My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 126

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Episode 126: Dream in the game becomes reality

32. A crazy person appears (1)

“But what is interest?”


“This guy named Michael Gale. “At first glance, he’s a foreigner, right?”

When Roberto’s kingdom was in turmoil due to civil war.

While Princess Xia Lin and I were writing a death report, we noticed a man who gave off a strange feeling and expressed our doubts.

A man with black hair and black eyes, but whose facial features only appear to be Western.

He was clearly not Asian.

Then Princess Xia Lin revealed what she knew.

“He is said to be a wizard from Reese Island.”


Recess Island.

It is an island country located between the Tetatron continent of the Republic of Prius and the Triton continent of the Six Nations of the East.

Since ancient times, it has accumulated a lot of wealth as a trade base for the Republic of Prius and the Six Eastern Countries, and although it is a hierarchical country, it is unique in that it does not have a king.

Seven families are united to run the country, and the head of each family takes turns as chairman of the union every four years.

Reeses Island, with a population of 80 million, is a small but fairly powerful country. If we were to be honest, it can be said to be located above the Kingdom of Roberto, the loser of the six Eastern countries, and below the Kingdom of Reinharts.

“He is a 6th Circle wizard, but he has a natural talent for creating and designing artifacts. “He is in charge of Prince Daltae’s magic tower and is producing his own vanguard equipment in just two years.”

A wizard I don’t know where he came from is even producing vanguard equipment?

If he were a capable wizard, there would be no need to leave his wealthy and comfortable homeland to come to the harsh Kingdom of Roberto.

This smells so bad.

“It’s very suspicious.”

“I checked the criminal records on Reese Island, and they said there was nothing in particular. In fact, it is also a one-sided claim by Empress Moon, so it is not credible.”

It’s best to get rid of a bastard like this.

I advised the princess.

“No matter how outstanding his abilities are, if a person like this is left alive, he will continue to be a threat.”

“I think so. “It may be a waste, but he is also the loyal dog of Empress Moon.”

When we created a murder list based on her opinions, a list of 42 people in total was created.

This is the level of cleaning up almost all the powerful people in Roberto’s kingdom.

It was a part that made it possible to understand how cruel Princess Xia Lin was.

“Duke Lawrence.”

After she finished filling out the death report, she looked straight at me.

I realized that Princess Xia Lin had something important to say, so I listened closely, and she made an unexpected request.

“Please allow me to execute Empress Dowager Dal Lian myself.”

“You’re going to cut off his head with your own hands?”


Is it because of resentment?

Or is it part of a resolution to live in a new way?

I was concerned for a moment as the princess, who had never committed murder, discussed execution.

But the answer is fixed.

There was no reason to stop her.

I am in a position to receive compensation and support her to the extent possible.

If Princess Xia Lin wants it, she must try to make it come true.

“All right. “Let’s do that.”

The princess nodded and said thank you.

She is the person who will become king after her murdered family.

Maybe it’s something you have to go through at least once.

“Soon, the troops against the Empress Dowager, including the Minister of Military Affairs, will be deployed. Of course, the royal capital will fall into confusion as it reacts hastily, which will soon lead to a loophole.”

My strategy is very simple.

A strategy to create great confusion, take advantage of the confusion, and hit the head.

Since Blue Moon’s preliminary work would be added to the process, I did not think that it would fail.

Even if the enemies knew of my and Arsia’s existence, they would not think that we, one of the most powerful people in the Reinharts Kingdom, would launch a dangerous attack.

First of all, aren’t there a 7th Circle Archmage and two Aura Masters over there as well?

‘If it were known that we were 8th Circle Archmages and Grand Masters, we could never rule it out.’

A surprise attack by an 8th Circle Archmage pretending to be a 7th Circle Archmage and a Grandmaster pretending to be an Auror Master.

It is natural not to think about failure.

Moreover, don’t I have special members of Blue Moon?

“You need to take care of yourself.”

“Do not worry.”

