 130

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Episode 130: A chance in a game turns into reality

32. A crazy person appears (5)

The Panther 1.0 vanguard equipment sold at the Lawrence Magic Tower that I own is known to have 5% lower output than the Vanguard equipment made in the Royal Magic Tower.

However, despite having sufficient technology, the output was intentionally lowered, and the marketability was made to look low in order to easily obtain permission from the king to produce Vanguard equipment.

It was an inevitable choice because among the existing vanguard production manufacturers, the one that generated the most profit was the royal magic tower of the royal family.

Thanks to this, I was allowed to enter the Vanguard industry under the condition that I could not sell it too cheap even if the performance dropped by 5%.

Performance drops by a whopping 5%, but they sell it at a similar price to other manufacturers?

This is a battlefield where large sums of money are poured into improving survival ability by just 1%.

So, officials decided that there was no way Lawrence Matap’s Vanguard could be sold.

[With the fall of the Duke of Anaheim, the Vanguard equipment manufacturer was reorganized into a three-way war between the Wang family, the Hines family, and the Lawrence family.]

[Lawrence Magictap’s Panther 1.0 is rapidly increasing sales!]

[Lawrence Magic Tower’s Panther 1.0 is recording sales comparable to the Royal Magic Tower’s Lion 2nd generation vanguard equipment, which is ranked #1 in sales in Korea.]

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Lawrence Matop’s Panther 1.0 sold like crazy even with a 5% drop in performance.

The reason is that, at the expense of low output, convenience was enhanced in other areas, and those areas succeeded in attracting the attention of users.

In particular, its portability and unique flexibility have become the representative identity of the Panther series, garnering support from many articles.

It is this popular even though its output is lower than that of its rivals, so what would happen if the Panther had similar output to the Royal Magic Tower or the Hines Magic Tower?

[Lawrence Magic Tower Panther 1.5 announced. Finally, the output that was low compared to other models was achieved. All convenience features are the same as before, but the output has been upgraded. The price has increased slightly and is the same as the 2nd generation product of the Royal Magic Tower.]

As a result, Lawrence Magic Tower almost monopolized the volume of Vanguard equipment orders from the Kingdom of Reinharts.

Naturally, the Royal Magic Tower and the Heins Magic Tower fell into a state of emergency, and as the industry changed, I was called to the royal castle.

“You want to raise the price of Panther 1.5?”

A month before his retirement, the King received a request to increase the price of the Panther 1.5.

He nodded to my question.

“If things go this way, the domestic vanguard industry will become a monopoly. As you know, industrial monopolies are a poison that limits development.”

“But won’t the development teams of the Royal Magic Tower and Hein’s Magic Tower also feel a sense of crisis after being pushed out of the competition like this? “I think it actually ignited competition.”

I don’t know if it was because he had let go of much of his lingering feelings about the second prince, or because he couldn’t show his displeasure as someone who was complaining, but I didn’t feel any special ill will in the king’s eyes when he looked at me.

“Isn’t that also the case when there is some degree of competition? Looking at the number of contracts this month, compared to last month, sales of the Royal Magic Tower plummeted by 60% and the Hines Magic Tower by 90%, but the Lawrence Magic Tower surged by more than 150%. “If things continue this way, they will be crushed before they can even compete.”

It was data that the King had no choice but to come forward.

The royal family cannot let go of the military industry even if it is to maintain power.

There is no benefit in building a wall with them.

Because you could face sanctions.

Even in a capitalist society, the country intervenes here and there to protect its industry, but isn’t the Kingdom of Reinharts a feudal country?

If it was worse, it was worse, not less.

“All right. “Let’s raise the price by 10%.”

If the output is the same but the price is 10% higher, competitiveness will definitely decline significantly.

However, just as there were many people who paid full price even though the performance was 5% lower, those who are looking for it will still find it.

“Whew, thank you.”

The King must have thought that was enough, and he sighed softly.

However, no matter how much you are a subject, if you give up something, you have to get something in return.

I had no intention of just making unilateral concessions and backing down.

At least if you’re going to take a loss, you should get a corresponding benefit in another area.

“Instead, would you allow the export of Vanguard equipment and key components?”

“Do you mean to increase profits through exports instead of reducing domestic sales?”

“Because this is what everyone does when it comes to large magic towers.”

Because technological powerhouses are concentrated on the Defteron continent, where the Kingdom of Reinharts belongs, there are quite a few countries in the world that cannot produce their own Vanguard equipment.

Rather, the fact that there were four vanguard equipment manufacturers in the Kingdom of Reinharts before the fall of the Duke of Anaheim is unusual enough.

Even the Croisen Empire, the enemy of the Kingdom of Reinharts, only had two Vanguard Makers.

In other words, I asked for permission to export Vanguard equipment to countries that cannot produce it.

The king thought about it for a moment.

But that worry didn’t last long… .

“Good. “I allow it.”

This is because the Vanguard of the Kingdom of Reinharts is not showing much power in the international market.

I smiled and bowed my head in thanks.

“And I will take this opportunity to positively review Duke Lawrence’s participation in Metal Fortress. “Considering the technology of the magic tower you have, it would be a reasonable measure.”

“Oh, I’m waiting for good news.”

Metal Fortress is a maker of sky fortresses created by the alliance of influential magic towers in the Kingdom of Reinharts.

I have been steadily considering participation since the fall of the Anaheim Dukes, a participating family in Metal Fortress.

If the King says this, it can be considered almost certain.

In fact, the metal fortress is nothing more than a stepping stone.

A stepping stone to gain the justification to later build a sky fortress on its own.

