My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 129

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Episode 129: Dream in the game becomes reality

32. A crazy person appears (4)

[Her Royal Highness Princess Xia Lin, who has confirmed her position as the next King, visited the southern mining town of Alen for an official event. Everyone was puzzled by the unexpected move, but it turned out that this village helped the princess escape while she was being chased by the Empress Dowager Moon.]

[It is said that one person died in the process, and many villagers were tortured. Her Royal Highness decided to have the injured people receive treatment from the royal magicians, and to provide compensation to all villagers and provide jobs in the royal castle.]

[In addition, the man who died while helping Her Highness escape was awarded the Order of Great Man and the title of honorary prince… … Cheeik. Chii Iik… … .]

“This damn radio is in trouble again.”

Ophelia, an island floating on the vast sea of ​​silence.

Ophelia Island’s area is comparable to Jeju Island, but the island’s resident population is only about 3,000.

Fortunately, Roberto’s Kingdom had installed a teleport gate, so traveling to the mainland was not difficult, but the distance was so far that the cost of use was very expensive.

Because of this, most of the residents had never left the island since they were born, and the prices of industrial products produced on the mainland were very expensive, so the level of civilization was more than a century away.

As all logistics depended on teleportation, the prices of manufactured products from the mainland were three to five times higher than the regular price.

Thanks to this, we couldn’t even dream of getting a hologram broadcaster, which was so precious, and even if we somehow managed to get it, there were many problems using it because the signal was not received properly.

Therefore, radio was almost the only means for them to access external information at any time.

“Does it have its own charm?”

I passed by an old general store with the radio playing loudly and headed toward the center of the most populous town on the island.

Unlike other cities in Rondelle, which exude a science fiction atmosphere, Ophelia Island had a friendly scenery reminiscent of the Korean countryside in the 1980s.

This may be especially true because the race of Roberto’s kingdom itself resembles East Asians.

“It’s a poor place where you can’t even use a personal terminal without connecting a separate receiver because communication signals aren’t even picked up properly. “Can a place like this really help?”

I nodded to the words of the Ophelia Island manager given by Princess Sia.

“Because I was very interested in the minerals on this island in the first place.”

When I start development in earnest, various equipment and facilities will inevitably come to this island.

Unexpectedly, the residents were presented with the benefits of civilization as well as jobs.

“Teleport gates will be installed at the port and for cargo transport. In addition, a signal amplifier should be installed.”

It is known that the communication system originally based on the Hollywood system does not require a repeater or amplifier.

This is because signals are initially transmitted through the mana that exists in the air.

But that couldn’t be helped if it was this far away from the mainland.

“I wonder if the financial calculations are correct… … .”

I said, waving my hand at the worried manager.

“That is something I would be concerned about.”

“Excuse me, sir.”

More than anything, I really like this closed environment.

Here, you can do a lot without being noticed by the outside world.

This remote island was nothing short of a natural fortress.

“We should also deploy a few sky fortresses.”

As I muttered to myself, the manager of Roberto’s Kingdom reacted in confusion, wondering if they had misunderstood the value of this island.

“Let’s go to the mine.”


Next, with his guidance, I headed to the tourmaline mine, the island’s main source of income.


I arrived at the mine not far from the village while receiving the wary gaze of the residents, and there I was able to see an unexpected scene.


“Because logistics costs are high, we only focus on mining rubellite, verdellite, and particolor, which are the most expensive tourmalines.”

I laughed out loud as I looked at the mountains of black and brown tourmaline that were difficult to use as gemstones that piled up around the mine.

Even if you just take that and sell it right away, it would make a lot of money as pension material, but it is said that the cost of transportation makes it unprofitable.

Rubellite is a red tourmaline commonly used as a substitute for ruby ​​among commoners, verdellite is a green tourmaline used as a substitute for emerald, and particolored refers to a layer of two or more colors.

Particolor stones, which are green on one side and red on the other, are also called watermelon stones.

“Aren’t there any other minerals coming out?”

“Yes, only tourmaline is coming out. Instead, it seems to come in almost every color.”

No matter how much it is used as a substitute for gemstones, tourmaline cannot become a real gemstone.

Even if it sold a lot of expensive colored tourmaline, it was difficult for Ophelia Island to become wealthy.

Fortunately, there are abundant fish resources around the island and the island is fertile, so there is no problem in making a living.

“Oh, there it is.”

And the manager introduced someone to me.

“I am the mine manager and chief of the village you just visited.”

A rugged, muscular man.

Is it because I live a life cut off from the outside world?

He acted confidently even when facing the highest-ranking nobleman.

“It’s the shore of the river.”

Kang’s surname, as well as his name, gives off quite a Korean vibe.

I said, holding out my hand to him.

“This is Duke Adrian L. Laurence.”

“Well, nice to meet you.”

But did you ever think that there would be a handshake?

He was belatedly embarrassed and carefully held my hand.

I spoke to the manager.

“You go back now. “Let’s discuss the rest with the local manager.”

The manager dispatched from the royal castle hesitated, then swallowed his saliva and retreated at the gaze of Arcia and Gregory, who were quietly following me.

“You probably know the situation, right?”


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“That’s right. “You’ve owned this place for 50 years.”

It’s funny to trade the land where people live, but since both our Kingdom of Reinharts and the Kingdom of Roberto adopted a feudal system, there was nothing unusual about it.