Even though most of her doubts about my abilities had now disappeared, Princess Xia Lin expressed her concern.


However, Arcia, who was staring at us like this, suddenly yawned and broke the mood.

I knew she didn’t like the princess, so I smiled and pinched Arsia’s cheek.

“Given the situation, there may be a case where the princess needs to step forward herself. “Make sure you stay strong.”

“If there’s anything I can do, I should do it.”

“That’s a very good attitude.”

After a while, the traitor group’s troops, including the Minister of Military Affairs, began advancing at top speed from all over the country towards the capital, and I informed the princess and Gregory of a strategy that would further maximize the confusion in case of an emergency.

* * *


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Civil war in Roberto’s kingdom.

The people were worried about this, but more than that, they were very angry.

“Please return Her Royal Highness Princess Xia Lin!”

“The only royal family is the Xia family!”

“Stop persecuting Princess Xia Lin!”

Numerous citizens gathered in front of the royal castle of Roberto’s Kingdom and staged a protest demanding the reinstatement of Princess Xia Lin.

A sight very rare to see in feudal countries.

It was a look that showed how much Princess Xia Lin was loved by the people and how much support the Xia royal family received from the people.

However, the people’s actions were extremely annoying to the New Dynasty, which was busy rolling its eyes, wondering whether it should care about the traitors who were advancing with large troops at every moment, or the neighboring countries who were snooping around like hyenas.

‘They are commoners anyway, just ignore them. ‘There’s nothing they can do.’

At first, he tried to ignore it and ignore it, but instead of cooling down, the people’s reaction grew more and more heated, and eventually Empress Dal’s patience ran out.

‘Make sure those insignificant things realize who their true owner is.’

In the end, I ended up making the worst choice I should have made.

“All those who wish to support Princess Xia are rebels!”

“Punish him!”

The vanguards drew their weapons towards the people who were protesting in the square in front of the royal castle.



At a glance, the number of people who participated in the protests was not in the 10,000 or 20,000 range.

It will easily exceed 100,000.

However, in front of the Vanguard, which numbered no more than 100 people, they were like a light in the wind.


But that was then.

“How can those who protect the country swing their swords at the people!”

A girl appeared from the rooftop of a shopping center near the square and shouted at the Vanguards.

The people in the square, unable to understand what was going on, blinked their eyes and fell into silence.


-Your Majesty the Princess!

-Your Highness Xia Lin!

Soon, her appearance was welcomed with thunderous cheers.

“You better attack me!”

As if responding to the public’s reaction, the girl confidently shouted.

A small, pretty girl who hasn’t taken off her youthful t-shirt.

However, the sight of the princess fluttering her Western-style coat and shouting to protect her people was like Rondelle’s Joan of Arc itself to the citizens.

“Catch it! “If we catch that bitch, the enemies will have no justification!”

And the Vanguards, who were the staunch Moon Empresses, attacked in opposition to the appearance of the princess.

But no one could approach the princess.


A knight in white armor appeared next to her and slaughtered her enemy.

His sword had a bloody aura blade that contrasted with his armor.

-Wow! Protect Her Highness the Princess!

And, taking advantage of the enemy’s hesitation, the princess’s vanguards (minions of the Minister of Military Affairs) who had been hiding here and there came out to protect the citizens.

“I can’t believe I’m imitating a paladin.”

Gregory, who became the white knight, sighed slightly and swung his sword.

‘It’s a big event that will become a page of history. Appearance is as important as thought. Surely you don’t plan on protecting the princess like a villain?’

Adrian’s words full of laughter passed through Gregory’s mind.

It was a prediction that something like this would happen.

* * *

When Princess Xia Lin appears like a knight of justice, and the Vanguards who secretly followed her into the capital are causing an uproar.

Auguste, who was watching this from a high-rise hotel not far away, laughed.

“There is no separate play. it is not so?”

And Auguste asked the woman who was playing with people lying like corpses.

“Jester, I think you should do the play, right?”

