My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 127

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Episode 127: Dream in the game becomes reality

32. A crazy person appears (2)

I don’t know if it’s because of the connection in the saint contest or a special personal relationship, but the fact that Duke Adrian El Lawrence is supporting Princess Xia is something that was known during negotiations with the Republic of Prius.

However, Empress Dowager Moon did not pay much attention to this.

This is because Duke Lawrence judged that even if he helped the princess, it would only be financial or personal support.

As expected, jumping into the civil war of Roberto’s kingdom was not profitable at all.

Of course, this is not the first time he has intervened in a civil war in another country.

It is a well-known fact that Duke Lawrence helped revolutionize the Prius Republic.

However, at that time, the revolutionary army centered on the former royal family and the national army centered on Marshal Ansen were together, so the situation itself was different from now.

Unlike back then, when she fought with a large force at her back, until the Minister of Military Affairs betrayed her, Princess Xia Lin did not have a single reliable soldier, let alone a force.

‘This is so absurd… … .’

Therefore, the Empress Dowager of Dal could not understand the situation that was now in front of him.

Why do we put our heads into a battlefield where victory is not certain, as we have become a powerful nation?

Empress Dal could never understand Adrian’s actions.

“Just by looking at him, he has the face of a villain. “You are the Empress of the Moon, right?”

Indecent way of speaking.

No, it would be more accurate to say that he has no intention of protecting his dignity towards himself.

Empress Dowager Moon had an expression of both embarrassment and anger, labeling his incomprehensible behavior as arrogance.

“There are degrees of arrogance. You seem to think that the world is yours just because you became a duke at such a young age. “Jim is not the Empress Dowager, but the King of Roberto’s Kingdom.”

In response to Empress Dowager Dal’s reaction, Adrian looked at Arcia next to him, shrugged his shoulders, and then sneered.

“It was only three days, but did you have a happy dream? “Please step down from the throne now.”

“You’re overconfident. No matter how great those two people are, aren’t you underestimating the power of this place too much?”

“Is there anything you have to be particularly nervous about?”

Adrian twirled the magic staff in his hand and scanned the power of the royal battle.

50 Vanguards per Aura Master.

“your majesty!”

No, just now, when the door to the Royal Battle was opened, 50 Vanguards were added, making it 100 Vanguards per Aura Master.

“No matter how I look at it, I don’t see any signs of victory for you, do you?”

Certainly, a combination of an ordinary Auror Master and a 7th Circle Archmage would inevitably be at a disadvantage.

But the problem is that Adrian and Arcia are anything but ordinary.

Adrian grinned and aimed his magic staff at the place where Vanguards were concentrated.


“Flame Blast. Flame Blast. Flame Blast.”

The memorized 7th circle magic was unleashed on the enemies five times without hesitation.

“Stop it!”

When the anti-magic attack arrived, the Vanguards quickly camped out and tried to jointly respond to the magic… … .

That was also the case when there were only one or two anti-magic attacks, and no matter how Vanguard it was, it was bound to be impossible to block anti-magic number 5.


One wall of the royal palace exploded, and the Vanguards there collapsed into charcoal soot.

With a single strike like a greeting, 10 Vanguards evaporated in an instant.


However, the sight of Adrian pouring out memorized magic without thinking made Empress Moon and General Kii confident of their victory.

“What are you doing! Attack right away! “We must push forward without stopping!”

And the Vanguards, who had stiffened at the cry of the Moon Empress, fiercely rushed towards Adrian and Arcia next to him.

“Taking time against a female Auror Master! “Let’s deal with the archmage first!”


General Kii, who could not leave his post to protect the Empress Dowager, gave such instructions to his subordinates.

Then, the 90 Vanguards guarding Daejeon were divided into 30 and 60, with the 30 attacking Arcia and the 60 attacking Adrian.

Against the Aura Master, he takes his time defensively, and against the Archmage, he uses all his might to deal with it quickly.

