My Lucky Encounter From The Game Turned Into Reality Chapter 125

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Episode 125: Dream in the game becomes reality

31. Reorganization of power (5)

Is it because of its very impactful appearance?

Princess Xia Lin couldn’t look at Auguste properly.

“Um, who is that?”

People tend to be afraid of things they cannot understand with common sense, and her reaction was exactly that.

“He is my subordinate. “He may be a bit unique, but his abilities are outstanding.”

“I never thought there would be a subordinate with such a strong personality.”

“No matter what he looks like, his ability is the best. Perhaps if he and Sir Gregory fight together, it will be possible to fight four Auror Masters at the same time.”


Although she knew Gregory, she still did not know that he was an Auror Master, so she tilted her head and showed a puzzled reaction.

“Well, it means he’s that good.”


She agreed, saying she didn’t know much, but she understood.

I ordered Auguste.

“You know the situation roughly, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Good for you. From now on, Sir Auguste will create an internal division centered around the Kingdom’s Minister of Military Affairs, Roberto. “If you hold the position of Minister of Military Affairs, you will be able to string together traitors as easily as sausages, so it won’t be that difficult.”

In my opinion, if I had to choose the special agent with the most terrifying abilities in Blue Moon, it would definitely be Auguste.

A top-level elementalist is considered to be on the same level as the 7th Circle and Auror Master, but honestly, he was too special to be put on the same level as them.

The spirit that Auguste handles only has two abilities, ‘mind control’ and ‘memory manipulation’, but if used well, it is possible to throw the entire country into chaos.

Of course, his abilities are not all-purpose.

There are distance restrictions, time limits, and if you continuously use mental attacks, your opponent will develop resistance.

In addition, his combat power is at the level of non-existent, and mental attacks can only inflict enough damage to briefly stop the movements of the 7th Circle Archmage and Aura Master.

‘Well, that’s very useful in a fight between superhumans where life is lost with a difference of 0.1 second.’

Although there were many limitations, his abilities were special and outstanding enough to cover them all.

“Are you going to infiltrate right now?”

“Yes, please.”

“I take orders.”

Auguste is very out of sync with the surrounding nature.

Princess Xia Lin was taken aback when he walked to the Minister of Military Affairs’ castle without hesitation in response to a simple order that left out all context.

Are you sending me off alone like that?

I took one of the cookies that Arcia was particularly enjoying, put it in her mouth, and spoke into the air.

“Lord Gregory, please come with us.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Then, as if a shadow appeared in an empty space, a black man appeared.

And he walked at the familiar pace of Auguste.

Red Pierrot and black shadow.

The two people who had been working together as partners for a long time were new, but their individuality was very strong.

“Ugh… … .”

Looking at the two like that, Princess Xia Lin moaned like a scared puppy.

Since I don’t know the skills of those two, it seems like I’m worried in many ways.

I looked at the time on the bracelet terminal and spoke to the princess.

“It will be all sorted out when you come in in 10 minutes.”


‘Yes?’, ‘Really?’, ‘Will it be okay?’ Various questions such as:

This was her most common reaction today.

No matter how much the media promotes them, they react like this because they don’t know me because they have never worked directly with me.

If it were Ivril, I would have slapped her without saying anything.

‘Just because you’re liked doesn’t mean you’ll be trusted at work.’

But even the princess will soon change.

If possible, I plan to add the next queen of the Kingdom of Roberto to my list of acquaintances, just like Ivril, the next saint of the Holy Land, the President of Israel of the Republic of Prius, and Prince Michael of the Kingdom of Reinharts.

I plan to show off my extraordinary side in front of her.

‘Oh, of course, I don’t necessarily reveal that it’s the 8th Circle.’

As time passed and 10 minutes passed.

Arcia and I woke up almost at the same time.

Afterwards, Princess Xia Lin followed us, looking nervous, and walked towards the Minister of Military Affairs’ castle.

“Are you sneaking beyond the castle walls?”

The castle of the Minister of Military Affairs is located separately from the city.

