My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 13

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Episode 13: Dream in the game becomes reality

4. Time to grow (3)

Once I turned it over properly, no one in the unit bothered me after that.

Even proud knights avoided me, not to mention regular soldiers and maids, and there were even people who were scared and didn’t know what I was thinking.

It was only natural that the Dalton incident had revealed his secret identity.

What was surprising was that Vice-Captain William of the Knights’ attitude towards me had changed noticeably more favorably even though his subordinates were rotting in the dungeon.

However, as I learned through Man-kyung that the reason for his actions was due to ‘curiosity and vigilance’, I did not feel the need to accommodate his interests.

Thanks to the negligence of the division commander, Count Otis, and the difficult attitude of his subordinates, I was able to concentrate on the game without any interruption.

In the end, I succeeded in achieving level 120.

As a result, if you only solve the next task in stage 5 of the Giyeon Quest, the 6th floor of the Magic Tower will be opened.

Naturally, the remaining task of the Giyeon Quest meant a bloody battle with the named monster.

[Fallen Knight Zenit]

Unusually, this time the enemy was not a monster, but a middle-aged knight in human form.

A traditional knight with a sword in one hand and a round shield and half armor, he is equipped with light melee dealer-type armament compared to the tanker Arsia.

“I thought I needed practical experience with a knight who uses Aurors, and it just so happened to be a good thing.”

“I’m sorry, but I have to die.”

It is natural that the Vanguard system, which turns humans into combat weapons, is scary, but in fact, even without such special equipment, knights cannot be taken lightly.

The Auror itself improved attack and defense power and made humans into beings no different from superhumans.

Even though times have improved and the combat power of soldiers has greatly improved, they are no match for knights who spray a lot of auras.

It was a knight who could have his head cut off in an instant if he stood still.

“Arsia focuses on defense. “I will put in the dill.”

“All right.”

While Arcia took a defensive stance, I quickly cast magic.

“Then let’s go.”

The fallen knight Zenit approached with an arrogant attitude that was like a declaration.

Contrary to his relaxed appearance, the atmosphere was extremely bloody, as an intangible energy emanated from his whole body and shimmered like a haze.

Soon, the energy came together and began to focus on the sword, and after a while, it turned into a flickering flame, revealing a terrifying presence.

It was Auror Fire, the trademark of a high-ranking knight (Auror Expert).

It was the same with the last Demilich, and this quest monster was one level higher than Arcia and I.


I continued casting calmly and watching his every move.

The fallen knight raised his sword horizontally and then stamped his foot.

Then, wouldn’t it appear right in front of your nose, as if moving through space?

I opened my eyes wide, and Arcia hurriedly swung her shield.


This is it.

The scary thing about the article.

This means that movements that are only possible in cartoons are actually implemented.

The first collision may have been to check Arsia’s defense, but she honestly hit the shield with Auror Fire.

“… … .”

But did I feel stronger than I imagined?

The fallen knight frowned and used the rebound of his protruding sword to aim at me from behind.

A rotating slash that utilizes the shield’s recoil.

The attacks were linked so smoothly and quickly that it was difficult to follow them with the eye.

However, I trusted Arsia’s defensive ability and used the spell that had already been cast.


As hoped, Arcia succeeded in blocking that attack as well.

“Fire Sword!”

Then, a 4-circle magic reminiscent of swordsmanship, the Fire Sword, appeared and rushed at the fallen knight.

A fire sword that swings frantically at the enemy for 5 seconds.

It was a spell perfect for attracting the knight’s attention.


-phut! Paang!

But is it true that the title High Knight (Auror Expert) is not for nothing?

This guy canceled out my magic almost perfectly.

‘This battle will be long.’

Of course, it’s not that no damage was done at all, but compared to the total HP, the amount of damage was minimal.

I clicked my tongue and started casting again, and Arcia stood firmly in front of me.

-Quaaang! bang! bang!

And what followed was a fierce battle between those trying to block and those trying to break through.

Zenit, a fallen knight, looks for any opening like a snake, and Arcia blocks all attacks to protect me, her master.

I kept swinging the counterweight with magic, clearly observing the movements of the two people.

“this… … .”

With my magic added to such an intense battle of defense, the situation had no choice but to tilt in our favor.

Arcia’s defensive ability, which could be said to be an iron wall and did not easily allow any gaps, caught the Fallen Knight by surprise for the first time.