“See this bitch?”

The woman’s identity is a bug.

Two Auror Master-class autonomous Vanguards were built next to the bug, and at her feet lay the Minister of Military Affairs and his colleagues who had started a war against the Empress of the Moon.

“It’s okay, these bastards are going to be killed anyway. Do you need to save it?”

“Because there is such a thing as chance. “I don’t think those two will fail, but if they do, these guys will have to fight.”

“What if I succeed?”

“What are you asking? “That’s right, it’s a grab!”

The conversation between Berg and Auguste was clearly a villain, and the two people, with clown faces and red suits and maid uniforms modified to look like dresses, looked like madmen themselves.

People like that are acting to save a country.

If a third party had seen this, they would have laughed.

“It’s time.”

Auguste, who had infiltrated the capital with forces opposing the new dynasty, looked at the time on the terminal and said to himself.

* * *

“what? Princess Xia Lin appears in front of the royal castle?”

“That’s right. Together with the Minister of Military Affairs’ troops, we are fighting against the Vanguards who were attacking the protesters. “The situation is not good because there is an Auror Master I have never seen next to the princess.”

“You went out to protect the citizens? Moreover, you’re accompanied by an Aura Master you’ve never seen before? how?”

The word ‘how’ that Empress Dowager Moon asked her subordinates had many meanings.

‘How was she able to lead the troops and hide in the royal castle?’

‘How can there be an unknown Auror Master by her side?’ etc.

Of course, the subordinates, who had no way of knowing the truth, kept their mouths shut.

At that, the Empress Dowager gritted his teeth with an annoyed expression.

“General Asin.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The warrior standing just below the throne answered the call of Empress Moon.

General Asin Sui.

He was one of the two Auror Masters representing the Kingdom of Roberto and the son-in-law of Empress Moon.

The Empress Dowager gave orders to her son-in-law.

“Lead your men directly and catch that bitch.”

“All right.”

When the military was quickly gathered to eradicate the traitors who had gathered around the Minister of Military Affairs, holes were created not only in the Capital Defense Force but also in various parts of the Royal Guard.

In the meantime, if one of the two Aura Masters in charge of protecting the Moon Empress was absent, it was natural that the castle’s defenses would weaken.

However, no one could point out that fact because they were concerned that Empress Dowager Moon’s wrath might be poured out on them.

As expected of a group united by interests, there was no trace of loyalty.

“huh? “Your Majesty, it looks like there has been an intruder.”


How long has it been since they sent out troops, including the Auror Master, to capture Princess Xia Lin?

Empress Moon and his subordinates were taken aback by Michael Gale’s sudden warning.

“What is the number of enemies?”

“I think there are two, no, four.”

“what. It’s surprising. “Where is the enemy?”

“This is a hallway connected to the annex.”

It didn’t matter how he noticed the intruder’s presence that no one else had noticed.

What was important now was intercepting the intruder.

Empress Dowager Dal immediately informed the Royal Guard and sent a response force.


“Your Majesty! “Something is strange!”

“What do you mean?”


With a look of embarrassment rarely seen on Michael Gale.

An impact sound that shook the entire castle rang out.

-Quaang! bang! bang!

At the same time, a loud explosion accompanied by earthquake-like vibrations began to rapidly approach.

It’s like the sound of a giant’s footsteps.

“General Kii!”

I don’t know what the situation was, but this was enough to embarrass the Empress Dowager Moon and the ministers in the royal palace.

At the Empress Dowager’s shout, Aura Master ‘General Kii Ban’, who was guarding the royal palace, rallied the guards.

And as the general formed a defense line in the direction from which the explosion sounded, the king spoke.

“Well, let me leave for now.”

But Michael Gale shook his head.

“It’s already too late.”



The back wall of the royal palace burst open, revealing the intruders.

An intruder with his face clearly revealed as if he had no intention of hiding his identity.

The moment they saw his face, everyone swallowed their breath.

“The Duke of Lawrence?”


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