However, Princess Xia of the Kingdom of Roberto cared very much for her people, even if they were commoners, and said that if the local residents did not want to follow, she would give them land in another region to relocate them.

“Yes, a lot of money will be invested. Of course, the size of the village will grow, there will be more jobs, and various cultures will come in. “I feel sorry for those who have lived with nature as my friend, but I plan to develop this place.”

However, he reacted unexpectedly to my words with a simple smile.

“You make nature your friend. I just live like this because I don’t have any. “If the lord allows us to eat well and live well, will we have any regrets?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Let’s do our best.”

I guess we don’t have to worry about their migration.

I went into the mine with his guidance.

A mineral called tourmaline also exists on Earth.

However, Rondel’s tourmaline mine created a sight rarely seen on Earth.

“Hoo… … .”

You can see tourmaline sparkling like LEDs here and there as it reacts with mana.

Of course, it is a characteristic that disappears when quarrying and polishing the stone, but it was a sight that proved that tourmaline reacts with mana.

“How many reserves do you have?”

“You can just think of the island itself as being built on a tourmaline mine. There is no end to the waves and waves.”

Indeed, this is an island with the world’s largest tourmaline reserves.

If opal had been mined here as well, like the tourmaline mine leased from the Republic of Prius, the financial situation of Roberto’s Kingdom would have been slightly better.

After looking around the mine, I looked very satisfied, and the village chief, Hoan Kang, asked me carefully.

“If you don’t mind, may I know what you want to do with this tourmaline?”

What everyone is curious about right now.

Apart from myself, Arcia, and my fund manager, Chester, no one knew what I was doing.

Even a blue moon.

Therefore, I didn’t answer his question, but I curled up the corner of my mouth and told him to look forward to it.

“It’s a way for everyone on this island to become rich.”

“Okay… … “Did you?”

“I can’t give you an answer right now, but you will find out soon.”

The village chief tilted his head at that.

“Development will begin today. “Do you have any objections?”

“We just follow the lord who is the new owner of the land.”

“It’s good.”

Thus began the development of Ophelia Island, which would serve as an axis of my wealth.

* * *

Vanguard, Sky Fortress.

These two simple yet powerful weapon systems are Rondel’s current core force.

Compared to Earth, the Vanguard is a tank on the ground and a fighter on a hoverboard, while the Sky Fortress is a flying warship and tactical bomber.

These two weapons, which look completely different, have surprisingly similar mechanisms, and that is that the Force Engine, an auror amplification device, is in charge.

Of course, the knight could not continue to act as a battery, so the Sky Fortress was equipped with an additional horsepower engine, but it was clearly the force engine that determined the combat power.

And although the Vanguard equipment costs 50 billion won each, and the weight of the armor is great, the main reason why one Sky Fortress costs more than 10 trillion won was also because of this force engine.

“Is it really possible?”

“You don’t trust me?”

“But, since every time an experiment fails, 10 billion is lost… … .”

“Think of it as an investment. “If it succeeds, its value is indescribable.”

The reason force engines are expensive can be said to be because they are difficult to process, but the biggest reason is that the core materials are expensive.

The core material of the force engine is none other than diamond.

It also requires as many as 500 to 1,000 diamonds over 1 carat.

The price of diamonds needed to make Vanguard equipment was only half of the manufacturing price, so it was natural that it was expensive.

Therefore, no matter how excellent the technology was, there was bound to be a limit to cost reduction.

“Then let’s begin.”

Ultimately, this means that in order to reduce the cost of the force engine, we need to find a material to replace diamond, and that’s why I’ve been obsessed with tourmaline recently.

Experiments on the substitution of tourmaline for diamond.

For that purpose, the key wizards of the Magic Tower gathered in the secret laboratory of the Duchy of Lawrence and the Lawrence Magic Tower.



“Ahh, my god, 10 billion disappeared into thin air at once…” … .”

The first experiment failed spectacularly.

The wizards of the Magic Tower sighed as they saw dozens of high-quality diamonds weighing more than 5 carats, worth hundreds of millions each, being shattered.

Please note that diamonds cannot be completely excluded from the force engine.

However, Archduke Lucas discovered that the amount of use can be drastically reduced, and if this technology can be commercialized, I will immediately make a lot of money.

So I participated in Magic Tower’s research with more enthusiasm than ever.

“Well, Your Highness. Think again… … .”

“Okay, let’s move on.”

However, the magicians at the Magic Tower expressed concern when they saw me like this.

The reason for this reaction despite understanding the theory and drawing out the possibilities is simple.

There was no way to know how much it would cost to successfully develop an improved force engine.

‘What’s important is the ratio of diamonds and tourmaline.’

Under my instructions, the wizards went through experiment after experiment.

One day passed, two days passed, three days passed… … .

-Jiing! Quaaaang!

-Jiing! Quaaaang!

The wizards who watched hundreds of billions of coins melting away each day suffered extreme stress on my behalf and even suffered hair loss.

When almost 2 trillion people were burned in the air like that.





The research is starting to yield results.


The researchers, unable to control their excitement, went through experiment after experiment without being able to return home.

They brought me news of success.

“It’s a success!”

“210 carats of diamonds! “It’s 852 carats of tourmaline!”

A force engine with regular output was created, the price of which was reduced to 20% of the existing level.


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