However, with the Sky Fortress floating in the sky and many guards along with warriors (knights) standing at the main gate, it seemed inevitable that it would be difficult to break in using normal methods.

Seeing the heavily guarded castle, Princess Xia Lin pointed to the walls and asked.

“It’s easy to go in through the door, so why do you have to make a moondam to make the Sky Fortress react?”

And Arsia and I walked towards the castle gate, and the soldiers and warriors standing guard pointed their weapons at us.

“Go, Duke!”

Princess Sia Lin followed behind the proud Arsia and I with a very intimidated expression.

However, the situation that followed was beyond the princess’s common sense.

“Your Royal Highness the Duke of Lawrence and the Marquis of Klein, you spoke to Princess Xia?”

“I will open the door for you.”


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They opened the gate with their own hands, as if they were masters.


Princess Xia swallowed her breath and looked at me asking for an explanation, asking what the hell was going on.

It’s still too early to be surprised.

“Are you here?”

“The meal will be ready soon. “Please wait a moment.”

“I filled the main bath with water. “You can bathe at any time.”

“Loyalty! “Nothing more than working!”

The behavior of the maids and soldiers we encountered while moving was no different from that of the castle gate guards.

“Where is the pig?”

“What great emperor do you mean?”


“It’s in the bedroom on the fourth floor. “I will guide you.”

That’s how we were able to reach the Minister of Military Affairs without any hindrance.

“Are you here?”

When the Minister of Military Affairs bowed to us and treated us like a superior, Princess Xia looked as if she were possessed by a ghost.

I sat down on the sofa and said, as if fanning the princess’s confused state.

“From today onwards, this castle is mine.”

“What the hell is this?”

Next, Auguste, who had captured the castle of the Minister of Military Affairs, began to report.

“Five bodyguards close to him were wearing force equipment, so Gregory decapitated them.”

“That’s within the expected range for tidying up.”

Vanguard equipment had magic defense as its default option, so it was able to counter mental magic to some extent.

Of course, it takes time to come to your senses, but it could have been dangerous if Auguste had come in alone.

However, this was not a crisis because Auror Master Gregory was with him.

“Minister of Military Affairs.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

When my name was called, Minister of Military Affairs Unduin knelt down on one knee and raised his head to look at me.

“How many high-ranking ministers can we recruit as quickly as possible? “Except for the Aura Master and the Archmage.”

“About 9 people.”

“If you and them eat together, what is the difference in power between you and the Emperor of the Moon?”

“With a score of 7:3, King Shin’s side has a huge advantage.”

Not bad for a hastily gathered force.

I smiled and instructed the guy.

“Okay, whatever the reason, bring in those nine people right away.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

The Minister of Military Affairs faithfully followed my instructions.

He then headed to the office next door, and Auguste and Gregory followed.

As the two scary-looking people disappeared, Princess Xia raised her face and asked.

“Please explain.”

I answered him truthfully.

“Sir Auguste is a spiritual spirit master, and Sir Gregory is an auror master. “Just two people can break through a castle this big.”

“Oh, Auror Master? And by spiritual spirit, are you really referring to Geist?”

“You know very well.”

“Isn’t it a top-level spirit?”

“He said so.”

She belatedly realized that my men’s strength was unusual and swallowed dryly.

“No matter how great the Kingdom of Reinharts is, one family can mobilize two Aura Masters, one Archmage, and one top-level Elementalist?”

“I was lucky.”

Rather than being impressed by my power, she seemed more scared.

This is because the Kingdom of Robert only had two Aura Masters and one Archmage nationally.

“How on earth is that possible?”

“I struggled since I was young to find a way to live, and this is what happened.”

“… … .”

As the number of wizards increases, Aura Masters and Elementalists appear, so it is not easy to associate this with Archduke Lucas.

At best, all that can come to mind is the dark conspiracy forces that often appear in movies?

“Aren’t you showing a history that should not be made public?”

“It doesn’t matter, Sir Gregory, he will receive his title soon. However, I plan to keep Sir Auguste secret for a while, so I would appreciate it if you could keep quiet.”