“How is Princess Diana?”

When the business is concluded and you are about to get up after a formal greeting.

The King asked me that.

About Princess Diana’s well-being, which the Crown Prince passed on to me as if he were selling it.

I burst out laughing at that.

“I’m getting along so well, right?”


Princess Diana must have been a sore finger for him, who had a great love for his children as a father before becoming a king.

But was what I said surprising?


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He seemed quite interested.

“You are spending a lot of my money to improve the welfare of the residents of the Duchy of Lawrence. “Not long ago, they even created a foundation and are building a large number of orphanages and schools.”

“Haha, that’s typical of a guy.”

* * *

A crest embroidered on a pure white background with a black eagle wearing a silver crown.

It is a flag symbolizing the sacred Lawrence Duke family of the Kingdom of Reinharts, which is decorated throughout the city.

Marinkov City, the first city of the Duchy of Lawrence, is a megacity with a population of 5 million.

Originally, it was a logistics-centered commercial city that did everything without major industries, but after the Duke of Lawrence became a marquis and received Marine Corp, it quickly industrialized and has now transformed into a great military industry city.

“Since the Duke of Lawrence came to Marinkov, life has become better.”

“that’s right. Jobs are increasing, basic wages are rising, and taxes are even lowered.”

“Even welfare benefits have increased, right? “By expanding public clinics, not only will people be able to receive treatment at low prices when they are sick, but we will also provide support for the minimum cost of living for families who are having difficulty making ends meet.”

“That’s right, I don’t think Ivril, whom the duke supported, became a saint for no reason?”

“And did you hear what you said about lowering the tax rate? “If we create an environment where local residents can live well, even if we lower the tax rate, tax revenue will increase.”

“You are a true nobleman of this era! Perhaps because he is a self-made man, his mindset is different! If all the nobles in our country were like lords, wouldn’t all the believers in the republic disappear?”

Since Marinkov was a city that had originally belonged to the king, it was not a crowded place where it was difficult for commoners to live compared to other provincial territories.

However, when the commoner-friendly Adrian became the lord, the people of the territory were truly experiencing a new world.

“… … .”

There was a person who was sipping tea in a cafe and watching the people of the territory praising Adrian like that, and that was Princess Diana, who was walking around the streets while hiding herself with a camouflage artifact.

She was currently receiving welfare advice from the Duchy of Lawrence.

Princess Diana was reminded of Adrian by the gold lacquer work of the people of the territory.

‘He’s definitely a man with an awake mind. ‘Is it because he grew up without enjoying the benefits of being an aristocrat?

She took a leisurely walk around the city and listened to people’s stories.

“This time, the lord is increasing the number of administrators by three times.”


“You said that from now on, you will create a window for each neighborhood to resolve complaints from local residents. “You say this is a measure to protect the lives of the people?”

Adrian communicated with people through social media whenever he had time, and if there were any necessary policies, he immediately accepted and applied them.

Among the residents of the Duchy of Lawrence, there was no one who did not read Adrian’s SNS, so news related to the policy spread quickly.

People from other countries and other territories envied the residents of Adrian’s territory, and this became a ‘gukppong’ factor that increased their pride knowingly or unknowingly.

“The lord said he was looking for residents to move to Ophelia Island.”

“Ophelia Island? In that silence at sea?”

“that’s right. “This time, you saved the princess of Roberto’s kingdom and received the island as a gift.”

“Well, it seems like the lord will definitely take care of the immigrants… . The fact that it is such a remote island… .”

“I would like to apply, because the lord is not the kind of person who would sacrifice someone for no reason.”

“That’s right.”

As these factors were added and added, the people’s trust in the lord skyrocketed, and he became an object of trust even more than the king.

Princess Diana thought as she looked at the people of the territory.

‘Crown Michael is smart, but he will rarely get this kind of public support. As he is a utilitarian, he weighs pros and cons a lot. But Duke Lawrence is different. He is a person who knows how to embrace the weak.’

Adrian devotes a lot of time to personal training, but despite this, he takes care of the people’s livelihood even while sleeping.

Although most of the administration was handled by the vice-lord, a hired professional administrator, it was Adrian who ultimately set the overall framework.

A person who is as capable as the crown prince but knows how to embrace the weak.

At the same time, he is a person who delivers merciless judgment to enemies and criminals.

That was Princess Diana’s impression of Adrian.

‘What if Duke Adrian L. Laurence becomes king?’

Is it because I saw Adrian right away?

It was natural for her to think this way.

A dangerous idea that will plunge the Kingdom of Reinharts into war once again.

But when she thought about what was for the future of this country, her judgment became stronger.

And soon, a situation arises where we can get a glimpse of Adrian’s competence once again… … .

[Lawrence Magic Tower, contract to deliver 3,000 sets of vanguard equipment to the Kingdom of Roberto.]

[Lawrence Magic Tower contracts to supply 2,000 sets of Vanguard equipment to Reese Island.]

[Lawrence Magic Tower, contract to supply 2,000 Force Engines, Vanguard’s core equipment, to the Kingdom of Guy.]

[Lawrence Magic Tower contracts to supply 1,000 force engines to the Republic of Prius.]

[Lawrence Magic Tower, contract to supply 1,000 force engines to the Kingdom of Zeon.]

[Explosive popularity. The unit price has fallen due to mass production of the Lawrence Magic Tower export version of the Force Engine and Vanguard equipment. It appears that more orders will flood in the future.]

This is because he showed off his incredible business acumen to the world.

This was a situation that could only be described as crazy rather than competent.


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