It was a very standard, no, extremely common sense response.

“More reinforcements will arrive soon! Fight with confidence!”


In addition, cheering was not left out.

General Kii was a person who was quite capable of handling people.

“The fight was already over the moment we set foot here.”

However, unlike the characters in Roberto’s kingdom who showed common sense reactions earlier, Adrian and Arcia produced results that went against common sense, just like their previous actions.

-Sigh! Suddenly! Suddenly!

-Quaaang! bang! puck!

Arsia decapitates Vangas and pierces their heads at a speed that makes it impossible to see her hands.

Adrian shows such power that it makes one wonder whether it is high magic or great magic, and uses 5th and 6th circle magic to break through the Vanguard’s defenses and burn the soldiers.

As if playing a defense game, the vanguards were deleted as soon as they approached the two people.


“What, what? “That?”

Not a single wasted movement.

Once an attack was launched, it returned only after taking the enemy’s life.

Let alone Aura Master Arcia, the Vanguards couldn’t even cut the hem of the wizard Adrian’s clothes.

It was a sight that felt like a dream.

“Is it a monster…? … ?”


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As half of the 90 Vanguards disappeared in an instant, the expressions of the Emperor Moon, General Kii, and the ministers of the Divine King’s Realm hardened.

“Not all Auror Masters are the same, and not all 7th Circle Archmages are the same. “You misjudged the other person’s capabilities.”

There is no need to misunderstand capabilities.

In the first place, they were Grand Masters and Grand Wizards of the 8th Circle disguised as Aura Masters and 7th Circles.


The confrontation and silence that follows.

In an instant, half of the comrades changed their minds, and the remaining Vanguards did not dare to attack and retreated, losing their will to fight.

“Ugh, ugh! “Aaaah!”

In the end, one frightened Vanguard abandoned its master and attempted to run away.


But he soon cut his throat.

This is because men in black uniforms and covered in blood were blocking the exit.

Even at a glance, they are unusual characters.

They were assassins who held force daggers in their hands, making it difficult to know their level of inaction.

“Make sure no one escapes. “All the nobles here are targets.”

[I take orders.]

[I take orders.]

Looking at the two of them bowing their heads to Adrian’s instructions, it was not difficult to guess their relationship.

Originally, Michael Gale, a confidant of the Empress Dowager, said there were four intruders.

When they found out later that the enemy had more comrades, their complexions became even paler and looked like corpses.

“Gi, General Kii! What are you doing! “Without attacking them.”

Even General Kii, the Auror Master, did not have the courage to attack.

This was because Adrian and Arcia did not seem to be on the same level as him.

Even against two assassins who interfere with his escape, he is not sure of victory.

General Kii was asked whether he intended to take his time rather than attack the enemy.

“Could it be that the Kingdom of Reinharts is targeting the Kingdom of Roberto at the national level?”

“No, we’re the only ones helping Princess Xia?”

“Then what on earth are these extraordinary assassins?”

“Why are you my subordinate?”

General Kii bit his lip, saying this was impossible.

If he had been a pure warrior full of faith in the first place, he would not have betrayed the Shii royal family.

The general remained silent despite the urgings of Empress Dal.

No, when Adrian and Arcia took a step forward, he instead took a step back just like the other Vanguards did.

That’s how keenly I felt the gap between me and my opponent.

“profit! What are they doing! What on earth are you doing! “Shouldn’t you protect me and wait until reinforcements arrive?”

“… … .”

“okay! I will reward the person who cut down those two! “I will give you command from the Empress Dowager!”

There was no response or action in response to the cry of the Empress Dowager Moon, who was glowing to the fullest.

No matter how much compensation is at stake, if you die, everything is in vain.

“If you die, you will be compensated as soon as you die, so hurry up and attack!”

Adrian and Arcia alone put pressure on the ministers, who were rolling their eyes to live with the excited Empress Moon, and dozens of escort vanguards, including General Kii.