“Well, of course.”

She sighed and shook her head.

“You are truly amazing. “There is no comparison to me.”

“I was just lucky. “It would be a loss to use me as a comparison object.”

I offered her a seat as if she were the owner, as she stood still.

“Now, whenever the ministers come to this castle, they will try to control their minds. Anyone whose mind control does not work will be killed immediately to maintain confidentiality.”

“I’m planning to use the people I’ve gathered to rebel against Empress Moon.”

“you’re right. It would be nice if these two forces could fight back and forth for a long time, but unfortunately, mental control becomes more resistant over time, so it will wear off after two days at the most.”

Two days is a fairly ambiguous amount of time that cannot be said to be long.

But for me now, that was enough.

“If you look at Empress Moon’s disposition, she will never trust those who once betrayed her, no matter what they say.”

“All those types of people are like that. However, there is no need to worry about what happens after the mental control is lifted.”

“What do you mean?”

“Everything will be over by then. “I plan to finish this matter as quickly as possible.”

She swallowed dryly, as if she had decided not to doubt my abilities after my rant.

“I’m scared because it seems like everything will happen as I said.”

I let out a low laugh at her words.

I haven’t looked at my current appearance in the mirror, but I’m sure I’m smiling like a villain.

* * *

The Royal Palace of Roberto’s Kingdom.


Empress Dal Lian dropped his clenched fist as he saw his subordinate reporting in a cold sweat.

“Nine princely families, including Grand Empress Er, the Minister of Military Affairs, are calling for the support of Princess Xia Lin, saying that this rebellion is an act of treason.”

“Are these crazy?”

And as if adding fuel to his excited mood, a staff member with a stern expression displayed a hologram and clipped several articles.

“What is this again?”

“Traitors are using the media to incite the people.”

“No, we have been controlling the media well for a while, so why all of a sudden?”

“Isn’t it the case that the Great Emperor used a trick? “Maybe what they really want is independence.”

Although various suspicious circumstances were spread through social media, major broadcasting stations kept quiet about it, so it was treated as nothing more than a rumor.

However, the Empress Dowager had to frown at the news of the rebellion that suddenly began to spread as if mocking the previous control.

“Independent? “Isn’t that going too far?”

“Think about it. “Where did the large amount of money we used to put the Prius Republic to sleep end up going, and who was the person who negotiated with that money?”

It was a thought I passed over, but the aide’s story seemed very plausible.

An amount equivalent to the annual budget was offered as a bribe, but didn’t it eventually become Princess Xia Lin’s property?

Moreover, since it was the traitorous Empress Ern who led the negotiations, it was inevitable that all the puzzles would feel like they had been put together.

“Does this mean that Unduin was hiding the knife all this time?”

“Given the circumstances, it looks like that. Betrayal once is difficult, isn’t it easy to betray the second time? “It is hard to say that he is truly loyal to the royal family, so it must be said that he is hoping for a gain that is worth risking everything.”

“Right. “In the current state of affairs, he is at most a 4th or 5th leader.”

“After independence, given the situation, as long as I deal with Princess Xia Lin, I will be able to become number one.”

“Or, symbolically, I could leave Princess Xia Lin behind and have her give birth to my own child.”

They play with each other.

It was truly their way of thinking.

“Just think about it. Just punish the traitor and that’s it. “Commoners have no choice but to follow the powerful anyway.”

at that time.

A person who was watching them quietly intervened.

“Sir Michael?”

“There was a technology I wanted to try out, and it worked out well. “I will do my best.”

“Wow, that’s really good news.”

Michael Gale.

It is not known which country he was from, but he had facial features that looked more Western than Asian, and was a magician from the family of Empress Moon, who knowingly or unknowingly helped the rebellion a lot.

However, looking at him wearing a white gown and round-rimmed glasses, he looked more like a doctor than a wizard.

At his words, the Empress Dowager nodded with a confident expression.

“Sir Michael is right. “It’s a problem you don’t have to think hard about.”

Empress Dal gave an order to the ministers.

“Assemble the troops.”


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