Of course, you can’t let down your guard just because you have the advantage.

Even though it wasn’t a fatal hit, the enemy’s attacks often grazed my cheek or shoulder thanks to my agile movements.


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It was a little painful, but it wasn’t something to worry about.

So I used this spell, thought about useful attacks, and analyzed the enemy’s patterns.


As a result, the number of effective hits hit by this guy began to gradually increase.


The trace of the sword, which was not clearly visible at first, gradually became visible.


And the moment when Arsia’s defenses were breached for the first time.

I dodged the sword aimed at my neck by slightly ducking.

Perhaps because he was unable to land an effective hit against a slow wizard who was practically free, his expression became more determined than ever.


The same situation was repeated again as Arcia swung her shield with an angry expression and struck down the fallen knight.

“Ha, I’m a stepping stone?”

A tone full of absurdity.

The moment his attack pierced Arsia and did not reach me, it was as if his momentum was completely lost.

In addition, the intense battle that lasted for about 30 minutes made me feel that I had improved further.

Hunting tens of thousands of monsters with a body synchronized with reality was not a wasted experience.

[You have defeated the named monster, Fallen Knight Zenith.]

[You have cleared stage 5 of the Giyeon quest.]

* * *

-6th floor of Manuel Lucas’ Magic Tower.

From the 5th circle, you are at the level of a high-ranking wizard.

Each country has different policies, but in the Kingdom of Reinharts, they are treated with the rank of Baron and are also given the opportunity to join the Imperial Wizardry.

Considering that it was only 20 days since the start of the project, the speed of progress was incredible.

“It’s a great scene any time.”

I whetted my appetite as I looked at the treasure chest, which had become noticeably more colorful.

And when I touched it, a longer text than before greeted me.

[Route 2 has been obtained.]

[The amount is too large to receive by bank transfer or online currency.]

[Establishing a new account at Elysia Union Bank.]

[Yonhap Bank online service is installed on the terminal.]

[Your account and password are automatically saved.]

Because problems such as tax audits may arise if deposits are made to domestic bank accounts, money has been received in online currency so far.

However, it seems that the transaction amount of even online currency could not exceed trillion units.

Therefore, in-kind assets were provided in the form of payment through the account of Union Bank, where anonymity was strictly guaranteed.

Union Bank is part of the Elysia Alliance, which is made up of different races such as elves and dwarves from the continent of Prota. Almost all transactions, from account opening, are made non-face-to-face, so it is often used for slush funds.

The main customers are nobles and merchants who siphoned off funds for tax evasion purposes.

Thanks to this, Yonhap Bank was an unusual bank with a small number of customers, but ranked first in the world in terms of deposit holdings.

Although it is a bank that is a thorn in the eye when it comes to running a country, the reason why there has been no crisis in its operation is due to the tacit consent of aristocrats around the world and the special history of the bank president.

‘A Yonhap Bank account would be fine.’

It’s rather disappointing why there wasn’t this option from the beginning.

Therefore, I looked for the next reward without worrying too much.

[You have acquired the Istro staff.]

[You have acquired the East Robe.]

[You have acquired the East Armor.]

[Istro Shield has been acquired.]

[You have acquired the East Short Sword.]

[You have acquired the East Arming Sword.]

… … .

This reward is none other than equipment.

But I was left speechless by the messages that continued to follow.

[You have acquired the East Halberd.]

[Istro equipment is transmitted to reality. Please log out and check your inventory.]

A total of 13 pieces of equipment were given as rewards.

In fact, the only wizard-specific equipment I would use were the robe and staff, and the rest were all warrior equipment.

‘Is it an Arsian dragon?’

Short sword, arming sword, bastard sword, two-handed sword, saber, spear, and halberd.

A variety of weapons were given, as if to choose according to one’s preference.

‘Well, the more equipment there is, the better. Moreover, there is no way Archduke Lucas would give you an ordinary cold weapon.’

Although there is no detailed explanation attached, I guessed that the equipment may have the same mechanism as the one worn by the Vanguard.

Arsia’s current equipment is good enough, but that’s the story in Chronicle Online, which is set in the Middle Ages.

In the reality where Vanguard is active, simple cold weapons are of no help.

And wasn’t Archduke Lucas the one who made the Vanguard’s equipment?

I was looking forward to it in many ways.

[5 circles are created.]

Next, a circle was created, and after learning magic for a while, I logged out to check the reward in real life.


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