“Ignore that pig, and disarm yourself if you want to live from now on. “Otherwise, I’ll cut your head off right away.”

The Vanguards hesitated under Adrian’s threat, but then they all dropped their Force Swords to the floor.

Even General Kii.

It was truly beautiful loyalty for traitors.


For the first time, satisfaction appeared on Adrian’s face, and Empress Dal, who sensed her own fate, despaired.


In this way, a catastrophe occurred in which the new dynasty of Roberto’s kingdom was suppressed by just four people.

No matter how confused the war preparations were and how distracted the citizens were by Princess Xia’s actions, this was an incident that will be engraved in history and ridiculed for a long time.

“I understand. It would be easier to just think of it as unlucky. “If Princess Xia hadn’t come to me covered in blood, you would have continued to be the king.”

The Empress of the Moon could not help but feel a sense of desperation beyond absurdity and anger.

Adrian looked around at the people in the royal palace with a confident attitude.


But suddenly his gaze was fixed on a man in the crowd, pretending to be an ordinary minister.

“… … .”

And Adrian, the winner, who had maintained his own pace until the end, lost his expression for the first time.

“Da, what are you?”

A question filled with embarrassment.

Everyone expressed their doubts and looked at the place where his gaze rested.

Standing there was Michael Gale Matapju, a confidant of the Empress of the Moon and a man who had shown a genius ability to create artifacts.

“What do you mean?”

Despite Michael Gale’s question, Adrian seemed to have no intention of having a conversation and immediately used magic magic toward the center of those he had captured as hostages.


Naturally, Empress Dal and the ministers, who had put everything aside, were shocked and fell to the ground.

But what followed was beyond everyone’s expectations.

“How did know?”

Black smoke spread around Michael Gale, bouncing the 7th Circle’s great magic into the air.

* * *

I thought it was a boss, but it turns out it was a mid-boss.

This happens often in games.

But doesn’t that also have a degree?

[Michael Gale / 7th Circle Warlock]

Race: Human

Age: 45

Affiliation: Lord of the Gaelic Magic Tower of the Kingdom of Roberto / Staff member of God King Roberto

Talents: Intellectual ability (best), magical power (best), command ability (medium), administrative ability (medium), physical ability (medium)

Traits: Mad Engineer, Murderous Drive, Killer of All

Relationship: Interested / Hostile

Status: Interested / Observation

Suddenly, you’re a warlock.

A completely unexpected being appeared.

Looking at that information, I remembered a memory I had forgotten for a while.

[As the chaos in the world continues, we must be careful of the fall of the black star.]

This is the story of a goddess.

Could it be that he has something to do with it?

Chester and I thought this prophecy had something to do with Earth, but were we wrong?

I couldn’t jump to conclusions, but I couldn’t help but be shaken.

When warlocks appear in history, disasters always occur.

“How did know?”

“If you can’t feel that disgusting dark magic, you’re disqualified as an archmage.”

“I’ve met many people so far, but this is the first time I’ve met someone who feels my energy?”

The feeling I had as soon as I saw him was one of intense disgust.

[Characteristics: Mad Engineer, Murderous Impulse, Killer of All]

The characteristic information that seems insane is information, but the dark magic I feel from him makes me vomit.

“A warlock?”

When people saw Michael Gale blocking my attack, they were shocked and distanced themselves from him.

A warlock is not simply a dark magician.

Truly a wizard of death.

Their very existence is poison, and they are harm that should not exist in this world.

So rather than trying to find out something about him.

I decided to kill him immediately.


I handed the stick that was around my waist to Arcia.

She replaced it with the Force Sword.


A brilliant white light brightly illuminated the King God Hall, which was stained with black magic.

“If you keep doing this, I’ll get out.”

Michael Gale, the warlock facing the holy sword, shook his head and sighed.


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